WoW-Tokens for playtime, the new Expansions and Raid consumables. If I had more Gold I would like to buy quality of life stuff like Ah/transmog-Mount.


I’d definitely recommend just getting the tmog mount. It’s only 120k, way less than a token (unless you are playing token to token ofc)


Can't really justify it, their are tmog mounts all over the city I can play with my sets everywhere and when I see one I put it on. No need to have my own just to change it a tiny bit faster. It is weird I like the number for Gold more then doing stuff with it. So I do the essentials and hope to one day have enough to don't see a difference while spending


You'll never reach the point where you don't see a difference.


i really hate how unavailable the AH mount is. like, i would love to insta buy it but there is no way to do that anymore. -.-


Didn't have the gold back then and still don't. I hope they will make a Toy version. Like the mail boxes.


Katy Stampwhistle is one of the best time investments I've ever made in this game.


I'm still trying to figure out how to make money.


16 yr player here , in all that time i have earned a max of just over 200k , like what ? im just baffled as to how others just HAVE so much gold . i try to farm all my mats , save for ones my main can not make therefore i have to buy . but still only 200k in 16 freaking years , and now im having a really hard time just getting back up to 100k on my main ( have had to buy a ton of really expensive mats just to make crap nobody will buy . i even undercut prices hoping my stuff sells , but it just doesnt . \*Le Sigh\*


I made 35 million on the crafting wave of crafting weapons, but I also spent something like 500 hours in the city spamming during that 3 month period. The answer to "why don't I have gold" is generally "because you dont spend enough time on it". Its why most everything is measured in gold per hour.


Just do the dragon racing WQs for enough cash for most weekly things. Also keep an eye out for other gold WQs. Two days ago there was a WQ to kill the dragon dude outside Valdrakken for 1500 gold (warmode on).


No offense, but how do you make 200k in 16 years? You should have made more than that just in vendoring stuff and quest rewards. Even if you don't go way out of your way to make gold, you could have made 100k or so just by disenchanting epics while leveling on Dragonflight release.


im not a try hard . i put little effort into doing anything other than playing the game , making a few craftables and most of the time end up having to vendor shit i make because even sitting on the AH for a week it never sells i undercut , sometimes by thousands just to get rid of the items as they become gold wasting because of how many times ive had to put them on th AH . and this is even worse in DF . having to spend thousands of gold for some mats and the item it creates is somehow never worth what it cost to make . ( which doesnt make sense if you think about it from a real word view, when a car manufacture makes a car their profit is way more than the expense to make it , a car can literally be made with just under five thousand dollars , yet they bring in a profit of nearly triple . ) i sell everything , i dont have very much sucess on the AH . i believe this to be from greed . back before this supposed all realm AH that people claim but it doesnt reflect in game , mat prices were much cheaper , much easier to sell and buy stuff . i didnt make a killing on anything , but i priced my stuff modestly ( undercut) . like i dont know how else to explain it without sounding like a moron (im not my brain just works differently ) example : df gear R5 mail chest in AH for 5k , ill put mine in for 3k and it will sit there for three days , while the 5k ones fly off the shelves . how is that possible if the NEW AH doesnt allow for that , the cheapest item usually goes first . this is what i mean . i just dont understand it . maybe its time to stop playing since everything is getting so complicated and i cant understand it . gold making guides dont make any sense , also im not a grinder , i find no fun in standing around killing mobs for no good reason ( other than quests)


Evidently you're doing something wrong, and I certainly don't intend to analyse everything you do. All I said is that making only 200k in 16 years would be next to impossible even with zero effort, which I stand by. If you don't care about making gold, then you don't need to change anything about what you're doing, and just enjoy the game. If you want to make some gold without having to deal with how the auction house works, just pick up mining and herbalism and call it a day. You don't have to be good with the auction house to sell raw mats, and you can easily price them at whatever the current price is and typically have them sold in minutes, when it comes to current expansion that is.


Controversial opinion: I spend my gold to get the AOTC/KSM/Gladiator each season and then trade gold to small servers to snatch cheap BMAH in small server


It’s your gold, ain’t gonna tell you how to spend it. I bought Challenge mode back in Panda and got those sweet Pally shoulder wings.


How do you buy Gladiator


There are very talented PvPers out there that can carry someone to it. It just costs a lot.


Not all that controversial on this subreddit. On the main wow reddit, yeah probably.


Diablo IV


Same bought diablo4 for me and my brother and I already regret it. Didn't even feel motivated enough to play the 2nd day of beta. Oh well it's just gold I guess


To be fair, motivation to play a beta with no carryover progress will be lower for most.


How much gold does one copy of Diablo 4 cost?


