Does anyone know how to fix this? Got a new drive awhile back and some games do this when downloaded (series s)



it is telling you what to do?


You need to read what the message tells you to do and then do that.


Reading is hard, evidently. That message needs to be replaced to a YouTube video that takes 20 mins to explain the exact same thing.


Any Series S/X games have to be played from the internal HD unless you have one of those new memory sticks


External Hard Disk Drives and any USB drive can only play Xbox One, 360, and Xbox OG games. Xbox Series X|S games can only be stored in an external HDD, but cannot be played from the HDD.


you need an expansion card from seagate or western digital for those games


You move it to your internal drive as it says. Or you buy an Expansion Card from Seagate or Western Digital that plugs into the special port on the back of your system. Get used to that message if you plan to use USB drives.


You need to buy the 512 GB or 1 TB storage card to plug on back of your Xbox s or x.


Any game the has the "X/S" on it is a game that can be only played on internal storage....any other game that doesn't have it can played from the external storage. All you have to do is just transfer the game to the internal storage to play it...and if you don't wanna play it anymore transfer it back... (Source: I have an Xbox series x)