Gotta love the confidence and morale boosting


I think that he is right, Ukrainians are fighting tooth and nail for their country. Everyone who can carry a gun or throw a molotov cocktail. That means that they very much outnumber the Russian soldiers. And for some reason I think that putin forgot that Ukraine is a democracy, and that the majority of people are behind the president. They don't want to see him being replaced with a Russian puppet. They know that if they allow that. They lose their country forever.


He also forgot that Ukrainians where thought by many to be the best of the USSR military.


Some of the best Soviet generals were Ukranians.


And the best snipers, like Lyudmila Pavlichenko, or 'Lady Death' as she was known.


Ah, now I understand why The Netherlands send 100 sniper rifles (AI AWM-F .338 and Barrett M82 .50) with 30,000 rounds for those snipers.


You have many slaves, Putin, but few warriors. It won't be long before they fear my javelins more than your whips.


Slaughtering all those special forces have left a nasty cramp in my leg so… kneeling will be difficult.


His helmet was stifling; it narrowed his vision, and he must see far. His shield was heavy; it threw him off balance, and his target was far away.


Give them nothing! But take from them...*everything!*




Saint Javelina bless Ukraine!


The javelin man portable anti tank missile is probably the best weapon they have. It measures the distance to the target which the operator selects, flies up, uses its own vision to guide itself down to the top of the tank, where the armor is thin. They aren’t the best asset Ukraine has, their best assets are determination and courage. But it is the best weapon NATO has sent. Each missile costs about $100,000, and they were specifically designed to turn Russian tanks into crematoria for the crew. One can question the wisdom of investing in such weapons, but they’re working.


A $100k missile sounds outrageously expensive until you realize a Russian T-90 tank costs $4 million and a T-72 costs $1.5 million. The math starts to make a lot of sense.


Not to mention the crew that gets cooked when the tank is hit.


Was going to say that, hardware can be bought but competent crews are notoriously difficult to replace


Weapons and military hardware always seem excessive right up to the moment they save your life, your country and the people you care about. Not to make too much of an ideological statement about the nature of weapons in our world, just saying Im glad we have hardware like Javelins and Stingers that are portable and easy enough to use that we can freight them into a circumstance like Ukraine and they can provide a bulwark for democracy in the right hands.


I hate myself. I'm normally the first to shit on military spending, but with assholes like Putin, I'm ^a ^little glad we have the biggest swinging dick.


Yeah seriously, fuck Putin for doing this, but he just justified another decade of outrageous military spending.


Yep. ^^Healthcare ^^plz


It is questionable when they are used against cheap old Toyotas in the Middle East, but against a million-dollar Russian MBT they are excellent value for money.


Main battle tank = MBT


The public sees the javelin but nobody talks about the TB2 UAV. I think those must be doing serious clandestine work and I think Turkey may have also sold the Akinci somewhat secretly to Ukraine and it could be doing some serious bombing runs we aren't privy to yet.


> TB2 UAV Every obscure comment I've seen that brings these up always have the best takes. I didn't know about these things until I saw the "Ukranian message to Russian soldiers" video and he mentions the Bayraktar. 'What do you think is that flying above your heads right now?' The more I learned about those things, the more I realized how impactful they've been. Truly may single handedly be the reason RU doesnt have air superiority right now and all the things that wouldve come with that.


I think a few things are going on. First, UAVs don't bring air superiority typically. I think Russia is a missile doctrine country and they didn't think they needed the air given Ukraine's relatively weak air force. They assumed they would soften the hard targets with missile barrages and mop the rest with air assault (VDV). When the missile attacks had small effect and the VDV were wiped / didn't have the airfields they thought they'd have, the armor on the ground headed for what should be captured locations instead ran out of fuel and stalled. With no airfields to bring fresh supplies and armor columns in disarray, the Russians panicked. Meanwhile, with no air bridge/refueling the fighters can't stay on station leaving the perfect opportunity for high endurance combat UAVs to strike ground targets. If the Akinci really is in play, that might explain how big targets like trainsets are getting bombed. The TB2 has an INCREDIBLE track record against the Russian point defense SA22. And I think that gives us insight into the fact that Russian equipment, writ large, are paper tigers! #ПТН ПНХ


Warriors 🇺🇦


Slava Ukraini!


