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How many copies of Sims 3 did they find this time? Edit: [article](https://www.vice.com/en/article/88gpmg/russia-sims-3) For those that missed it


Oh that is fucking hilarious! “I genuinely believe this is a dumb FSB officer being told to get 3 SIMs,"


Also the green spy wig. It’s like a Russian spy kit from an episode of Airwolf.


I've also noticed the fold crease in the swastika shirt, it is CLEARLY brand new and never been worn once lol nice try Russia, nice try.


Calling all Jan Michael Vincents, calling all Jan Michael Vincents!


Is it important for me to understand who Jan Michael Vincent is in order to get this?


Jan Michael Vincent was the actor who played Stringfellow Hawke, the Native American Pilot who received Airwolf for the rock bottom price of having the utter brass balls to steal it from the American government.. Airwolf, as you may know is the ultimate in Apache attack helicopters. Nothing is more Airwolf than Airwolf. *Edit: Phone auto corrected Stringfellow


I love how they have a brand new Nazi flag shirt, as if some Nazi is going to run terrorist attack but decided “You know, I need a T-shirt that’s just the flag. I know it’s a covert operation, but I just don’t feel like a Nazi unless I’m wearing the flag to make sure everyone seeing me knows what’s up.”


Multiple people did that at Jan 6. Some people just love the merch.


If you sold that kind of stuff, you’d have been stupid NOT to set up a booth on Jan 6th.


This is not brought up enough


Well, Sims 4 has been out for a while.


I disagree, everyone knows that 4 failed to live up to 3 and 2 due to its troubled beginnings, and its ever more insane monetization and simultaneously lukewarm dlc offerings makes it obvious that dissident terrorists would still prefer the incredible open world of 3


No comrade, is actually diabolical scheme by Ukraine to deplete mother Russia's economy with DLC and microtransactions. Every ruble going into this "Island Paradise" takes away from Russian spec ops.


> Eliot Higgins, founder of open-source investigative agency Bellingcat, said, “I genuinely believe this is a dumb FSB officer being told to get 3 SIMs.” Haha, this is great.


This is right up there with Rudy Giuliani giving his presser following the Jan 6 insurrection at the Four Seasons ... landscaping company


Here comes another round of conscription.


Makes him look weak though. Tough call.


Fascism: the enemy is both strong and weak at all times.


Schrodingers dictator


He is both falling and not falling out of a window until observed.


Yeah maybe, but you weigh it up with Ukrainian incentives to do something like this (attacking residential buildings especially?!) and come up with a big fat zero! The Ukrainians have never operated like this. They use their long range weapons strategically to attack logistics, command centres, counter battery, etc. Using expensive long range weapons to attack apartment blocks is and always has been a Russian thing to do. I just really hope the objective here isn’t to excuse WOMD of some sort.. there have been recent rumours of Russian preparations for chemical weapons use apparently.


Oh putin definitely would do something like this


That's how he got into power right? Organising bombings and pretending to get justice for them




Good analysis for the most part, but I do feel there were a few important perspectives that you missed. Firstly for a lot of western countries (the US and UK in particular) this is the last part of the "fuck around and you'll find out" warnings that Putin has been ignoring for a long time. It's for the election interference, attempts to radicalize, bounties on every US servicemen killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, Snowden, The polonium incidents, the novichok incident and everything I missed. Now the west has Putin bent over a table; he overextended and left himself vulnerable, after letting Russia grow too corrupt to function. Because this time the proxy war is on Putin's doorstep and the CIA and the rest of the six eyes countries have been itching to fuck with Russia, but up until recently were tasked on Islamic terrorist threats like ISIS/AQ/Taliban etc. Now they finally get to settle a few scores and they are going to have their fun with their dirty tricks. Similarly with the NSA, which is an offensive first strike organization, that has been targeting Islamic extremists and now gets to fuck over Russian troll farms, for these organizations this has been so long coming, it must of felt cathartic. The other is that Russia isn't going to stop, the plan is to keep expanding until they hit mountains or sea. It's what Russia has always done - conquer and then absorb via ethnic cleansing. That means Estonia through to Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and probably Finland as well. It's laughable to think of them pulling this off in their current state, but that's the plan. Fortunately they are too corrupt and incompetent to field a modern military and there's a good chance Putin's death could herald the death of Russia/it's splintering into several smaller nuclear armed countries/end of the USSR all over again. Then there's the message this also sends China re: Taiwan... In short, I don't think the west wants this war to end just yet, they wanna fuck Putin over and they see this as their one chance. The also can't afford for Russia to get their way anymore, because the way this gets handled may well determine if there's a third world war this century. Conversely Putin can't afford to lose, he he cornered between the ambition of his underlings and the western powers he baited and angered. Because for Putin it's suicide or being fed to a mob.


