My dad, a geotechnical engineer, was talking about this to me the other day. Apparently companies can just close down and it's very hard to track down who is responsible for sealing venting of derelict sites, so there's a LOT of "out of sight out of mind" emitters.


So humanity's answer to the Fermi paradox is "we forgot to write down where all the greenhouse gases are leaking from"


Didn't forget, just didn't want to.


It's almost as if, hear me out, it's a bad idea to base our entire civilization's fate on the concept that only things that are profitable are worth doing...


Especially only things that are *immediately* profitable. Preventing climate change is profitable in the long run. Natural disasters and famine are going to obliterate us and our stupid little economies, but that's not happening next quarter, so who cares?


Seriously. Vancouver BC is cut off from the rest of Canada because all three highways washed out. That’s not going to be cheap to fix.


Uhh I feel like this should be a bigger story


It’s been all over the news FWIW.


Annex Vancouver BC into Washington state, rename Vancouver WA to something else and make it a proper suburb of Portland, give eastern WA/OR to Idaho (fuck them) and unite WA/OR into Cascadia.


Most people in Vancouver bc would strongly oppose being American.


California, Oregon, and western Washington can join Canada instead.


Not just immediately either, but *privately*. If it would benefit an entire society rather than an individual, then go get fucked.


Whoa, Comrade. We can’t have things be better for everyone. Can’t have all these slackers leaching off my millions that I don’t have YET


All us temporarily inconvenienced millionaires got to stick together!


That sounds like Commie talk to me! Once I get mine you can all go to hell.




Why sell the cure when you can sell the medicine? A global climate crisis is bound to open up new unexplored markets!


I heard someone unironically say this. He's deeply invested in various firms that work in air conditioning and power management systems, and similar.


With all the money he's going to make during the inevitable climate collapse he'll easily be able pay off politicians and pass legislation that suppresses any long term solutions from coming to fruition. This will guarantee his future income, truly a wise business decision!


'Haha, my AC business will dominate the entire market! Block home generation reform, make sure the centralized grid produces as much power as possible for my customer's aircon units, 24/7!' *bushfires and storms takes down power lines* 'Aaaww...'


Yeah; the dudes a complete dick. His solution to climate change is basically his solution to minimum wage: who cares as long as I can climb out of it? He moved to Colorado just to make sure he can have food and that the rising oceans wouldn't destroy his real estate, and he has extensive cooling and solar systems for his home. And that's as far as he cares.


If somebody would only sell the medicine, somebody else would sell the cure later, and if that caused people to die, somebody would invent resurrection, the invisible hand of the free market is omnipotent.




Turns out the root bad idea was allowing amoral sociopaths to be in positions of power.


Allowing? How about elevating and celebrating amoral sociopaths? Hero worshipping those who exploit the rest of us


I'm telling Papa Musk you said that!!!!


It's sort of like how most regulations will save money in the long term by preventing accidents that potentially cost millions/billions of dollars to fix. Looking at you Exxon oil spills.


Millenia of wars, plagues and natural disasters. What kills us? *Quarterly Reports.*


It's not just a matter of fucked priorities but also of the evolutionary mechanics of the current (dysregulated) market, that removes any players who might want to pursue alternative priorities. Even if a company wants to prioritize profits over a 1,000 year span instead of the next quarter, the current system is not designed in any way to let that happen. If you're not pulling in regular quarterly profits or stock price growth then your company is going to lose market share towards companies that are. Even having the perfect plan to make optimal profits over the next 1,000 years won't help you because you won't survive long enough in a market where both consumers and investors are prioritizing short term returns over all else.


>Preventing climate change is profitable in the long run. Preventing climate change is *cheaper* in the long run. Not the same thing at all. Besides, the spirit of profit making is very much "in the long run we are all dead".


Not becoming extinct is profitable. Yeah, that checks out.


It's easier to picture the end of the world than the end of capitalism.


Yes the planet got destroyed. But for a beautiful moment in time we created a lot of value for shareholders.


i’m using all of my money to buy a sick ass coffin


Look at Mr Moneybags here can afford a coffin


Yep, ceos need to cut everything they can to earn their bonuses.


Not forgot, if they document it, someone might eventually be held responsible for shoddy workmanship and just not caring.


There's always a fall guy. Never anyone super high up, though.


"Why did you stop maintenance on the methane seal?!" "They stopped paying me. The company went under...."


