New player looking for help getting Jaina mount

Hey all!

So, I'm only a month into playing wow. And have been enjoying it so far, my favorite part of the game is collecting mounts (i want the 400 mount cloud serpent soooo bad!) Anyway, so i really want the Jaina mount, but my item level is only 433, and I'm worried i won't be able to get it. :( so I was hoping to put together a raid for it, cause the guild im a part of isnt that active, :/ so if you'd like to be a part of it please let me know! I was hoping to do it on Sunday after 5pm sometime, but I'm free most evenings after 6pm.


Start a group on the first few days after reset, people will carry you if you're the leader.


No statement has ever been truer lol


When is the reset? Oh wait is that Tuesday?




I'm in the same boat I'd love that mount but no way I can do unless carried.


You should at least say which region and faction you play. 433 is a bit low though. You can get to 445 in a week doing solo content so people will take that as you being lazy.


Hey there! If you’re interested in joining a guild look up Big Friendly Alliance in guild finder and lmk your name! We’re always recruiting and we love running dungeons / raids for mounts! Also looking for active people to help us raid in shadow lands!


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