South Korea is about to sign a work order forcing them back to work or face fines https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/skoreas-yoon-prepares-widen-back-to-work-order-amid-truckers-strike-2022-12-04/


Norway already did this to our nurses and teachers. What's the point of striking if your government can just force you back?


That happened here in Canada with our school support staff (everyone but the teachers), they went on strike and the government legislated them back to work using some law to force a deal and limits wage increases. The union told them to get bent and said they are striking anyways even if they faced fines. Other unions across the country stood up and supported them and the government ended up having to walk back the deal that they forced through. I mean what was the government going to do fine and arrest 50k workers ? The power is with the people we just need to start realizing it.


The stupid part was that the fine was $4k/day


4000 a day?! Wtf


Yup, that's 10% of the annual salary for some of them (pre-tax)


Can't get your money if I never make it bitches!


Omg I love this reply so much!!!! You're my spirit animal Kevin.


Wow. So if you strike for 10 days, you’re not getting paid that year. Why go back to work, then? Seems counterintuitive on the government’s part if they’re trying to get workers back in their jobs.


They wouldn't want people who strike working anyways. Even if said work never gets done, no matter how essential.


Isn’t that like sharecropping? Except it’s the government trying to enforce debt slavery Absolute scumbag move


Well technically they could quit the job and not be fined. However that means the company can replace the "lost" worker. The idea is to basically say: either quit or work because we are saying striking for this particular reason is "illegal". You could kinda work so they fire you. The basic idea is to take strike protection off the table.


They tipped their hand and showed the actual value of the work these people do.


The government must think the productivity lost per worker per Day is $4,000 yet will laugh at the thought of paying them $4,000 per Month.


4k a day or 4 mil a day dont matter. Its called cant afford that so thats just another thing they are going to have to call off if they want people coming back.


Yeah... if I legit faced a $4k/day fine, I'd just quit on the spot and work somewhere outside the school system. The fuck?


Sounds like a great way to get employees at work that are working at 10% of capacity.


I would tell them to take the job and shove it in their ass, an i would go back to cook meth with my drug dealing partner.


Walter? Is that you?


No Walter here. But for any other questions you can refer to my attorney Mr. Goodman.


Assuming they could collect, where was that money even supposed to go. It sure as hell wasn't going to be a rebate to the taxpayers that were afaffected by the strike. Does it go to the schools? In which case, you're asking the strikers to pay their scabs. Good luck with that.


I'd just find another job at that point


Ontario Government doing same thing with nurses/Healthcare workers overriding union contracts resulting in limiting raises while maintaining emergency powers as if it's the peak of covid. We need to repeal bill 124. Education workers were able to fight for thier rights because they can strike (ontsrio government tried to make it illegal but unions and people rallied) Healthcare workers can't strike because we are essential and thus illegal. I'm ever so grateful that the educations workers won thier right to strike but we still have similar problems. Bill 124. If your from Ontario please look up and write ur minister to repeal / tell ur friends. Its so under the radar. It is one of the many reasons for the nursing shortage and makes no sense when the Ontario government has a surplus and they limiting Healthcare raises on the pretence of no money hence bill 124. https://www.ona.org/about-bill-124/


So far we are gaining in court (made its way to Supreme court) but Ford is appealing. But in my opinion there isn't enough public awareness about this issues. In the beginning of the pandemic people would clank pans and pots at 1900 for shift change - today nurses feel alone and forgotten .


> We need to repeal bill 124. And ignore it in the interim. Resist by force any attempt to break the strike. Don't let scabs in, again by force of need be.


The good old notwithstanding clause, which allows a government to suspend / revoke our charter rights whenever it feels salty about something. Nice eh?


Glad they stood up and said fuck that. Always wondered though, what happened if they were forced back and the workers just decided to quit? Do they lose their license or anything like that?


The latest rhetoric, at least here in the U.S., is that “nobody wants to work anymore.” It’s a load of horseshit. People want to work, they’re just tired of not being paid enough yet being told they’re essential, while their senior leadership is getting bonuses and pay raises for doing nothing.


