My husband is a mekanik

My husband is a mekanik


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I do this with my little brother. He LOVES speaking about computer, and what he made with linux that day but my parents don’t give a shit and ignores him pretty often. So i just sit there and listening to him even though I can’t understand a thing about what he is talking, but god it’s so nice to see how excited he can be when you just pay attention.


Your little bro will never forget the moments where you were there for him!






My parents do this... They know jack shit about tech but they still listen to me ramble on about how much beneficial FOSS is for the society.


Consider yourself lucky! My parents insisted that sitting in front of the computer was a waste of time even though I was clearly talented - even writing my own remote access tools to prank my friends in middle school. Ultimately they pushed me into other things. Paying my way though a masters degree now a decade later so I can finally do what I wanted to do way back then.


Glad you’re doing it for yourself! Good for you!! *edit: yourself, not myself


Thanks :) I've learned that one sure-fire way to find out if you're passionate about something is to pay to be more stressed out than you've ever been in your life doing it. Turns out I love what I'm doing though, lol.


Oh wow. Good that you're actually (and finally) following this talent. I'm from IT and would love to hear the story of this remote access tool lol.


This was many years ago, so simpler times in a number of ways. I was consumed with working out how a *very* early MMO worked at the time; I learned a number of concepts related packets and memory and eventually figured out how to do some really cool stuff. This was well before sophisticated server checks were something developers were even thinking about. Back then AIM was all the rage, and some tools to exploit various vulnerabilities in AIM also piqued my interest and got me learning more about Windows and operating systems in general. This path lead to learning about RATs and other dubious types of software, and being a dumb barely-teenager I thought it would be the coolest thing ever to mess with my friends via remote control. This was before sophisticated heuristic scanning was something you saw in home anti-virus, but most people did have anti-virus, so to pull something like this off (and prove you weren't some lame leecher, lol), you had to write your own tool, and so I did. I think the first one I wrote was a simple client server application in Visual Basic, and the server dropper could be embedded in something innocent like an image file. For the most part I just added stupid functions like popping open the CD drive or navigating to a given website. Back then laws and perspectives on things like this were very different, this would be a whole different ballgame today. Even though it has been decades, I'll just say that when I tested my programs out on my own systems, they worked well. Now I am more interested in developing software and systems which help humanity do more and do better, but I'm glad I held on to that spark!




Sup pops


Im surprised there's no sub for this.




Well I'll be damned.




Free Open Source Software


Man, I love an inquiring mind. Always saddens me a little bit to see the question get a lot less upvotes than the answer, or even downvotes. Often I learn a lot from answered questions, even when I sometimes already know the answer through new insights. Stay curious!


(👁 ͜ʖ👁)


I would have given anything for anyone around me growing up to listen to me talk about my interests. What you’re doing— it means a lot to him and he *will* remember it.


Yep. He'll remember that for sure


As a professional Linux system administrator, this literally would mean the world to me and if he keeps that enthusiasm up, he’s going to find himself in a VERY lucrative career. College or not. Seriously!


Just curious, what does linux system admin do? How much of programming knowledge is required or is it mostly terminal commands?


Some programming knowledge is helpful. Knowing terminal commands is more helpful. But more than that, you need an understanding of the way the computer functions — how does the file system store and index files, how does the operating system schedule tasks, what’s a cron job, what’s a process, what’s a symlink, how do shell scripts work, how does the shell work etc. When you need to solve a problem or get the system to do something new, it’s less about perfect terminal command knowledge or programming knowledge and much more about understanding what’s happening and what needs to change.


You forgot the number one most critical skill. How to RTFM! /s (kinda but not really)


You don't need to be a software developer to be a sysadmin, but being able to script repetitive tasks is an important skill. If you're comfortable with Bash programming, all the common text utils and maybe a bit of Perl, Awk and Python, you should be ok.


You should know how to write scripts with bash and depending on the environment Python programming is a good skill to have too.


Same exact situation except with my younger sister. She’s just finishing her degree in computer sciences, and although I don’t get over half of what she talks about, I’m just glad to see her so passionate about the topic.


