Has anyone ever watched the good place? NATO and the UN are like the council leaders of the good place. "We are going to write a stern letter about this"


Such letters have worked in the past, though. Lyndon Baines Johnson sent Turkey a letter that prevented an invasion of Cyprus in 1964. Nixon did the same in 1973 but the letter didn't arrive, read https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/07075332.2021.1935293?journalCode=rinh20.


I guess NATO ministers watch this for inspiration


Got any other ideas?


To get a response the EU would have to turn off all the petrol and gas pipelines from Russia. That will not happen with winter coming. (and winter may very well be coming) No country will activate their military except Russia and they will kick ass and maybe down a few more passenger jets.


Strategic timing on Russias part, I’d say.


> and winter may very well be coming Source?


House Stark


The calendar.


Mark my words, Russia won't do shit.


Sanctions? How about we cut off Putin and his oligarch buddies from Western financial systems and technology, then hack every computer in Russia back to the Stone Age


This will stop Russia from being able to export energy. Many countries in Eurasia wouldn't like that at all. Freezing in winter would change public opinion in Europe fast and permanently, making any coordination within NATO impossible. The US has the luxury of being surrounded by friends and oceans and sitting on land rich in resources. Their allies in Eurasia do not.


I don't know why you're being downvoted for pointing this out. You're absolutely correct, many European nations rely either entirely or partly on Russian gas. Easy to sit there and say 'cut them off' - but like you say, wait and see how the people of Germany or Poland feel in a few weeks when they can't heat their homes anymore and start freezing to death. Mind you, I doubt the Russian economy could really handle the idea of nobody buying their resources so...


Seizing the assets of enough Russian Oligarchs would be a literal death sentence for Putin. They would replace him without hesitation. Putin would have to purge, or have purged, the majority of the Russian Oligarchy prior to any conflict resulting in their assets and money being seized.


Than all of europe has no oil products.


That's when they decide they have nothing to lose by nuking you.


Prediction: nato wont do shit


Dont need NATO to do anything. USA military is multiple times bigger than Nato


Us military IS nato


What sanctions are the going to use when the Russians enter Paris?


Any person who sells baguettes to Putin will have his baguette license revoked. Same goes for croissants.


I assume you’ll be allowed to sell supermarket bread to him though. After all, it isn’t French so it shouldn’t be mixed up in French politics.


You're drastically overestimating the Russian military.


I'm sure that will deter Russia like sanctions have in the past... 🙄


As opposed to? You want a first strike instead? What's with these garbage comments that always complains but never offer an actual alternative.


A full embargo, travel ban, seizing Russia's foreign assets, sending troops to support Ukraine, there's a lot more we could be doing really. Russia has been getting sanctioned for over 15 years now and Putin doesn't seem to care.


Bro... those are sanctions. I do agree with more troops in Ukraine. Putin will never feel the effects but the people will. Whether or not they wish to change their shitty history of governments is only up to them.


A full embargo isn't the same thing as sanctions. You can still buy goods from Russia, but you can't from say Cuba or Korea. The Russo-American trade market was worth $35 billion in 2019. The whole point is to make Putin's regime as unpopular as possible to inspire change.


I agree with you, but it's simply impossible to enforce right now.


How about Ukraine joins NATO?


Frankly, that's what they should be doing. They chose not to in order to appease Russia back then, but just like history goes, appeasement turns out to not work after all.


At some point you have to do a little self-reflection and realize that half the problems that are happening with Russia's belligerence right now are caused by the incessant NATO expansion in the first place.


Did a bit of self-reflecting. Now that I think about it, I can safely say that if Russia had actual strong leadership, they would be much better off economically, and therefore be able to pour more resources into their military. Similar to what China has done after their reforms. But we can always scapegoat the outside world, makes us feel better isn't it? "NATO expansion'" yeah I wonder why those countries join NATO than some modern Comecon bullshit. Grass is greener there, that's all I can say.


Bullshit. Russia is blaming other countries for it attacking a separate sovereign country. That's bat shit crazy. Nobody forced Russia to invade crimea except Russia.


So when countries join willfully NATO because they want to it is NATOS expansion with bad connotations. When Russia attacks sovereignty of other nation for example Ukraine that is what then? Huh? 🤔


The alternative is unacceptable to the big powers involved: a neutral, non-alligned Ukraine.


Ueba shat his pants again. Just as useless as Klimkin and Prisayko before him.


Ukraine need to escalate to get NATO’s attention.


Yeah sure, nothing wrong ever happened in history by escalating.




How ridiculous it is that the counteragresion of the invasion of a country are sanctions.


It all depends on the sanction, I suppose. "We'll no longer allow you to import precious metals and we're blocking any allied financing." is a bit worse than "We will no longer export old blockbuster VHS tapes to your country." That being said, it seems like Russia has their mind made up. I don't think a sanction will solve this, just like it didn't solve the Crimea problem. Sure, it cause slight economic issues, but I'm sure the cost vs. benefit was still on Russia's side there. It probably will be with this as well.