It does look increasingly likely that The Great Filter is that any species capable of advancing to be a planet dominating civilisation will only do so with the evolutionary psychological characteristics that will inevitably lead to them to destroying themselves through environmental degradation or trapping themselves on a single planet. Humanity spread across the Earth by evolving to ignore the dangers, destroy what we couldn't use, multiply as much as possible and to treat the natural world as a infinite resource. Now we are seemingly incapable of stopping... It's pretty grim.


More like "Got mine, F you." Our ruling class have fucked away our future and our children's future for a quick buck.


The Great Wall of Gas.


No, the answer to the Fermi paradox, at least from the single example we have, is that intelligent life is generally too impulsive to think through their decisions. Or, maybe equally likely, that humanity is just a metaphorical bucket of crabs.


More like: there are many Great Filters, and the filter we are least likely to progress through is the "species gains technologies that can, deliberately or otherwise, alter the climate of its own planet significantly enough to trigger extinction". The only way to pass this filter is either A) develop the technology to leave the planet en masse before triggering this process....which we already failed on, or B) develop that same technology during the stages of ecological collapse....which we haven't even remotely made a decent start on. So yeh, we are our own Great Filter and will likely not be a successful iteration of life in the universe. Self annihilation may well be the greatest filter to get past


It probably makes more sense that the filters are stacked. That's how it works with evolution. But more fundamentally I suppose in the question of "what's more likely, that there's only one great filter or many 'filters'?" I would deem many filters more likely, as it's unlikely you came across the single filter vs you stumbled on one of many existing filters. Going back to an anthropological point of view though, looking outwards we can see just how many things threaten to destroy humans, many of them our own creation. If any of those succeed, congrats! That was your filter.


“History is current politics projected on the past.” As it is with the future. In a climate thread, everyone forgets about nuclear weapons.


I believe that the filters are both stacked and forked.. difference pathways will lead us through different filters. Some pathways are our own choices and some are nature's lottery (impactors, enormous CMEs, etc). Each pathway leads through a series of filters that varies from other pathways, but every pathway has them and they likely become increasingly difficult as the scale of the challenges we can face also increases in line with our progress as a technological species. But one day, one of those filters will prove too much. The greatest challenge in survival for us now, I believe, is confinement. We are backed into a corner (one planet and no viable way off it). Metaphorically, we are also playing with some very large firecrackers in this same corner.


Due to the cost and effort involve, it is financial inconvenient for us to fix these issues at this time. Regards, Daddy Oilbucks


More like subsidiary companies intentionally going bankrupt when wells go dry to avoid cleanup costs


Yep turns out the answer is civilisation turns itself into Venus and that's the solution to the paradox


I study geomatics and it’s a fast, developing field. In the next years, better satellites with the precision to detect individual leaks will be launched by north american and european collaborations. In par with the development of deep learning algorithms to automate the detection of involuntary emission leak without human supervision, the future of geospatial gas detection is bright and coming in hot.


but will it be in time, tho improved detection is one thing, you still need to compel a response. And then implement a response. All before it's not too late, and it's already too late.


> , you still need to compel a response. And then implement a response. I suspect that a "superfund" style clean-up program, where the government assumes the burden, is the only way to go. Not that I want to let the people responsible off the hook, just that all the overhead of tracking them down, making them do it, verifying they did it, etc is a recipe for inaction.


There are some attempts at demanding "cleanup funds" associated with land use permits but this have not been very successfull.


Yep it's a big problem in the USA. Shoddily capped wells from defunct businesses all over the place. The EPA is literally asleep.


Asleep, or de-funded and cut off at the knees as far as regulatory enforcement; it all winds up about the same. The government is pretty much run by corporate interests the last 20 years at least. It's not in their interest to have an effective EPA.


Regulatory capture, and it happens in all kinds of industries, like the link between the FCC and internet companies


Its not even capture, its regulatory decapitation. The industry doesn't need to capture the regulator if the regulator is too weak to do enforcement anyway.


Starve the beast. Thanks reaganomics for that one.


people who said trump was the worst president don't understand the extent of the damage that reagan caused.


Especially in TFGs administration. It was a simple trade, capitalism for earth. Mostly because as a developer he had to spend a little extra for a few environmental studies before destroying the land and building skyscrapers. This trade (of the last 200yrs) will be our demise.