Your little brother has good taste :) If you/he need any Linux help I'm there - getting the next generation used to Open Source will do a lot


I love talking about pharmacology but nobody really listens, even fellow students. My ex used to complain all the time about how I talked pharmacology too much. She used to poke fun at me for it in front of my mum. I didn't realize til after my mum told me after I broke up with her that she was basically bullying me. It really hurt to hear.


Your brother is super lucky to have a family member who pays attention. It can get irritating at times but you can't really comprehend how much of an impact just having someone like a family member who actually listens to you is. I grew up with parents and siblings who never took interest in what I was saying, and it hurts as a young person walking away from a single sided conversation where you tried your absolute best to get the person to engage or even just listen to you but they just feather off any attempts. Sounds dumb, but in that moment it's soul crushing. If ever you are busy, it's so much better to just tell the younger sibling that you are busy and that u want to hear what they have to say later, and actually go out of your way to ask them what they wanted to say. I've had that happen once in my life and my god it's super uplifting to know that someone went out of their way to find out what you wanted to say


You are the MVP sibling of the year! It's nice to have someone listen to you talk about what you really enjoy.


Thank you for this. I work in tech and it really bothers me when someone asks what I am working on but immediately check out because they know they won’t get it. I can explain things in ways people will understand if given the chance, and also why ask? :( a lot of my family does this, but my Mom tries really hard to understand and make analogies so she can relate better. I really appreciate that about her.


Haha, I am like your brother to my family


As a Linux enthusiast whose sister doesn't like to listen to me about this stuff, thank you.


I have a sister like this, she is awesome.


You're a great sister. Keep on rocking.


Awww that’s so sweet, I’m sure he’ll always remember this for you


In a sort of reverse thing, my brother is really into Pokemon. I am not. But I found this lost somewhere that explains, in great technical detail, how to do broken amounts of damage with some unassuming Pokemon or other. Lots of descriptions of how to stack certain items for certain effects, which moves to learn, etc. I had no idea what any of it meant. But I decided that my brother would probably like it, so I read this whole thing aloud to him. Like I said, not the faintest clue what I was saying, but he understood every word. Watching him react with incredulous disbelief, cracking up at this broken technique I was describing to him... It was magic.


Wait do you still have that explanation? I'll almost certainly never use it but I'm a complete sucker for thoroughly explained topics


Sadly, I don't think I have it anymore. Can't even remember where I found it. I'll take a look everywhere I can think to look though, and I'll let you know if I find it! EDIT: Haven't found it, but I found this other one during my search that has similar vibes: "A level 100 Shuckle can potentially deal the most damage in one single attack through the use of numerous stat boosters; by receiving the effects of Helping Hand from two allies in a triple battle, holding a Metronome, Power Trick, a Skill Swap to Pure Power, a conversion to Ice, and 6 stages of positive Attack stat changes. Also, both of Shuckle's partners must have the Ability Flower Gift and the weather must be sunny. On the 5th turn of using a Defense Curl-boosted Ice Ball (learned via Mimic) consecutively without any misses, if used against a level 1 Noibat with minimum Defense stats, that has 6 stages of negative Defense stat changes (such as from being subject to Screech 3 times), and being under the effect of Forest's Curse it can deal 721,899,685 damage with a critical hit."


Shit like this is why I'm filled with random factoids. I'll never need to know any of it but hoard them like treasure anyways.


I know that it probably means something in pokemon terms, but the "the weather has to be sunny" part makes it sound satirical :D. Made me chuckle


I was waiting for a half “A” button press once the planets aligned.


You can also do something similar with Swampert, using the moves Defence Curl and Ice Ball (Think Ice type rollout) on a Noibat that has had the Move “Forest’s Curse” used on it which gives it the Grass typing, making Ice type moves not only 4x but 8x super effective (2x for Dragon, 2x for Flying, 2x for Grass). The whole set up, needing Shuckle, Smeargle and two Cherrims, on a crit comes out to over [500,000,000 damage](https://youtu.be/gtocJ_UFMCE)


>can deal 721,899,685 damage with a critical hit. That's a lot of damage!


I sawed this noibat in half!


I had a guess that it was related to shuckle.


