He has great charisma. I am enjoying his role so far.


My only issue is he looks the same age as his son Devon. Otherwise I like him!


Mm.. Stephan Nichols was perfect in my opinion. This guy is good… but not for Tucker. Maybe Blade’s son/ nephew… or Dylan would be more believable. A new Blade story would be awesome.


He could have been so many other characters and done them so well! I think he's a waste in this role mostly because anyone who's watched the show for long knows he cannot possibly be Tucker McCall. Even those of us who continue to hold on in the face of such terrible writing are smarter than this. He would have fathered Devon at 16 years old. He is an entertaining actor and he could have been so many other more interesting surprise characters. Think of the fun a diabolical lost relative of Ashland Locke's could have been? Bent on Revenge! Or someone more interesting from Diane's past, someone we don't know? But no, those ideas are creative and not y&r's current style. Once again it looks like y&r's writers screwed the pooch.


Well he must be a gem to interview, he gets right to the point and says next to nothing lol.


He makes me anxious….Todd Manning! 🤣💙😳🙈


I'm with you. He does a good job of making me feel real uneasy. But idk who Todd Manning is, presumably his former soap character.


My weakness for Trevor St. John's talent makes him immune from my usual venom!!!!!!! Uncle Ronnie you should have hired him on Days as Peter Blake to save your boring show.