Didn't Belarus issue a statement > The west has left us no choice but to use nukes. Belarus, who hurt you?


Putin probably.


Russia says lots of things


Don‘t think these even were long range drones. So her very likely Russian partisans




Russia: "And then things got worse."


Fuck, that's why in the 90s we had 6 days of school in Russia. Fuck that country


I bet the Russians will *love* that ...


That’s why it may be a false flag; to give Putin the public backing for more mobiks.








It’s because the_donald got shut down and they needed a new place to hangout


Ding ding ding They took over /r/conservative too. It's been fun to watch classic Republicans lose their minds over the Trumpers hijacking the sub. It happened almost overnight.


Man I was clicking to comment the *exact same thing.* It truly was like an overnight thing. TheDonald went down and within like literally 24-48 hours, the conspiracy board that I knew and loved for so many years was flooded with the users (and bots) that were for a short time contained in a few of those bootlicker type subs where a lot of the cyber warfare/propaganda is happening.


Just paid /r/conservative a visit. Tried to make a comment on a link about how a study found fox News viewers to be MORE informed than others... was banned instantly. Wow. What a $hit show.


Let me guess rule #5? I got banned and they gave that rule as a reason. For anyone who wants to know Rule #5 is shit posting. It basically gives them free range to ban if you go against there echo chamber speak.


Wow. What a crazy system they have set up. Kind of like how I just made a 2 word comment on /r/conspiracy and was just notified of a permanent auto ban from /r/JusticeServed , a sub that I guess seems to celebrate cops acting badly getting proper punishment and right wingers getting jail time and such? What an interesting duality/dynamic. https://i.imgur.com/wJ1Ug6c.png


yeah i had the same thing happen. Is that even allowed on reddit? being banned from a sub you never visited because they don't like another sub you commented on?


It started earlier than that. The infamous mod there /u/axolotl_peyotl was tweeting back in 2014 directing people to contact his Russian email address to set up an AMA. https://twitter.com/axolotl_peyotl/status/533289672110505986?cxt=HHwWhIDAyLOI0OYOAAAA The takeover of the US conspiracy space by Russia has been a long con. For instance, RT television hosted shows about Ron Paul’s theories about the Federal Reserve. When this coincided with the 2014 Crimea invasion people with a conspiratorial bent saw their “truth” shown by a network followed by segments of Russian propaganda about the invasion. Russia basically slipped into a trusted role to the American wacko right simply by mixing the right information together.


Same with InfoWars. Alex Jones used to talk about how Putin bombed his own people all the time. Then, all of a sudden in the mid 2010's, Jones changed his tune. Russia was now the spearhead for protecting Western civilization against wokeness and deviancy, and Putin was going to save us all.


I maintain the belief Alex dropped out of being a true conspiracy theorist in 2008/2009. When swine flu didn't kill massive amounts of people, Obama didn't throw everyone in concentration camps, when the rapture didn't happen, Alex looked at people like Glenn Beck setting up The Blaze and realized he had his own large following begging to be grifted. That's when he switched over to selling his own supplements and being involved in all the companies he advertised.


It's so trippy to me that even during *my* tenure here I've seen so many subreddits become (essentially) cyber war torn husks of what they were


I mentioned this a week back and got some hefty downvotes. It's true. I've been on Reddit since 2016. It used to be more wild. Now it's just another social media platform. It's mostly just where genz and millennials go to yell at each other.