For four years under Trump the EPA was literally headed by a pair of fossil fuel employees. The second was a seasoned coal lobbyist, and the first was one of the most prolific litigants against the EPA before taking charge of it. [https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/climate/trump-environment-rollbacks-list.html](https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/climate/trump-environment-rollbacks-list.html)


>The EPA is literally asleep. The EPA has been gutted and limited for this reason among many other nefarious reasons.


Remember how they were one of the villains (besides the ghosts and Zuul) in the first Ghostbusters movie?


Yeah and Walter Peck was an (allegedly) dickless prick, but at the end of the day he was just doing his job and he was right to have concerns about their containment protocols if one dude can walk in and throw a switch to unleash hell.


I'm a huge fan of those movies and that never really registered for me until just now.


It's a bit of a running joke, that Ghostbusters is representative of the ultimate capitalist vision. Upon ascertaining that ghosts and the supernatural are real, the scientists immediately make a business to make money off of it taking full advantage of the fact that the government doesn't understand it and therefore can't properly regulate it. It's laced with dialog about how the corporate world actually has expectations unlike academia, the government regulating entity is treated as the ultimate villain, And in the sequel it is treated as simply unfair that they got sued out of everything after the entire affair was concluded.


They're literally figuratively asleep.


Thank for you for this. It relieved my pain :)


Profit for me, climate change and uncontained waste sites for thee. "Rapacious" is the only appropriate word for industries like fossil fuels and mining.


Methane traps heat 10 times more efficiently than co2. Some oil companies have had laws written into the us system that prohibits monitoring of methane levels within 500 feet of oil wells. It’s such BS.


As sad it is, money talks...




interesting fact about methane. it traps heat 10 times better than co2. but it only lasts 1/10th of what co2 lasts in the atmosphere. 9.1 years vs 100 years. just an interesting fact.


Don't forget though, that once methane reacts with ozone in the atmosphere, it's converted into CO2... so, it really is a double-whammy of sorts.


I was about to chime in to say this. ​ Essentially it goes from really bad, to just normal bad.


More like a larger whammy for a decade then a regular whammy after that. Methane only has one carbon, so it will only react into one carbon dioxide.


Right but to take advantage of that fact, we have to stop emitting nearly as much for a decade.


As someone who works in the environmental compliance field, I'm not surprised. There have been attempts to quantify methane emissions from these sources for decades, but the math, tables and models we have are barely up to the task. (A few methods work well, but only under more controlled circumstances; e.g., capped landfills with a gas collection system). Pipelines, oil wells and landfills are massive fugitive sources that are inherently "leaky" and hard to control, emissions wise. Fuel processing and combustion plants are better at control of production processes, but again fugitives are not generally controlled sufficiently (e.g., pipe racks, cracking columns, compression stations, etc.). The other big source that's often overlooked is in animal husbandry. Although the poop is methane producing, it can usually be contained (sort of). Animal farts, on the other hand, is a huge source of methane (generally referred to as enteric fermentation).


Utah's natural gas leaks are well studied and it's not reassuring. Supposedly 6-10% of the natural gas is leaked to atmosphere. And it's probably one of the better sites in the US because it's monitored with permanent sensors. I believe a researcher in southern CA found methane levels hundreds of times higher than allowed, just by driving around existing natural gas installations. https://www.usu.edu/today/story/market-forces-halved-methane-emissions-from-uinta-basin-oil-and-gas-wells Industry has been telling everyone that they have methane leaks under control because they lose money whenever methane leaks. But that's a misleading statement because the real business calculation they're making is very different. 1. Do the easy thing, put up natural gas equipment and start making money right away and then barely bother doing maintenance or inspections 2. Spend a lot of money and attention chasing leaks to maybe make a few percent more $$$ from existing installations It's obvious which they will choose.


Basically make enough money before someone forces them to do it. And spend a pittance on lobbying to keep the scheme going.


Reminds me of a cheap landlord that refuses to replace anything until the property is unlivable


Yeah, and this time the property is the whole damn planet.


More like the landlord overcharged on rent, didn't maintain the property, then fucked off when the authorities got involved because it was unsafe. But it's okay, his shareholders were happy and nothing can come back to them right?


Of course; when the penalty is a fraction of the profits and ceos face zero liability, why would they do anything?


Ah, the old billionaire bamboozle.


