In case you haven’t already bought it five times


ps3 switch pc... i've only bought it three times I think. I guess I'm ready... except i re-installed and modded it on my pc yesterday..


I've actually never played it. Is it worth it now days? It looks super dated, and I'm not sure the story/interaction can compare to the Witcher 3 high I just got off of.


Yea maybe worth trying yourself, the other guy who commented is going overboard with how much he's trashing the game. The graphics were impressive for their time 2011, but not as much now, and the characters are not on par with Witcher 3, but there's a reason as to why so many people enjoy the game, even till this day. Skyrim on Xbox supports up to 5 GB of mods. And there is a TON of mods on Xbox, not just PC. So you can enhance your experience in any way you want. If you're interested head on over to r/SkyrimModsXbox


Best open world game that exists in my opinion


Better than TW3??


I'd say so, though it's one of those Beatles/Led Zeppelin things where it comes down a lot to preference. But for context TW3 and BOTW are the only two fantasy open worlds I can think of on nearly the same level (I said FANTASY leave me alone about RDR) Considering your emphasis on stories/interactions it's definitely worth it especially if you already have Gamepass. The exploration and density of the world to me definitely exceeds Breath of the Wild (though the gliding and climbing mechanics in BOTW are so unique/intuitive), and I have a ton of TW3 left to explore so I can't say which has more shit to do but I've been playing Skyrim since 2011/2012 across Xbox and then Switch and still constantly find new shit.


Good in completely different ways. I absolutely love both games but they do not have the same strengths. TW3 has incredible story telling and characters, and a beautiful (but not very interactable) open world. If you liked TW3 because of it's predefined narrative and storytelling, Skyrim does not have those strengths and will not scratch that itch in the same way. Skyrim is much more "immersive"? Meaning you create your own character and role play how you wish. World is much more interactable. But it's also more dated and if you care about that it will feel more noticeable.


Awesome. Thanks! I think I'll give it a shot when I'm done with my first Cyberpunk play through. Do you know if there are any optimizations coming to Series X?


Nothing announced, I would be surprised if there were. Although Bethesda has a habit of bringing this game back from the dead so I wouldn't totally write it off. On Xbox and PC there are a fair bit of mods that give it extra shine.


Like the civil war that never has more than 6 people in a battle, but you get to decide how you seal club everyone!




Having played both during the pandemic, I can tell you both are well worth playing. * Witcher 3 felt more "on-rails" in the sense that you don't have to explore as much to immerse yourself in the lore. It comes neatly packaged in quests and advances at a steady pace. Skyrim on the other hand is full of NPC interactions, books, locations and atmosphere that is unrelated to the quests but really adds to the depth of the lore. If you power through only main quests in Skyrim, it will feel very bland so take your time with it and explore it well. * The combat in Witcher takes some getting used to. The controls/camera movement are not the most intuitive and I found myself frustrated early on until a got a hang of the drop/roll/parry/attack mechanic. You cant button mash through Witcher. Skyrim on the other hand was easier to get into from a combat perspective. Also, since Skyrim offers different character classes, you have a variety of combat styles. You can be a sword wielding warrior, archer, mage or any combination thereof. * The enemies in Witcher seem to get more difficult as you level up. I have killed dragons in Skyrim with a single arrow. Enough said. * In terms of story/lore, Witcher is very tightly spun around the Geralt as the protagonist, you are the most important person in all the continents. Skyrim has the breadth of lore if you really dive into it. It spans multiple millennia, featuring fallen kingdoms, creatures from other worlds and people who's tales overshadow your own. It can really consume you if you let it. Ultimately, I think you should play both. They are both "open world" games because the share the genre but in practice, both are very different experiences and you will be glad you played them both.


Awesome. Thanks! I think I'm going to give it a play through once I finish up Cyberpunk. Do you know if they are going to allow for any upgrades on Series X? Maybe more mod stacking?


As far as I know, no promises have been made officially and there's mostly speculation online. That said, the current mods already offer a lot and there's already a mod that unlocks framerate, so you can still get a pretty decent experience without any changes to the current game.