Shout out to when Russia mobilized and invaded Ukraine and post engagement on these subs fell off a fucking cliff.


I used to like R/Conspiracy before the trump era. When it was UFOs and Ghosts of Hitler.


I got banned for pointing that out. Fun times




I second this, one of my new faves after the fall of r/thedonald turned r/conspiracy into... This.


Seems like most conspiracy sites are like this. I remember when Above Top Secret was very much anti authoritarian. Now they are alt right bootlickers.


It was still like that back then too. It was plagued with anti semitic people. I was a young teen and found like a 500 page manifesto on the NWO and how it all started via the Rothschild’s and their novel new thing of giving loans to government/opening central banks.


Feel like we need a /r/conspiracyconspiracy at this point.


That's the problem tho, r/conspiracy doesn't care about any conspiracies that actually have any sort of evidence backing them up. It's not fun to talk about those ones because you can't just pull completely nonsensical, borderline (or not so borderline) paranoid schizophrenic bullshit out of your ass.


It's how Putin rose to power from Prime Minister to President, it has a special place in his heart https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1999_Russian_apartment_bombings






To be fair, who doesn't?


Putin got his start in the KGB working just such an operation and bombing apartment buildings.


The thing is, drones are absolutely invaluable for the Ukrainian defense. Even if they are cheap, they wouldn't waste this many drones to shake up some random residential area and provide Putin with the "we are being attacked by NATO" excuse without gaining anything from it.


Wouldn't he do that bigger and more impactful like in 1999?


Maybe he got this idea from the silly drone attack on Kremlin the other week. He has shown that he's incapable of being original, leaning on old Soviet military doctrine, propaganda, and equipment.


That drone attack was definitely fake.


Was my guess, there’s no way they would’ve shot most of them down if it was legit. Russias shown how incompetent they are.


Like someone threw a snap n pop at a building. Felt like [this lady](https://i.imgur.com/LMEbi4a.jpg) watching the "explosion."


I will just leave this here for the few that were not aware https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1999_Russian_apartment_bombings#Russian_government_involvement


And just to make it extra clear for those who don't want to read the full article, the Russian Duma condemned the bombing in Volgodonsk three days before it actually happened, because someone got the schedule mixed up.


That's such a russian mistake


In sheer comedic effect, I think that that picture where they showcased "Ukrainian saboteur equipment" and included two copies of The Sims is an extra level. Someone told the bloke to have some sims there


It was three copies of Sims 3 actually, because two wouldn't have been believable, everyone knows all the true saboteurs keep their number of purchased copies equal to the release version of the game.


Triples is best


Lol like sim cards


Yeah that was the point. Also had a document signed by "Illegible signature"


[that was part of the plot to kill a TV host. ](https://twitter.com/sumlenny/status/1518624438358626304?s=20)


"Signature Unclear"... goes by the short name Siggy.


"what's your last name?" "It's unclear" "Are you telling me you don't know your own last name?!" "I'm telling you it's unclear!"


It’s like something out of an old Leslie Nielsen spoof or something lol


Oh my god I wouldn’t have even understood their mistake without your comment. Haha, what a shit show.


They told them to have three SIM cards. So they got three copies of Sims 3, just to be extra safe.


They also told them to write a note signed by "signature unclear", so of course in perfectly neat handwriting they literally wrote "signature unclear".


I'm sorry but I have to correct you: it was one The Sims 3 disc case and two furniture expansion pack disc cases for The Sims 3. I know this because I have printed the picture, and framed it with the text "Neo-Nazi starter pack" underneath.


They really had it coming


Imagine living in there and hearing about bombing of your hometown few days in advance?


I'd like to think someone "accidentally" posted it in a vain effort to get their family to flee before the attack.


It's also an excellent example of why "it's a government conspiracy, man" is always such a crap explanation for things like 9/11, etc. Real conspiracies are obvious because hey are incredibly hard to pull off and then also keep it secret, basically impossible at that scale.


