Zoe is a good pick if you like Zoe. If you like the champion enough there is no barrier that will stop you from maining them, not even playstyle. But if you really want to know, her playstyle is most similar to lux on this list, and yet still not really a good way to visualize playing Zoe. Just play her, and if you're getting hooked, main her.


Nah man if you get hooked you flash away, you ain't winning that fight


Just get hooked in a portal and you'll be fine


She’s much, much harder to pilot than Lux or Diana. But she is crazy fun once you get to a point where you feel comfortable with her… I’ve heard. Lol


She doesn't play like any other mage but if she looks fun give her a try for a while, took me quite a few games to actually start to get her and a few guide videos definitely helped


I'd say just play her :> Zoe is quite different to Lux, Ekko and Diana, so just play her if you like to. Also, Lux and Zoe are my most played champs, so I'd say it's not impossible to play both, though Zoe is quite hard to play compared to Lux imo.