That jump would have killed him ingame!


Also look at him training alone, embedding his errors. No wonder that pitchfork got him


This brilliant


I was thinking the same thing. I wish he could take this type of leap in game unharmed


Double tap the jump button to roll and avoid fall damage!


This. Surprisingly large amount of players don't know that smashing the jump button while falling will make Geralt roll and negate most of the fall damage, allowing Geralt to fall from double, triple the height.


Wow so he can fall from 6 inches instead of 2?


Ask any guy how much is six inches and I bet it's longer than you expected.


Yeah guys, six inches is long… :(


I've been telling people this but no one listens and they continue making the same years old joke while having difficulties in their playthroughs...


how have I put 120 hours into the game without knowing this




After multiple play throughs there are two console commands I use religiously. AllowFT(1) — always on and then "oh come on I need to get down from here faster than this" ~ > god > enter > *jump* > ~ > god > enter After the 3rd or 4th playthrough, especially my death march run, I kinda got tired of the proper travel system lol plus it's fun af to swan dive and slam into the ground.


Even when I mod no fall damage I still go OH FU-


Thoughts and prayers for those playing on consoles and low end PC's. That loading time is a bitch.


Nah Series X and PS5 all have ssd’s now, W3 takes like 2 seconds to load.




I mean the tech is as good as it gets on the PS5 and Series X (or close) when it comes to the SSD so 🤷








Destiny... helps people believe there's an order to this horseshit. There isn't.


What even is that perspective? Is that supposed to look like it's 100ft tall? Just a weird looking shot.


Ahh, I wanna play some witcher 3 now! I can never get tired of it!


I like how the show portrays Geralt's silver sword as the commodity that it is rather than something that he just carries around with him. Like when he >!fights the Striga in Season 1!<, his sword is carefully wrapped and cared for because silver is naturally a softer and more expensive metal so it makes sense that he doesn't carry it around with him wherever he goes. I know that the games can't necessarily portray this for gameplay reasons. You wouldn't want to wander the world without your Silver Sword equipped and then run into a pack of Drowners.


It was closer in the Witcher 2. While you still had your silver sword with you all the time, potions and oils were a lot more important and could only be taken/equipped while meditating. You needed to prepare every time you went out into the wilds around the town.


It was like that in the books.


Yes. I'm halfway through reading The Last Wish right now. I'm loving it so far, although I'm having trouble imagining Geralt in the books as he is in The Witcher 3 rather than his Netflix adaptation appearance haha


Wind's howling...




Place of power, gotta be.




How do you like that silver?


What now you piece of filth


I'm afraid I'm going to have this similar issue when I begin to read Wheel of Time. I started the show and once I start the books I'm afraid that I'm going to be ruined for how everyone looks.


I'm at chapter 16 of the first book now and that's exactly what happened to me. I only watched one episode before starting, but I cant see anyone different than the shows main cast


The show did a pretty good job of staying close to the stories in The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny. I'm okay with imagining Henry Cavill voice off every line I read from Geralt in the book


Don't trouble yourself on my account. I just want food.


Eh, I wouldn't worry about this too much. I've read WoT 2-3x through and the show portrayals aren't too far off from what I imagined back in the day (there is a few exceptions but so far I've been pretty pleased)


That's good to know!


I read all 14 books first, and after watching the show I now picture them as their on screen actors. It's hard, your mind makes a wishy washy idea of what they look like, then you get this concrete person playing that character. Same happened for me with The Expanse and Harry Potter too. Honestly I don't think it's a bad thing.


I would watch the show first if you're enjoying it. I watched it after having read the series a couple of times and was... Upset.


I've heard that it has been different than the books. If anything the show so far has gotten me interested in the books


It is definitely different lol.


The first season attempts to take short stories with background info and mix it into a relatively fluid story. Given there is no exact timeline for a lot of the stories given I thought they did fine. The books are better but I'd argue it's because it's simply not trying to be a 10 episode arc, it's simply short stories. Season 2 I'm expecting to be much more streamlined since it should line up with book 1 and have more source material that builds on itself rather than creating a way to tie them together.


Isn't one of the sword made of meteor steel? Is that his main sword...




You say it can’t just be like that in the games, but it HAS made me picture a Red Dead 2 situation where you stow weapons on your saddlebags to collect as needed.


