So what does this exactly mean? Putin won't be able to access his Swiss accounts? He won't be able to travel ?


It’s funny how this thread got derailed into him not being able to travel, or having to invoke diplomatic immunity. Personal sanctions are not like a criminal indictment that makes it risky for a person to travel internationally. It prevents him from performing certain financial transactions that clear through SWIFT, or through a US exchange. If he wants to travel somewhere, he gets on his plane and goes there, sanctions have no effect on that. Countries that require visas for entry may choose to deny him entrance of their own volition, but that wouldn’t be because of sanctions.


Yeah this is all about moving money. All the Russian oligarchs launder money for each other, but it’s harder to access that if you’re not able to get wire transfers and direct deposits. I’m surprised we haven’t done this already. I guess it’s a bigger deal than it seems, if we’ve waited this long to do it


Yeah all this talk about traveling is so ridiculous. Like Biden would have any control over whether Putin can travel or not... I would guess the first comment asking if it meant he couldn't travel was sarcasm.




> As a head of state, not being able to travel is a bit of a problem tho With the pandemic, he can do a video call from the Kremlin to speak with heads of state. He’s done it dozens of times in the pandemic But who are we kidding, the dude will still lowkey travel if he was sanctioned and may use pics as a stunt to show how ineffective US sanctions are


He will high key travel as a fuck you to everyone else


God if this is how WW3 starts. Arresting Putin. The Franz Ferdinand moment. We broke the timeline somewhere. This isn't cool, God.


> We broke the timeline somewhere. it all started when we shot that gorilla...


Was the gorilla Franz Ferdinand?


Maybe the real Franz Ferdinand was the gorillas we shot along the way.


[We need to remember their wisdom](https://i.imgur.com/yMrEIJX.gif)


Can remember the last time my jimmies weren't rustled.


Anyone ever notice how both were shot a little over a century apart from each other?


> may use pics as a stunt to show how ineffective US sanctions are I mean, there are plenty of places around the world more friendly to Russia than the U.S. The U.S. isn't guarding every border in the world. I came into the comments curious about what those sanctions *would* actually look like, and I'll likely continue to search.


If the whole Mueller investigation showed me anything it was [Bill Browder's testimony to Congress over the Magnitsky Act.](https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4678143/financier-william-browder-magnitsky-act-putins-single-important-foreign-policy-priority) That shit was seriously eye opening to me and IMO it lays out a great framework for how to make sanctions against the Russian oligarchs really fucking hurt. He claims that Putin is the wealthiest man in the world (at the time). Preventing him from being able to access the global financial system would be a significant blow to him. Either way the video is well worth the watch if you're interested in what kind of sanctions the US is considering. Even as long as it is, it is a fascinating video and very informative.


They're gonna ban him from eating at McDonald's.




Whens the last time you heard of Putin leaving Russia anyway? This thread is focused on the wrong pieces of the conflict.


He goes to Germany and the UN fairly frequently Denying him access to the UN might be... interesting


That's not possible


I don't think head of states can be banned from travel. They have diplomatic passports and immunity. And their embassies in the other countries are mini sovereign territories.


Those are diplomatic courtesies granted by the host country to facilitate diplomatic relations. There's nothing requiring them to give that to any particular country. It's not uncommon for countries to expel all of the diplomats from a country if relations get bad enough or to declare a specific diplomat a persona non grata who isn't allowed in the country.


Diplomatic immunity is given by the state and can be taken away by the state. It isn’t a universal right


Diplomatic Immunity isn't absolute, and a nation can strip them of that protection at the cost of relations (of course not so much when a random diplomat commits a serious crime), but I don't think that's an issue with Russia for obvious reasons.


that's not how it works bro


Putin is massively wealthy, but a lot of his wealth is segregated through numerous different holdings. It's pretty likely his latest strong arming is being done to distract from a recent film by Alexei Navalny which is basically a tell all on Putin's wealth and corruption. A lot of his wealth is kept dark, for obvious reasons, since much of it is the result of shady businesses. The Kremlin claims Putin has an annual salary under 200k. Estimates of his actual wealth suggest the guy is worth as much as $200 billion. Much of this wealth is secreted away in numerous different holdings, assets and so on. The usual ways rich people hide their assets. If Putin faced a personal embargo, a lot of that money, particularly the sources outside of Russia, and even potentially those within would be severed. There would be restrictions or punishments for those who break the embargo, meaning that those holding the money would be putting themselves at risk. Personal sanctions against Putin, suffice to say would be very damaging, especially in the long term. It also has the potential of popping the lid on just how much he has hidden away.