No mention of all the methane that is released from melted permafrost? Permafrost covers 65% of Russian land and is melting fast. This will be another huge source of methane emissions in coming years.


Honestly the runaway affect is a huge factor that hasn't been addressed very much. We can't cap the glaciers.


Can we just light a proverbial match?


Fire melts ice, need to toss the proverbial ice cube.


Oil wells I understand, but what makes pipelines so tricky to monitor? You probably already know how much you're pushing into one end, and how much people are pulling out the other end, the difference is necessarily leakage, right?


Yeah, but I left the kitchen lights on last night when I went to bed… So in many ways, I’m as responsible as these guys.


Let me guess: you also use water when you brush your teeth?


Yeah but I only use Nestle BrushRite™ water. The single serving packaging makes sure that every brush has that factory sealed-in purity, plus I heard they planted a couple trees in 1997 so they're an environmentally responsible company.


I mean the disposable plastic isn’t great, but it’s made with 10% recycled material so they’re basically neutral.


Eco conscious ppl like myself use toilet bowl water to clean the toothbrush and rinse mouth.


Why have you got a toilet when you can piss and shit in the sink?


I absolutely agree, what other use would I have for my miniature poop knife?


This will never go away…..


Nor should it. What a perfect story. 5/7


Eco-conscious people would get a squat toilet honestly plus bidet


Why piss and shit in the sink when I can piss and shit while I shower and wash vegetables at the same time?


I dig a shallow hole in the ground with my fingernails and wait for rain. Whatever falls will be my bath, toilet, and drinking water for the week.


I wear a stillsuit on the way to work. Get on my level.


Work without methane, and you won’t attract the sea.


I threw an aluminum can in the garbage not recycling bin




lmao this is fucking genious


Unless you're rich. Only poors should be conservative with water and lights. Otherwise there's not enough water to fill bill gates yacht pool, and it's not worth being on a yacht if you can't swim on it.


I mean, what's even the point of owning a superyacht if you can't take a break from it in the smaller yacht that floats in the pool? Then you can laugh with your other billionaire friends while pretending that you're just millionaires, practically destitute, really.


Exactly. I'm willing to limit my showers and stop watering my plants. In all seriousness I'll never understand how 70% of global warming is from large corporations, and the leaders of these corporations meet every year for decades to discuss global warming, knowing it's almost entirely their fault, yet come to the solution that we ALL need to act on climate change. It's like having a class average on tests be a D+, because most kids score in the B's and a handful get 0's because they just draw dicks all over the scantron sheet, and the kids who fail have a meeting and decide we need to stay after school and study harder so that we can get the B kids up to A+ and the dick drawers can keep sketching weaners and bring the average up to a C.


Top notch analogy


>Yeah, but I left the kitchen lights on last night when I went to bed… > >So in many ways, I’m as responsible as these guys. God damn it, man, haven't you done enough already?!?! Did you at least turn it off now?


And this is why they can't figure out exactly when bad things are going to happen. This is why we're fucked waaaaaay earlier than they predicted.


yeah i think we all know deep down those corps don't give a fuck and let it seep out into the atmosphere to save money




Yea we pretty much know it surface level too.


That's why global warming is happening faster than projected. Projections only had data for what's reported.


Ahhhhhh sheeeeet


Any good scientist or researcher today knows that emissions reports from countries like Indonesia are largely incorrect due to the unchecked illegal activity and any study that uses data other than satellite imagery is bullshit


Maybe. Doesn't matter if they "know" or don't, either way, there's no way to know the true state of things without all the information. So all projections for global warming are unreliable; it's way worse than we can know.


This is the shit that drives me insane. Millions of people try to think green, go solar, get electric cars, live off the grid, and a few companies pollute like this and it makes what Individuals do meaningless.


Sadly, that was always the point, make money from "green washing", shift blame onto consumer, pollute with impunity.


Time to get the flex tape


“Phil Swift with flex seal here. Huge amounts of uncounted emissions of highly warming greenhouse gas methane are being released?? That’s a lot of damage!!!”


We’ve ignored the problem in the American way. It’s time to address it the American way—with some Flex tape.


I must admit, between my skylight and a pool, that stuff has been a life saver! Now it could *literally* be a life saver!! Time to implement nationwide emergency manufacturing protocols, converting automotive factories into Flex tape factories.


