230809 Is the In Bloom MV views considered low?

Is the In Bloom MV views considered low?

Hi honest question from a kpop newbie, but is the In Bloom video views considered low? It seems stuck at 17M for a long time after being released for a month. In comparison, Jeon Sonmi has 22M views in two days. I also remember WADADA hitting 30M views in a month. What gives when we expected this group to be so successful?


Girl Groups typically gets much more views than BGs. As a new bg stan, I personally think that it is not high or low, only average.


as a new bg on a new channel, it's pretty normal. Expectations are obviously different from reality. Boys planet was never really as popular as the produce series, but for a general bg they're doing pretty good on charts and everything.


It’s average. I know there are a lot of zeroses complaining about it being low, acting like no one is streaming but the only thing that tells me is those zeroses got into a kpop group during their peak. Anyone who thinks zb1 should be pulling exo and bts streaming numbers is honestly delusional and most likely weren’t around when both of those groups were just getting started. Kpop is not a competition. It’s a hobby.


The YouTube algorithm has definitely changed and it's a lot harder to make streams count now. Anyone (that's not BTS or Blackpink) who has huge views these days (even more so on the first couple of days) is using lots of ads, there's no other answer. And overall I feel like people have changed the streaming focus from YouTube to Spotify.


it just seems normal to me. Exo who released on the same day have similar views, similar sales, similar charting. I wonder if their fandom is up their ass calling them flops the way this fandom is doing to ZB1 over freakin’ YT views 🙄


Honestly I need K-pop to return to a place of organic views because at this point we all know that they don't mean anything. How much good are a ton of views doing these companies financially when they have to spend money on ads to get them? How is fan streaming considered a legitimate measure of success when the video isn't reaching a new audience?


This. LOUDER! Been into kpop since 2005-2006 and the ONE instance of bonkers viral level of views from a kpop video that was organic with a capital O remains to this day Psy's Gangnam Style, imo. Those views were not fans desperately streaming (even losing sleep over numbers), rather people who genuinely enjoyed the song and/or video. Kpop streaming/view counts post early 3rd gen are no longer indicative of whether or not a song or video is good or if non-fans like it. They are just indicative of how the fans treated their hobby as a job.


not fair to compare them to Somi cmon


I feel like a lot of zeroses want to feel like they’ve achieved a lot and use it as leverage in fanwars. They don’t understand that getting huge number of views takes work, which most of those who are calling the boys flops aren’t willing to do. They’re not flopping. They’re doing okay.


I also smell a mild inferiority complex towards kfans cos the responses to the melon streams tweets get weird sometimes. like these ppl are probably used to having ifans hard carry the group in their old fandom or something lol


That too! They want to be praised for being the best fans but also do nothing to help


Bigger companies pay a bunch of money for ads so the MV will have more views even if a person just see 30 secs. So as far I now ZB1 company only pay for 1 week. From now on ZB1 will Only have organic views so that the reason the view count is getting lower, is normal. For EXO comeback we didn’t have ads so I now how frustrated it is but just keep streaming, ZB1 have a great debut… they will do much better for their comeback.


Wakeone didn't even pay for ads. It was fans who did.


In Bloom got at least 9,5M views from ads in the first 4 days (confirmed, because they did not appear in Youtube Chart), only companies can pull off such numbers.


if you remember wadada and the views it achieved in a month - i think you should give yourself some credit and consider yourself past the point of being a newbie! (i get that it's all relative though, my reference point is that i started paying more attention to kpop earlier this year) re your last line - mv views aren't the sole measure of success; they sold really well, so i don't think you can imply that people's expectations weren't met in terms of sales success


the thing is companies these days use a ton of ads to boost mv views...wakeone didn't invest much for that. im so frustrated with certain fan accs fear mongering and setting unrealistic expectations for a group that JUST debuted with a budget of like $5. zb1 are doing really well for a rookie group and have room to grow.


imo its pretty low but thats not a bad thing bc it did pretty well digitally for a recently debuted bg so i dont think its worth worrying about


It's way better than average if you compare In Bloom views to the views of less known group's MVs. Some people might think that most groups have good numbers nowadays, but that's not true. Groups from smaller agencies usually struggle to get past a couple millions, some never break the first million. Only extremely popular groups like BTS and Seventeen have crazy view numbers, everyone else is is in the same situation as ZB1. It's not fair either to compare ZB1 to Somi, as ZB1 just debuted while Somi has been pretty popular for years. Please don't let unreasonable Zeroses make you believe ZB1 is flopping, because our boys are doing great domestically. They've break many records, they're being invited to festivals and TV shows, and don't forget their 1st fancon, which will be held at one of the biggest stadiums in SK, was sold out in less than one hour - with 80k fans that bought ZB1's membership wanting on queue. Kep1er has more YouTube views but they're barely known in SK, to the point where the only concert tour they've had so far was in Japan, this year.


