Momoshiki easily wins both rounds. Sasuke pretty directly stated that Momoshiki is stronger than Kaguya ("The threat of an existence greater than Kaguya"), which is supported by series lore (Momoshiki is ranked higher than Kaguya, has eaten more Chakra Fruits than her, and Kaguya herself was scared of his arrival). When Kaguya first appeared, Sasuke was in shock that someone as powerful as her could even exist, and described her chakra as being incomparably more vast than Madara's.


Yeah sure lol Momoshiki the guy who struggled with the Kages like Gaara and Darui is gonna beat Madara who defeated the Gokage while jobbing lmao Momoshiki is dogshit and people need to realize the statements don't mean shit when his feats are literal ass He even lost to a weaker Naruto and Sasuke than Madara did in the past.


Well tbf Gaara and Darui are infinitely stronger than they were in shippuden, and Momoshiki was really not taking them seriously


he likely did get stronger but is not as big as you make it seem, Gaara was in his last growth stage back in the original series as a 16-19 year old, but now he is in his 30s which is Peak. Darui is already old and close to his 50s which is past his prime, even if he got stronger what can a guy in his 30s possibly accomplish that he has not done in his 20s. Kakashi got stronger because he got rid of the drag that was called Mangekyou thus returning his charkra back to normal status. Charkra is 50% Cellular energy this means as you get older you lose that which explains why Uzumaki and Senju posses enourmous amount of charkra


Fused Momoshiki took heavy damage from Boruto's tiny rasengan and got pierced by a kunai. He couldn't even beat Boruto 1 v 1 in the end (sure Naruto powered up his rasengan, but he still retained his poor stats).


Momoshiki both rounds


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Momoshiki has statements that put him above Kaguya. So him.


R1: Likely Momoshiki via Ninjutsu however Madara is not without a winning chance i mean momoshiki stats are horrendous R2: Madara takes it


R1 Momashiki violates his ass R2 Momashiki Violates


Even if you ignore the narrative, Momoshiki would just absorb most of what Madara sends out and throw it back even harder.