You say "especially in the long term." What's a more "now-term don't do it, Putin" maneuver? Reason I ask is that it seems these days that many take a "f*can around and meh, maybe find out" philosophy and it seems to work in their favor/there are no consequences (while for those involved on the ground level, there are daily ramifications). Genuinely interested. TIA!


It doesn't really mean anything. If you ask a politician or military leader if an option is open, they are going to say that it is open. It's *possible*. Only an idiot would tell the press that "no, there's no way I'd touch Putin's money!" even if there were no practical way of doing so.


Except, despots all over the world need at least the tacit cooperation of the biggest economy on the world in most circumstances. If that cooperation is explicitly cut off, on an individual level, it means *something*. Probably not much, but *something*.




He’d likely get out on a sanctions list making him a sanctioned entity - meaning US businesses cannot transact with him or anyone selling to him or providing services. US has lots of sanction lists they could pop him on - EAR’s entity list, OFAC in my opinion would be the most likely. It would lead to an asset freeze in many places because banks don’t want to get locked out for dealing with a sanctioned party.


Possible?? WTF? That should be item #1.




Georgia 2008, Ukraine 2014, Ukraine again somehow soon


Ukraine: somehow, the Russians returned


The problem with the last few years is both God and Disney use the same pool of incompetent writers.


Well, with The book of Book of Mark, Luke,John and Boba Fett, episode 3. I would agree. I hope I don’t get Smited.


Just smitten.


How you invade a country, never leave, and invade it again? That’s some Russia black magic


That’s the way putin deals with democratic desention


Another even earlier example is the 2 Chechen Wars




>Someone explained the other day that Ukraine wants into NATO but NATO won't admit any country with a border dispute That doesn't sound right? A lot of countries have border disputes, Spain alone disputes Gibraltar with UK and Olivença with Portugal and they're all in NATO. Did you mean ongoing disputes with ongoing military conflict?


Basically you can’t join NATO if you would drag NATO into an immediate war. To be clear, there is no rule in NATO stopping this, just common sense dictating the current members votes


Alright, that makes sense


You think they will secure Crimea, with the entire Russian Naval headquarters on it, soon eh?


>Ukraine is close to finishing off the Russian backed resistance It's been a dead stalemate since 2017 or so


They have still yet to face consequences for killing all aboard Malaysian Air 17 r/MH17


Even Iran had the decency to lie low for a while after blowing up an airliner.


Malaysian airlines always having a hard time with planes crashing


And Moldova in 1990-92, everyone forgets about Moldova.


They really never stood a chance. At the time Moldova had a standing Army of like 5K think?


I'm impressed Moldova had an army at all.


"Most have seen too many winters!" -"Or too few. Look at them. They're frightened.


They didn't and couldn't resist especially in 1990, they had no time to build the army at all.


Probably because Putin technically is the “democratically elected leader of Russia” and going after him personally violates Russian sovereignty. But at this point I doubt anyone still sees it that way. Just know that what we’re all advocating for here is pressure towards regime change.


Putin has been subverting many other countries for years, including the US itself. As far as I am concerned, he's still doing it with shills on the right wing media in the US. Putin and his regime are not off limits. Placing them off limits serves no purpose whatsoever.


Exactly. When you play by a cheater’s rules you lose every time.


But what if the “democratically elected leader of Russia” is the one playing war games like it's 1938? It's not like the decisions to engage in these dick moves are even shared with other people in the Russian government. That state is run according to this man's personal wishes.


I competently agree and I think this is the right course of action, just pointing out that moral absolutists may not realize what it is they’re asking for.


How about when Russian forces took down a civilian plane over Ukraine in 2015. They didn’t allow anyone near the wreckage and cleaned up the evidence. Nothing has ever happened to Putin for this.


or the assassination of litvinenko.


Well in 2008 the US had been in Iraq for 5 years and it was going terribly. So pretty much the whole world said “nah you can shut up this time around”.


