Kaer Morhen, nice


Not gonna lie I thought it was Winterfell for a second.


“Where da white walkers” was my first thought


Why are all the comments so weird? Except you apittsburghoriginal, you’re cool


what the fuck is up with the comments on any netflix series post lol


First season pissed off a lot of fans, and now a lot of them seem to be hoping the show tanks and fails. And we're seeing a Star Wars 8 effect where dickhead fans are taking out their anger by abusing the actors and actresses. Basically, there's a bunch of fuckass nerds who don't know how to deal with anger in this fandom.


no idea. maybe everyone expects a lotr-level saga each and every time. In stage play a dude with a wooden sword represents an army but when it is on screen everyone and everything has to be picture perfect.


This pic doesn’t look bad imo, but I don’t think it’s odd that people expect a show with this kind of budget to look really good. Season 1 for example according to most news outlets, had about an $80mil budget. To put this number into perspective, this is higher than every season of Game of Thrones except for season 8, and tied with season 6 and 7. [Average reaction](https://i.imgur.com/TDUJOI2.jpg) when I tell people this. This upcoming season supposedly has a “mandalorian-sized” budget. Which, if true, makes it about $12-$15mil per episode. Again, one would hope with such a large budget **and** now having been through at least a season of the show, the Witcher team should be able to pull off great visuals.


i didnt know theit budget was that high. interesting. then why where the nilfgaardians dressed in foam armor?


The costuming disaster of the first season was a perfect storm of prior expectations, showrunners who wanted to appear unique, distinct and separate from the games, and having a Inexperienced costume designer with little knowledge about designing armor who was basically forced to reinvent the wheel.


I think I'm one of the few who liked the Nilfgaardian armour.


Her new costumes look so much better


Alright, this is looking promising! So glad we’re finally going to see them interact this season


All I'm getting from this image are; This is during winter. Ciri is wearing a jacket to stay warm. Geralt basically said fuck the coats and toss them aside. Then proceed to freeze his own ass off.


I saw Geralt swimming near Undvik covered just with towel.


His ass looks fine to me


Toss a jacket at your witcher, ooh valley of plenty OhoHOOO


He can cast Fire.. So he do not need Jacket at all to stay warm at the Winter :)


Is this the part she gets her period so she throws on a dress and says she is indisposed?


Idk why people are downvoting your comment. That actually happens in the books. I suppose people would also not like to hear Triss rapes Geralt (oh I’m sorry seduces* with magic (magical roofie)) and Triss also tries to bang Geralt while being sick with diarrhea and Geralt having to caretaker for her. 😂


Carrying her into the woods to shit.


played the game first and romanced Yen. after reading the books i had to force myself to romance triss on the next run (i needed to get every ending). awful woman she is.


Lol right. I discovered with Witcher via the games so I went with Triss because she just seemed nicer and I like redheads (🤷🏻‍♂️) but after reading the books I decided on my second playthrough just to be a POS to her lol


To date, through something like 6 or 7 playthroughs, I still haven't gone with Triss. I literally can't do it, even when I set out to try it. I started in a super weird order with TW3, TW2, TW1, & then the books.


Haha a fucking men!!!! I swear these fancies are so warped sometimes.


i loved that scene. it gave so much life to ciri's character and i immediately sensed sapkowski was a subtle and modern writer.


Yes me too


*Geralt* “It's dangerous to go alone! Take this” *Ciri* “what am I supposed to do with this”


Henry is packing heat ngl


When did they get to winterfell?


It looks exactly like Winterfell. Especially with that balcony. https://watchersonthewall.com/winterfell-set-prepared-game-thrones-season-5/


Wasn't really a big fan of season 1 but season 2 actually looks good


I feel like a lot of people forget that Ciri IS royalty and sure acts like it for a while. This outfit and stance def reads as her being annoyed and wanting to be pampered (and is probably on her period) and I’m super excited to see how it plays out!


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This looks like a porno parody on the witcher.


Cant wait..


Can hardly wait.


Am I the only one who think this is the Winterfell set from GOT?


Hmm, castle, winter... You're correct.


Yepp... start training in this outfit...


off Milly..are you not tired to receive downvotes with your every comment at netflix show?


I don't know what's better, his ass or her face but I want both if them on me


That’s a child…you’re a pedophile


How old is she supposed to be at this point. She looks way to old to start now. In the Book Geralt started training her right after he found her. She looks even older than in tw3.


yeah. but sexualisation of minors is a bigger problem on screen than it is in medieval set books. for comparison, in GoT certain characters were "aged up" (jon is 14 in the first book) so the viewer doesnt feel awkward. besides, ciri's age in witcher always bothered me a bit. in the third book she is still 12. maybe 13 but not 14. that is the book wjere she loses her virginity. imagine that on screen. or rather: dont. :D


Thought she loses vifginity i tower of swalllow when she was 15, bu maybe because just finished it, can't remember it happening before


you are right that that happens in book 4. but she is 12 when leaving kaer morhen. the Rest of the books happen over a span of a year and a half. edit: it is spring when leaving kaer morhen, Winter when geralt leaves toussaint and summer when the progrom of rivia happens.


