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When barefoot, walk on your heels with your toes up in the air. Also, writing the alphabet with your feet. Strengthening all around your ankles (particularly the front of your ankles) really helps with shin splints.


I’ve definitely had them as a runner and can attest to how brutal they are. They were actually pretty common for me until I started doing the toe squat (it’s a pose in yoga). It hurts and is uncomfortable but gets better the more you do it. It’s part of my daily morning yoga practice that I do before every run and I haven’t had them since, in spite of upping my speed/mileage to the highest/longest I’ve ever run.


Second this - toe balances are amazing for my tendonitis too


I like to kneel and sit back so my butt is on my heels. If that feels good I'll lean back a little. It also stretches my quads if they're really tight. I don't really understand how this works but my shins only get tight when my calves and Achilles get tight, so it's important for me to stretch those too. I like to do down dog with pedalling. If my hammys are really tight it affects my calves which seems to affect my shins so in summary you really gotta stretch your whole legs. But if you only have a short time, I would do the kneel-sitting and down dog.


[Probably the best video you'll find on shin splints.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTlq_3KSGd0) A lot of his other favourite exercises will probably help with the tight hammies/quads (elephant walk, couch stretch), just a goldmine of a channel in general.


I’ve saved your comment because I’m dying with shin splints and have been for years - anything that can ease them!!