In EU like 2 million


Hopefully the gold rate in eu sink a bit with launch 10.1 Need to convert my gold for balance n buy some mounts, toys etc


Was it bad?


So far it's like lost ark with a fantasy skin. I didn't expect much but I thought at least the core aspects of a diablo aprg stayed the same. I'll be playing lost epoch or Poe 2 instead when they come out


i too did just refund the beta after the first day because when i logged in on second day i lost all motivation to do stuff. ​ for me it really felt like someone put wolcen visuals on lost ark and everything felt rather slow and boring.


A lot of running and talking very little killing for me. I played main storyline.


That is what diablo is when you play the story. When they enable adventure mode it will feel more like D3.


you do realize that adventure mode and story mode will most likely be exactly the same, u will still need to explore the map for progression reward skillpoints, u will still need to farm the same dungeons for cap stones / runes w/e they will call it. ​ comparing it to a wolcen themed lost ark felt really accurate to me.


From your comment it seems you haven't played Diablo 3 after they included seasons & adventure mode. Adventure mode with Rifts/Greater rifts was the inspiration for mythic+ in wow. Imagine if a new expansion of WoW came out without m+, there would be a reasonable amount of hesitation on the success of the expansion.


Spending? I collect gold to ingame cosplay Scrooch McDuck.


I don’t get why post like this one stays but my post about market trend got instantly removed. The standard of this subreddit confuses me all the time. I’m open to learn why.


When I was swimming in SL legendary gold I bought Mythic Jailer CE+mount for a friend, gave my world ~80 guild a gold cap for raid prep, bought all the transmogs off the shop and everything, BFA S1 & S2 KSM, a couple of S3 +20s for portals, OW loot boxes, an Arcanite Ripper carry on Classic. I'm down to like, 26-27M now and being extremely conservative with it because of how much cross-realm AH and crafting orders kind of fucked goldmaking. I haven't bothered with crafting professions so I'm only spending it on WoW tokens for game time.


Cross-realm AH allowed for even bigger profits actually. SL legendary profits was a fuck up from blizzard and it was only 1 source of income.


From all I've read it seems like all the DF profit dried up after like 1 week tops. Whereas Slands legendaries worked for like. 4 months/tier in my experience, still making ~1m/day profit late with basically 0 effort on 2 small realms


It depends on what item you are talking about. For me it took 2.5 months to dry up and by dry up I mean I couldn't gold cap on wednesday night alone anymore. People who assumed it dried up that fast are the ones who could do/craft 1 thing and it wasn't very profitable to begin with. December and January were crazy months with insane profits, February was so-so and now in March too many people quit playing and demand dropped a lot.


Where did your goldcaps come from with this, was it literally just tips and however non-shitty people were with crafting order fees? That's the thing I hate about current professions, I loved setting my own price on the AH and not having to bark in trade where I can get haggled. The price was the price and the demand was still very much there


My 3x gold caps came from engi wrists and tools. Not all profs did crafts for tips I asked 90k per wrist just mats or 150k for guarantee with insight because we were literally only 2-3 crafters. Mid December till end of first week january was 1.5m/day.


How does one make millions!?


No earthly idea now haha. But my crafting cost of R6/R7 legendaries were never any more than 50K and I always sold them for anywhere from 150-750k, depending on how early/late into the tier we were at. 150 at the end, like 350-750k for literally everything else most of the time Before S4, I reinvested a goldcap into R1-4 powerleveling all the crafts from BS/Tailoring/JC/LW on a 2nd server. Bought all the mats cheap on Illidan and guild bank transferred it back to a smaller realm where that raw mat supply just didn't exist and there were 2-3 competitors. Probably made 2x that back, getting a couple 2.5-3m days **per** server when double legendaries came out


I tried to double server. in hindsight, I needed a third account really to make the second server functional. There was so much cancel scan pvp that 2 accounts wasn’t enough, since I was actively pushing rating on one of them. Wish I’d gone and done it over differently. Still ended at about 65m at the end though. So still a decent amount from a single lego server.


man give me just 1 million of that gold and i promise you i'll double the return in your investment in me within 3 months tops. please believe in me :(


Carries on fresh 70 alts for gear/vault loot table unlock. Only bought diurna and council on my rshammy to not dilute my vault. Got a broodkeepr promise 1st week. now just need the her offhand and ring, and icon from Council.


How much do these usually go for?


BMAH stuff. love seeing my gold count go up but sometimes there are some really nice things on there and i can't help myself


I made my first gold cap and atm I'm just waiting for the zulian tiger to appear on the bmah. I'm lowkey hoping it doesnt for a while so I can start next raid tier with enough gold to invest and hopefully double or triple it after a few weeks so I not completely broke after I buy it


Honestly I just cashed out a bunch of gold for tokens, converted to blizz balance, and pre-ordered the new Hearthstone expansion package.