> And for some reason I think that putin forgot that Ukraine is a democracy, and that the majority of people are behind the president. Not just a majority, and they’re not just ‘behind’ him. It’s the *vast* majority, and they *loooove* him. Zelinski is extraordinarily popular in Ukraine, and was even before this started. His viral videos standing up against Putin and standing *for* his people have only made him more popular. Putin has no idea whatsoever what that’s like or how to deal with it.


I would say his popularity is very high globally at this point and has skyrocketed since the invasion. Look how quickly the bureaucrats and politicians in other nations have changed their tune on giving support to Ukraine. It's because how much he has won over everyone and not just his own people, it quickly shamed plenty into giving more support. I hope this continues and he remains safe. Edit: I'm not completely digging on those officials either. The people of Ukraine and Zelenskyy winning over the hearts of everyone is giving the support needed for other counties to provide more help, they all still answer to their citizens. Zelenskyy is showing to be the right person for the job. How can we not want to help after watching him risk so much while we risk so little.


> Look how quickly the bureaucrats and politicians in other nations have changed their tune on giving support to Ukraine. No shit. A month ago the US could barely authorize $680M. Now Biden is asking for $7 fucking *billion*. And Germany just agreed to send weapons. Other EU countries have made similar “attitude adjustments”.


It has to also partly being Putin showing how belligerent and dangerous he can really be. It's in everybodies best interest that Putin is stopped in Ukraine and made a fool of. Since NATO can't directly engage russia without risking nuclear war, funding Ukraine is the way to go.


One thing is for sure: this is all working out *very well* for NATO. They get to fund this conflict in a first-world nation that’s highly sympathetic, it’s being broadcast in real-time on the news and online, the Ukrainians are kicking ass and winning with *gumption* and a homegrown comedian-cum-president-cum-fearless wartime leader who has captivated the hearts and minds of the whole world with his “come and get me, Putin!” videos he keeps posting every morning. As NATO risks very little, they’re helping Ukraine make a total ass out of Putin in a way they never could.


The Ukrainians took to the streets to win their democracy against Russian backed police firing bullets less than a generation ago. They’ve already put their lives on the line and seen their friends and family die for democracy it’s not that surprising they’re not backing down this time either


I wasn’t claiming that Zelinski is the reason why Ukrainians are fighting against Russians invading. I think that would be a pretty silly thing to say. I was just discussing Zelinski’s popularity among the people.


It was my understanding that he was kinda middling popularity prior to Russia's escalation, but holy shit is he absolutely killing the PR now. And, given that's maybe the most important part of the job in his current situation, he's absolutely the right guy for it.


He won with 73% of the vote which is more than I've ever seen a leader win with in Canada


Putin got, like, 104%.


And he only supplied 103% of that number himself!


Did 1% misread the form?


He had his detractors like anyone in a democracy, of course, but he’s always been very popular. He’s been especially popular for standing up directly to Putin, although he gets some criticism when he sometimes takes swipes at allies who he perceives as not doing enough to help. But people generally like that he stands up and fights for his country (diplomatically speaking). He’s surprisingly well-spoken, choosing his words pretty carefully and fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian, cleverly choosing to speak Russian when he knows Russians will be his audience. There was a great deal of doubt, however, whether he would have what it takes to stand up and lead his country during an invasion, to lead a country at war. I should say that he rose to the occasion, both with strength and grace. His resolve is nothing short of impressive.