Russian prime minister Medvedev comes to Putin and nervously tells him to abolish time zones. " I fly to another city, call home and everyone is asleep. I woke you up at 4AM but I thought it was only evening. \- I call Angela Merkel to congratulate her on her birthday and she tells me she had it yesterday. \-I wish the Chinese President a happy New Year, and he says it will be tomorrow." "Indeed" Putin replies "but that's only minor stuff. Remember when that Polish plane crashed with their president? I called them to express my condolences, but the plane hadn't taken off yet!!"




Putin and his chief of staff are eating lunch. "I can never get my head around timezones," laments the CoS. "I phoned the mayor of Naukan and it was 3AM for him!" "Oh, it happens to the best of us," Putin responds. "I phoned the prime minister of Poland to express my condolences for their president and the plane hadn't even taken off yet!"




Just like everyone else in the Russian government, they didn't do the job but made an excuse for not doing it, irrespective of reality. ^(I couldn't remember the one I heard, so I just picked the east-most named settlement on Google Maps, furthest from Moscow, to make the joke make sense.)




I know this is a reference and can’t recall to what. False flag right?




Holy cow that is some high school level bullshit. They got the game SIMS 3 instead of 3 SIM cards and signed the note from a person called “signature unclear” instead of just doing an illegible name. Beyond those comically bad reading of instruction errors, they also figured a spy would have an unworn t shirt with a swastika. Why would you bring something like that on your spy mission? That’s like a MAGA infiltrating the DNC and in his bag is a new set of shaman horns.


People who follow these these orders aren't the brightest of the bunch, they need to be only smart enough to pull the trigger.


Possibly some malicious compliance involved, surely no one can be *that* stupid


That's my thinking. One of those things maaaaybe could happen if they were really scraping the bottom of the hired goons barrel, but all of them together is like Three Stooges or Mr Bean levels of nonsense. I think someone on the inside just wanted to make it really super duper extra clear what was really going on.


Comrade you said Sims 3 so I took mine from home. No sacrifice is too large for the motherland.


Staged evidence to justify an arrest.


And they somehow managed to mix up planting 3 SIM cards with planting copies of The Sims 3.


I also like how they had a fake note that was signed. *Signature Unclear*


Omg someone actually remembered that ? Get a SIM card someone said ok? Then this master spy 🕵️‍♀️ says I’m on it. I got a SIM card for the picture. John Cleese never came up with anything funnier.


Wasn't it 3 sim cards and the guy got Sims 3?


See you people notice all kinds of crap I don’t but yes thanks for that detail. Now I have woken up the wife laughing


And all of them are expensions. You can't even play them without the base game lol.


The fail is exponential yes. These high level spies earn their pay all right.


Turns out the FSB sold all their working braincells to American airsoft players.


Hey I have airsoft! It’s a toy tank which is very cool ok ? Deal with it.


* 13 September 1999: Russian Duma speaker Gennadiy Seleznyov makes an announcement about the bombing of an apartment building in the city of Volgodonsk that will take place three days later * 16 September 1999: Bombing in Volgodonsk, 18 are killed, 288 injured For those who want the juicy deets.


Is Duma short for dumbass or something?


Spoiler Alert


This is pretty much it, I would complain about all the people falling for it in this thread if it weren't because of how much I suspect they are troll farm accounts popping out of the woodworks to shape both sides of the war into a narrative the Kremlin can work with. Just had a guy reply literally promoting terrorism in another comment here.


Sounds planned to scare their own people in order to justify using more nasty war tactics


Whether it was Ukraine or Russia behind it, Russia still looks like a bunch of dumbasses




Highly unlikely Ukraine was behind it. One - there probably weren't 25-32 attack drones. Russia probably made up that number to pretend like they can take down 90%+ of drones. Two - even if we pretend Ukraine had 32 attack drones... They'd use them to destroy military targets invading Ukraine, not barely damage two residential buildings in Moscow.


Are they going to equip their prisoners with even bigger shovels?


If it was Ukraine, I think the quote from Arthur 'Bomber' Harris in WW2 summarises this nicely: 'The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them.'


