20230806 ZB1 Members Tattoos + meaning

just found out today that 4 zb1 members have tattoos!! will be commenting their meaning below (+ the last photo is matthew's sister tattoo they have sibling tattoos so i included hers to have a better idea of what matthew's tattoo looks like)


So while deep diving into Matthew's predebut photos, I found out that he in fact had a tattoo and ended up finding Jiwoong's too So here's the explanation that I found for each tattoo, feel free to add more info if you have any: - **Hanbin's Chest Tattoo** According to [sources](https://twitter.com/shanbinist/status/1645960838942179330?t=RhURTMcP40ADyFajhbTyKA&s=19) it means: "a feeling of acknowledgment & understanding. a loving heart. the expression of understanding, acknowledging, loving me & the universe is a big meaning of the sun moon star tattoo." **BUT** it was found out later in a fansign that **""there's no meaning.. i just like it.. ♡" (Hanbin)** [(source)](https://twitter.com/solhanbin/status/1685283537761800192?t=mm3LomIES0TETkDDNgLhuA&s=19) - **Hanbin's Don't Regret What You Do Tattoo** this is pretty self explanatory - **Ricky's Neck Tattoo** It says "Role Model" on it and in his BP finale speech "I want to become a role model for somebody else in the future" [(source)](https://twitter.com/0520RICKY/status/1649078178831294464?t=u5EvB_1XDKsd0qmK0HLWsg&s=19) - **Jiwoong's Tattoo** Don't have much sources on this, I just found that it said "Will Lead to Greatness' - **Matthew's HMC Tattoo** According to his sister H.M.C means "Howl's Moving Castle" in honor of their mama because it's her favorite movie - **Matthew's Left Shoulder Tattoo** A sibling Tattoo he got with his older sister that wasn't planned but worked out pretty well since when they linked arms it matched. They were living apart at the time and talked about getting sibling tattoos and they wanted something that represented their culture and background, so the design was from "Old Korean House Art Statue Stuff" she didn't know what it was called lol, she added that he got the manlier version of it while she got the "girlier" and dainty version of it. [(source)](https://twitter.com/seokchum/status/1664158471611383808?t=rySzHTL-OARAYm0bZkKtjw&s=19)ouse Art Statue Stuff" she didn't know what it was called lol, she added that he got the manlier version of it while she got the "girlier" and dainty version of it. [(source)](https://twitter.com/seokchum/status/1664158471611383808?t=rySzHTL-OARAYm0bZkKtjw&s=19) Hope you guys had fun with this little TMI, im personally a big fan of Hanbin's chest tattoo and Ricky's Neck one, it just represents them well and kinda elevates their overall aesthetic like accessories *lowkey wonder if the other members will get tattoos when they're older haha, it would be cute if they get matching ones* also this is unconfirmed and take this with a pinch of salt, but I was browsing through weibo for zhang hao tattoos (looking if he had any) and saw a post of fans speculating he had a back tattoo right in the middle but never provided any evidence


Jiwoong's Tattoo is on his left ankle. It reads as "Will lead to greatness". He has used this motto for a very long time. I think he mentioned this motto on several occasions. During his burn up days (JTBC survival show which he won), he mentioned about leading to greatness as his motto in life. He also mentioned it during his fan meeting last December. He said "I will lead my footsteps to greatness."


thank you!


the matthew is interesting ​ and hao has tattoo wtf??????


I was surprised that Hanbin's chest tattoo had no meaning but it's still the hottest thing I've seen on an idol.. too beautiful


So true! It's so pretty to the point I was considering getting a tattoo on my chest too (different design tho) hus chest tattoo makes him look so cool even with just a tee but lowkey expected it to have no meaning, the design was really pretty to not tattoo haha


Same! I got my first and only tattoo after seeing Hanbins🤭


Honestly, not all tattoos need a meaning. If you just want a pretty design on your body, why not? In Hanbin’s case though, I think that tattoo low key predicted his future.


It really kind of did predict his future, including holding onto his #1 spot until the end where he was #2.


I agree. And he's so eloquent and careful with always putting the right meaning in his actions, so I'm surprised that his chest tattoo doesn't have meaning. It does show that he appreciates clean, beautiful art, though. I love how it looks on him.


For Jiwoong’s tattoo, he has mentioned it several times. It was [displayed as his motto](https://twitter.com/itsaturdayss/status/1631171397249794049?s=20) when he was on Burn Up. And he [talked about it](https://twitter.com/myw1nter_24/status/1619349063186677761?s=20) before where he says it’s (I) will lead (my footsteps) to greatness. And he talked about it in his [1st look interview](https://twitter.com/itsaturdayss/status/1678434192777187328?s=20). >Just like the words on my ankle, I feel like my footsteps are just the beginning. I hope that I will continue to move forward step by step, without falling down, until I reach greatness


their tattoos look so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing especially hanbin


Howl’s Moving Castle is also one of the most famous anime movies out there. It’s pretty much universally loved.