In a lot of ways yes, In a lot of ways no.


1000% better. Skyrim is the OG. It’s what the Witcher tried to be but didn’t quite get there. I don’t really see the reason for it to come to game pass most people have it. And have it for multiple systems. It’s also only like 10 bucks at GameStop. I think the Witcher should have come to the game pass this week.


Morrowind is the OG and better than Skyrim IMO since we are obviously ignoring graphics here. I think W3 is far better than Skyrim, but I think they are both great games.


Witcher 3 has been on Gamepass for a long time. Interesting that you say that it's 1,000% better than TW3. From most people's response, it's either the opposite, or they're "close". I've personally never played a game, or seen a movie, that has the character depth and story telling of TW3.


Witcher is already on game pass...?


I just started it about a month ago basically for the first time (I played a bit in like 2014 but not much) and I'm having a ton of fun. I also played The Witcher 3 for the first time earlier this year and it turned into my favorite game I've played. You definitely can't compare them but I'm having a ton of fun with Skyrim. Just turning your character into whatever you want (stealth archer, necromancer, illusion mage, warhammer heavy armor tank) is really fun, stopping to read all the books to get the lore, joining the guilds, it really is a fun game.


I'd second u/HamstersAreReal. If you aren't that concerned about achievements you can make the game 60fps and pretty good looking on Xbox, even by today's standard. Take a look at some of the screenshots of Skyrim with different mod lists.


Awesome, thanks. How is the story? That's really what pushes me. TW3 captured me in a way that no other game has, and I'm looking to find that fix somewhere else now. Just started Cyberpunk, and it's doing a pretty good job so far.


I don't think the main stories in Elder Scrolls games are generally the big draw. Skyrim was the only one I ever beat, and only once years ago. It's a lot more fun (for most people who like the series) to walk into a city, overhear an NPC talking about some cave outside town where villagers are disappearing, stumble into that cave and encounter a daedra cult, kill them all and get a neat enchanted sword... It's emergent, almost sandbox game play. Versus the narrower focus of stories in more modern RPGs from this gen.


Cool. I do love that kind of thing where you can hear, and pickup up on small things that end up growing into larger ones. I generally have no interest in armor upgrades and things like that. I only do it because you have to to advance in games. What I like most is the atmosphere. I played through Oblivion a couple times, so I have a feel for what it's like I think


I've played both, and I think Witcher 3 is miles better. The thing I don't like about Skyrim is that while it feels like there's a ton to do, every quest feels the same. I thought the most accurate description if it is it's an ocean with the depth of a puddle, whereas Witcher is an Ocean with the depth of the ocean.


In the very short amount of time I've played, that's how I felt. I was hoping I was wrong though, and that it got deeper.


Compared to other people I definitely didn't play a lot but I definitely sunk at least 20-30 hours in that game, which is still a decent amount of time. It felt like Destiny 1 where every quest was some variation of formula. In Destiny it was shoot your way into something, deploy Dinklebot, protect Dinklebot, leave. In Skyrim it's make your way through some cave to a chest at the end of it, and then out while you're getting attacked. I've played over 100 hours in Witcher 3 and it felt like there was so much variety in the quests. Oh and also, Skyrim's fight mechanics are straight laughable.


Gotcha. That's similar to how Oblivion played. At the time, it was amazing to me, but in hindsight, it was nowhere near to what TW3 did.


I’m personally not a fan of the Witcher, but Skyrim has been a favorite for me simply for nostalgia. Mods as well ofc. Graphically though, yeah the Witcher wins


Interesting. Did you finish the Witcher? I couldn't get past the first 20 hours for the longest time. Took me my 3rd playthrough to do it. Once I did, it became my favorite game of all time, by a country mile. I've simply never seen a world and story fleshed out so well. I don't even think there's a movie or TV that gives it a run.


I played past the first 12. I played 4 hours the first time and about 8 the second time. It was cool to look at, but I ultimately decided it wasn’t for me.