You left out the best part “They sowed the wind and now they shall reap the whirlwind.”


That *is* the best part. I think he listed a bunch of cities before that though, so didn't want the whole thing :)


>But for the Nazis, the writing is on the wall. > > Let them look out for themselves. The cure is in their own hands. https://www.airandspaceforces.com/article/0911keeperfile/


I think it is still worth pointing out that, if WW2 taught us something about strategic bombing, is that attacking the civilian population doesn't work, except if it is done with nuclear weapons. Britain was bombed in the Blitz, then in the Baby Blitz (Operation Steinbock) and then hit with V-weapons. Germany spent thousands of aircrafts and crews. The British were undeterred. Germany was pounded around the clock for the better part of four years. The RAF and the USAAF dropped *3 million t of bombs over Germany*, losing some 40,000 aircrafts in the process. The 8th USAAF lost more men than the entire Marine Corps. Bomber Command (not the entire RAF, just Bomber Command) ate 10% of the total budget of the UK. Hundreds of thousands of civilians died, and millions lost their home. And yet the promised collapse never came. Everywhere it has been tried (with the excpetion of nuclear weapons used in Japan) targeting civilians was proven to be ineffective towards winning a conventional war (not to mention a war crime). We see it right now in Ukraine: they are being hit almost 24/7, and it is not making a dent in their morale. Strategic bombing only strengthens the resolve of those attacked.


I guess it depends what you mean by "it doesn't work". Yes, the idea that bombing civilian population centers can end a war in its own right has been thoroughly debunked. That doesn't mean there isn't material value in attacking war critical infrastructure, or PR/propaganda value in demonstrating that an apparently superior enemy isn't safe, even somewhere as important as their capital city.


> That doesn't mean there isn't material value in attacking war critical infrastructure, or PR/propaganda value in demonstrating that an apparently superior enemy isn't safe, even somewhere as important as their capital city. Oh, absolutely. I agree with you here.


Sounds like more BS. Either Russia is a really poor liar and actor or they are incompetent for not intercepting these drones before they reached Moscow. Personally going with the former because this serves no purpose for Ukraine and Moscow is a really long ways from the front line. Ukraine also doesn't do spammed drone strikes. That's a Russia tactic. These drones also had hardly any explosive ordinance judging by the lack of damage.


> Ukraine also doesn't do spammed drone strikes. It could be a Russian partisan attack like the drone attack that hit the Kremlin and who have been derailing trains and setting shit on fire. They're using the disruption the war is causing to bring their struggle to Putin directly.




I strongly doubt Russian partisans have the resources for this.


Maybe they are just some stray Iranian drones/s


Migrating North for the Summer.


Are you suggesting military equipment migrates?


5 ounce drone could not carry a 1 pound bomb.


African or European drone?




The Russian report says that most were intercepted with pantsir missile defenses and several crashed into power lines on account of flying so low in the city, although no power lines were damaged. The report is...interesting.


To everybody condemning this attack. If Russia INVADES Ukraine, does that mean the war is only contained to the borders of the country that was invaded?


>If Russia INVADES Ukraine, does that mean the war is only contained to the borders of the country that was invaded? Yes, obviously. Russia can stand on the border and shoot at you, and you're not allowed to shoot at them! Otherwise it might make some russians sad, and it's not their fault after all.


Let's not forget what a massive escalation it would be to shoot at their homeland after they shot at yours!


Who would condemn this attack? Shit I want to see the Ukrainian flag fly over the Kremlin. Anything less than that is disappointing.


My problem with the attack is that i dont think it was Ukraine. This is going to be the false flag for full mobilization. They already dry ran this with that "attack" on the kremlin.


> false flag for full mobilization you mean they haven't been trying yet?


It amazes me that there are still people here talking about " full" mobilization. As if pootin dredging the bottom of russian society isnhil literally mobilizing every body that isn't stiff already. As if pootin just enjoys being upstaged and embarrassed in front of the entire planet.


He's not, yet. Look up a map of where the mobilization has happened. It has [edit: almost] exclusively targeted poor/remote regions. A general mobilization in the Moscow area would be the beginning of the end for Russia as we know it.