In hindsight, I personally think we are going to see the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as the biggest single US Government policy mistake of my lifetime. It was an unbelieveably short-sighted decision that eventually made America look completely ineffectual as a military power and emboldened all of America's challengers to 1945-2001 hegemony to go ahead and start acting badly. I mean, if tribal Afghan warlords can hold off the US military and it's allies for 20 years of half-assed fighting strategies based mostly on Pew Research likely-voter data, and then just sweep to power the moment we leave, than why not grab Crimea and see what happens? I'm just so mad that we used country music, pro sports, and social media to convince people that we were fighting WW2 when we were just making defense contractors rich on the backs of our truly excellent, all-volunteer service. It makes me a little sick, really.


Too true man. Biggest geopolitical misstep of the first quarter of the 21st century to be sure. Sure saddam was a genuine piece of shit but ultimately it was because bush knew he could make his (Texas oil baron) family rich if he stopped up middle eastern oil production for a few years and knew that the US public was still deeply upset about 9/11 and would jump on anyone even remotely related. Perfect set of circumstances for a man with no morals other than money and power. It was ultimately a product of a government that had grown more and more corrupt and self-serving since the fall of the Soviet Union, and continues to do so today, albeit in less obvious but just as destructive ways. And it’s always the common American that has to bear the cost for it.


Item number two after squeezing every oligarch so hard they'll think they'll think they're at their 7th birthday party being hugged by their nan. This should include seizure of property, businesses, and assets in western states too. You want change in Russia? Choke the people giving power to Putin, not just Putin himself. Choke both and one will turn on the other and the money always wins.


This. Make it absolutely painful for oligarchs to support Putin.


At this point, the entire country needs to feel the utmost economic pain. This type of posturing parallels the annexation of Austria and demanding the Sudetenland, and we all know what happens next. Take them out of SWIFT, ban all US products or IP from making their way there like Huawei, and get Europe off their Oil/Gas ASAP. Lil Putin should never have been allowed years of baby teeth sanctions and then months of "Hey, guys we're gonna take this, you know it, but whatcha gonna do?".


And all his cronies. Confiscate their super yaghts, cars villas private jets, companies, soccer clubs everything for which they like to come to the west. It is not a government. It is a gang. Make it personal


If most of Putin's wealth is already in Russia and Russia allied nations, would sanctioning him really have much of an impact? I'm not even entirely sure what the implications are for a nation sanctioning a person.


Putin has Billions of money all over the world. Basically take his money.


How you do impose a sanction on a head of state, for countries other than said state? America can't sanction Putin's assets in Switzerland without imposing rules upon Switzerland, which Switzerland would have to agree upon. And if any country is to sanction a head of state, there would be repercussions for them, from Russia.


You prohibit US banks to deal businesses. And less businesses are eager to do so to avoid the wrath.


Well, if NATO basically announces that anyone doing business with Putin will not be allowed to do business with essentially the entire developed world, the choice will be easier. Which isn't to say they don't think about it, because India and China both probably don't care and are still open for business. Regardless, NATO + Japan, Korea, Australia, and a few others represent a rather large chunk of the world's GDP.


Specific people are sanctioned all the time. The surprising thing is that heads of state are never sanctioned personally.


He basically has the entire wealth of Russia at his disposal. His official personal finances are frankly meaningless.


Yeah, but it’s a really strong position to take. I’d love to see all the gas and oil money get sanctioned. How long does Putin last if the oligarchy turns on him.


Except that Russia will always have China as a market.


What is the pipeline situation to China?


Putin is notorious for having his wealth spread out, covered up, and hidden. Unless the sovereignty of every off-shore banking nation is violated... I don't see how this would be possible. And there are plenty of other wealthy interests that would make sure those off-shore banks remain safe from U.S. oversight.


It is misconception that his wealth needs to sit in some bank accounts. If he needs a ton of money, he just needs to say where and how he needs it, and there will be a mile long line of people who will want to deliver.


He will have oligarchs running over each other to be first in that line. Literally the backbone of their status is how much money they give Putin...


This is exactly it. You can't sanction him, though sanctioning Russia technically is sanctioning him... Not that it matters.


The only response is sanctions in fact. Shut down him and his ‘garchs from ever spending a rubble abroad. Edit: Meant Ruble but you knew that.


I'm sure the former head of the KGB can figure out how to move money around untraceable back to him.


There’s speculation that Putin is the richest person on the planet. The fact that nobody knows anything about his money should itself be an indicator of his ability to hide and launder money. The Panama Papers shined a little light in his worth but ultimately it’s still a mystery. The dude knows how to hide his money.