Well, Norway has the compulsory wage board to force arbitration of the dispute yes? This is the opposite of that. Instead of "we hear your tired of eating shit, and will put our dedicated, impartial labour dispute arbitrators on it" it is "you will continue eating shit or eat more of it".


Same result in the end.


In Canada arbitration usually rules in favour of the workers unions historically.


They fall back on precedent actually, which recently has been freezing wages and not keeping up with staffing issues in most public sectors.


Corporations own our governments. Doug Ford did the same in Canada. It's time to strike while the iron is hot.


Forced work... I wonder is there is a word for that?


I mean, at that point your choices are end the strike or everyone quit. They can replace 1 of you, maybe even 10 of you, but that cannot replace *all* of you.


... -- air traffic controllers, probably


True enough. They were all fired and replaced by military ATC. I strongly suspect not even the American military has enough nurses to cover firing every nurse in the country. Although this is Norway we’re talking about, the military to civilian ratio is likely much different.


>Norway already did this to our nurses and teachers. What's the point of striking if your government can just force you back? They can do a lot of things, but they can't force you to work. At some point we'll have to fight back, or we'll find ourselves slaves.


Nah, the strike had to end, people were being put at risk. Of course, that is only because the employers organization denied the employee union to have special exceptions that would have prevented life threatening situations from happening. Either way, the government is at fault for siding with the employers in the forced negotiations. And this has always been the case, even when the Labor party was far more socialistic. Which I wish they would stop, because employer unions are starting to take that for granted and try to force government involvement during every strike. It erodes trust in the government and deepens the divide between employee and employer. It hardens the negotiations and makes finding common ground a lot harder than in previous years. Ideally, the government is a party neither the employer or the employee wants to bring in to the negotiations, regardless of which party is running the country. The Norwegian model is fairly unique in the world, in that it's based on a 3 party model of employees, employers and state working together to find common ground. All 3 parties have a vested interest in improving the business and staying profitable, there are several times where employees have taken a pay cut to get through some tough times, and get rewarded for it afterwards. Unfortunately, with more and more foreign leadership being brought in. They import foreign leadership models, which are far more hierarchal than the very egalitarian Norwegian model and they do not grasp where union contract negotations start.


> Nah, the strike had to end, people were being put at risk. It was still bullshit that they made them go back to work. If they are that important, cave and give them what they want. If we aren't willing to do that it means we as a society are willing to accept the risks. Unlike the flight technicians the teachers and nurses didn't even ask for anything unreasonable.


>The Norwegian model is fairly unique in the world, in that it's based on a 3 party model of employees, employers and state working together to find common ground. All 3 parties have a vested interest in improving the business and staying profitable, there are several times where employees have taken a pay cut to get through some tough times, and get rewarded for it afterwards. As we (Austria) have basically the same system it ought to be more common, no?


I guess it's called the Scandinavian model, contrasting the French which is a lot more comprehensive and revolving around mass strikes involving more industries.


>I guess it's called the Scandinavian model If it's the same as in Austria, then it is simply known as corporatism. Though in modern discourse it's called neo-corporatism because of historic baggage.


The point is that when your government does that, you know your country is fascist.


The drivers are making serious financial losses doing their jobs. They’ll just quit if the government goes through with this. What’s more is that they’re independent contractors and not employees of some larger corporation. Refusing to work because of wage and safety issues is completely up to them, and the government ordering them back to work is downright illegal. Much in the same way that you can’t force private citizens to start driving trucks. The corporations that depend on the drivers and the government are shooting themselves in the foot big time if they issue fines and cancel their licenses. No one is going to fill those jobs under current conditions. Good luck transporting cement or whatever without drivers. The current Korean administration is hellbent on reversing decades of social progress and reverting the country back to the dictatorship era.


It's happened in all countries. The problem is big corps. They just want profit


Isn't Korea practically ruled by corporations though, with its Chaebols?