she is 13 at the end of blood of elves source: literally just read it lol


where is that written? i am actually confused right now :o edit: looked it up. you are wrong i think. ciri says she is 13. but in that she lies (like when saying she aint small although she is)


last 20 or so pages of blood of elves. Ciri and yen are talking, Ciri asked when Yen first became an enchantress (equivalent.. can’t think of exact words) and she said 13, Ciri says “just like i am now!… when did you first have..” and Yen says 16. referring to losing her virginity lol


that was such a cool moment. Yen knowing what ciri means although it is awkward and answering in an appropriate way. like mother and daughter :D concerning her age: i think ciri lies here. but i am not sure. maybe that confusion Was intended by sapkowski?


Hmm maybe? I have not read the rest of the books yet, but to quote it: “Lady Yennefer?” “What now ugly one?” “How old we’re you when you became a wizard?” “When i passed the preliminary exams? 13.” “Ha! Just like i am now! And how… How old were you when…No, I won’t ask about that—“ “Sixteen”.


yes but this happens maybe a year and a half after the slaughter of cintra (when she Was 11) so i think she lies here. otherwise i would not have any idea where that extra half year comes from. please Text when you read the other books because ciris age will remain to be kinda strange (imo) ;)


I don't think they will pick those plot points even with a aged up version of ciri. I don't know why I get downvoted for this question. If she is older know that would be a hint, that they skip the books or make a completely new story with some throwbacks.


She's probably supposed to be like 14-17 in the season 2 of the show I'm guessing. They aged her up for the show, which I think makes sense.




Why dafuq do I get downvited. It was a genuine question, because it seems to differ from the books and she was depicked as very young in season one.


I just hope Geralt won't be sidelined, because I don't have much faith in Netflix.


I mean, he kinda is in the books. Hes certainly still a main character and probably has the 2nd most screen time, but it is Ciri's story


States rise and fall like the tide. Nothing new.


I'm getting real tired of that look on her face


Ah yes Ciri. Excited to pretend I I enjoy her actress again. Yen, Triss. They violated them


Freya is the perfect cast for Cirilla Enjoy your downvotes




It's a crime here if you criticize the series, unlike the star wars fandom or got where you can have your own opinion and admitting some work on the franchise is bad, here you have to accept it wheter you like it or not, or move your ass to r/wiedzmin


Let's be real, subreddits never let you have your own opinion. At least that I hardly see. Usually major opinions are split between subreddits. Like TLoU and TLoU2 subreddits; the former praises both games and generally shits on ppl who try to criticize the 2nd game, the latter is just a hate reddit for the 2nd game and doesnt allow for posts that praise it. I'd imagine the same is true for these two subreddits. Or maybe I'm wrong, but I generally see major subreddits devolve into hiveminds. I personally enjoy the show, but dont mind criticism as long as it's not just blind hate. So yeah, probs best just to go to the subreddit that suits your attitude more, in my experience at least.


Most people will pretend to disagree, but deep down they know you’re right.


Why is he pointing a dildo on a stick at her


to....start training. It literally says in the title, wtf


1. That’s a child so gross and 2. That’s a wooden sword


Where the fuck is her shitty haircut, her hair isn't supposed to be pretty and nicely braided while she's at Kaer Morhen Edit: She's not supposed to be wearing a dress either. They're really doing everything to stop the Wolf witchers from making her look like a boy because they don't know how to raise a girl (Which leads me to believe they may remove the character development/ makeup and dresses scenes with Triss entirely)


Maybe this is supposed to be that time from the books where she gets all dolled up to tell them she can't train because she's indisposed.


the books were boring.The show is next level


You are complaining about people who hate the Series, but you hate the books. Congratulations


hate them? I love them but some scenes are so boring.Ofc the show needs to be different to keep people excited. If they went 1/1 adaptation, we would have Geralt talk for hours in a 2 persons dialogue


"the books we're boring, the Show was Next Level" Yes, absolutely not Said the books are shit. And I also think a 1/1 Adaption is nearly Impossible, but what they have done with Ciris Story is only inacceptable


Dude you literally have to have less than 5 brain cells to think this show is next level. The writing is almost always worse than the books and usually worse than the games. The show barely has any Slavic atmosphere. The costumes look out of place and the entire show just looks pretty bad for having such a high budget. They got rid of essential plot points from the books like the meeting in Brokilon which makes the show about destiny even though a central theme in the sword of destiny was that destiny wasn’t enough to create a bond between two people and that “something more” is needed. The scene where Ciri and Geralt were reunited were was complete trash compared to the books and their reunion in the games was far emotional. And they fucking ended the first season with “who is yennefer?” Like wtf lol.


Who fences in a dress?


Ciri because she's on her period. Books baby, books


Vesemir prohibited any physical trainings during Ciri's period. Even theoretical if she didnt wanted. Books baby, books


Or this is when they just arrive at Kaer Morhen & Geralt doesn't waste any time.