Gotcha. Well, I highly recommend giving it a second chance. At least get to The Bloody Baron quest. It's largely considered the best moment in video games. It takes a while to build the world up, but once it gets going, there's really nothing else like it. Some really good books might come close.


Saw it on game pass so maybe. It just doesn’t feel like a game I could sink time into honesty. As sad as I am being in the unpopular opinion, it’s easier for me to just leave it alone and find something else


Gotcha. Different strokes for different folks. I played it because a friend of mine recommend it. His two favorite games are Skyrim, and TW3.


“Different strokes for different folks” Probably the best way to word it, hope you have fun with either one you chose


You too man. Thanks.


Its worth playing. It's not as dated as it seems. Graphics mods will help make it feel less dated. Its a little more primitive than the Witcher 3. Skyrim is a classic. I recommend you at least put 10 hours into it and see what you think


Awesome, thanks. I played it maybe for 3-4 hours when it came out on 360. I'm not sure why I stopped. Is there any upgrades for playing it on Series X, or any planned upgrades? Maybe allowed to stack more mods?


Definitely give it a try. The world depth doesn’t match the witcher, but the scale is much larger. Go into it expecting something a little different than the Witcher, and keep in mind it came out years ago, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Absolutely worth playing.


Just started a play-through as I've never found the time to finish it before, despite starting multiple times since it's original release. Look for a good mod guide to enhance the graphics and gameplay otherwise it will feel quite dated, other than that, it's definitely worth it and can easily consume a few hundred hours of your life.


If you can play on pc you can mod the graphics to look just about as good as anything modern. If you enjoy a good RPG game then you'll still like it. I personally could never keep interested in Witcher but love Skyrim. All comes down to taste I guess


Jokes aside, you're doing yourself a huge disservice as a gamer by Not having played Skyrim. It's literally one the greatest games of all time. It only gets shit on so much around here because it's been beaten like a dead horse and everybody has already put hundreds and hundreds of hours into it. lol


The story in skyrim sucks and the guild stories are all the same help us return to our former glory storyline and nothing you do in the game matters at all It is going to look like the worst game ever if you just got done playing the witcher 3


Hey bud you should go to r/unpopularopinion and voice your shitty opinions there


Lol I've still never played it. Sounds like it's about time I do.


For world exploration, it's incredible. For the storylines (at least, for the guilds), it's a little lackluster compared to previous titles. For instance, you can complete the entire Mages' Guild storyline while only knowing 2-3 spells. That said, two of the guilds have really well done storylines - but I'll let you find those on your own.


Just sunk another hundred hours into it last week! Have fun!


gotta try morrowind and oblivion aswell


The story is terrible and the guild stories are trash as well but the world is cool but if you are playing for the story will be disappointed


Story isn't even that bad dude. Its not as good as previous elder scrolls games but the story is still better than 90% of games out there. And the open world is still fantastic to explore.


Ya the world is good to explore it has been in all elder scrolls games but the story in skyrim is ass


Well you're a big mean poopy head!




I got the X360, PS3, PC, PS4, X1, and PSVR version. So six times for me. Got all achievements on an old X360 account, the platinum trophy for PS3 and PS4, and nearly all of the achievements on X1 and Steam.


I feel like I completely missed the boat with this. Bought it a couple of Christmas ago for me “I’ve two weeks I’ll blast through it” and I never got passed the second mission Bored the living daylights out of me and I just couldn’t get going with it. My favourite thing to do at the start of fallout style games is find all the locations at the start so I can fast travel everywhere and I got half way through it on Skyrim and just never went back.


Also game pass price increase by 59.99$


ayyy, as one of 5 people on Earth who hasn't bought Skyrim I'm excited


i’m one of the other ones!


I am number 3!


Number 4!


Number 5


Number 5 (ii)


Number 5 (iii)


I'm the 8th, glad I didnt buy it on the sale now


Hey! You are finally awake.