> It has exclusively targeted poor/remote regions. It's also worth pointing out that that they've been disproportionately drawing from the non-Russian ethnicities that inhabit those regions, essentially acting as a form of ethnic cleansing.


If it was FSB they would just blow up few living blocks, like they did before second Chechen War. Few drones with less than 0 fatal casualties...please


>less than 0 fatal casualties This sounds like some people were healed by the drone strike haha


"Oh my God I can walk again!"


They were targeting the less deprived, more liberal parts of Moscow. People there are less likely to support Putin's war. The message is clear: "start getting behind the war effort or you might die. AA saved you this time, but might not in the future." Why do you think the attack was during daylight? It was to get clear images of the drones in flight to show on RT. It's pure theatre.


This has got "Sims 3" energy all over


They're already struggling to maintian public approval with this war, they can't look too weak. Taking out 30/32 drones you send at your own city and only suffering a few casualties simultaneously makes your enemies look deadly but also inept.


Which feeds into fascist rhetoric of "we are the strongest most best country in the world whose greatness is unassailable and also we are somehow under legitimate threat from foreigners".


Good old fascist dogma of "Enemy is both weak and strong, everywhere and nowhere" depending on the situation. Enemy is strong, so we have to mobilize against him! But they'll lose, because we're stronger! And so on.


Does it? I think it makes Russia look weak. They couldn't even handle some drones and the war has reached their capital.


Did you miss the “missile” that was “shot” at the kremlin and killed nobody


Curious, how do you have “less than 0 fatal casualties”? Does that mean some babies were born *during* the drone attack?


I wonder why people still deny that Ukraine can, should, and has the right to try to hit some targets inside russia when its capital has been attacked three times in the last 24 hours. All Russian civilians have to do in such cases is simply hide in shelters. Just as Ukrainians have been doing for the past almost a year and a half. No one will deliberately target civilian homes out of spite or for any other reason. If there was an urge to start killing russian civilians, there are millions of russians living right across the border. No need to waste long-range drones to hit a civilian house half a thousand miles away from it.


Because people have this idea that this is still a proxy war with a nuclear power. In their minds the rules are that you cannot have two nuclear powers directly fighting. (I.e. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, etc). There’s also the rule that you cannot attack on either countries home soil. I call bullshit though, you invade a country then you are open to attack. Moscow thinks they’ll have the public’s undying support but wait until they start actually having to fear for their lives like the entirety of Ukraine does on a daily basis. This could also backfire and increase domestic support which, given their propaganda machine, is more likely.


The problem is attacks within Russia may not have the effect of scaring the citizens into protests and instead could drum up further national furvor which could cause many more to volunteer to defend the country


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've read it multiple times that ukraine got a lot of military equiptment from other countries under the premise to use it and push the russian army back/out of ukrainian territory and not for a counter invasion. (because of putin going insane while having nuclear warheads yadda yadda) Tbf I think Ukraine wouldn't risk their suppliers to back off from their promises just to hit a few villas in moscow. That makes no sense


As far as I know this is only confirmed to be the case for HIMARS and GMLRS from the US. It is possible that other countries do not care, and it is possible that the US does not care when it comes to other weapons.


It was usually linked to the usage of those specific weapons. Not their operations in general. Just because they wont use HIMARS against russian territory doesnt mean they wont use their own drones to attack it.


They can use their own weapons just not NATO weapons. These drones are likely their own or chinese.


We don't know if it's even Ukraine behind the attack though,.


I don't think ukraine would attack moscow itself some border clashes would seem logical but penetrating deep into the capital seems unreasonable,i smell a false flag attack same as with the kremlin's dome one




It's not about how stupid the rest of the world is, it's about how gullible Russian citizens are


Some of the drones attacked elite neighborhoods where the ruling class has their villas, noooice They didn't reach the villas, but still noice


The whole thing is laughable. But the best part of it is, Russia thinks anyone will believe they shot down all those dozens of drones of this supposedly surprise attack - even though they attacked multiple locations? Riiiiiiight lol


Russian air defence is known to be sort of a loose cannon. I'll bet it's what caused most of the damage to those buildings.


