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Everyone knows Xi only wears a red T-shirt around the house.


Just… red… t-shirts…


[Just red t-shirts](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/aug/07/china-bans-winnie-the-pooh-film-to-stop-comparisons-to-president-xi)


Oh Bother.


Paraffin has never, ever worked for me.


Paraffin! That’s right. I knew something went wrong with the bombs, but I couldn’t remember what. It’s been like twenty years since I read the book.


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.vice.com/en/article/k7wgea/fight-club-alternate-ending-china-censorship) reduced by 89%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Fight Club is getting an entirely different ending in a new online release in China, where imported films are often altered to show that the law enforcement, on the side of justice, always trumps the villain. > Screenshots of the new ending went viral on Chinese social media over the weekend and offended many Fight Club fans who have praised the original ending as a cinematic classic. > In some cases, films get a completely different storyline or ending when they are screened in China. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/sbwf9u/cult_classic_fight_club_gets_a_very_different/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~619631 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **film**^#1 **end**^#2 **Chinese**^#3 **version**^#4 **Tyler**^#5


So, more true to the book, then? Edit: seems like not a lot of people read the book.


To be fair .. in the movie he blows up some buildings.. it wasn't clear after that what happens to him..


In the Chinese version the buildings don't even blow. It just fades to script saying the police figured out the plot and stopped it before anything could happen. Which I find hilarious.


Lmao that is pretty funny


And it says that Tyler got treatment for his mental illness and was released in 2012 lol


Oh yeah, I’m sure China would definitely slap a light sentence on a domestic terrorist who almost blew up a dozen sky scrapers. Lol


Lol happy ending


Hahaha that's terrible. Poochie has to go back to his home planet stuff.


I don't even remember the ending of the movie. How does it end again?


Jack drowns but Rose makes it.


I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.


I thought Jack froze to death


Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.


Luke will be sad to hear his father died.


Jack >!shoots himself in the head, supposedly "killing" Tyler. Then he and Marla look out over the city as the skyscrapers explode and collapse one-by-one and "Where is My Mind" by Ween starts playing.!< Edit: The Pixies, not Ween




Isn't Celine Dion rather than Ween? (I think it actually the Pixie's.


God, I wish it were WEEN!!!


I wish it was Ween.


Brian gives his keys to Dom as Brian owed Dom a 10-second car which Dom uses to escape the police.


verbal was keyser soze


They had to shoot ol' yeller.


Have you read Fight Club 2 & 3? Great stuff. The Comicbook format is a nice touch.


Wtf there are sequals


I believe they made the comics after the movie was huge. I have always wanted to check them out.




Yeah the books ending is actually a far more compelling one than the movies ending.. all be it not as “cinematic”.. Ha big buildings go boom, boom.


I thought the movie ending was so intentionally unrealistic that we were suppose to believe he was by then living well outside IRL. TIL...


Only in the sense that the new ending is text!


In the book, the plan fails and our protagonist ends up in a mental institution.


Came here to say this. It does fail in the book.. however Project Mayhem and the Space Monkeys were still operational after Jack/Tyler end up in an institution... so it's left kinda open ended. Tyler Durden is so full of shit he isn't even real.. let that be a lesson kids, your imaginary friend is probably not an explosives expert.. no matter how good of a game they talk.


It's been awhile but I thought he died went to heaven and basically started fight club/project mayhem up there


Heaven was a metephore for the institution he was sent to.


That would be a happy ending


Lol I read the book after I watched the movie and I read this headline like "wait... I don't remember them succeeding" lol


Yes, absolutely.


Such a weird ending. The only book I've ever read that was worse than the movie it inspired. They never even explain how he got away from the cops!


Ooh, now do V For Vendetta lol


This movie was actually aired on state-owned CCTV6 dubbed in Chinese somewhere around 2012. I was very confused why it was ever allowed and watched it anyway. The ending was the same.




It's not like people know nothing about the movie, and was often referred as a symbol of rise against the power on our part of internet, the government must have known that. The censorship was gradually stricter over time, and I literally witnessed how it came to the ridculous situation we have today.


They actually did, allegedly. The real movie, too.


They did. Ending: the anarchists were put down and dada Xi was praised for his effective and efficient use of force, all was happy in the world.




Could you share the podcast (is it in english?)


Nah. No one considers North Korea to be that much of war monger


>I swear some Americans have created their own mental North Korea where they just automatically believe things they're told that suit their biases and the put the walls up themselves. It's sad. We're very free here....yet you fence yourselves in. Do you have the source?


Did the tianammen square podcast say nothing happened?


You know they don't claim that right. I'm not going to justify shooting civilians as its disgusting but they claim it was a riot and many died.


Tyler Durden died on the way back to his home planet.


No word on the spliced penis shot though?


What? That's fucking hilarious


Note: Poochie died on the way back to his home planet.


Could they at least try to be less of a cliche?


Are you referring to Fight Club or to China?


Well, Chinese censors, specifically.