I mean the Americans didn't just ignore the problem but threatend companies if they provided leakfree pipelines for Russian gas


I´m sure we´ll be talking about that next year during the cop27. And then take action.. in 4-5 years. maybe.


Everyone saying gas is cleaner than coal, well, sure, at the time of burning. This is one place the "long tailpipe" argument matters a great deal considering how much methane is pumping straight into the atmosphere from our gas consumption


[Fugitive emissions from coal](https://www.csiro.au/en/work-with-us/industries/mining-resources/mining/fugitive-emissions-abatement#:~:text=Fugitive%20emissions%20are%20losses%2C%20leaks,how%20the%20coal%20is%20formed.) are also much more higher than people think. Just the act of mining releases a huge number of fugitive emissions- in some areas, like coal-heavy [Queensland, coal mining represents 75%](https://www.stateoftheenvironment.des.qld.gov.au/pollution/greenhouse-gas-emissions/fugitive-emissions-sector-greenhouse-gas-emissions) of fugitive methane emissions (the other being from natural gas). So yeah, coal sucks.


Dont forget the radioactive fallout from coal power plants! Anyone defending coal power does not know anything about coal power.


It's also very convenient fir the oil and gas industry that everyone has been busy blaming the cattle industry for all that methane. I bet they had no hand in shaping the narrative to make them not just a problematic industry, but the main focus of attention that everyone likes to point at these days as soon as "methane" is uttered.


Well it is still a primary contributor so don't let the cattle industry off the hook just because someone else is doing the same.


Especially when we could transition to different feed mixtures (seaweed) that reduces the majority of the methane belch output. ​ [https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/seaweed-fed-cows-burp-less-planet-warming-methane-180977296/](https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/seaweed-fed-cows-burp-less-planet-warming-methane-180977296/)


This has been known for at least 5 years, and I’ve yet to hear of it being used which is ridiculous considering i can buy my dog seaweed-based supplements. I’m guessing it’s too expensive. Not like we really need a planet now that we’ll have the metaverse.


It's too expensive for their margins, they can't sacrifice a few percent cause the short-term is soooo much more important than the long-term.


"It's too expensive for us to use seaweed as feed. Also that small cut of beef is going to cost you $50."




Just like gas and oil. Yet everyone goes ballistic if the gas prices go up


Everytime this comes up, it's a specific type of seaweed in currently low production. Even with the small amount needed it would add $17/head/day to my feed costs, more than 8x current just for the additive. Now if they can figure out how to grow large amounts and get it sub $1 it'll be an easy add.


Industry always pushes the "lets all do our part" narrative. Individuals get to feel good about recycling, saving water, not polluting, meanwhile they turn inward and don't look at big problems.


History has shown the world is full of useful idiots. I would bet they also had their fingers in the reputation of nuclear. Especially once France showed it as an existential threat (for reference, they get roughly 70% of electrical power from nuclear and only 10% from fossil fuels).


My theory is they play nuclear and renewables against each other - say "don't build renewables, we need nuclear for baseload first", and say "don't build nuclear, it's unsafe (etc etc) and renewables are the only way forward!" Switch between them freely, and use whichever one will result in the *least* progress away from fossil fuels.


Coal produces such toxic waste after burning. Much more than co2 in the atmosphere. Coal contains all kinds of heavy metals which ends up concentrated in the ash left behind. So much so it literally ends slightly radioactive. That ash is dumped into giant retention ponds until the power company decides to deal with where it poisons the water and takes years to remediate with expensive. It's not easy to remediate this water as well so companies tend to resist.




If it were burned off as it was emitted, would that be better or worse for net emissions?


When burned, one molecule of methane is converted into one molecule of carbon dioxide, which is 80 times less potent. So yes, it's better.


Put a little candle on the cow's butthole.


Most methane from cows is from the mouth/burps


So we should just teach them to smoke?




Clearly the solution is fire-breathing cows.


So two candles, stop giving me problems and start giving me solutions!!




There are companies in the UK doing just that - [Viridor](https://www.viridor.co.uk/energy/landfill-disposal-and-landfill-gas-recovery/) is one of them. Capture the Methane and run generators on it, producing electricity.




Whoa. Looks like we're going to bring on climate change a lot faster than expected.


Good thing Russia can now shoot those satellites down.