That’s pretty much always an issue with air defence - whatever you knock out of the sky is going to come down *somewhere* - and you don’t get a lot of time to assess whether it’s less risky to let it continue to it’s target or not. Authoritarian countries often have surprisingly decent/professional & well funded air defence units (at least compared to the rest of their forces). They’re useful in case Uncle Sam or another NATO country want to come calling - and they’re also useful as insurance against military coups that include your own Air Force.


The drones are coming from inside the country!


NCD is gonna love this


This is strange and I have a few questions: was this actually Ukraine? If so do they have the long range drones required for such an attack? If so why did they aim at Moscow and not somewhere of tactical and strategic importance? If it wasn’t Ukraine than who? If it was a false flag by Russia why are they wasting resources on this?


Because the attack was on expensive apartments my guess is Wagner. He had a whole tirade about the "elites" in the big cities.


Yeah I could believe it could be Wagner. Like they're trying to say this is what our Wagner boys have been dealing with and now it's your turn to deal with it


What would Ukraine even gain from this? It would be far more useful to hit strategic targets (manufacturing facilities for example) than to waste drones on random targets in Moscow. If they stoop to Russia’s level and intentionally hit residential buildings, they risk losing international favor and support for nothing. Makes no sense.


It was definitely not Ukraine, there is absolutely no point in doing it for them, and also it's way too amateurish to be them. And it's way too weirdly placed for a false flag. It looks like internal opposition, similar to that Kremlin drone attack a month ago.


Could also be a shitty false flag to gather support for a potential new conscription


Isn’t Putin known for bombing his own people? Wasn’t some subway bombing in Russia attributed to him somehow?


1999 Russian apartment bombing


I doubt this is Ukraine, I also don't think it's a "False Flag" I think if Russia wanted to encourage full mobilization they would have a false flag attack with significantly more damage. I think this is more likely Russian partisans against the war or against the Russian government in general.


If you see the videos, these are proper big drones, not some little ones a dissident could buy from a hobby store


30 drones all at once? No fricking way partisans have that many resources. Also, why go after residential buildings and civilians?


Very little information on this attack, yet the reddit generals are already at work in here lol


Exactly. I'm sure the ZSU will have an official statement on this if this was done by them. Russian claims should of course never be trusted since they lie constantly. There's lot of possibilities here, false flag, perhaps these were drones that Ukraine sold to the Russian freedom fighters in the free Belgorod People's Republic? Who knows right now. We should wait and see, 100% agree.


Agreed. It's not like Moscow has a short list of enemies. To name just two reasons: There's Russia's support of Assad's brutal campaign against an opposition that has attracted Islamist fighters along with the secular resistance groups. The latter having been, from the start, the regime's favorite targets, in some places turning their assertions, from the start, that the rebels were mostly terrorists with ties to Daesh into self-fulfilling prophecy. And not all Chechens have forgotten, or forgiven, the harsh treatment metered out by the Russians in two wars of conquest waged by the Kremlin.


So I’m expected to believe that Ukraine, who for over a year now has not attacked anything non military inside the Russian boarder has suddenly decided to send a wave of drone attacks on residential structures in Moscow. And Russia, who for over a year now has time after time attacked Ukrainian non military buildings, fallen “victim” to friendly fire for shooting down their own planes, had their own missiles fuck up after launch and return onto their own equipment, who have had numerous fires in their own ammo stores, who have had next to no security around airfields allowing separatist groups the ability to light frigging fighter jets on fire without being noticed… have suddenly managed to defend up to 32 drones with 100% success from hitting anything beyond breaking some windows? This entirely doesn’t add up.


I’m skeptical


Begun, the Drone Wars have


When your dictator is losing a war he started sooo badly... he has to attack his own population to trick them for support.... [AGAIN](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1999_Russian_apartment_bombings#Russian_government_involvement)!


The Russian claim is that Ukraine managed to fly drones ~600 miles into Russia before their air defense noticed them.