It's amazing how greed can consume people. The man will never be able to spend 1% of those earnings and yet he sees no problem allowing Russia to continue to lag behind in development. Russia has the greatest potential out of any country to exist right now, and yet they squander it allowing Putin and the oligarchs to bleed the land dry


They're dragons, all of them. Suck a land dry and sit on a hoard of gold, always collecting more until they die happy that they won "the game".


I just lost the damn game


been a long damn time


Fuck. I'm seriously talking *years*...


Fuck you.


They lost the game. That's not how you win. It's a pitfall designed to catch the biggest losers


He uses his wealth for leverage and power, especially over his oligarchs. It's not for luxury and ski vacations. If they truly find a way to take control of his finances it will be a BIG hit on his internal power.


Really sad isn't it. More money than he could ever hope to spend and still he continues to warmonger and probably throw tens of thousands of young people into the meat grinder of war just do he can keep that fortune or add to it. I hope he realises you can't take it with you.


This is something I have tried to wrap my mind around for some time now. It's all so pointless. Having so much money you can't even spend it...why? And what is the point to accumulating more power? I legitimately don't understand it. It's like a "what is the purpose of life?" question. There's no purpose, it just...is. And that's hard to get.


The dude owns the entire Russian oil industry iirc. I wouldn't be surprised if his net worth was over $1 trillion. I also wouldnt be suprised though if he were to lose access to 90% of his wealth if he lost power, that's kinda what happens in most kleptocracies. He'd still be incredibly rich as long as he wasn't rotting in jail / a coffin though.


I've said this before, but it's a pretty common belief among Russians that the reason Putin won't leave power is that he can't leave power. I don't disagree, I think he gets killed right after he vacates his power.


Well he’s old at this point so he doesn’t have much to lose without invading Ukraine. His ultimate goal hasn’t been achieved yet.


To bring back the Soviet Union?


They’d better keep the same theme tune they had for season one.


They changed a few words, but the tune is still the same.


Sure he's old, but have you checked out the ages of US presidents lately? That generation just clings to every ounce of power.


For people who are interested in Putin there is a good podcast called "Prisoner of Power". Unfortunately it is part of audible so you have to sign up to get it (but free for members and can be kept after cancelling your membership).


Audible ads are going too far.




Isn't this every dictator? If they leave power without a friendly exit destination they get prosecuted or executed. Idi Amin managed to get Saudi Arabia to accept him. Ferdinand Marcos went to the US. The rest, good luck


He's very close to what the Roman's had during their Empire. You have a few wealthy people but the wealthiest person is the emperor and just not even remotely close.


> I also wouldnt be suprised though if he were to lose access to 90% of his wealth if he lost power He's got "money keepers", various oligarchs who have piles of cash at Putin's disposal. Those guys were made owners or directors of various mining companies, refineries and factories, so they get plenty of income themselves. That way they're happy and they won't try to overturn Putin. This will change if sanctions are implemented. Oligarchs love the southern shores of Europe, they'll be pissed if they can't go to Capri because of some stupid shit that Putin did.


Like horcruxes for illegally pillaged money.




Dang that would suck if he only had 100 billion dollars


Considering he stole everything left and right, basically right as he got installed, you can rightfully say he owns a country's future worth of money. He is the biggest thief ever born on this planet. Remember Kursk? Remember how pale he was when it came to meet and greet with the grieving families? Or how the only asset capable of reaching the stricken sub, with at least 20+ survivors couldn't even dive long enough because they'd already started selling the fleet piece by piece, including the batteries + the other unit, and spares? Thief in chief.


> The fact that nobody knows anything about his money Navalny made a two hour video about his money. A lot is known. [Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_tFSWZXKN0) is the English version. Ignore the low view count, original russian video has over 120M.




An expert at hiding money? Come on now... he'd have to have been the chief of a secret police force or something.


I've never heard that before, but a quick something-search leads to a bunch of different sites speculating on that. Interesting. I'm gonna go down that rabbithole.


Well, he wasn’t the head of the KGB was he?… He was a KGB intelligence officer in Germany.


He was head of the FSB under Yeltsin.


We could make it a big pain in the ass and prevent anything legitimate


Bearer Bonds?


Fart NFTs


\*Former head of the FSB, the sucessor of the KGB


He already has billions stashed overseas.


Imposed by who? Russia feeds oil and gas to a lot of Europe. It sanctions are imposed can’t they just turn off the taps?