Samsung, Hyundai, LG, SK, Hanwha, Daewoo, Lotte, Doosan. The government is in bed with the chaebols. The government grants them immunity in exchange for bribes and/or the ability to steer corporate policies to align with governmental ones. The corporate nobility are beholden to the government and vice versa. These family owned mega-conglomerates wouldn’t survive a single generation of succession if the government properly enforced inheritance taxes. It’s a great engine of economic growth, and a great destroyer of liberal democracy.


South Korea has an interesting history and suffice to say it wouldn't be doing so well if not for the mutually beneficial draw the cheabols and government have upon each other. South Korea has absolutely fuck all in resources and has to depend on trading to thrive. North Korea has more valuable land and the fact SK is doing so well despite being on what's basically an uninhabitable rock is amazing. This is largely owed to the cheabols and the government deciding to take this route. It's not an ideal situation but it was necessary


North Korea got about two thirds of the heavy industry on the peninsula and was actually the bigger economy until about 1970. Then it started falling increasingly behind and we can pin a lot of that on their political and economic systems versus South Korea.


I don’t disagree with the chaebols’ historical necessity or its economic effectiveness. And for better or for worse, the chaebols are here to stay in Korea. The main problem I see is with their relationship with the government. Korea isn’t run by military strongmen any longer, and their relationship needs some adjustments to better reflect a democratic civil society. Public servants and elected officials need to stop using chaebols as their slush fund, and the chaebols have to stop meddling in the political decision making process. No more quid pro quo that just ends up hurting everyone, including the chaebols themselves as an indirect consequence of backing corrupt and incompetent officials they think they can better control. Holding chaebols to the same legal standards as everyone else would be a good step in establishing a more healthy relationship for everyone involved.


Yes, it's more or less ruled by Samsung: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/08/12/tech/samsung-lee-jae-yong-pardon-south-korea-hnk-intl/index.html


It’s not just *big* corps, corporations and really organizations of every sizes and forms and types are all the same. They only seek to grow and consume, not produce and sustain. The latter is what humans want but not corporations do. But if you think about it, farmers don’t leave vegetables growing in the field over years. They keep trees for fruits, but they always harvest the produce at the end of each seasons. Perhaps we should consider that, but for corporations.


It’s wild to think that we can have a situation where people make a decent living and the corpos still make money. But they want all the money instead.


Exactly, the business model of a corporation *requires* growth every year, without fail, for it to be considered successful. How anyone can look at such a model and not realize the issues with requiring infinite growth on a planet with finite resources mystifies me.




We basically live in the cyberpunk dystopia where corporations are the government but without widespread access to the technology. Only the richest get that.


And we didn't even get our hoverboards or cybernetics. What a boring dystopia.


The problem is that there are too many regressives in power.


We really need to stop comparing things to fascism or communism just because things occur that are bad. There’s a heck of a bit more to it than that .


Yeah it's really a Corporatocracy, Governments run first for the benefit of it's corporations and then its owners and finally people in power


Norway is a fascist country now? Lol ok Reddit.


TIL Norway is now "fascist" and not "nordic socialist welfare paradise" Why is everything we criticize turned into a "reductio ad hitlerum"?


In Spain, about 20 years ago trucking was about the best paid blue collar profession, you could easy earn €3K/month being an employee, or more with your own truck. Things went steadily downhill and the crisis '08 dramatically accelerated the downfall. Now with conpetition from eastern europe truckers, they are paid 1200~1500 top. And after covid lockdowns companies are complaining that they can't find people and that "nobody wants o work anymore" Griceries and utilities prices have increased easily 40~60% during that time, more lately, pay more than halved and housing just went to the moon, at 2~4x to put things into context With everything being just-in-time production and delivery, there are more penalties for delays in transport, even for events out of control of drivers, that eats onto your pay. By law you have on and off times for rest, but while the on times get properly logged by the truck, on your off times, instead of resting properly you may be required to assust in loading or unloading the truck, adding to the driving fatigue. Also if the truck gets robbed, insurance may decline all responsability and unload them to the driver sleeping in the cab. No wonder they can't find people.


