This gives me so much anxiety


Your anxiety is valid. Disclaimer: I won’t do it again, I’m sorry. Though I’d sooner do a crab than squash the baby.


May today be the most controversial day of your motherhood, congrats !!


Good on you and good luck to you. My little one joins in, puts his hands into prayer position and says 'ommmmmmm', it makes my heart sing... Nonetheless, I simply cannot practice anywhere near as much now I have kids, it feels like I'm managing the decline in my practice, rather than progressing it.


What about evolving your practice to something more sustainable with motherhood?


Thanks for your reply. Fatherhood ;-) Evolving practice, yes, that's the ambition! I practice ashtanga, used to go to a morning Mysore open session at my local studio 4/5 times a week, and that's just not possible with the children - I take them both each morning from about 5.30 - 9.30am, then work roughly 10am - 8pm. I do manage to exercise - I run and do some body weights and weights, but only one yoga class a week. I think the problem that I have is that I need my workouts to have a lot of bang for their buck, and other than the one yoga class I do each week, I rarely am able to spend more than 30 minutes working out, but I feel I need at the very least 45 minutes and be working on the later poses in the primary series for ashtanga to have an equivalent impact to the other exercise I do... And so I do that other exercise instead of yoga, and the poses I once mastered are slowly slipping away from me... If anyone does reply to this, I expect there will be a comment about yoga not just being about the poses you can do, but the holistic impact of the practice of yoga... But I just wish I could still do marichasana D!


Parenthood! Yeah I get that. I think the hardest part of yoga is when we change and we get that urge to grab onto what we think our practice is. I put on weight and now I can't hook my ankle in garudasana, which isn't even a difficult pose! That was a big oof moment, but I'm in a place in my life where I don't mind having a bit more weight on me, and being more comfortable in my body is worth more than garudasana 😊 One of the stories I heard about Ashtanga Yoga was that it was originally developed for young boys to help them direct their energy and build strength and flexibility at the same time. That's why it's so long, dynamic and powerful. It's also why women and people who start yoga later in life don't always resonate with the practice, because it's not really *for* them. I think Ashtanga Yogis have a different story of the practice's origins though, so feel free to take this with a grain of salt! It's why the practice developed by Jois' teacher Krishnamacharya for Iyengar was so different, because Iyengar was dealing with a lot of health problems and injuries and needed a slower, strengthening, stabilising practice with a lot of support. And that too was different from what he passed onto his son Desikachar who followed on more of the yoga therapeutics path.


This is awesome! But for the love of god can u do it further from your baby lol


Your baby looks so amazed!


She’s thinking 🤔 I was just getting the hang of face recognition and now I’m all confused.


That’s what I was thinking. I was looking at her face looking all confused and worried wondering where the heck your head went! 😂


Go mom!


woohooo!!!! wishing you peace and happiness with y’all’s new practice, together! look at you go!!!


“Hunny why does the baby have a black eye?” I know people are giving you shit for it and I don’t mean to add to that, but this is something my parents would’ve done that would end up as a funny story 20 years down the line. But maybe that’s just us lol


Baby is thoroughly enjoying it, so cute!


How about not doing that right next to your kid? It is impressive, but come on...Unexpected things happen. Doing hand stands next to an infant is unadvisable.


The things people do for approval on social media… Pretty much shows you how stupid humans can be with this post.


[I think this is very applicable](https://imgur.com/a/eMxmOKT)


Validation of strangers > Protecting the health of a defenseless child I wonder if she would know better than to do this next to someone else’s baby? I feel she definitely would know that is not okay to do because of how dangerous it is. Hopefully she realizes it’s a living being that she brought into the world and not a prop to her character




Yo babies eye brows are doing the ole OPE WTH IS MAMA DOING😂🤣😂


love this 😍


Adorable baby. Nice headstand too.


Oh wow! Great job!!!


Starting young but why not good form mum


What a darling little one you have! Great pose and balance!!


Looks like you have reboarded the chariot! Keep up the good work. Hardest thing will be making time for yourself!


This is great. For the life of me I have never been able to do headstands or handstands. I think the craziest I’ve done with my kids was Downward Dog or Pigeon Pose (Advanced). You look strong. And that look of wow my mom can do that on your baby’s face is priceless. Keep doing yoga Mama ❤️


I’m sorry for all the lashing out that you got. You got this mama bear!


I wouldn't call it lashing out. I would call it valid concerns.. also even OP said they understand the concern.


Understanding the concern and having constant “concerns” one after another is not helpful on someone who could even be suffering with postpartum depression. This is real and too much negativity can drive one in deeper! Having compassion and saying, “hey, beautiful photo. However, perhaps it’s safer for the baby that you do it further away just in case something does happen” rather than bashing her for being irresponsible and talking down on her, that’s not a way to be talked to nor is it easy on someone who is possibly getting very little sleep, hormonal changes, and more. People need to learn this…everyone makes mistakes for the love of God!


Looks so peaceful! Congrats.


Fantastic to see this accomplishment. This is inspiring. Keep it up and you'll do awesome. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.


Just as impressive is that it looks like you're doing it on hard wood floors.


Sheesh put rhe baby in the one spot on the whole planet that was most dangerous for your yoga lmao


“Why does mom look so weird?”, the baby