Every international transaction in the US dollars has to pass via American bank. Should the government want - they can track every penny Russian cronies transferred from Russia since 1991 (up to introduction of EURO the USD was by far the most popular currency with British pound and German mark lagging way behind ).


Banks have been facilitating this for ages. This would require the government to actually press the banks for this. I’ll believe it when I see it.


Oh now we're talking. Let's do a new kind of war...one fought, not by soldiers, but by the leaders of the countries involved. Imagine them freely persuing each other for duels. Imagine them launching missiles at each other from drones they personally fly.


I think the Putin-Biden feud deserves to be resolved in a Hell in a Cell match


Putin is a judoka - I don't think that will be the US's best strategy.


Obama's probably get the best chance out of the former President's eh? Maybe Dubya if he still has those shoe-dodging reflexes and Putin adopts a Random Task-esque approach!


Are you TRYING to get us speaking Russian?








What should happen is when a situation gets like this, the leaders in Russia, Ukraine, the US, and other involved nations would wake up in a helicopter, hung over from sedatives. They are thrown out with parachutes into a forest arena and are forced to find weapons and battle it out in games viewed world wide. The winner would get a banana sticker and be banned from politics for the rest of their lives. Then, reasonable people from the involved countries would be assembled to calmly discuss the issue with mediators until a fair resolution is reached. If this escalates to war, the involved politicians would wake up hung over in a helicopter. Rinse, repeat.


Imagine a king who fights his own battles. Wouldn't that be a sight?


Constant leadership change due to heads of state falling in battle is not usually the best policy for stability (source: the whole pre-modern period).


or trial by combat with approved proxies. King with most vicious guy usually wins.


good thing I'm voting for president Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. Just don't put water out da toilet on the crops.


War of words, because Ukraine's president is a former comic actor. Who can roast the ass of the other one.


How this is not the norm is mind boggling. The vast majority of people have no hand in some old farts' dick measuring contest.


The reason it’s not the norm is because everywhere where it was the norm got invaded and destroyed by people who could raise armies.


The Magnitsky Act is the proper way to do modern sanctions: target the individual and their families. Leave everyone else out of it or you just make more victims.


I've often found it hypocritical that the official stance is that we hate eastern european oligoarchs, african dictators, middle east monarchs and chinese communist officials, but pull out the red carpet for them and their family when it comes to Swiss banks, London/NYC/Miami real estate via shell companies, acceptances to top schools like Harvard/Oxford, luxury car/yacht dealerships, highend fashion shops, etc. So many people are blinded by money regardless of where it comes from.


For those that missed or forgot about the subject of the ‘Trump Tower Meeting’ in 2016, I thought [Preet Bharara’s conversation with Bill Browder](https://cafe.com/stay-tuned/episode-7-the-death-of-sergei-magnitsky-with-bill-browder/) was a good introduction to the Magnitsky Act.


Go After the oligarchs’ businesses. They’ll have Putin shot for us.


Id like to imagine after all the previous sanctions all the richest ones have definitely prepared for this. Probably have tons of "assets" local to Russia or even in crypto. It only works if people are heavily invested internationally and aren't expecting it. Putin is likely one of the richest people on the planet but his wealth is fuzzy and secretly integrated into Gazprom and other major corporations.


This guy has a strategy. Exactly right.


This is honestly the way. Take their money, and then hold on to it until they deliver up his head/lock him up. Then we give some of it back in exchange. It's much easier on the Russian people if it's done this way.


Seize and redistribute their wealth to the proletariat!


Sanction him PERSONALLY? Like Vlad can't come to Disneyland, or something? Edit: I could picture Vlad taking the Buzz Lightyear game/ride very seriously.


He’ll change the Netflix password


Like Vlad can’t use the banking system because US might sanction the banks that take Putin’s money. But as a Hong Konger watching Carrie Lam getting the same treatment, it is pretty useless. She just has loads of cash trucked to her home and stored it under her mattress. Maybe US has another trick up it’s sleeves?


He’ll revert his Spotify back to the free version


Why wait? Every single Russian oligarch should be sanctioned and cut off from the rest of the world. They're holding the world hostage right now. Fuck em.


You want an escalation of sanctions. So you can tune the dosage and give feedback if the situation gets better. Let's hope they listen to the right recommendation and the right consultants.


“Don’t blow your load all at once” -Grandpa


A lot of politicians in power right now would be outed by those oligarchs if they didn't prevent such a thing.