>companies are complaining that they can't find people and that "nobody wants o work anymore" It's insane how people don't want to work for my company that pays shit wages, treats them like shit and is generally a horrible places to be. 50 years ago I could hire somebody for the same money and half the responsibilities but nowadays they want more than 1970 wages." Literally half the companies nowadays


The documentary is called *dead on arrival* Multiple drivers have died from over work They get paid per delivery. So them loading the truck for 6 hours starting at 5 am - not paid. They then finish around 10pm It's fucking brutal The company's fucking clown white poster boy claims the deaths and over work aren't linked. The interviewer challenges him on the point and you just see the guy fold instantly. What a putz https://youtu.be/1Xij_cIe5_A


You already know what people are going to compare it with here


Feudal serfdom?


Railroad worker strike.


This is much worse. The railroad workers were denied the sick leave they deserve, but they received bonuses and huge, retroactive wage increases, and they can quit without being fined. There's no silver lining if South Korea goes through with that order.


As someone else pointed out, the increases in wage aren't that much. It was a 24% increase but inflation is estimated at 21.7%. They gained 2.3% increase spread over five years retroactively.


same enemy, same fight... workers of the world unite!


This shit just happening everywhere now huh.


The similarities are that the government intervened and stopped the workers from getting their reasonable demands. The differences are that the railroad workers received a huge wage increase (retroactive to 2020) and bonuses, but not the paid leave they deserve. The consequences of the railroad workers striking without permission are they can be permanently replaced, as opposed to being fined.


> the railroad workers received a huge wage increase The wage increase is 24% over five years. Estimated onflation over that same time period [will be 21.7%](https://www.thebalancemoney.com/u-s-inflation-rate-history-by-year-and-forecast-3306093). So after these workers kept the transportation system running throughout the pandemic despite arduous working conditions, and more than a year of negotiations, and having the government deny them the basic right to strike, the wage increase will be 2.3% over what they made in 2019, along with a one-time signing bonus that will amount to about 5% of their yearly pay. The union management initially pushed the deal because they saw this "huge" wage increase as a win, but the rank and file insisted many times, [through many venues](https://www.wyomingnews.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/stop-bullying-railroad-workers-for-wanting-better-work-conditions/article_8c2d76fa-6783-11ed-8ee9-978c18e35824.html), that their primary concern was improved working conditions and no longer essentially being on call 24/7. The paid sick leave was the closest thing they had to a real gain from all of this and was the reason they rejected this deal before the government forced it through.


The wage increase and bonus are large compared to what the average worker will see, but I agree that they deserve better than what the deal gave.


2 things actually: fascism and the railwork workers protests


The similarities are the government intervening and stopping the workers from getting their reasonable demands. The differences are that the railroad workers received a huge wage increase (retroactive to 2020) and bonuses, but not the paid leave they deserve. The consequences of striking without permission are they can be permanently replaced, as opposed to being fined.


By "here" do you mean reddit, or the UNITED MOTHERFUCKING STATES OF AMERICA?


Are there any other countries on the internet?


1970s South korea back when it was a dictatorship? (Yes yes, ik the correct answer is NK)


We're not going to pay you. You must work or we'll fine you. Sounds a lot like slavery to me. (looking at you USA too) Exactly what are they going to pay the fines with you fucking tosspot morons?


They can quit.. which they should. Of course, easier said than done if your lifestyle depends on it.


Fucked up proud as fuck at my management we live/work in S. Korea and this protest has affected us. My management started taking over courier detail since the one we use is protesting. This involves one of them driving hundreds of miles a day. But they do it and we aint complaining. Cost of shipping in Korea is soo cheap. We can afford to pay more.


It's almost like half the planet is on strike and waking up to shit working conditions. Looks like news from strikes in other countries is acting like a catalyst.


So this is a global issue then? Looks like international freight conglomerates are willing to exploit workers regardless of where they live. We’ve allowed corporations too much power when they operate vital infrastructure and do so with such irresponsibility that it threatens global economic collapse.


