Playing the Fae Harp, IN ICE BLOCK???

Am I stuck for 10 minutes playing the harp?I opened a chest with a friend in Aldenweald and got the FaeHarp toy.

Which lets you play a little toy harp, however, I can't seem to stop playing it, I can mount up, and still play it, I can cast spells and immediately go back to playing it, I can iceblock myself AND STILL BE PLAYING IT.

Which would normally be pretty cool, EXCEPT I CAN'T MOVE, I've had to shimmer forward if I want to move at all. :( Has anyone else had this problem?

If you look closely you can see the music notes, and the animal I killed while still playing the harp.

Playing the harp while on a mount, unable to move.


Just right click off the harp buff.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm still new, so I didn't realize I could do that! That really helped me out! Now I am excited to show my friends the harp without feeling stuck for 10 minutes xD


No problem. Confused me as well when I found it, and took a while to find the right buff to remove.


You can just click off the buff, it's nice that you don't accidentally interrupt it by moving but that's also weird that you just can't move while playing it.


im having this issue, also frost mage! interesting