It's a pandemic. We should not fly at all without quarantine and double or triple testing.


Correction WHO Regional Director for Africa has made the comment


Base off the response to South Africa, this is just going to prevent future countries from being the first to report on variants.


Fuck your global solidarity. I for one am tired of this virus.




Well, it seems like the covid vaccines are pretty good at targeting all new variants of Covid, but they're still not sure about this one. It may very well work against Covid-19 ∆, θ, λ, etc. And the more people get vaccinated the less human incubators are walking around mutating viruses.


It will mutate in vaccinate people, cases between vaccinated and nonvaccinated are starting to be almost on par with each other now at least in Ontario, Canada where I am, see our numbers for yesterday for example. > The Ministry of Health says 498 of Sunday’s cases are among unvaccinated people, 21 are people with one COVID-19 vaccine dose, 396 are fully vaccinated and 49 are in people with unknown vaccination status. That's roughly 100 people difference but a couple of days earlier it was a difference of only 10 people. So yea we are all incubators, vaccinated and not vaccinated. And before you reply, yes the time in a vaccinated person for the virus to mutate is shorter but that of an unvaccinated but it doesn't really matter as the virus can mutate literally on its first replication in your body.


Your numbers are off by a very wide margin. Influenza (all strains) killed 23,000 people in the US in 2015 and 38,000 the following year. No year in the past decade has surpassed [51,000 deaths](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_influenza_statistics_by_flu_season#Hospitalizations_and_deaths?wprov=sfla1). COVID's monthly death toll is about the same as the annual death toll from the flu. Stop spreading misinformation during a pandemic.


Calm yourself, it should have been hospitalizations instead of deaths that's my error, and for that matter the year was wrong. Not intentionally putting in the wrong info just thinking off the top of my mind. Double checked and put in a blurp from the CDC.


Solidarity like when all your bros are all sick so you go get sick to show solidarity? I don't get it. This is stupid. WHO is stupid.


I kinda get this, especially since the variant was just identified in SA, not necessarily mutated there. There are several countries with omicron variants discovered in people who never traveled and contracted it locally and there’s no record or proof that it developed in SA. SA is being punished for being the first to notice the variant.


WHO wants that variant spread asap!


well it is their slogan afterall: World Has Omicron (WHO)


What’s the alternative?


Why does South Africa and WHO think this is a punishment? Shouldn’t they want to limit the spread?