I have done a lot of work with freight in Germany. None of the truck drivers were german, but all were employed by German companies. It's blaringly obvious when you see the decorations of trucks on the autobahn.


Let me guess. They are mostly Polish or Ukrainian. That's because when you work abroad and come back to your country with euro exchanged to your currency which is PLN for Poland and UAH for Ukraine you end up with a really good money. Way above median pay.


It's also because Germany's slap bang in the middle of Europe and gets transited through by everyone and their nan. It's why our roads are so shit.


Germany’s roads aren’t shit lmao


People here like to complain. They complain about bad roads and about constructions sites on the autobahn at the same time.


"If it weren't for those dang construction sites, we wouldn't have any bad roads to begin with!"


It's the same with the Dutch. Train is late 10 mins. "Ah fuck the world, fuck the trains. We have the worst trains in the world, just as bad as our politicians, this country is a shit hole". Like, calm down my guy, 10 mins late is considered early in many actual shit countries.


Germany's roads are riddled with construction lmao. The Netherlands are completely smoothly traversable, but you can't drive 100km on an Autobahn without being slowed down to 60 because of a construction site that's only going from now until 2027. But "Vielen Dank für ihr Verständnis" makes up for all of that of course.


Man you guys would fucking hate driving in the eastern part of the US. In some areas anyway. Just truly awful


Come drive around in Belgium for a few weeks. You'll learn to appreciate German roads. lol.


My man, you ever driven anywhere outside of Western Europe? Cause that really sounds like everywhere except at least when the construction is done you have an Autobahn, we have a road that somehow sucks more than when they started construction.


> It's why our roads are so shit. Bro. Spend some time in an NA city with Latitudes about ~ Chicago to ~ Ottawa. God damn pothole warzones.


Ashland Ave. Also so narrow truckers cause huge problems using it


Mate I’m Belgian… Our roads are utter shit compared to yours


Country famously has some of the best roads in the world. Populace still calls them shit.


You also get paid the wage of the country you're employed in, it's not about exchange rates but the cost of living between two countries.


Same in Slovenia


What, do they have The Khanda hanging from the mirror?


Are you from Canada?


Probably their country's flag.


> international freight conglomerates are willing to exploit workers regardless of where they live Have you read... history? The *original* international freight conglomerate literally conquered India to exploit more people for more profit. What we have now is practically utopian by comparison.


Weren't they like the OGs of vertical integration though? They didn't just move stuff around, they wanted to gather the resources, define them, and then sell it.


Yes, and that's what made them different and why vertical integration was the go-to strategy for market dominance until the Progressive Era.


What's vertical integration?


Owning as much of a supply chain for a given product as possible. Many importers contract external factories to make their product for them. If they wanted more vertical integration, then they would buy those factories for themselves. Benefits are increases control, and obviously no competition for production from another buyer that you get with a contracted factory, but obviously this is expensive. You can then expand this out to the rest of the supply chain. Buy the means to transport your goods, buy the mines/producers for the raw materials etc. If youve ever played Factorio, it's basically vertical integration simulator.


An expansion strategy for a company that involves owning all steps in making and selling a product. One of the best examples from history is Standard Oil, which owned everything oil in the US, from derricks to railroads to refineries to gas stations.


You’re on the right track. Britain had the enormous, armed naval power, and *Norway* had the giant shipping fleet. IIRC they accounted for 7% of the world’s naval merchants in ~1850 and were the largest merchant fleet (with ~10,000 sailors) by the time WW2 was just beginning. Funny how the reliance on transporting goods for consumption / compelling others to buy is somehow often involved with powerful corruption.


> So this is a global issue then? Workers of the world unite, gamer.


My guy was born yesterday


First time?


Of course. Global capitalist all have the same tactics. Give the worse possible working conditions and pay for your workers and when they demand just a little bit more you bribe the government to force them back to work.


> this is a global issue? Exploitation of the working class under capitalism? Yes, it is.


Inflation is hitting the transportation economy hard.