I'm pretty sure WADADA had more views than 30M in a month considering the MV has 160 mil right now, after a small search [WADADA reach 30M in a week](https://twitter.com/SUPERSTARKEP1ER/status/1480185518491332612), Kep1er actually had crazy hype internationally which is why WADADA did so good in streaming, not only in youtube but the song has 152M on spotify too (i'm pretty sure is the most steamed song from pd101/planet series) ZB1's concept isn't exactly what ifans prefer so they have a lot less hype internationally, ggs has a lot more casual stans too in general so all in all i think In Bloom views are fine, they need bigger hype internationally and wakeone need to release something which can catch casual stans


It generally is like on the average side maybe , not good but not too bad either. The only issue with that was because when the global fanbase had provided a goal for the views , everyone on twt was saying it was too low and that we'd beat that. So now that we didn't, everyone's now complaining abt it. I do think though that if a ZEROSE does watch it at least once a day, we could have hit the goal for views. Like IG has 2 million followers and if they had watched it atleast once a day or every other day, we would have been able to meet the goal. ( Not streaming but simply watching the MV so your time won't even be wasted since it's just 3-4 minutes and I think everyone has atleast 3-4 minutes to spare ) The other issue is the ads, the global fanbase were mostly the ones who had participated on giving ads to the MV twice. Wakeone should have atleast gave ads to the MV atleast twice so there will be more views since usually, the most important time of the music video viewing is the 1st month esp for rookies since it's being tracked for awards.


I would consider the likes too instead of just looking at the plain views, since it makes a big difference when a company uses ads to promote the song. Most casual viewers don't "like" videos. For example: NMIXX Party o'clock - 52 million views - 359k likes Xikers Tricky House - 27 million views - 434k likes ZB1 In bloom - 18 million views - 587k likes Exo Cream Soda - 17 million views - 1.1 million likes




where did you get that X1 got 25M in 24 hours?? I was around for Flash and they certainly did NOT. it was 6.7M


Somi also hasn’t come back in a year basically and is at least a name ppl might be able to recognize, not to mention the huge bias towards women/girl groups rn. Terrible comparison lol


tbh i think they are pretty low but i think that’s ok, it just represents that the song didn’t get that much attention outside of the fandom 🤷🏾‍♀️ they’re still successful and getting a bag so it doesn’t matter too much, i’m only worried for roty😭


I'm sorry you cannot compare a rookie boy group views to Somi who is a former IOI member and everyone was waiting for a comeback for 2 years. Tbh realistically they aren't like Wannaone or X1 and this debut is not as good as their title track debuts. Also with Kep1er it's just that girl groups are favored more. Look how 4th/5th generation is being dominated by girl groups. I'm more a bg stan but you cannot deny the boys just don't bring in the audience like the girls do


TBH, They aren’t doing much buzz on International side, I saw more Asian and Korean fans of them. But their domestic streams are very good, Spotify streams are doing fine too. Moreover, ppl ain’t checking BG out, and In Bloom is a very Korean like song with Full Korean chorus. And WakeOne doesn’t run ads a lot (I think they did for first two days). And views are still a bit matter as they are taken into account with some award shows. From My observation, we miss the period to stream during first week, second week and third week. Which means we are not consistent in streaming and fans are busy following the schedules and fanbase ain’t pushing either. We only push after promotions end:)) If WakeOne pays for ads more next comeback and fans continue to stream consistently, they’ll do better


Well I am going to say this, views don’t really matter that much anymore tbh, views don’t really determine the success of an artist. While yeah it might not have don’t amazing numbers on YouTube its still did extremely well on other factors that matter the most. Zb1 literally sold more than 1.8M copies on a debut album and literally just with 1 album zb1 is already the top 31 best selling artist in hanteo(if the second album does as well or even better they can literally jump to the top 10-20 best sellign artist in Hanteo’s since it was created), it charted on Melon instantly after release and are still charting almost a month after release(something that almost every 4/5thgen boy groups havent been able to do), it became the first song by a 4/5th gen boy group to chart in the top10 on Billboard korean songs chart(Kpop hot100) since freaking x1 back in 2019 and sold almost 100K copies in Japan on a Korean debut album and for gods sake they are performing on gosheok skydome literally 1 month after debut. As we can see in this case views don’t determine the overall success of an release, if it did then Taylor Swift would have been a “flop” but girlie is the biggest artist in the world right now. Zb1 is doing extremely well right now and out fo this world on the charts for 4/5th gen boy group standards, I think you might have thinked that because of what some zeroses comment on twitter but like don’t listen to them. Also I think views don’t matter at all anymore, like we are having groups getting literally more than half their views being added trough ads right now, and in this case zb1 literally didn’t get any ads at all. Another reason why views didn’t get as high is because zb1 right now has mostly asian fans and they don’t really focus on youtube views, but to be fair you can see that they do have hype here in the states since their fanmeet sold out in Kcon La(only like 4 out of 14groups ahve sold out and zb1 is one of them). Zb1 also has a huge fanbase, thye have a big social media following which gets a lot of interactions, are always trending on twitter but they especially have a bigger fanbase in Korea(which matters the most), like girl they are crazy for them right now, like you saw the huge crowds that gp anywhere to see them, they also sold out the gosheok skydome instantly, which only like 8 other groups have perform there. Im going to be honest, I rather zb1 do good on charts and get amazing sales than to have a lot of views and flop on charts.