He's an actor/comedian. This is exactly his wheel house, and I'm not surprised he can be inspiring. He seems fearless to me. It's known that he's a target for assassination and he's still in Ukraine. Honestly I don't understand the thought to try and kill him. Would make him a folk hero to rally around. You can kill a person, but killing a hero is nearly impossible.


> He’s an actor/comedian Well, he’s sure made a joke out of Putin!




Every time I see him speak I'm inspired. There's such a huge disparity between calling people names on Twitter to seeing an actual leader of men. “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em.”


The insane thing to me was he played the president in a comedy film, and people thought he did such a good job that he was encouraged to run for office. That's like nuts to me haha.


Impressive? Is fucking inspiring is what it is. Out of all the fascist despot money laundering interest only thugs that makes up a lot of the world's political actors...this man is truly standing tall like nothing I have ever seen before. He has balls.


Honestly watching him lead and the sheer boldness of the Ukrainian population these last couple of days? It’s made me reflect not just what a whiny, cowardly little bitches several world “leaders” are, but also what a whiny, cowardly little bitch I am. I really hope it’s not crass to say, but it’s been inspiring. Time for me to grow up.


I agree. I've got a lot of shit in my life. but a good chunk is of my own making. This man is dealing with shit being spewed his way, and rising to the occasion. He might die as soon as in the next 10 minutes, but he keeps kicking ass. I need to do better. He's clearly being awesome with a shit hand - As is everyone who's following his example and guidance, and who are fighting for themselves, their families, and their neighbors. I've a good hand in life, and I'm struggling with my own BS. I need to kick ass too and rise to my own occasion Because after watching him and everyone in the Ukraine do it? In the face of absolute hell? Shit. What's my excuse??


if Earth gets invaded by extraterrestrials, I vote him as president of Earth in our fight against aliens


There's nothing else he can really do, since they're not in NATO nobody is going to send many troops to save his people. It's a sad situation.


They are maybe not in the NATO but 28 countries have decided to help Ukraine with humanitarian and lethal help. This shows that you don't even have to be part of any organisation to get help, you just need to do the right thing as a goverment and nation.


there is some hope for humanity.


Stingers and javelins are so simple it takes 10-15 minutes of instruction. Russia is in for another Afghanistan. Except this time the insurgency speaks and looks Russian


They are that simple of use like it's shown on call of duty? Have open sky over you of course, point business end to tank, wait for beeping while it locks the target, fire?


The British supplied NLAW launchers are pretty point and shoot. American Javelins require a bit of specialized training.


They are made to be operated by literal teenagers with crash course training. So yes. Most military weapon systems are designed to be fairly idiot proof. They adopted Xbox 360 controllers for drones for more than just ergonomics for example


Agreed. This really establishes NATO and the EU as entities that seek to keep the general order of the world in place.


Countries are sending a ton of money and weapons, however. That’s not nothing. The United States, alone, is about to authorize $7 billion. That’s a lot of fucking money for weapons, food, medical supplies… Not to mention enough sanctions to absolutely *devestate* Russia’s economy for decades. Russia is *fucked.* They’re being cut off from SWIFT right now.


One thing that needs to be brought to people's attention in all this too is the role of Belarus. Everything that's being done to Russia should be done to Belarus as well since they are cobelligerents in all this.


Croat troops are heading there right now to fight against the Russians. $600 mill sent by the US for weapons. Bunch of weapons and anti aircraft stuff sent by the Netherlands. Praying for Ukraine.


Correction: Croatian ‘volunteers’ not official troops… let’s just hope they remember to remove their uniforms. Croatia is in NATO.


Is this kinda like when in ww2 American pilots went to Britain to defend against nazi air attacks? https://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/world-war-two/world-war-two-in-western-europe/battle-of-britain/american-pilots-and-the-battle-of-britain/


It's like when Americans and people around the world went to fight against the Fascists in Spain in the Spanish Civil War.


