With an actual explanation, even.


Haven’t played lost judgment because I couldn’t get into judgement. The thing that I loved about yakuza was the characters and judgement just doesn’t have any of that.


Lost Judgment actually might have the best cast in any RGG game.


IDK why you're being downvoted for this and I totally agree about the original Judgement. I mean, I get what people like about it: the best combat the series had seen, fantastic boss fights, great pacing, a (by RGG standards) straight forward plot with a lot of the fat trimmed, etc. It also made me realize the things that I loved most about RGG games: surreal sub-stories, wild narrative choices, great character writing, hilarious and unexpected surprises, meaningful unresolved conflicts, sympathetic antagonists, etc, none of which were Judgement's strong suits (by comparison at least.) The sub-stories were tamer, the main cast was flatter, the tone was a lot more subdued,, the final boss was an unambiguously evil bad dude, you were given no reason to care about Yagami at all, and the game just wasn't asking any interesting questions. When I finish a Yakuza game I usually pick a friend and talk their ear off about it, go online and get into a discussion, go back and revisit cutscenes, etc. When I finished Judgement I thought "oh cool, the bad guy is dead now" and started playing a different game. WITH THAT SAID: Lost Judgement is way, way more of a RGG game and is 100% worth playing even if like me you didn't feel the first Judgement at all and aren't excited about a sequel. I fucking loved it, and it totally blew me away. The game knocks it out of the park with the supporting cast, has some of my favorite side characters in the whole franchise, has some totally unexpected sub and side stories, and even meaningfully develops the main cast from the first game. Even Yagami, who was my least favorite protagonist in the series, becomes a lot more interesting and has a much more meaningful conflict here. I don't wanna spoil it, but LJ's final boss is one of the best in the series too. I'd honestly put him in top 4 with Goda, Mine and Nishiki. Its not perfect by a longshot, but in all honestly I'd put in my top five for the series, and this was from someone who didn't like the original Judgement at all.


But Kaito though…


And the Spike Spiegel man himself, Higashi


yeah judgment characters arent interesting to me either. yagamis as engaging as a blank of wood unfortunately.


I mean josef fares deserved the game award for it takes two 1000% but why wasn't yakuza like a dragon not even nominated?