General Relativity

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  • Dirac - General Theory of Relativity.djvu [793.58 KB]
  • Einstein -Relativity. The special and general theory.pdf [227.00 KB]
  • General Relativity with Spin and Torsion.pdf [5.26 MB]
  • Hawking , Ellis -The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time 1973.pdf [17.19 MB]
  • Kilmister C.W. General theory of relativity (Pergamon, 1973)(ISBN 0080176399).djvu [5.46 MB]
  • Misner, Thorne, Weeler - Gravitation (Freeman & Co. 1973)(1304p){ general relativity & cosmology }.djvu [11.43 MB]
  • Ward General Relativity 1984.pdf [32.93 MB]
  • Weinberg S. Gravitation and cosmology.. principles and applications of the general theory of relativity (Wiley, 1972)(685s).djvu [7.36 MB]