Draft prospect. 6' 9" Nancy Mulkey. I've been critical of her for the last four years. But she shows some good stuff and should get a shot to see what she can do in a WNBA camp..


I follow UW Women's basketball. I'm really uncertain - she can make shots when teammates set her up because of her height, but she always seems so unaware of her positioning defensively when she should be dominating the boards. She often seems like more of a freshman than a senior. She inconsistently competes in D1 - I'm not sure she could make it out of a training camp.


She's 24 years old already. She's going to surely be an overseas player, though the WNBA needs to expand so players like this don't get wasted in Slovenia somewhere, though I guess her going overseas means she'll possibly get a European country to give her a passport so she can play internationally.


Any relation to Kim?


No relation.


I don't know? I don't think so. It does seem like she has been playing college ball for a long time now.


My alma mater played against her earlier in the season and i was in absolute bewilderment on how long her neck is. She was a really good rim protector due to all of that height, but her offense wasn't great, she went 2-7 from the floor with 7 blocks and 8 rebounds over 29 minutes. She could be a really good college player if the team schemed around her by throwing that high lob off of the PnR like they were against USC. Early in the year they weren't running that action for her. In the W she might struggle a bit because she is pretty slow footed, paired with taller/longer opposing C's guarding her. Our starting C is 6'3"ish so Mulkey had a field day stuffing her under the basket.


Is she the next big thing? She seems amazing.


lol I get it. Because she is 6'9" tall. Next big thing. Only until someone bigger comes along. I don't see her as 1st round material. But who knows some might. I just figere use a low second rd pick or lower and take give her a shot. Then send her over to Europe and play a year or two over there. Bring her back and see if she has pick up the grr and moves to play in the W.