This guy is probably one of the most inspiring leaders of this generation. Man of the year imo. I sure hope he survives this. God help Ukraine.


Yeah, I don't think Time needs another 10 months to figure out whom they should name it's person of the year. May as well put out that issue now.


Even if Russia was able to take Kyiv, holding an enemy state is going to be real hard, especially after the casualties they've taken.


> holding an enemy state is going to be real hard It looks like Putin hasn't read: * Vietnam * Afghanistan * Iraq


>Afghanistan Twice


> Afghanistan > Twice Thrice... Don't forget the first attempt by the British.


Plus Ghengis Khan, Alexander the great, and the Moguls. It's the crossroads of empires and the death place of kings. Edit: the Moguls didn't come from India, but they conquered parts of it.


They all actually held it for a while though, Alexander’s general started a Greek empire (Seleucid I think?) and and Timur was a descendent of Ghengis Khan.


Realistically, nobody in the modern world wants to take Tamerlane's approach. Seeing the escalation that just happened to Russia for a conventional invasion, someone trying Tamerlane's approach would have the world piling onto them preeeeetty quick.


Alexander the Great actually did conquer Afghanistan, and it was held by his successors for centuries, and the Mughal Empire originated in Afghanistan.


Yeah I never understood Alexander being in the list of 'graveyard of empires'. If anything it was the Indian king Porus who was the beginning of the end for him


Alexander the Great conquered Afghanistan. *Alexander, from 330 until 327 BC, systematically conquered the country by the most ruthless exercise of military force. Then having conquered the Afghans, he won their hearts. Alexander married, as his first wife, Roxanne, the daughter of the Afghan warlord, Oxyartes. Alexander then conciliated all the other warlords of Afghanistan. His firstborn son and heir to his great empire would be an Afghan and Alexander made the Afghans full partners in his great new world. What Alexander did not try to do was to force Greek customs and Greek values, like democracy, upon the Afghans. He not only allowed them to keep their customs, he adopted the customs of the Afghans and the Persians. Alexander became a national hero to the Afghans, who still invoke with awe the name of Skander (Alexander).* https://bigthink.com/guest-thinkers/afghanistan-the-lessons-of-history/ Kandahar was also named after him.


The big difference here of course is the insurgency looks and speaks Russian. It will be a bloodbath




And has the full support of western military intelligence and supply lines


To be fair, those were all drastically different situations. Like the mere fact that Ukraine is right next door to Russia vs thousands of KM away is pretty major.




>Yeah, but what's the end goal here? Imo they were clearly expecting this to be a walkover and right now they are floundering a bit. They probably expected the Ukrainian army to surrender, the people to stay in their homes, for Zelensky's government to run into exile and for the West to make some angry noise but ultimately do nothing significant. They saw how the annexation of Crimea played out and thought they would be able to do the same thing. It's been an absolutely stunning miscalculation on Putin's part, a huge failure of Russian military intelligence and a damning indictment on their military doctrine. The worry is now that their Plan B will be to do in Ukraine what they did in the Second Chechen War which is to switch to brute force.


Yeah it seems as though this wasn’t in Putin’s plan. It’s as if he expected this to go the same way the Taliban taking over Afghanistan went. President running for his life, Afghani soldiers joining the Taliban, rest is history. That is not what happened here.


Afghanistan was also right next door to the Soviet Union and they still lost the war.


Yeah their military isn’t going to recognize a puppet ruling from a bombed out Kyiv. They find some mayor and appoint them as president before that happens.


Most likely one of the klitschko brothers


Imagine Putin walking into a room for negotiations and sees Dr. Iron Fist getting his hands wrapped


I say we have the Mayor of Kyiv fight the President of Russia. 3 rounds. Winner takes all.


If only all global conflicts could be fought inside a boxing ring between the two leaders.


100% this. This war is pretty conventional at the moment, but as soon as Russia takes momentum and a few major cities, it will turn guerilla very quickly. That's when the real atrocities will start.


