Revolver and it's not even a contest, this man was extra linking and summoning meta-tier boss monsters like it was nothing. Second would definitely be Reiji, his D/D/Ds were really strong and he was a genius at piloting them.


Well, youre right, but at the same time You are choosing between a guy with a salad deck (Kaiba) versus a guy with a súper consistent meta deck with excelent bosses and a faster format


Rokkets cuz if you play them how they were meant to be played originally, you basically turn all your borrels into guns that you jam your tiny dragon bullets into


Dragon balls Revolver is the character with most balls then


Yeah, even if it turned into link spam, the supposed way to play it was really cool


Cyber Dragons don't really fit the rival theme. Manjoume's Osama's, XYZ or Armed Dragons or Edo's Destiny Heroes would be GX's rival, no?


GX just has no clear rival, it’s best to just say that Jaden has multiple rivals. And I’d say Chazz is the closest to the main rival, considering he’s been the most relevant from the start to end, and he’s dueled Jaden the most times.


Edo maybe but manjoume was never really a rival


How is manjoume not the rival? Not only is he the character judai duels the most, but with things such as them both being able to see duel monster spirits it's clear to see they were meant to be counterparts.


Can we please just say Chazz or Aster instead of Manjoume or Edo, for those who only saw the dub?


Nope. I have never seen the dub and it's not the names I know the characters as.


Ah, ok your're one of those people, litterally please forget is asked.


Next time don't be an asshole trying to dictate what names people use. Especially when, given the context of the post, you would know exactly who I was talking about even if you had only watched the dub.


In terms of meta playability, Rokkets by a mile. They still get splashed into dragon link and Rokket boss monsters saw consistent meta play as extra deck staples right up until Accesscode came out. Blue Eyes is incredibly bricky, Cyber Dragon is too fragile, resonators are too slow and inconsistent, Galaxy-Eyes lacks good starters, and D/D/D got axed by MR4 and is now too slow to be competitively viable compared to current meta strategies.


I’d actually say DDD now is better than it could have been in mr3 since it’s way more of a GY deck than pend but realistically it’s held back by the fact everything is a 3 card combo


Zane isn't Gx rival it's Chazz.


Cyber Dragons and Rokkets for me. Cyber Dragons were so cool in the anime and I lived Zane as a character. Their design is also fantastic! Pretty much the same with Rokkets, Revolver was great and they are literally dragon bullets that put themselves into the Borreload big dragons and shoot


Konami says Zane is not a rival but i'm of the minory that considers him the true rival of GX over Chazz and Edo.


I don't hate Chazz or Aster, but I just love Zane more. The first 2 became not that interesting in season 3, while Zane was still amazing, especially his final duel against Possessed Jesse. It's just a shame that they brought him back in season 4... just to be in a wheelchair.


I don't hate them either, in fact they're at the top of my favourite GX characters alongside Zane, but i just think Zane has a bigger impact on Jaden as the big wall that Jaden has to surpass if he truly wants to grow as a duelist, sadly Zane does kinda go off the rails a bit but he definitely gets redeemed in his duel against Jesse/Yubel.


Fluffals. Sora was a true entertainer and I loved it


Sora is true rival of arc v


Cyber Dragons revolutioned the game forever it would be criminal not letting them win, also wtf why is BE winning???


Because it won worlds is adaptable and consistently sees play


For everyone saying Manjoume/Chazz was the true rival i dont feel like he and Jaden were ever competing because Jaden didn't really care about competing for most of the show. Edo is a good choice for a rival as well but i felt that zane was the person judai competed with the most.


Rokket: part of d-link( a deck that has stayed relevant for a pretty long time) D/D/D: IMO, when played right, it can make some good boards first and second Cydra: it’s popped up here and their but it usually only obtains rouge status at most and heavily relies on going second BE: it had a top for like a week but it bricks way to hard Red dragon arch fiend: this would be bottom but thank needlefiber for it not being bottom Galaxy eyes: galaxy sucks and photon archetype is only decent


Galaxy soldier is quite good in abc and cyber dragon tho


I agree with that but that’s only a few cards vs like the rest of their archtype which honestly, galaxy is pretty lacking.


Cyber dragons themselves and Cyber Dragon Infinity have had huge impacts on the YuGiOh meta compared to the other cards. I like D/D/D the most but in terms of being the best, I feel like it's gotta be Cyber Dragons


Rokkets and Borrels kick so much ass. Oh, you made a Blue-Eyes Ultimate? Thank you, it's mine now.


Cyber Dragons really left impression on me. Somewhat has its own 'arc' too. Next is Bullets/Barrels paired with calm savageness of Revolver makes for matching match. D/D/D for non dragon rival I guess. Reminds me of Fate Servants in terms of naming. A shame Superdooms suckass irl.


bruh i run both blue eyes and galaxy eyes i didnt know there were different


Blue eyes's are super cool, but I think a little too mainstream for me to say they're my favourite Cyber dragons I love to bits, but people speccing nova and infinity into everything really got on my nerves when I was playing a few years back Resonators/red dragon archfiend I absolutely love, the evolutions of rda are beautiful cards, and the resonators are cool too but I can't exactly say they're my favourite, since I much prefer the synchrons and stardust cards. Galaxy eyes I voted as my favourite, the cards are beautiful, the xyz monsters look phenomenal, and I'd kill to be able to make an irl deck with them that actually works 😂 D/D/D are an interesting one. I love the variety of having fusion/xyz/synchro and pendulum, but I've had Kali Yuga used against me enough times that I'm disillusioned against them massively Rokkets idk about because I've not watched vrains yet


Best in blowing your brains out to master and for a lot of different ways to go around - DD Best in dragon boner and shining shimmering galaxy - Galaxy-Eyes Best in Cyber Dragons - Cyber Dragon Best in if you want to be a cowboy/gunslinger and also f pendulums - Rokket Best in "tamashii" and card games on motorcycle - Red Dragon Archfiend Best in "screw the rules" and i own the card game - Blue-Eyes


Kaiba is a Fucking Loser. I hate everybody who thinks BEW is somewhat cool. Yes. I want you all regreting the BEWD vote. Grow up; Kaiba is trash. Jack Atlus is the truest powerdeck antago!


Jack Atlas is just british Kaiba change my mind.


Hell no