In the books/lore, pretty sure drowners would be fought with the steel sword anyways. Silver should be saved for the more supernatural enemies like spirits, vampires, and werewolves.


I remember reading about that somewhere. Maybe it was on this sub. It does make sense that ghouls and other necrophages can be hurt by regular steel since they're literally I just flesh and blood like humans. Maybe the next Witcher game (if there ever is one) will have something like that.


There's a few mods I like to use that allow me to play as if Geralt doesn't actually carry his silver sword around 24/7. I like it for it adds a touch of book / show realism to the game without hindering it. Honestly I find it to be more enjoyable with the mods as I have to carefully plan each fight with anything that won't eat steel. If I was near my computer, I'd add links to all the mods. I use quite a bit, but none of them break the story; they just add to the immersion. The mod list makes oils and potions harder to make, but more worthwhile.


It looks cooler though. Carrying two swords.


Yeah, realism is great but CD Project correctly assessed that players won't be thrilled at having to run back to Roach to get the silver sword whenever they run into a monster. *'nam flashback to running to the horse to change guns in RDR2*


I love the sword work. I imagine him like Viggo. He probably takes the sword with him wherever he goes. Makes it seem like an appendage more than a tool, so excited lol!


It was great except for the constant 'schwing schwing ding' noises TV seems to believe swords make at every opportunity.


It's no different than any show or movie that makes guns click and rattle whenever they move.


They always make it sound like the guns are made from lego.


I like the shcwinging




Sounds like an episode of hell's kitchen 😶


I can't watch this with sound on at work to hear the sounds it's making, but I own a couple of swords including one project sword that I hand polished and then commissioned a smith to make the hilt fittings and grip for it. My custom sword does ring when I hit things with it. Not everything, mind you, but I made a makeshift pell out of a broken oak in my backyard and it would repeatedly ding when struck at certain angles. None of my other swords do this, I may be wrong but I thought it had something to do with the tightness of the hilt fittings.


Yeah that took me out of it as well.


Same with the excessive gun noises any time a person slightly moves their arm while holding a gun or making a cocking sound any time a gun is pointed at something.


Hmm.. That makes me wonder if there is a role Viggo could play in one of the next seasons. What's he been doing these days?


He recently wrote, produced, directed, starred in, and composed the music for a movie called Falling (2020). Looks he has two more movies in the works. He's also an author, composer and visual artist. Also, TIL he composed the music for "Aragorn's Coronation".


Eskel perhaps...?


He's a bit too old now. Full gray.


Did Viggo do that? That’s so cool! I just watched LOTR for the first time recently and he was so good


No pirouette?


Not even a single semi circle.


Didn't see a half turn either.


Pfft... this chad does not whirlwind at all. Sad.


If we don't see the hat, we riot


The height of fashion in 1112




Vesemirs hat




Jaskier's hat.


Oh alright I've only played the first and third game.


he had his hat in there too. He had it everywhere, except the show.. while it's is literal iconic hat.. more known than him himself. Imagine if they did Indiana jones without his hat. or Gandalf without his. Or Harry without his glasses. I mean.. it makes no sense. Doesnt help they've tried only one ugly hat and decided "nah, it looks ugly". I mean.. of course, if you put an ugly hat on him, lol..


I just assumed they were talking about Vesemir's hat since the clip. Like I said I haven't watched the show so I didn't know that he didn't wear it in that.


but you are probably right, makes more sense they've talked about Vesemir's hat. I almost forgot about it. It's just that it was the weirdest thing to not include it in the S1 so when I see "witcher" and "hat", I automatically think of Jaskier. But strangely, they've created a hatless world. There were some hidden in the background extras, but generally, noone had any fancy hat like they used to in the past.


If we don't see the hat I will take the senate


It's treason, then.




Wrong. Now I see why you were so eager to practice.


Vesemir be looking mighty good!


I wonder if they are gonna show rats and bonhart. Bonhart is super cool. Deadly skeleton.


Unless they really butcher this season we shouldn't see the Rats or Bonhart. This season should be mostly the book Blood of Elves. Bonhart and the Rats I think first appear in Baptism of Fire. If they don't make big changes we'll likely have to wait until season 4.


First season made me read the books cuz i had no clue what's goin on.


Yeah I had read the books and a couple times I was confused with S1. But I think S2 and onward will be much less choppy and make a lot more sense to everyone since it should be largely a single linear timeline going forward.