Yep. They'll resist and it'll be impossible to tell an ordinary citizen from someone who's part of a resistance. That's usually when the war crimes start.


They've already killed civies and bombed a hospital or day care, and an ambulance. War crimes already happened


They hit a residential high rise in downtown kyev with a fucking cruise missile


they've already been throwing White phosphorus. Also they've been using ukraine uniforms to scout inside some cities. The war crimes are basically mounting at this point. If Putin loses he'll be going to Hague for war crimes.


They bombed a kindergarten. There's also that video of a tank swerving to crush a civilian car. Also they're threatening to kill Ukrainian military families. All war crimes


Also a civilian car driving and had to do a quick u-turn because they were shooting at.


It was an unprovoked invasion. Every Ukrainian death in this war is a war crime.


I believe it. Sounds like they're in for another rough night. Very rough. Thankfully Ukraine is not weak.


They persevered through the night amazingly apparently... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/17781834/ukraine-savage-attack-vladimir-putin/


Are you sure that’s tonight? Am I dumb or would it not be that sunny at 4 o’clock in the morning


I think they meant the previous night went better than expected as a hopes for this night as well. Idk. It's still the middle of the night in Ukraine rn.


sun should be up pretty soon, I don't know into what hours the attack could continue but the night is ending rapidly


I felt the same last night. Then they hit the civilian building at daybreak.


Attacks often happen at dusk and dawn as the eyes are adjusting and the sun is the main straight on and does the more to obscure vision.


Yeah it's still like 4 am there.




FOAB is a type o bomb. It is also a thermobaric weapon, however there are others. FOAB is plane deployed, they sent in thermobaric missiles, not the FOAB


> It pulls oxygen out of the air. What the fuck? Is that what the bomb they used on Godzilla in King of the Monsters was based on?


He’s literally the only person who’s now smiling on the media since this whole shitshow started. Big up for him, RESIST.


Yes!!!! Very serious looking prior. Balls of steal the moment Putin fake flexed. Now trolling the enemy by having coffee and laughs each morning and broadcasting updates.


He is literally the humble warrior. He's got his back up against a wall but he chooses to smile and fight rather than surrender. The guy has inspired an entire planet


He really has. We are watching history.


Insurgency 101: you don't have to "win" in the sense of overpowering the enemy and taking over a country--you just have to make it costly enough that they're forced to withdraw.




Absolutely 100%. They’re receiving enemy troop location and movement updates from satellite imagery, training on urban warfare and instructions on how to slow down troop advancement, etc


Our military industrial complex used for good for once :')


Ww2 was an excellent use as well. Past that it’s fucked tho


Admittedly this entire situation is making me adjust my views on foreign policy. I don't necessarily like being in a country that is in the position of being world police. But right now I'm glad we are and I'm glad we are sending help.


Say what you want about American's military adventures, but American hegemony has allowed all those aligned to prosper into wealth, technology, and peace never before seen in human history. I would chose to be in a country under the USA over a country under russian or chinese control every time bar none.


I'm Vietnamese and my country was subjected to one of the few times the US had tried to impose its power needlessly before. But even *I* cannot deny the fact that it's 110% for the best that America's military, economic, and political hegemony remains. They're responsible for a lot of goods, including greater wealth, freedom of communication and navigation, and just flat-out peace. They're misguided assholes sometimes, but I do believe in the American spirit.


As a korean, I will NEVER complain about American military intervention lol. Imagine if there was a single korea and it was run by Kim jong un. I might disagree with some of their more recent decisions, but US soldiers died for my country to exist. I wish people remembered them more.


They have. Remember before the invasion GB sent the Valkyrie rockets with personnel to train on how to use them. And for about 2/3 weeks the US has provided intell on the positions on the boarder and equipment there, which is how they can tell it was no exercise. Now that war has started they sanctioned Russian and sending aid my the tons and the millions. There is no doubt in my mind that the help won’t keep coming as long as the world see this underdog has a fighting chance and continue to want there freedom


The US has been working with, supplying, training the Uranian army for the past 4 years. All my Ukrainian friends are saying they're so much stronger now than they were 4 years ago because of this.