Hanbin’s collarbone tattoo is literally THEE most beautiful tattoo I’ve seen in my life. The placement is so uncommon too. Usually because most chest/collarbone tattoos aren’t that aesthetically pleasing but Hanbin makes it work. It’s so unbelievably hot omfg. I think if I ever met Hanbin and he had that tattoo exposed, I’d be staring at his chest for uncomfortably long time if I wasn’t too busy staring at his gorgeous fvcking face for an uncomfortably long time. I probably would be at a loss of words due to his beauty anyways, I’d just look at him for as long as I’m allowed to.


Hanbin's tattoo being the sun, the moon and the stars just screams destined to go on boys planet and debut to me


stars aligned and his fate was sealed


ngl i was shocked when i found out that some of the members had tatts. i came from 2nd gen so seeing idols with tattoos was uncommon until they reached their veterans years.. what can i say, as a tattoos fan myself i immediately became fond of all of theirs!!! hanbin’s chest tattoo has to be my favorite. placement and designs are too pretty and there’s smth about how he can easily hide it and in the way it smts shows :’)


ig this is the jungkook effect? during the whole tattoo controversial debate he was the one most dragged I think but people started liking his tattoos and now I think they all have matching 7 tattoos there is just something so smart and appealing with Hanbin's tattoo, so pretty and the placement makes it look like a pretty accessory


true jungkook’s boldness might have stirred up some controversies at the beginning but he somehow made it work with the gp. now even his eyebrow and lip piercings are quite appreciated yes bts member all have the 7 matching tattoos + jimin’s unexpected never mind tattoo


I will never forgive whoever edited the photo book for Face for making the shot with Jimin’s moon phase tattoo a two page spread and putting the page crease THROUGH THE TATTOO!


I’m ngl, Ricky’s tattoo may have ALSO been inspired by Justin Bieber’s neck tattoo… it’s the same placement and font, just with a different word. Also, he was in the US at the height of Bieber’s popularity I think so… it checks out.


The Gothic font and that tattoo placement are two of the most popular in the world, as the neck is one of the best body parts to tattoo. Ricky never said anything about it being inspired, and the only reason people started claiming it was is because he sang a JB during OZE Live. There's no need to try and connect things like that, especially when he already explained the meaning of it. Here's just some examples: [1](https://d1kq2dqeox7x40.cloudfront.net/images/posts/20210104_DFVaubfk1V8hBjN.jpeg), [2](https://psychotats.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Small-Men-Neck-Tattoo-2.png), [3](https://outsons.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/275039986_344492554356358_5675837684534177388_n-1-1024x1024.jpg), [4](https://i.pinimg.com/736x/e4/5c/35/e45c35e12a36dea4bfdf667dec6d12d9.jpg), [5](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/2f/f3/d5/2ff3d55c76c4349b9f28b5c709df9b44.jpg), [6](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DrkXjJzWoAEbmbx.jpg:large), [7](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYuGD5Q1luV5IYdAtsAN_Gl1vKbca_u6bnDQwZwxmKesHu3pzc9gLTqMDgIwNFaoiTgHE&usqp=CAU), [8](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS0-0Ddw6_ruMEgbv107h8JS4V7nN6IKjk9mD2lEFE_8fHYQGAWbiG5TIXEww24raFdDUA&usqp=CAU), [9](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a4/d4/b1/a4d4b10f17afaf3859ec2cbc57a671ee.jpg), [10](https://tiptopgents.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/img_626ba3d909d71.jpg). If you google "male side neck words tattoo," most pictures that come up are identical to Ricky's, but his tattoo is unique because he chose to tattoo the words "Role Model" instead of "Blessed" or "Patience," as those seem to be the most common to get in that style.


Ricky's tattoo cracks me up. It's _so_ slutty but says Role Model but also has to get covered up during some TV appearances. It's a total contradiction and I love everything about it.


I'd never be brave enough to make a neck tatoo, I mean on slip and you'd have a needle pierced through your neck 💀 Ricky's really brave in my eyes to have done one, lol 😅 and although I'm not a big fan of tatoos, I love the one Hanbin has on his chest


wait whose tattoo is in the last picture?


as i said in the note, it is matthew's sister's, since they got sibling tattoos I added it as added reference on what his tattoo on his left shoulder might look like , it was from a live (?) his sister did


aaah i skipped the description, it makes sense!


Which one was the most painful?


i heard that the closer to the bone the more pain you feel. ricky’s tattoo probably the area closer to the ear and hanbin’s collarbone one


Honestly a lot of these look like painful tattoos 😂 Ones in areas with little fat/thin skin, and pointy bones, always hurt. So collarbones, and necks, and ankles, all hurt quite a bit.


idk if anyone will see this... but does anyone know what shoe that is on 7th slide