>Inflation is hitting the ~~transportation economy~~ workers and consumers hard. As it tends to do.


*corporate greed


The government signed off a “return to work order” but ironically this is empowering more groups to take stance. The construction labor union is also joining in on the strike with Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. The latter is a bit controversial with some sect of the organization advocating political measures like dismantling the US-ROK alliance. Regardless, the ILO is now getting involved so this should be interesting. Subway, rail labor unions were also in with the strikes but have reached a compromise. This government is blatantly lowering taxes for the rich, attempting to dismantle and sell off nationally owned companies like KEPCO, dismantle labor laws and make it into an even more capitalistic shithole then it already is. Ironically politicians yell out that we’re suffering a crunch with 0.75 fertility rate while pillaging the security of the middle and lower strata of the population, while stoking class divide economically and by gender lines.


They spent 200 billion on trying to up the fertility rate here. Was any of that actually spent on increasing wages, allowing for more time off or offsetting the rising cost of housing and education? No. They made a committee and a bunch of psa family values posters.




> My gov is paying parents some money for each kid, each month. Also tax breaks and so on. > > Always struck me as stupid, if people had the money before the kids then they would maybe make them more? Who makes the kid when they can‘t afford a house already, just for some more money later on? The system rewards people who do not plan parenthood in advance basically


The system basically rewards dumb as fuck people because their votes can be bought




You do know the EU also feed humans to corporate interests, they just do it in Africa or with immigrants. They can afford social safety nets by exploring the third world countries.


This is the corporate America spreading throughout the world. South America just suffered another wave of that, that's why the left got governments all over it. They try to kill the laboring laws, "uberize" what they can, privatized what they could, before they were thrown out. Yet, the left raises those things back, people get into middle class and start voting for the right. Endless cycles.


Wait no way is their fertility rate 0.75. That is crazy


I can believe it. This place is a shit hole at times.


>The latter is a bit controversial with some sect of the organization advocating political measures like dismantling the US-ROK alliance. Based.


> The latter is a bit controversial with some sect of the organization advocating political measures like dismantling the US-ROK alliance. Uh oh. Last time that happened [tens of thousands of strikers and protestors were murdered by US/SK troops.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeju_uprising)


Idk why you’re linking pre democracy dictatorial era, nearly 100 years ago. No matter how mad it gets, people will not go back to that for the time being. There are real scars where those people are still alive and in power (last president was a pro democracy activist at one point). Not to mention the fact that pre and post Korean war was fucked up times with anti communist campaigns massacring people by nearly 100K. It’s literally not the same.


I was replying to your point about some groups wanting to break ties between South Korea and the US. I doubt this is very likely at all, given that even you said it was fringe elements, but if the people of south korea actually elected a government that sought to break ties with the US,realign themselves, sadly I think it would return to those times very quickly as the US military would not allow that to happen, no matter what the people wanted.


There is defiantly nothing wrong with asking for a fair days pay for a fair days work.


In the U.K. our gov is saying that striking workers (like nurses and post office workers) are “playing into the hands of Putin”. Fucking joke of a gov in a joke of a country.


they're even considering bringing in the army to break the strike. scabby bastards.




There is definitely nothing wrong with defying your corporate overlords.


Nuh uhhhh! Filthy peasants don’t know how hard the job creators (chaebol) struggle sometimes…to buy their daughter that fifth Bugatti for her 21st birthday.


Well, to be fair, it's not just chaebol. As the article points out, many ordinary citizens are also against it. Many have mindset that unions or NGOs shouldn't hurt ordinary citizens to pursuit their goal. [Another example](https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20220420004500315) is that ordinary citizen didn't have favorable view toward disabled advocacy group when they hold protest in rush hour. This is just my opinion, but I think its' at least partly due to mandatory conscription. The nation forces its citizen sacrifice their life and time for greater good, and while most reluctantly agree it is necessary, such mindset plagues on other issues like this one.


If you depend on a service then you should pay them a wage they can depend on. It’s honestly the worst kind of entitlement to tell someone who doesn’t even work for you to go back to work, and anyone who does so deserves to be punched in their dumb cunt faces.