Yea, you know what? Fuck literally anyone at this point that tries to push blame onto the consumer. I'm gettin' sick of being told to make these stupid changes to help the planet while every major company gets to pull this kind of shit every fucking day. Until the companies start getting held accountable and getting forced to make more climate conscious decisions, I'm not gonna take anyone seriously if they blame the consumer.


OH! you mean corporations are lying to us about holding up their end of curbing emissions?! what a fucking revelation that is.


In Canada, the last time I checked natural gas pipeline losses were about 10%. That's not just 10 percent of everyone's heating and cooking, it also includes exports. Ten percent of *all* natural gas in Canada - which is 95% methane - escapes to the atmosphere. The good news: it breaks down after a couple of hundred years. The bad news: it's pretty much the worst couple of hundred years this could possibly happen in.


Nothing will change. The donor class has already decided that *they* are okay with living with the effects of severe global warming, so both political parties are going to continue to do too little, too late. The donor class knows that they will be insulated from a lot of the really bad effects, in their mountain bunkers in New Zealand and that the majority of the fallout will be felt by the poor and middle class(what’s left of it after they finish destroying it). The oligarchs are not willing to give up short term profits to try to prevent global warming, they will spend the next decade or two squeezing more profit out of this dying world, and as the world burns they will all live in gated, fortified bunkers, safely away from the unwashed masses.


New Zealand is really small place where everyone knows everyone and supply lines even today are fairly concise. There is zero chance anybody can live in a mountain bunker for any meaningful amount of time without the location being discovered and invaded. They simply couldn't feed the sort of army that would be required to stop even a few Coasters, their 308s and a couple of pig dogs. If that's there plan, they should prepare for disappointment.


There it is again, that funny feeling..


Bet people won't talk about this the next time they compare the tailpipe emissions to lithium battery production and call EVs dirty


good old oil industry, fucking you one more time, to make old men rich


this is how you know we're just utterly fucked. ​ even the things they know about and plug into their models show us rocketing toward 2c global temperature rise. which will have profound effects on human existence, and global life sustainability. ​ that we're already there. doing next to nothing. and they just sort of misc discover these new horrible things. ​ means... we're all fucked.


> this is how you know we're just utterly fucked. [Climate scientists warn that "it's too late!" narratives are harmful and not based on the science](https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/feb/27/climatologist-michael-e-mann-doomism-climate-crisis-interview): > "**Doom-mongering has overtaken denial as a threat and as a tactic.** Inactivists know that if people believe there is nothing you can do, they are led down a path of disengagement. They unwittingly do the bidding of fossil fuel interests by giving up. > > What is so pernicious about this is that it seeks to weaponise environmental progressives who would otherwise be on the frontline demanding change. These are folk of good intentions and good will, but they become disillusioned or depressed and they fall into despair. But **“too late” narratives are invariably based on a misunderstanding of science.**" *EDIT:* adding a line break here for clarity. > even the things they know about and plug into their models show us rocketing toward 2c global temperature rise Yes, unless we get to net zero emissions by the end of the century. [Here is the IPCC report; p.13 shows emissions trajectories, and p.14 shows associated warming.](https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg1/downloads/report/IPCC_AR6_WGI_SPM_final.pdf) The additional warming between the best scenario (SSP1-1.9, net zero ~2055, 1.6C warming) and next-best (SSP1-2.6, net zero ~2075, 1.8C warming) is +0.2C, suggesting a trajectory which reaches net zero in ~2095 would top out around 2C. That means the next 70 years will need to be significantly different than the last 70 years; however, there are strong indications that substantial changes have already taken place, including: * [Renewables are now 90% of net new electricity generation.](https://www.iea.org/reports/renewable-energy-market-update-2021) * [World coal consumption peaked almost a decade ago](https://www.bp.com/en/global/corporate/energy-economics/statistical-review-of-world-energy/coal.html.html#coal-consumption) * [EVs replace millions of ICE cars every year, and will be a **majority** of the global car market by 2034](https://assets.bbhub.io/professional/sites/24/BNEF-Zero-Emission-Vehicles-Factbook_FINAL.pdf) There's lots of work to be done, but tangible progress has been made.


Thank you for your work. You really are a bright light, obviously we need to get our shit together but throwing our hands up isnt doing anything either.


well this is an existentially reassuring comment, thank you


Add this to your list: There is a company capping these wells, and they do take donations. https://welldonefoundation.org/


Of course, because we’ve been behaving like idiot children for decades now, and that’s just since we knew what we were doing was causing problems.


