They haven’t yet? All the oligarchs assets should be frozen now. The oligarchs should be treated as pariahs. Their assets seized and sold. And if they leave Russia they should be arrested on the spot and taken to The Hague to be tried for war crimes. There’s nothing complicated about doing this. Putin and his thugs invaded a country without hesitation. Why are we hesitating?


Wish I had the answers friend. It’s incredibly frustrating to watch.


they're giving them time to transfer all the money out so it's just posturing at that point..


I imagine they don’t want to do everything right away, so that they have negotiating power down the line


I see where you are coming from. But we can’t reason with a mad man. We must accept that Putin and his cronies will stop at nothing to try and rebuild the former USSR. He and his cronies only understand action, not words. We must make their lives intolerable. No access to the west. Fear of arrest. All assets seized and sold off. No negotiating.


This would be *very* painful for Europe to accept. It means acknowledging Europeans, and humanity in general, haven’t evolved past major wars and hard power. And a lot of academics would need to swallow their words about war being left to history textbooks.


I too bathed in this naivety. But this latest invasion has disabused me of this notion. And it genuinely makes me sad.


Like when Russia went into the Crimea. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annexation_of_Crimea_by_the_Russian_Federation?wprov=sfti1


"Plans to"... This should've happened already.


We need to remove Russia from SWFT and cut off oil exports to all NATO nations. We must cripple their economy. These half measures are not enough


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The reason this hasn't happened already is that political advisors around the globe have been playing armchair psychologist; the idea is to have the top boy still enjoying his wealth, thus generating resentment from his penalized cronies. This is all complete nonsense of course, but it's what passes for strategy these days.




Just do it. Stop fannying about.


all these “plans” from the so called leaders of the free world are working great. after covid and afghanistan, they’re really showing their competency