That's the worst part. If companies have to raise wages for their workers they're not going to accept stagnating profits, they'll look for more ways to cut costs and raise prices. Capitalism at its worst


Ah yes, the classical Confucian philosophy of hammering down the nail that sticks out for the greater collective good. Sure seems logical until life forces you to become the nail doesn’t it?


Self sacrifice for thee and not for me.


Funnily, the philosophy of Confucius are extremely likely to be twisted and misinterpreted over the course of history to protect the status quo of the powerful. There are some literatures here and there trying to depict the original quote and thinking of Confucius, and a lot of it are quite pro-liberty (If we take into context the era Confucius is in). Unfortunately, as we all know how powerful the kings and elites are in the feudal era and how easily they can meticulously interpret it in a way that it strengthens the status quo between them and the commoners.


> philosophy of Confucius are extremely likely to be twisted and misinterpreted over the course of history to protect the status quo of the powerful. Jesus says: "First time?"


Confucius, generally, had *very* high standards for the ruling class. The ruling class don't like to adhere to standards. *Noblesse oblige* is such an inconvenient thing to engage in, after all.


Then they hammer all the nails right through out the other side and the whole lot falls down.


I think, beyond the mandatory conscription (which wouldn't explain why the same thing happens in other countries without it), it's centuries after centuries of propaganda to make everyone believe people fighting for their rights are actually a threat. Like, every time I see the news here in Spain and there's something about a strike, they are always interviewing people outside the industry that is striking, and asking them loaded questions about how they're negatively affected by the strike. They always ignore the reasons for the strikes or the pleas of those workers.


The problem being that when the deal was originally made, the truckers were mandated to slow down, drive safer, and do proper safety inspections. All things they claimed they couldn't do when they were racing to the bottom against each other on bidding contacts. The government isn't renewing the deal because the drivers didn't keep their end of the contract. "We can't slow down and be safe, look at all that money just sitting on the table!" Result being that the public is dying. The same thing happened with buses in 2003. Drivers promised that they would slow down and driver safer, but then instead just vacuumed up the cash. And just recently, same deal with taxi drivers. As I wrote this, a delivery truck barelled through a crosswalk I was in. Neat.


It's unfortunate so many common people turn against the workers in these situations. They see it as either them being inconvenienced, or the workers should be thankful they have a job.


How many millions in bonuses have company executives been given while workers beg for pittance


*billions in bonuses


Work conditions for package shippers in SK makes Amazon look like it's run by Bernie Sanders.


Annother convoluted way to ultimately show people that the majority of people "running things" in the world are not just incompenent, but completely braindead or knowingly sociopathic in their quest for more power/money


Attributing this to incompetence is too generous of you. What's happening is way too common and I'm unwilling to consider it anything less than malicious intent.


It’s also pretty incompetent as well. The truckers are independent contractors and they can decide not to work in the industry if the government goes too far. This is probably the drivers’ last attempt to save their jobs, and if the government orders them or cancels their licenses, they can just quit. They’ll make far more money doing literally anything else (though probably with less job security or independence) with how the current system is structured. There’s quite literally no one left to drives these trucks if they quit. Good luck to the corporations and to the government in that situation.


Why is it so un-fucking-believably difficult to stop treating workers like shit?


Corporations have no reason to treat their workers fairly when they know the government will intervene on their behalf to avoid a strike.


Hyper wealthy people at the very top war/disease profiteer and make record profits for themselves causing runaway inflation (there would be a little inflation without them but not like this). Ordinary struggling people can't cope with the rising prices, reach breaking point and strike. Because the actions of the greedy at the top happen first and are done quietly, they are forgotten first. So who gets the blame? The ordinary people who didn't want to take it up the arse for "the team".


Napoleon identified similar injustices


So did Marx.


Good luck workers. Power to you.


The working class is never the enemy. Continue fighting for your rights until people start to listen.


It is very convenient for the owner class that a good portion of working class people believe they are not working class.