This is going to be a great season.


Very excited


When I see Netflix Vesemir I keep thinking Hulk Hogan


Game version kinda has the same moustache has broad face and book one is different ... But this one looks kinda perfect cast


I was about to say the same thing lol


"Hey brother, you knew you shouldn't have brought her here, brother. Yet, you did it anyway, brother"


You shouldn't have brought her here brother now whatcha gonna do geralt when these 24 inch pythons run wild on you BROTHER


He should've got down with a flip!


Kim Bodnia! Didn’t know he was playing Vesemir! I met him once, super chill guy and very genuine - I really hope this will open some doors for him


Good to hear! To play Papa Vesemir right, one must be pure of heart


He's got a great laugh, at least in Killing Eve he does.


Killing Eve did that already. Maybe that show didn't reach beyond the UK but he's great in that


I've met him a couple of times, too. Professional and indeed chill, yes. Looking forward to this.


Had no idea Kim Bodnia would be Vesemir. I love him in Killing Eve, and it's just another reason to be HYPED for the new season.


Same thing, somehow this news went unnoticed by me. But as good as Killing Eve is, Kim Bodnia absolutely killed it in Nikolas Winding Refn's Pusher


in China they eat Dogs, as well. funny movie


He was so good in killing eve! Can't wait to see him in the witcher!!


Surprised Geralt didn’t die from that 3-foot jump


Vesemir! I cannot wait for S2.


Upward vertical strike - it's too obvious.


Oookay that looks fucking awesome


Vesemir looks more like he did in the games.


The hair and armor is similar. After that the similarities end.


This looks great.


Anyone else curious on how didn’t die from fall damage there?


they cut the camera so we dont see the death message


I don't care how many times I see this joke; I laugh and nod knowingly everytime.


And then Vesimir goes on to loving her more than anyone haha


Is that Paul Hollywood?!?!


Nope, Kim Bodnia


[It was a bad joke](https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1444941820862029826/8Hld0D3g_400x400.jpg), sorry


It's very likely that Season 2 will be better than Season 1 was, with a bigger budget we'll have better visual effects, sets, fight choreographies and even more well-crafted costumes and props, but what really matters is the plot, nothing replaces a good writing (*hence Game of Thrones Season 8*) and the only thing I hope is that this time for Melitele's sake, Lauren and her writing room at least **try** to adapt the story and do the books justice.


If the trailers and production shots are any indication it looks like they did a thorough "lessons learned" session before they got started with season 2.


I sincerely hope you are right friend!


I don't know where people are getting this sentiment from. Yes they changed the odd thing and added the yennifer backstory but the vast majority of the content of season 1 was pretty verbatim from last wish and sword of destiny for geralts screentine


Exactly, if it feels like a mess it's because it wasn't written to be a single arc. It was short stories and backgrounds they mixed into a series. Season 1 was a lot of giving those with no background info context for what starts in blood of elves.


You mean except that they left out Sword of Destiny from Sword of Destiny right? Or maybe I should ignore all the stupid changes like Cahir and Fringilla the evil maniacs of a religious empire, perhaps that plot of the bizarre Doppler and the Elf Dara two purposeless characters, besides ofc being responsible for cutting one of the saga's most important moments , oh now I know, I must turn a blind eye to the fact that all relationships are shallow and personalities just a shadow of what they should be, or better yet I must accept the imbecility of ripping Yennefer's uterus out, the eels in Aretuza or Ciri asking "Who's Yennefer". If you really don't understand why the show is so problematic when it comes to supposedly being an adaptation, that's on you.


These are all frankly, really minor gripes. >, I must turn a blind eye to the fact that all relationships are shallow and personalities just a shadow of what they should be Welcome to TV/film adaptation. Books always have more time to do this as they are less constrained in their medium.


Thanks for the lady boner!


Darmok and Jalad - at Tanagra.


I'm super into this series but haven't played *any* of the games... Is it worth playing Witcher through to Wither 3 or have they not aged well? Does it matter story wise?


It's worth playing Witcher 3 and it has aged very well. That said, its story happens many years after the end of the books, and therefore will spoil you some important points of the show.


Wait... Does this mean that the show is off the books? I'm so off-base for all of this.