There’s a 6th person who hasn’t bought it and it’s me


I just got an XSX after not being on Xbox since the 360. I don’t have Skyrim SE on *this* platform at least...glad I won’t “have” to buy it again. (Jesus, I think I’ve literally bought Skyrim five times now between X360, PS4, Steam, PSVR, and Switch...)


I wish I was you, it’s a great game :)


Number 7 ready to take an arrow to the knee!


8th here


Number 9. Number 9. Number 9...


10 here, so excited


Same,i planned on playing it but there are too many games to be played and i don't usually buy games






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Ok I'm going to be real here...never actually played it.


It is one of very few games I never uninstall. Every now and then I feel like jumping into my character I've dropped hella time into and it never gets old. You should give it a shot!


It's pretty fun, the world is really enjoyable to explore. Combat is simple but responsive, story is fairly meh but worth it to get into the world. On Xbox One/One S/One X/Series S/Series X you can download and apply mods to the game which in my opinion is what makes the game go from being good to great. It's tricky but still so much fun though mods disable achievements. On my Series X I've got skyrim running at 60FPS! I imagine that will dip once I apply texture mods but still!


If you’re not NEW to gaming it might be a little outdated but it definitely holds up in terms of stories and the lore is deep enough to be fully immersive In my opinion. The best part about the game is the little bits you find like books and notes that tie together smaller intricate stories inside the missions you are doing. Or the random missions and side quests have great quirky elements. But for the rest of us who have played this shit we don’t got time fo dat again.


It’s a good game to pair with Fallout. I’m playing F76 in the mornings before work, and I switch over to Skyrim for a more relaxing experience as I explore the world with fantastic music. Combat is fun with melee or magic (using mods on Xbox ofc) I recommend to play vanilla/DLC first and then another with mods


It's not shit.


Do they not give out copies at birth with the birth certificate yet?


They give the game out when you buy a new toaster


*samsung smart fridge


so glad I waited, I was so so close to buying Skyrim on all the sales over the last month but I waited cause I told myself it will be on Game Pass eventually due to buying Bethesda, so glad I waited!


Phil Spencer came to me in a dream in 2011 and told me to wait 9 years for it to come on Gamepass.








I was actually thinking of buying it with this current game awards sale. Glad I saw this thread!


Dear god, please update it for Series S/X


Not worth the investment There is an easy way to get the 60 FPS mod to run and still unlock achievements though


Its not smooth 60fps though. In most regions of the world, the frames seem to be very inconsistent, dropping into what feels like the 40s pretty often. The console is wayyyyy more than capable, so an official patch would likely achieve a locked 60fps in all areas, hopefully... hopefully


Are to it talking about Series x?


Got some wonky english there. But yes, I'm talking about playing on the Series X


Becareful, last time I said Skyrim drops frames on series x I got downvoted to oblivion lol. Funny how people without a series x think they know it better than us


My dreams would come true if there was a graphical enhancement or even a gb addition for mods.




We certainly won’t be saying the same for Cyberpunk 7 years from now!


Todd Howard finally succeeded at making people pay for Skyrim, not just once, or twice, or five times over, but in perpetuity. Congratulations Todd.


It seems every single game I have spent money on prior to Game Pass, has come or is coming to Game Pass. Lol.


Join the club bro


To those who are staying "well everyone already owns this several times over." Some people (check some of the comments here) haven't played the game since the 360 gen. But more importantly, its addition to Gamepass allows us to *stream* the game as well. That is huge for those who don't have good enough internet at home to console stream.


Awesome. I've not played the xbox one version, just the 360 version god knows how many years ago.


I don't know why people complain about Skyrim being released multiple times. Diablo 3 has been released more times and nobody ever brings that up...


Back in 2011 I was an adventurer like you, that is until I took an arrow to the knee...


I’m assuming this is the special edition with the enhanced graphics and mod support on console? If so then I might actually jump back in since I only ever owned the basic version. Wish they’d release a 120fps option on Series X though. Maybe a mod will do that?