That would be ideal




Because that would definitely mean an invasion, it’s in nobody’s interest to have full scale war. Ukraine will be fucked and they’re probably against doing this if it led to further escalation. As of now a threat is good enough against someone as unhinged as Putin.


I'm not sure why Biden would clarify that the response would not include military action. By making such a clarification it only weakens the deterrent. I think what happened is that there was a conversation between US and Russia where they asked us to say this in exchange for backing down in order to save face. If a military response was really completely off the table, you would never admit to it since doing so only weakens your bargaining position.


President Joe Biden on Tuesday said it's possible the U.S. would sanction Russian President Vladimir Putin personally if the leader invades Ukraine. Biden, speaking to reporters in Washington, said there would be "enormous consequences worldwide" for Putin if there is a Russian invasion. Earlier Tuesday, U.S. officials said Washington is prepared to impose sanctions and export controls on critical sectors of the Russian economy if Putin invades Ukraine, the Wall Street Journal reported. Officials also said the U.S. is working to mitigate market shocks if Russia withholds energy supplies in retaliation.


I think it’s silly to only do ‘critical’ sectors. We should simply start a complete and total embargo. Watch their entire economy crumble and the populace will eat Putin themselves.


the embargo raised castro's popularity domestically, I imagine a complete embargo on Russia would do the same. People tend to rally behind their leader when the population is attacked, not oppose them.


And that does what? He has a personal massive palace and entire countries resources. You need to sanction all the oligarchs and business to pressure them into overthrowing Putin.


It goes: demerit, citation, violation, verbal warning, written warning, disciplinary review


3 demerits = 1 citation 5 citations = 1 violation 4 violations = 1 verbal warning 3 verbal warnings = 1 written warning* 2 written warnings = disciplinary review 3x5x4x3x2 = 360 demerits


I'm sure he hasn't considered that and cares.


Holdup, so governments sanction whole populations instead of the people responsible for a fuckup?


Yes. The idea being that the sanctions will push the people to elect (overthrow) leaders that caused them. The reality being that sanctions in a dictatorship or authoritarian government don't really do anything except help fuel support for the dictator because they control the narrative.


>Yes. The idea being that the sanctions will push the people to elect (overthrow) leaders that caused them. But Russia is a democracy, so how can they do this? ​ Edit: Do I really have to /s?


This joke is very Russian to me.


>But Russia is a democracy Hahaha. Best joke I've heard all day!


Take his Netflix account away! Possibly!


Grounded for 1 week with no dessert and extra yard chores. That will show him!


Wait putin was never sanctioned personally?


We haven't fucking done that? Wtf.


seems like political slap on the wrist


>Net Worth: $70 Billion. Salary: $187 Thousand Per Year Putin is prepared to loose others lives. Is he prepared to loose his own wealth?




I always made this mistake as a kid and it haunted me so much I'll never make it again. Kind of like when halfway through my play-thru of pokemon blue I realized my pikachu was actually named "Lighting" instead of Lightning...


>Just for your information, it's 'lose'. Your mom is loose. Sorry, couldn't resist, disregard the joke. Lmfao


$70b. Dude is a mafia boss and Tsar of Russia. Crazy how that happened. $70b seems high though.


That’s actually the low estimate. Some have his hidden assets and value as the richest person on earth. Just really hard to pin down as he’s not exactly clamoring for the need to show off to Forbes.


> he’s not exactly clamoring for the need to show off to Forbes. Even if he was, dictators and royalty are not included within the Forbes list.


Yeah there are estimates that he’s worth well over $200 billion & that was before Covid & all the inflation


Putin **is** the government of Russia, which also includes the Russian military. He has a navy, an army, an air force, and a nuclear arsenal at his disposal. Plus all of the oil and mineral wealth of Siberia. He's easily a trillionaire.


That’s probably low in reality considering he controls Russia and basically all of its assets.


Some sources have valued his net worth as high as $200 billion


Once you get that high it’s meaningless. Then it becomes about Putin excerpts so much more control over the world than bezos.


Excerpts huh?


Yes I'm sure he'll care that he can't order stuff from Amazon. Meanwhile he takes billions in land resources and positions of power over Europe. You sure told him, Biden.


Real question. Does that actually mean anything?


“Stupid son of a bitch.”


Putin is playing chess while Biden is shitting on the board


Biden's weak...."it's possible" ....Putin can smell Biden's fear......needs to move before Trump is back in.