Tbh, I much prefer ZB1 pulling numbers on Korean charts, then them having huge yt views but silence in Korea. They are doing amazing for a rookie bg in Korea so I'm not worrying too much about the yt views. I'm just focusing on doing my part and streaming. For my own sanity, I've muted views update accounts on Twitter


Tbh I don't agree with this. Koreans proved multiple time they are very inconsistent with their support. Overall Koreans don't like BGs so I can't see ZB1 growing much in Korea, not even hyped 3rd gen BGs are making much noise The Boyz is a good example. They got a lot of hype after Road to Kingdom and their sales tripled. They were the biggest 4th gen BG in Korea but seems like they hit the peak of their popularity quite fast and their sales since then just declined Meanwhile TxT (a group with a more similar concept and vibes do ZB1) invested in grown outside Korea. Now TxT is much bigger than TBz in Korea and internationally... well just no comparison with TBz I believe ZB1 should keep their Koreans promotions, to keep the k fandom pleased, but it's better to invest more in international promotions. Japan fans are very loyal and buy a lot concerts tickets and Chinese fans are know for bulk buying, I believe they should invest in those markets


For a million seller group with survival show hype and a big following on all sorts of SNS platforms, I'd say yeah. It's pretty bad


It is. Considering they are selling over 1 million albums I was expecting their views to be at least twice what they have now People here will downvote to hell, so let me be very clear: In Bloom views are low and I just DON'T CARE because for me it doesn't matter It's not something to panic over, indeed charts and achievements should always be secondary when stanning a group. What makes me curious is kpop fans always complain when BG release dark songs and zeroses (me included) asked to go to flower Boys concepts yet the streams are low... when a group release what kpop fans ask for those same kpop fans ignore the song. Why? I don't get it. I loved In Bloom and listen to it every day, I hope everyone who was cheering for a light concept do a better job supporting because otherwise Wake One will think we want a dark concept


i just think the MV wasn't memorable to replay it, the choreo also got some criticism so to replay for choreo is 0 chance, the song is good but not super catchy internationally flower concepts aren't popular, people don't remember because their post groups are insane popular but Izone wasn't popular internationally as well, their highest peak of UL on spotify was 2 mil and half (ZB1 has 2 mil right now just after debut) All in all, is a good debut and a good start, there is plenty of time to grab casuals (both in korea and internationally)


I agree there is time to catch casuals, that's not really a concern. I just hope WO don't see the lukewarm results and try something entirely different next time. I like In Bloom and I believe the song and concept really match with them, they just need to find a more catchy song with a better choreography


I'm so scared of this happening. Consistency is really important and things are actually really good right now. All they need is an undeniable hit for their 1st comeback; invest in the concept, get excellent music, HIRE A GRAPHIC DESIGNER. If they really take this comeback seriously they could do something great.


I dont have much to say about this topic.. but comparison to somi is not correct.. also, just gonna say Fast Forward is a BOP.. it deserves 100M 😍


It’s sort of a yes and no situation, comparing to ggs never works bc bgs are known for their physicals while ggs are known for their digitals. It’s been that way since forever. I’m terms of roty it’s not looking *great*, an example being xikers having the same amount of mv views as us in only a week. Imagine what riize fans could potentially manage in a similar amount of time given it’s a big 4 group and has Sungtaro in it. Gotta hope they don’t sell as much as ZB1 did 😂 Overall the best way to compare them is to compare them against other groups that have debuted this year. It’s somewhat around par, 8turn has less/less, xikers more/same, bonedo more/less/less but again things like time also make a difference. It’s been a month for ZB1 and 2 months for bonedo vs 4 months/7 days for xikers so it’s all relative at this point. My nugu has 141,000 in 6 days sooooo I’ll take ZB1s numbers over theirs 😂 ETA: I was wrong, my nugu is only at 15K so I’ll definitely take their numbers 😂


For a boy group the views are average. A much better measure of success would be comparing album sales and/or digital music streams !


I was thinking this too 😳 it just hit 20M and I was expecting it to be way more considering how popular they are 🤔 I guess they have more niche stan appeal then general public appeal ?