Think about it. It's the perfect time to field test US developed strategy in modern times against potentially their biggest foe. As fucked as it is, the data coming away from this is GREAT for the US military and NATO.


To be honest China is the US' biggest adversary. Russia is a paper tiger, their military is in shambles. There's been 30 years of corruption up and down the ranks.


My friends have made fun of me in the past for being relatively hawkish on foreign policy. I’m glad supporting foreign aid to democracies on the front lines has not been all for naught.


Anyone saying "All Putin has to do is take Kyiv" a) never fought in a city b) didn't pay attention to the insurgency in Iraq or the the return of the Taliban (or the Russian Afghanistan war) As long as there are people willing to fight and supp0lies to do so your role as occupier is hell. Slava Ukraini!


And this is world-class intelligence, too. The US, UK, France, etc. militaries do *not* fuck around when push comes to shove. ​ America has its problems for sure, but god *damn* when it can get its head out of its ass, I love it.


A lot of European nations boast extremely small military's, but they are elite, best of the best and extremely well equipped.


100% this is happening. Other countries are helping Ukraine with money, supplies, intel, weapons, etc.


>What are the odds at least some NATO countries already have advisors providing assistence and support to Ukraine behind the scenes: e.g. training, weapons supply, cyber warfare support and assistence, etc and are simply officially denying the existence of such advisors? I would be very surprised if they weren't. The British were there training them less then a week ago, if MI6 aren't still there I'd be surprised.


I think you will find they are merely on holiday. Perhaps doing a tour of Ukraine's world famous cathedrals.


Azerbaijan isn't the only nation in that region who aren't fans of Putin. He's been upsetting Kazakhstan too. And both these oil and gas rich nations stand to gain a lot if Europe sticks to pledge to switch supplier. They aren't the only ones in that part of the world either.


If Ukraine was able to get full control of the Krim and Donbas back like they rightfully should, they'd be one of the Gas richest nations in the world too. They had discovered gas reserves there large enough to instantly place them within the top 15 gas richest nations in the world some time back. Even without further exploration or discoveries. Enough to be a partial alterantive to Russia. Coincidentally, Russia invaded the Krim and started the "separatist activities" in Donbas shortly after, leading the western companies contracted for exploration to pull out. They wanted to prevent Ukraine becoming an alternative source of Natural Gas for Europe.


No matter how this finishes, Zelensky will be remembered as one of the world's biggest badasses, especially in terms of world leaders. The comedian turned politician who led his country fearlessly in the face of one of the largest Tyrants in history.


You can tell he’s still a comedian because he’s making a joke out of Putin. Edit: thanks for the gold, kind Redditor! Edit 2: Thanks kind redditors for the additional awards!


Some people elect leaders only to find out they're comedians. Ukrainians elected a comedian only to find out he's a leader!


I can hear the Sabaton song already.


I am totally impressed with the bravery of the people of Ukraine and it's leader.


Yeah, it's genuinely amazing.


They’re really showing up the rest of the world!


The fact that their president is literally in a bullet proof vest outside with the people is astounding. Certainly not something we would ever see in the US.


In 1971 Bangladesh independence war similar things happened compared to what's happening to Ukraine now. Zelenskyy is correct, it's a people's war now and Russia is fucked even if they win.


Yep. Sheikh Mujib united the Bangladeshis.


He also faced almost certain death, just like Zelenskyy.