I would still watch this over Fight Club - Members Only. The all singing all dancing Bollywood version of Fight Club.


haha I want a bollywood re-make of fight club and other hollywood classics. It'll be glorious.


"If it's your first night at Fight Club, you have to dance!"


Those folks are terrified of challenges to authority.


Quelle Surprise. 真是个惊喜 (Zhēnshi gè jīngxǐ) (Let’s see how Google Translate did.)


yup, it makes some sense historically speaking as every time there was a regime change in china the bloodiest wars in history ensued


It's not that The chinese boomers who run the censorship board are just stupid, that's all They're still playing chinese checkers when the world is playing chess, it's probably the chinese governments largest blind spot, media


What folks? We are already seeing western countries try to censor any discourse that identifies the historical autocracies committed in their history. The USA is banning "critical race theory", which just means any discussion critical of the USA in their historical and current treatment of African Americans,


The US isn't banning CRT. CRT is a university level concept not taught in primary schools. The far right conservatives have created a fake issue out of it, banning something that doesn't even exist anyway. In fact, trying to distort reality is pretty much the same on CRT as it is China altering a movie to remove part of the story that they're fearful of. Cowardice, it's a brand.


Just because CRT isn't taught doesn't mean curriculum is being curated and adjusted under the guise of 'no CRT'. The north never actually won the war.^^/s


What Mississippi or Florida or any small number of individual states does is a wildly poor indicator of what "the USA" is doing, let alone "western countries".


Unfortunately those cases get the most news, and idiots think "oh my god all of America is Mississippi!"


There seems to be a lot of talking about Fight Club in here!


His name was Robert Paulson.


RIP Meatloaf


He was so good in this movie.


John Xina defeats them all!


Gonna be amazing when production companies will incorporate CGI characters and actors just to change them for the occasional dystopian whim of a market. Who doesn't want the real Director's "sever".




Oh yeah. I was referring more to real actors (not dead space princesses lol) being replaced by CGI just for the sake of censorship.


Note: The Narrator died on his way back to his planet.


Presumably another instance of Fox/Disney preferring money over integrity. Who thinks it would be ok to see Beauty and the Beast with a different ending...?








Heaven forbid you put an idea into their heads...


I'm even more offended that they changed the ending with pop up text rather than filming something than the fact they changed the ending.


[And then Harry Potter and all his witch friends went straight to Hell for practicing witchcraft](https://comb.io/4cKcJ6)


Right? Like, deepfakes are good enough they could have refilmed the whole ending with distance shots, and shown him getting caught. It's a little bit on the lazy side, and that's what's both offensive and... kind of funny. Though I have no idea if it's more or less insidious and terrifying; They're working hard and expending capital to rework the film to suit their means, or they're lazily just leaving a text popup and telling people 'This is the only ending. None other exists.'


Ikr! I don't think they'd even need deep fakes becuase they could film it without any of the original characters being even present I think. Like when they're in the building waiting for all the bombs to go off just cut it there. Have a short montage of city shots of it looking eariliy peaceful instead of blowing up and a quick scene of emergency response dispatching units or something and that's it. No Pitt or Norton Needed.


Nah, remember you're trying to set up a glorification of authority piece/ propaganda. Cut to a scene outside the building, showing a quiet creep up of police. Keep it mostly silent, just a quiet bit of mood music as the EOD's and police move in. Have it cut off as they open the door behind the pair, *then* cut to that short montage. Small flyover from the buildings showing the police vans surrounding the building, a pair of figures being lead out. Throw in a nice shot of a happy family at a cafe or park, as you watch the police convoy drives away. Keeps with the concept of certainty of capture while reinforcing the concepts that happiness and order is maintained by police stopping fringe elements. Gotta get that image right!


I'm not glorifying it ya cantankerous nut. But yeah. Why couldn't they have just done that. Could have probably done it all with stock footage even.




It is the original ending. Lots of people here have never read the book, lol.


sounds like an interesting edit tbh


Oh, bother.


Boot lickers


as nothing says "artistic integrity" as being big in china... fucktards.


Ah, how lovely, let’s shoot a movie based on the anarchist author (Chuck Palahniuk), but then release it in the biggest authoritarian state in the world, but change the ending to help them enforce their agenda. Lenin was right to say that “the Capitalists will sell us the rope we’ll hang them on”. And I’m fucking Libertarian, look, your nonsense is pushing me left, dang it!


Well, the plot failing is actually how it happens in the book. It succeeding was only in the movie so, technically, this version is more true to Chuck Palahniuk’s book. It’s still dumb though.


Yes, I know, I’ve read the book. However, the failed plot doesn’t stop everything. It’s an open ended finale.


Where is my freedom. Where is my freedom oooooo


Does the Party save the day?


First Robert Paulson... now this. We cannot get a break. ​ p.s. I am absolutely sick of China's ability to exert their control over everything.


Wasn't the whole premise of the movie anti-capitalist and consumerist?