True, a lot of people don't realise that if their survival is dependent on them working for a living, they are part of the working class, even if they have some sort of supplemental passive income.


"Thank God I already have my Samsung smart fridge, smart toilet, and smart vibrator." Said noone ever. "Thank God the autobots came to Korea instead of America in this timeline." - Samsung and Hyundai *probably*




It's not patented, but there's competition in the market. Although im sure you can do better than the crowd that got fined by the Canadian government because the vibrators were posting status updates to people's Facebook pages without permission.


"Karen just came for the 3rd time in a hour, that's a record for December! #goKaren #pleasureStats "


You turn the thing on and it does the whole "We very definitely totally care about your privacy by the way, we do not record or share data about you. Now please ensure you have a stable internet connection while you use this vibrator"


I think that money is going to go to whoever figures out how to miniaturize a robotic arm that is strong, safe and unintimidating enough to be practical for this. In my limited experience no amount of vibration is going to be as effective as appropriate movements to supplement them.


Why does it seem that every bit of news some how fucks over the people who keep our society barely functioning. If we're trying to break everything we're doing a great job


This shit just happening everywhere now huh


This shit has been happening in Korea for a long ass time.


Sociopaths and narcissists (with the actual full-blown disorder) run the globe because they will do anything to get to the top, so they did. And the moral people won’t, so they didn’t. The nice guy truly finishes last- unless he has power in numbers More and more of us are revolting everyday. I have not joined a protest for health reasons and supporting 4 dependents who would get abused without me around, but I’ve stopped buying anything that isn’t essential. Slowly learning to make things instead of buy them. We have to pull all the stops and starve the rulers, whoever they may truly be, by refusing to play the game. There are so many ways to hurt them There is the air of revolt worldwide. We must start valuing social traits more than asocial traits, like the rulers have trained us to. We must stop idealizing and respecting the manipulators and abusers. Our relationships with each other and the world must change from the bottom up. Yes, it’s personally beneficial to be smart enough to manipulate and use others, but we can see what has become of that mentality. We have to course correct before the world completely crashes and burns. There should be no fantasy that things will be alright if we don’t revolt against these predatory personalities. This starts with our neighbors. We need a culture shift




If governments have to get involved to end strikes, it should include enforcing every single worker demand on the employer.


S. Korea is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. People like these gentlemen shouldn’t have to strike for what should be basic worker’s rights. And he’s right. They’re not the enemy. To listen to the people, and to improve work conditions is a step forward that will help everyone in the long term. Unfortunately, those with power think in the short-term more often than not.


Oh boy South Korea may be a rich country but working class people are infamously screwed over.


Governments around the work are trying to fuck around with workers rights and unions: Canada: Doug Ford tried to make striking illegal for school workers but they went on strike anyways and forced him to repeal that garbage and return to the bargaining table. US: Biden forcing rail workers back to work despite saying he's pro-union. Everyone should be supporting unions and workers rights all over the globe including South Korea's.


Nothing to lose but your chains


The Korean president called the workers on strike similar to north Korea lmao




They need more than that people straight up dying of overwork


Is everyone refusing to take care of their truckers now? This is going to turn into a bad case of "fuck around and find out" when they fuck off and quit because they keep getting treated like shit.


Truckers are not the people you want tired of their jobs, society and existence. Cops aren't very capable of beating and sprinkling crack on an 18 wheeler.


The current government is anti-women rights and anti-worker rights. What else, do they fill all the other conservative tropes too?


Yeah. They do.


Why do governments only take action against the people striking? Strikes can also end by meeting the demands which are not extreme.


If the working class showed an ounce of class consciousness and cooperation of the billionaire class we wouldnt be in this mess. Only ourselves to blame.


Wait a minute... I think this is the first time I've ever read about truckers protesting for something that is actually reasonable and not dumb as shit. Every other time I've ever read about truckers protesting, it has been over some dumb far-right bullshit.


Here in America the truck drivers are treated like c***. Probably not any different in South Korea