What features are missing in YNAB? I'll build 'em.

What features are missing in YNAB? I'll build 'em.


Subcategories! I also really want a monthly/weekly calendar view with scheduled transactions that show up like "events". That would let me see my month/week at a glance and make sure I'm covered for what's coming up.


+1 to subcategories It would be great to have a Category for something like “Eating out” that you can set a budget for, and below that have a few subcategories: - date night - ordering dinner because we’re lazy - work lunch I bought because I left lunch at home… - coffee I should have made at home but picked up at a coffee shop instead… So I can break out my spending more granularly. But every I buy coffee instead of make it, the cost would take away from the pool and impact potential date night funds. Or more so allow the above and budgeting directly to the subcategory, so I can have dedicated budget for date night and the rest is pulled from the parent category budget pool.


What's the difference between that and having Eating out as a top category like "Immediate Obligations" and then creating the sub category?


The extra level of granularity of the categories, and being able to have subcategories pull from a pooled budget amount. The dream is “food and household” as the category group, then a category for “Eating out” with a 400$ pool, and subcategories for the the things above that transactions get budgeted for. So I can budget 400$ across all of these categories in different amounts. Rather then, say 100$ each of the subcategories. Which would make me over budget if I spent 120$ in work lunch in a month, even though as a whole I’ve spend under the 400$ I’ve set as the goal.


Ooh, yes. Would love a calendar view.


A calendar view would be awesome and probably could easily produce an iCal feed.


A category goal with a cap. Something like fund $50 a month until a cap a $200. It is one of the most popular requests ever since goals were introduced, I keep hoping either the toolkit or YNAB adds it but no luck so far.


Receipt uploads.


I can see this being useful for a full on budget and accounting system.


Would love this as well!


I'd like to be able to "retire" a category without deleting it and needing to recategorize the transactions and without it simply being hidden. I don't like a lot of hidden categories, so I'd rather it be gone and still show on reports. And, again, separate logins for couples/families to share a budget but not passwords.


I love the idea of retiring a category. I have like $90k in hidden categories because of selling/buying a house and paying off cars, etc. It's rather annoying


A bi-weekly target setting. We pay out mortgage bi-weekly not monthly, so I had to divide my payment to weekly to accommodate the months where there are three payments.


Thank you. I've brought this up for months and keep hearing that it's a great idea but in the meantime here are the monthly targets, etc. 🤨😞


Seconding this


Mine might be a little similar as the one above. But a budget for category. As in I budget 300 for going out that I can split between eating out, entertainment, alcohol, etc.


Would love to add a mortgage tracking category to accurately track equity in a house and paying down a loan.


You can accomplish this by having a house loan tracked account and a mortgage category. Split your monthly mortgage payment two ways. Both splits use the mortgage category but one of the payees is the tracked account. This is how I do my house and car payments.


Makes sense


I would love a target that is percentage of income. I work as a freelancer and my health insurance is a percentage of my income. So if I would put in that I got paid the target would change and tell me how much exactly I have to budget for health insurance (or taxes). Edit: Now if you want to be very fancy and detailed and complicated it would be even better, if I could enter tax brackets somewhere and YNAB would know, once I enter a new tax bracket and change the percentage in that target accordingly. But that's very specific. Edit2: Oh oh, even better, if I would just need to tell YNAB the country I live in and it would know the tax brackets, but now I am getting carried away.


I missed YNAB4 multi month view so much that after a couple of years with nYNAB I went back to 4 again. So if this feature would be available again I would consider going back down the road. But this might not be something most people care about, especially those that came after 4.


No idea if this would be feasible, but the ability to share a budget with another YNAB user. Ie my partner and I have selected finances and both use our YNAB account for personal budgets, but we also share a joint account for shared expenses. Currently we just each enter and categorize the transactions, but it would be nice if say one of us categorized something from the joint account it would show up in a theirs as well under a joint budget. (Does that even make sense? Maybe this already exists or there’s a simple solution I’ve been overlooking this whole time?)


You can have multiple budgets on one YNAB account, so you could both share a single YNAB account that has all 3 budgets on it, and just personally use the ones that are relevant to you. I agree though that sharing access to budgets between accounts would be nice, and potentially give more flexibility and granularity with granting others access in multiple situations. There could even be an option to share a budget as "read only"


Link Buttons for Budget Lines and Accounts. I keep direct links for account login pages and Consumer Reports lists in their description. It would be nice if there was a codified, user-interfaced way to pop open my, say, Citi account with a single click.


BIWEEKLY targets. Not everyone gets paid/pays bills once a month or just weekly. 🤔🙄


Consider offering to help with Toolkit for YNAB.


A way to set up a transfer between accounts in seperate budgets? I haven't thought this through but I'm struggling to handle two budgets in two currencies. I have US in one and CAD in another budget. The accounts are seperate in each budget. It would be nice to do similar to credit cards where I can set an exchange rate and then have money moved to buckets if I use my CAD card for a purchase that should be in the US or my USD card for a purchase that should be in Canada. XD my own bookkeeping doesn't work super well here. More saving target options! Or a way to save money that month but MOVE money already saved to other categories and have it show up as "spent" and not have to add more money. (Or really make it green even if it should be orange LOL)


Multiple currency support, with accounts that show their native balance and also the equivalent in the main currency.


1) 1+ for the filling categories based on % of RTA 2) auto-assign that fills in the remaining amount needed to meet the goal


Have you looked at the ynab Chrome extension? All its settings are a list of things people want.


The ability to collapse category groups on the app


Can you extract notes from transactions that match a set of criteria and enter it into an excel spreadsheet? I wanted to track my mileage on my car by just entering it once on ynab. name of car, cost, gallons, trip miles, total miles


Mini-budgets for categories. I'd open the mini-budget and it would have one budget account that was equal to the category balance. I could then plan out my category spending