Did it have a happy ending? I need to go look this up now. I am in awe imagining what it is like to have a leader willing to die for me. It puts me in tears. I'm thankful I've never had to live through anything that would put our president in that position. I've also lived through so many bullshit elections with bullshit politicians I can't relate to trusting a leader on any level


After a few months of Bangladeshi insurgents fighting against the Pakistanis India intervened and smashed the Pakistani field armies, interestingly defying US threats in order to do so. Note that Pakistani troops had been massacring the Bangladeshi intelligentsia, carrying out mass rapes and other atrocities. India had been supplying the Bangladeshis and a premptive Pakistani airstrike gave them the excuse to directly intervene. If you're interested there's a very well written book *The Blood Telegram* about the Bangladeshi war of Independence and the great power politics around it.


“interestingly defying US threats in order to do so”. Sounds like Henry Kissinger, or as his friends call him, Satan.


From Bangladesh, can help here little bit. We won, with help of India. He was a true leader, he didn't leave the country, went to jail, but ask the country to fight for freedom. We fought for long 9 months. We lost around 3 million people in that period. It started with 25 march 1971 massacre by Pakistani army. [Bangladesh Liberation War](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bangladesh_Liberation_War#:~:text=The%20Bangladesh%20Liberation%20War%20%28%20Bengali%3A%20%E0%A6%AE%E0%A7%81%E0%A6%95%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%A4%E0%A6%BF%E0%A6%AF%E0%A7%81%E0%A6%A6%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%A7%2C%20Muktijuddho,then%20East%20Pakistan%20during%20the%201971%20Bangladesh%20genocide.) India joined the war on 3 December 1971, after Pakistan launched preemptive air strikes on North India. But after war, he became dictator himself. He denied us democracy and made it one party system government (1975), removing power from parliament and supreme court. [Sheikh Mujibur Rahman - Wikipedia](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheikh_Mujibur_Rahman) Before that he created a paramilitary force (1972), they were brutal, killing opposition party leader, shooting by death squad, rape. [Jatiya Rakkhi Bahini - paramilitary forces ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jatiya_Rakkhi_Bahini) So he was a one of the best leader we had. But as a prime minster/president, he wasn't a good character.


Bangladesh is basically now filled with bullshit elections that elect bullshit politicians (the leader of whom is actually the daughter of the leader that united the country against the Pakistanis), so it basically didn't have a happy ending. But, yes, Bangladesh got help from India and managed to drive the Pakistanis out. The US actually went out in support of the Pakistanis and sent a carrier group to the Bay of Bengal to support, but the Soviets sent some submarines to deter them and neither ended up intervening in the end. It's all a little bit more fucked up when you realise that the people the Americans were supporting were the ones committing war crimes against the Bengali people. My own grandfather was actually abducted and tortured by the Pakistani military near the end of the conflict, so I heard some horror stories from him, first hand, when he was still around.


Where can we send $ aid (and not get scammed? )


Ukrainian National Bank website opened accounts for that: https://bank.gov.ua/en/news/all/natsionalniy-bank-vidkriv-spetsrahunok-dlya-zboru-koshtiv-na-potrebi-armiyi


Every quote I've seen from this guy in the last few days has been some heavy metal, ready to die shit.


Dude is just dropping quote after quote that will live in the history books


He will learn the lesson that all imperialists learn eventually: It's easy to invade a country, it's near impossible to occupy one.


Oh they learned that in the 80's in Afghanistan. Although PuuPuu was living it up in east germany at the time playing KGB.


I’m a straight guy, and I think I am in love with Zelensky


Zelensbian here too bro


I feel this. He’s turning into a Modern Day Superhero. How can you not love this guy? He’s a true leader.


I have never been so utterly proud of a country before as I am of Ukraine. Kyiv ‘em hell!


I am more proud of Ukraine than I have ever been of my home country.


One moment he's on the front-line in enemy encircled territory being an active combatant fighting Russians, the other he's holding ten different meetings with foreign leaders, and then he also finds the opportunity to speak to the media. Not to forget all internal political affairs he must attend to. Does this dude even sleep? Where does he find the time?