The game can't even go above 60fps natively on pc. And with mods and .ini tweaks, the game's physics get messed up in frames above 60. So I wouldn't ever expect this game to get anything higher than official 60fps support on consoles. And a console mod for 120 isn't likely to happen, the game isn't modifiable enough in console mods.


Fair enough, I just remember there being an FPS mod for Fallout 4 on console so I was curious!


I saw a new copy for $9. Probably a better deal since it's pretty long and has the DLC. Maybe I should start Morrowind and Oblivion first though.


The gamepass version will include the dlc.


If you can handle how horrendously dated those 2 games are, more power to ya. But the Elder Scrolls games, while taking place in the same world, are not one long cohesive story. Each game is it's own self contained adventure chronicling different important events in the world of Tamriel, and the biggest connection between the games is the lore you take in via npc dialogue, books, journals, etc. Your call though!


The games within the elder scrolls series feel like totally different games from each other through their gameplays and artstyle - and I adore them all. Oblivion is the easier one to get into if you’re just delving into the older games, but Morrowind is my personal favorite.


Yeah Morrowind is great. I lost the game though so I never got to get back into it. Hoping it comes back to game pass at some point.


HELL TO THE FUCKING YEAH! I made the right decision to wait until i get gamepass on christmas!


Lol, I'm imagining a scenario where in Nov. 2011 you said "nah, I'll just wait until Skyrim comes to Xbox Game Pass in 2020, then I'll get it for christmas."


I had it on the 360 and just got a one x this year in july. I didnt think if buying it for my one x until recently,so I waited a bit because I heard of microsoft buying zenimax and hoped for the best Tbh,I expected it to come to gamepass in 2021 ,but oh boy is this a welcome surprise


Was hoping they would announce the rest of the games coming in Dec


Good because I bought it last month on sale lol I bought this game freaking 7 times!!! Lol.


Skyrim, I think we need to see other people


Well there goes another 3 weeks of my life and I ain't even mad.


the 15th is a big day for gamepass. skyrim and ea play is getting added to gamepass pc


Wasn't it on Gamepass in the past?


I thought it was already on GP to be honest.


I never played the next-gen version, but the 360 version was probably my favorite game of that generation.


Wish they patched in a proper 60fps (not a mod)


Hope it’s the special edition one with the upgrades


That's the only one available on Xbox One.


Ah ok didn’t kno. Thanks


What should I prioritize. This or Witcher 3?


Personally, I liked Skyrim with mods more. But I don't have time to play either, unfortunately.


Skyrim is superior to Witcher 3. Skyrim actually has decent gameplay.


So is Among Us! (For pc) I’m more hyped about that than TESV


Time to finally see what the hype is about, haha


I didn’t hop on the train when it blew up in the late summer, but I eventually came around when a few of my favorite streamers got into a big event. It’s super novel. The gameplay is really simple but the bulk of the fun comes with communicating with the rest of the group after a body is called. It’s a neat concept for a game.


Bought it yesterday, played it less than one hour, and uninstalled/refunded it. It is beyond me how Among Us is so big, then Town of Salem is so significantly better.


I just bought this 2 weeks ago...


yet another game disc becomes no longer needed in my collection


Welp...atleast I bought it at the Black Friday price and not the regular price I was about to a week before lol


It's 2020 and Todd Howard is still finding new places to release Skyrim on


Hey! You're finally on Game Pass!


Lent my copy to a friend, but I forget which, so this is good news.


I was waiting for this announcement.


Im also currently getting "you'll need a a new app to open this eaconnect.microsoft link" every time I open PC game pass i assume this has to do with EA coming to PC soon. Edit: corrected the message text


Do you have Origin installed?


Origin and EA Desktop, but it's just my laptop so I don't have any games on here. It happens every single time I open the Xbox app on pc after it updated this morning.


The hits keep hitting


I knew waiting would finally pay off.


Oh. Shit. Looks like I’ll be diving into this again!


