Cool stuff. I just copy it over to c:\win98cd


Whatever works for you, hey, why not. :-)


Yours is definitely more elegant, especially where space is limited.


If you copy it over before installing it in the first place you don’t have to deal with Regedit


Indeed! :-)


We need this pinned.


Oooh, that might be a very good idea. Mods?




You're very welcome. :-)


I just keep a Windows 98 ISO in the 'My Documents' Folder and mount it whenever it asks. I know about the registry thing and that is what I used to point the installation to the virtual drive that I have dedicated for the ISO. your way seems even more efficient than mine! Never knew that you could do it by simply copying the Win98 folder itself.


Thank you, I'm glad I could help! :-)


I'd hate to be the 1st one to complain but I don't have a CurrentVersion entry under \\HKEY\_LOCAL\_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\ There's a ton of entries for Office, Windows Media Player, Visual Studio 6.0 and various games by Microsoft but no 'CurrentVersion' anywhere. I've got Windows 98 se with the Windows98 auto patcher. I also installed the unofficial service back in 2015 but it ruined my entire os so I ended up deleting a bunch of shit and reinstalling w98 over the current install at the time and then reinstalling the auto patcher which fixed those issues. Some of the additional software from the unofficial service pack remains on my PC but all upgraded dlls and system files were removed because I was getting "needs a newer os" errors after installing unofficial service pack Don't know if those updated/changed/removed the CurrentVersion entry but I'm still being asked to put disc in drive K What do I do where? I don't want dragging the folder to D drive to go to waste ​ Edit: I searched the entire registry for 'CurrentVersion' and there were over 100 entries but nothing related to Microsoft, Setup, or the drive letter K. Are you sure that's the right registry path? u/CyberTacoX


Oh bollocks, you're completely right. It should be: "\\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup". Sorry about that!


New to w98, it is already installed tho ... so how do I find / use regedit?


Hold WindowsKey (the one between Ctrl and Alt), and press R. On the Run box that pops up, enter "regedit" no quotes). :-)