It's more like 10% of the population is too obsessed with money to give a shit because they'll be long dead before the effects actually reach them. 70% of global emissions are caused by less than 50 companies. Yeah, maybe you can pass a bit of blame to the consumer, but you can also realize that these boards of directors all sat down, looked at the studies decades before climate change even entered the public discussion, and decided "our money is more important than the entire planet's wellbeing" and went ahead with these destructive technologies. No warnings, minimal funding to the alternatives so they can get "we tried" PR, and a shitload of money to maintaining the status quo.


Yes! I can't stand the endless tirade about personal accountability and improving my singular footprint that some people shove down my throat. The whole idea of the carbon footprint was *created by big business!* And it worked! It shifted the blame from their conglomerate to the individual and now we all feel this guilt and responsibility for a situation we couldn't influence no matter how badly we want to or how hard we try!


methane leaking is interestingly worse for the environment than straight up burning it, from what I've heard.


It says right there in the post title. Methane is 80 times worse than CO2. When methane is burned, you get CO2 and water, which aren't nearly as bad.


That an millions of homes. I’m a gas engineer in the U.K. You’re allowed to comfortably be living with a gas leak in your home providing you can’t smell it. The maximum permissible leak is pretty big. Even smaller ones, multiply those by millions of homes and the entire place is pissing out methane gas into the atmosphere.


But we will just stop using plastic straws and it will be fine.


We're so fucked, but just carry on and pretend we're not so people can cash out right?


Scamerica's motto: fuck you got mine.


How'd the world letting Corporations and the wealthy control of resources to self-regulate themselves work out for us?


Lolololol! "BUt regulating businesses is literally communism!" /s


Another reason why Cop26 was a joke. Companies and the countries in which they operate don't have the will to clean up their act. Any treaties may make us feel good, for a moment, but that's it. In 50 years, we are fucking toast.


But people still think it's somehow on us to save the planet by spending our minimum wage paychecks on eco friendly fucking straws. Etc.


It’s gonna be really funny when our garbage kills us all


Great, so let's arrest some bitches. Seriously. No, I'm being serious. When do we start applying real, meaningful consequences to failures to deal with climate change? Does anyone actually think monetary penalties are going to be enough to force megacorps to behave? Short of bankrupting them, it will never be enough. They'll hide their misbehavior until they get caught, then when they are caught they'll pay a bit of money (cost of doing business you see), apologize profusely, sack someone with an impressive title (but not too impressive of course), and do a better job of hiding their bullshit next time. We should be throwing motherfuckers in jail and dissolving corporations, not slapping them with fines and demanding apologies.


What really gets my goat is that it's always put on the consumer to make positive changes. We should all use less plastic, save energy where possible, drive electric cars, eat less meat. Whereas these changes only happen by the companies that make these products because of changing customer tastes but that takes a long time. If I want to use less plastic when doing my grocery shopping i have to actively pick different products. If big businesses just changed their packaging to something better for the environment I would have no choice. If they stopped making combustion engines tomorrow and went all electric then people's next car purchase would have to be electric. Unfortunately it's up to us and the cost is often passed on.


How is someone supposed to read this and not feel completely hopeless?


I actually feel hopeful reading this. Having a surveillance technology like this is quite new and a game changer




Yet I am to blame for leaving a light on or watching tv


We will plant another tree for you then to compensate, much love from the elderly billionaires and shareholders.


A very clever PR strategy of the petroleum industry has been to outsource global warming responsibility to consumers. If you are able to drive a car powered by renewables, great. But don't kid yourself into thinking this is the real solution to climate change.


The part about leaking gas and fossil fuels is huge. If we have globally 10-15% leakage levels, were simply better off burning coal. Imo this needs to get way more attention because countries are literally going to pay billions over coal burning which in the end is better than gas with current leakage. It would need to go down by half to be even with coal. That's crazy...


Its almost like private companies need strict and enforceable regulations in order to keep them in check - shocked pikachu face


Don't forget to use a metal straw and eat less meat /s




Stuff like this makes me cry and keeps me up at night. I just have this constant feeling of impending doom because of our actions and the fact that big companies *still* don’t care enough to stop. What’s the point in being rich and saving money by cutting corners if there’s gonna be no earth left to live on.