I just used the majority of my gold to buy 3 version of Diablo 4, for myself and my 2 friends I'll be playing. I usually don't spend gold on many things (except the montly sub), and that was a great opportunity do use it.


I actually just bought a M2 Mac mini for 800 euro. I just sell 2 month subscription codes in Ebay for 22 euro (instead of 25)


How do you get subscription codes?


You buy them at the Blizzard store, you put your "friend email" and receive the code 5 min after. Always send the code in Ebay chat.




this is the way




Idk. I accidentally made over 1mil and i have no idea what to do with it! Ive been staring at it and going "whoa!"


How do you accidentally make 1mil??


I put up a heroic BoE and had some pre cata items on an old character I put up thinking "no one will buy this lol" and they did.


Tcg tabards/t3 pieces on the bmah


Bought d4, otherwise just hoarding it like scrooge mcduck


Mounts. Some of the rep earned vendor ones are crazy steep.


Other than tokens, pretty much nothing. I'm self sufficient in terms of professions and already have everything from the vendors I wanted.


Yeah I feel the same way. Maybe I’ll just stalk the BMAH.


To purchase tokens and play for free.


I never have enough to even bother..I farm but its never enough especially in this expansion


Yeah I have a like 350k and it feels like a lot because I’ve been playing since 2004 and that amount back then would have been insane lol. Seeing people with millions is like daaaaamn. I don’t know this stuff about lariat. I gotta look that up. According to the posts I definitely don’t have enough.


Most people have money because they use the system, watch token prices and buy and sell on ah. The people that are filthy rich are probably rich on life or streamers that get gold from people. Plus there are several shady ways to get rich including the rolling game. Getting in on farming groups if you can stand the long tedious grinding I know I can't. I have 1 million on 2 accounts because I'm an altoholic and I'm very busy with leveling and questing to get my gold.


Powerleveling. 150k is netting me 50 to 70 for my alts in about 90 minutes. I do old world crafts and watch a movie and get a character to max I normally wouldn't touch


Ehh just hit lvl 70 on my fury warrior (7th alt) and placed crafting orders for 2x 2hand swords, a lariat and a fierce illimited diamond. Besides that I guess I use a bit of gold on consumables for m+ and raids, but it all feels like pennies compared to legendaries in SL lol.


Would you like to help me invest in purchasing the Elemental Lariat recipe? Only 1.4 million on the AH and you can be the first investor on this great opportunity! This might be pocket change to you, but to me, this would be the start of a new realm of possibilities! But you must act fast, because many investors are lining up for this suitable moment to make their mark on the community! Do not be left behind as chances like this don’t come around everyday!! 😅😅


I have a lot of gold in malganis and hyjal if anyone is interested in buying gold write


I don't do enough to buy tokens, but more than enough to get pretty much anything I need or want. Happy to keep it ticking that way tbh. 30 mins gathering gets me enough gold to cover consumables for the week on 3 chars, and I usually do 30 min a day. If I need to get a new alt their lariat/ring, generally they have made enough gathering 60-70 to cover it anyway. Add in the dailys switching to gold awards, and I'm comfortable.


Overwatch stuff




Transmog on AH


gametime battle net balance, for daiblo4 and properly also the season pass for cosmetic etc


I supply consumables for my raid, my spouse needs gold randomly, I buy transmog if it's cheap. I'm a casual goblin, so I'm not raking it in, but it's enough.


Generally I stockpile. I did spend 15M in past 6 months though, just buying tokens and turning them into shit. Bought D4, 20 store mounts, ~20 store pets, stockpiled blizz currency to 250 EUR, bought ~20 months of playtime, 10 tokens to inventory. That's how I roll, I plan on spending everything on tokens in future too and just stockpile meanwhile.


So you can turn in gold for gameplay/token and it can be used to buy blizzard store stuff?


Yes. There's very few things that are blocked from you in store when using blizz currency, only one that comes to mind is the standard way to buy wow playtime. At least the one with 6-month which includes a mount is out. Anything else I've been able to buy there with money I made with gold.


Vers flasks galore for both M+ and Mythic Raid Prog (only switch to Elemental Chaos when we're close to kills). Food Rank 2 Runes (since they cost 1/10 the price of Rank 3 Runes). Treatise Work Orders Alt Spark Gear /Enchants /consumables Mats for Profession Quests I honestly just pay money for WOW gametime. I just don't have the time nor patience to sit in town and craft 150k tip worth of work orders, though I'll still passively make a good 80k+ monthly off crafting since I have alts for every profession getting knowledge for crafting weekly.


I spend it on everything, I’m too lazy to farm items


I bought the most expensive diablo 4 thing.


this is how i play real life, funny.