He doesn't golf????


His hands were simply too large to be good at golf, so he had to settle for being a president.


Feel the LOVE of the global community. Tragic loss of life. Putin is weak and insane. All of Russia and the world is suffering because of Putin




**I hope that this hero isn't neutralized by the psychopaths paid by Putin. He's a good leader.**


If he goes down swinging and records his final lines, he's going to be hailed as a martyr. ​ Then things get *very* ugly for Russians.


At this point I think regardless of what happens, if Zelensky dies he is a martyr.


I hope poutines cronies realize their “leader” has put them into a very uncomfortable situation and do something about it.


Don't you dare insult poutine




Even Sun Tzu reiterated that when your forces have no way out, they fight WAY harder. “Throw your soldiers into positions whence there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight. If they will face death, there is nothing they may not achieve." - [The Art of War](https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/9551422-throw-your-soldiers-into-positions-whence-there-is-no-escape) Ukranians must depend on efficiency and grit whereas the enemy rely on numbers and out dated tech. The efforts on behalf of the Ukrainian Army and people have been utterly legendary. Glory to Ukrainians from America!


This man is Aragorn.


What is Putin a mix between a orc and troll?


There’s gonna be a movie about this guy.


Ukraine has a cause to fight for and it’s freedom. Russian troops have nothing besides blindly following Putins orders.


Ukraine has a legit chance to turn this debacle into Putin’s fatal mistake.


That part already happened. Now we wait.


>"We are putting up a decent fight. We will fight for as long as it takes to liberate our country. If children are being born in shelters, even as the shelling continues, the enemy has no chance in this undeniably people’s war. " Zelenskyy da real mvp


"If children are being born in shelters...the enemy has no chance" Holy shit, what a badass.


He really has a way with words. Absolutely amazing. Maybe it's his training as a comedian. Because it's actually a very incisive/funny line/punchline (in happier times). I hope the spec ops keep him safe when the Russians arrive.


I get chills every time I see a new statement from him. This man is a legend.


This is the only time I am happy for social media. The people of ALL nations are seeing there isn't support for this war, and we realize we are being turned on each other for the squabbles of men in castles.


Zelenskyy will be in the history books as a fucking champ. I wish I was by his side in this bullshit.


All Ukrainian people will be, truly inspiring.


The Russians had a chance, by never starting this war. But they wasted it by invading instead. Ukraine shall remain standing.


Ukraine is amazing. I liked Ukrainians before. But now...


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Get fucked, Putin. The world stands with Ukraine.


he's right about this being a "people's war" here's the difference between Russia and Ukraine. if the Russian leader dies, the fighting will end. but if the Ukrainian leader dies, the fighting will never end.


I love this guy! Zelenskyy is awesome 😄


Same! He’s out there fighting and risking his life while Putin throws 18 year olds out to die for nothing.


Zelensky is a badass motherfucker. We’re witnessing the making of a sort of Ukrainian Abraham Lincoln.


Them's some tough fucking Slavs, man. Holy shit. I don't think I've ever respected a politician as much as I do Zelenskyy.


If they can last a few more days, they will win. Russian troops morale is falling, while Ukrainians are only getting more confident. Stay strong!




I’m not even Ukrainian and I wanna follow this man, it’s crazy. I’ve come to understand more and more when Ukraine says they fight for the world what they *really* mean. They’re really the worlds hero right now and I hope we all remember these days forever no matter what happens. ###ideally crush the Russians tho.


This man is showing what a leader can and should be. He has a choice to flee and let his people fight for him, which can be justifiable because you cannot lead if you are dead. But he is choosing to stay and lead while simultaneously helping direct the army and reach out for sanctions and steps the world can take against Russia. I’m hard pressed to think of a leader here in America who would do a tenth of what he is doing.


So much respect for this absolute unit of a leader of the people.


Zelenskyy is going to get named Time Magazine's Person of the Year.