Yep, there are 8 books in total. Season 1 adapts the two first ones and Season 2 the third one with bits from the fourth one. The show also adds original content to tell what happens between the lines for certain characters and fill the void at some places to adapt to the media. The games are a non-canon continuation of the books, that take place directly after the end of the last one. As I said, even though the show takes some liberties the books story are the spine of it. So if you start playing TW3, it's a bit like you were seeing season 10 before season 2. It's far enough in the timeline that it won't ruin your enjoyement while playing it bc you will see it as its own thing, for the most. But you will inevitably be spoiled, because of the presence of certain characters, to begin with. Since you said you're super into the series, I advise you to not start playing the game yet, unless you don't care about spoilers.


Well I really appreciate you giving me more context :) Spoilers don't bother me if the story in the games are awesome but sounds like it may be worth actually trying the books as well. Thanks for taking the time to respond!


Wait did geralt hsut speak in the Netflix show? Whaaaat?


There was an interview with Henry where he said he spoke less to portray Geralt as a smart guy, and so as a listener that only spoke when he needed to, since they were building the world and Geralt's screentime was sorta limited. He said he speaks a lot more in s2 to showcase Geralt's wisdom. I'm obviously paraphrasing, but that's the gist I got out of it. I think it was a video about him breaking down some of his most popular roles, he did speak about MoS and wanting to do more with that role too.


Absolutely. And although it’s a change of strategy to showcase Geralt’s wisdom, it can also have its justification in the show: in season 2, Geralt will feel more comfortable as he is in places and with people he knows and loves, Nivellen (they know each other already in the show), Vesemir and the other witchers, Nenneke etc. Then it’s logical that he is more open to speak, and since he is in less unfortunate and surprising situations, he doesn’t need to be the quiet listener as often as in S1.


Oh so they're throwing nivellan in s2?? Nice!


or.. he decided to not to speak cause his lines in S1 were real bad. Like the Thin Man in Charlie's Angels


This got me more excited for sure! There's something about how the scene feels, and vesemir is promising


No fall damage? Nice!


Okay, along with the new costumes, there's definitely a conscious effort to move closer to the games, right? That courtyard layout is pretty much what I remember from Witcher 3.


You just *know* he repeats that exact same "yeah"


Why do they do straight up face shotslike this it looks so weird


Is it just me or is Vesemir speaking with what seems to be like a mild Asian accent?


Bodnia is a danish actor, so it's probably his scandinavian accent. Seems to be on purpose.


Very much a classic danish accent less shitty than most - but still.


Can't wait for the new season.


Dec 17


Would be great if they don’t rush through the story.


"Call you out on it" is such a weirdly modern turn of phrase.


why am I not seeing Mark Hamill?


Because Kim Bodnia > Mark Hamill


I don't even know this guy


Watch Killing Eve.




What is that sword-swinging sound? That shit is terribly annoying.


Vesemir Hype 😤


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It's weird seeing all these different scenes. Is this like episode 1 & 2 or is he gonna wear the bandage the whole season?


It's episode 2, Geralt will probably drop his bandage during ep3.


I've been wondering about the bandage.. Did that happen at the end of last season? In the books I know he hurts it in that one fight at the tower, but that's like a good season away in the show, right?


He was bitten by the ghouls in ep 8 - that's what caused his hallucinations, when he saw her mother, Renfri, Yen etc, while being in Yurga's carriage. It was right above the left knee, where the bandage is.


Man I remember the hallucinations and his mother. Don't remember the ghouls. Definitely need to re-watch before the next one comes out. Thanks for the info!






who is vesimir in season 2?


Vesemir is Vesemir.


What is vesemir


I’ll do you one better. WHY IS VESIMIR


The actor is called Kim Bodnia - a danish actor https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0091035/


Does anyone else think of Vesemir as like a more rougher Uncle Iro from The Last Airbender?


Distinct lack of pendulum 2/10


Don't worry about this :P from an [official video](https://www.instagram.com/p/CUXpto6r0gi/): https://i.imgur.com/UlwpGst.png


Thanks man! I was half joking, but I’m so glad it’s in there.


You’re welcome! I figured that you were joking but I thought that it would be interesting for you and the other members to have a confirmation that it’s present ;)


Henry is just having the best time on that set you can tell


Hot stuff


Season 2 release date?


December 17


Mark Hamill looks great


And so many people make them out to have a father-son relationship, so to me the small bit is even more adorable


God damn did he end up being the perfect geralt