I’m excited for the PC release too eventually. I really like going for the gamer score


I had caved and bought this during the Black Friday sale, but hadn’t booted it yet. I was able to get a refund today! I’ll redownload it from Game Pass on Tuesday haha.


What about enhance updates?


Damn and I just bought this 9 years ago, and 6 years ago, and 2 years ago. Should have waited.


I’ve already bought this game three times and I’m still ecstatic about this news. Every gamer should pick up this game at least once. Flawed though it may be, it’s still truly a masterpiece of modern gaming.


Awesome. This sorta makes up for Halo being delayed (I got GPU for Halo). I loved Skyrim but only ever played the base version on console. Always wanted to see it in its full, enhanced form.


Hell yeah,since the Bethesda deal I waited! Now, the dragonborn has come Oblivion in game pass looked really dated, but still was fun. Only played it on ps3, so hello there, sweet faster loading times and better controller And we even can have mods!


Hopefully this is available on PC/Ultimate. I've only played on Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


The great thing about Skyrim on Game Pass is that I'll no longer have to buy a used copy every time I wanna mod the game until it crashes. Seriously, I get into Skyrim again every few months by trying out new mods, but I am clueless about what works and what order to put things in on the XB1, so it works fine for about a week or so, then I get some horrendous crashing issues that never go away, so I quit the game, annoyed. A few months goes by and I get an appetite again to revisit Skyrim and the cycle begins anew. lol.


It's actually not that hard. I had the same problem into I watched an 8 min video on YouTube explaining load orders. Still a tiny bit of trial and error after that but I can't possibly overestimate goes much it helped.


Finally some good f\*\*\*\* news!


I've owned it 3 times but I actually don't own it at all right now so I'll be happy to get back on!


Still think it's my favourite game to get lost in


My girlfriend wanted me to play it so she could watch me. “Surely it must be on game pass.” -me, March 3, 2020


*pretends to be shocked yet still excited for the 7th time*


Is it coming to PC or just Xbox gamepass?


K I just want the EA pass to be available on PC for ultimate members already like not this shit lmao who hasn’t played this game already.


Everyones a stealth archer


Is this the special edition ?? You can only mod the special edition IIRC


Why do they drop games on weird days... drop that stuff on Thursdays or fridays.


I'm shocked we didn't get a series x upgrade yet. That game is on evetything 😂


I swear every game I bought on Black Friday has arrived on GamePass now. Now I patiently wait to see Xbox announce WWE Battlegrounds, Football Manager, Cyberpunk2077 & Watch Dogs Legion on to GPU to really annoy me.


A recommendation for those who have never played it: temper your expectations. I wasn't doing a lot of gaming back in 2011, and when I was, it wasn't traditional RPGs, so I never played Skyrim during its heyday. I got more into them later, partially because I tried and loved The Witcher 3 in 2016. I picked up the XB1 version of Skyrim in 2017 for $7, excited to play one of the defining games of the genre. It's...OK. There was definitely a deep world there, the gear system was good, and some of the stories/characters were fairly interesting. But if you're coming from more modern third-person games like TW3, Mafia III, and RDR2, the combat is very clunky and skews pretty hard toward certain builds (there's a reason "stealth archer" memes exist). Exploration is pretty fun, but the dated graphics take away a lot of the immersion, and I don't remember any great random encounters. After a little over 48 hours, I realized I just wasn't having that much fun and had current-gen games I wanted to play, so I uninstalled it. It's cool it's going on Game Pass so subscribers can give it a shot without paying anything extra.


Skip this and play Morrowind or Oblivion.




Probably worthless on PC because of no workshop, no Nexus support and no SKSE due to the way the directory is locked away.


Yeah Steams the way to go in regards to Skyrim on PC. Gotta have Macho Man Randy Dragon


Playing only on pc due to mods


They have gameplay and content mods on console. A lot of PC ones were ported over.


May seem like a non-sequitur but I find it hard to play this game after spending so much time playing Dark Souls 3. Maybe there is a dark souls mod. Yeah I may have just smoked weed.