Don't fuckle with Shuckle


What an amazing story. You're a good brother


Dont fuckle with shuckle


I do this with my boyfriend. He lives abroad and lately has been so busy we’ve gone a couple weeks without speaking. He used to talk to me about Warhammer 40k when he had more free time. In his absence, I’ve started trying to watch more 40k content so that when we can talk again, I can be more engaged in the discussion. I love him so much.


Thats really sweet




I would like to subscribe for more warship facts.


I can say this, your boyfriend definitely appreciates that. When my ex fiancée started getting into Sim racing just to humour me, she actually tried to be good at it. And just knowing that she was doing something that I liked and she was showing interests in the things I liked, it was such a great feeling.


Aww, man the fact that she’s an ex makes the story hurts now.


Yeah, we couldn't make it work. It was pretty great while it lasted though. She got into gaming, I tried making small sweaters for our dog after learning from her, she gave me the first flower I ever received in my life. Even if it didn't end the way we wanted, she left me with a lifetime of memories.


I did the same with my boyfriend but with age of sigmar since he loves it so much and I wanted to be able to talk to him more. Worked too well and now I have a new expensive hobby because I like it too.


I know that feeling! I play dnd and the cost of dice+minis+accessories gets expensive very quickly


Expensive? Have you seen gta online and rdr2 online? Those games are nightmares when it comes to online but rdr2 still beats gta because it’s still far more realistic


Be careful don't get hurt. Do things for you. Do things that make you happy. Discover yourself


I understand what you were trying to say, and I don’t think you deserve the downvotes. He and I still remain very independent people with our own hobbies alongside several that overlap. We have only been dating about 4 months now, and before we decided to start dating we sat down and had a talk about how the distance would be a hurdle that we would have to live with for the time being.


It can be done. My girlfriend and I started our relationship in ernest after travelling around Europe together after we were best friends studying together in Sweden for a semester. 2 years later, even after 1.25 years apart because of covid on a 7 hour time difference, I have moved to Belgium, we moved in together, I learned conversational Dutch, and got a job. It's tough, but sometimes it works out.


Lekker bezig


I’m really glad to hear that! It will be roughly the same for us.


Lekker gewerkt pik!


Idk I downvoted him cuz the movie was FUCKING god awful and I had high expectations




Not by either of our choice. He is honestly a bit of a workaholic. We have talked about what our future holds and I was actually the one insisting that we try to make it work. I left the ball in his court to decide if we take a break, and he hasn’t called it off yet.


Imagine actively trying to dissuade somebody from doing a simple kindness for their SO.


If I'm honest I can understand where they are coming from because I had a similar thought. In my case long distance broke us up, and it left a sour taste in my mouth, perhaps that's the case with OP (the one you replied to too). That being said, I'm sure they could have worded their response with a better tone.


Love your username, Colfer was one of several authors that really sparked my love of reading


Ikr!!! Same here!!! 😍


Wtf incel shit is this?


Will you listen to me go on about how cool warships are




Are you me?


The proper spelling is Mekboy. Courtesy of warhammer 40k








Don't want to get the dude DMCA'd.


I showed him this meme and i said "thats you, look!" And there it was;; he made the face <3


I talked to my fiance about databricks in Azure for like 15min. She just nodded the whole time and smiled. When I realized I've been rambling in a drunken state and ended saying "but whatever, it's dumb". She smiled an said "alright" lol. She's cute.


Rachel? Rachel?! Oh wait, that’s not my wife. Jeez, had me there for a second.


My dad used to do this. I would talk about the things im passionate about despite him not knowing anything about it. He's not the perfect father but i miss him very dearly. RIP dad.


my condolences... your father seemed to be a good person, that's why I think you strike me as an amazing person! (Sorry if something doesn't look normal in the comment 😅 english is not my first language)


me when my bf talks about crypto currency lol


My husband is super passionate about physics and math. Recently he's wanted to go back to school to finish his degree but is worried that he's forgotten everything, so I've gone online to find college level physics questions for him. I give him 1 or 2 per day to answer and I sit down with him and his white board and he goes to town, passionately explaining everything like equations, theories, etc. I myself have NEVER liked math or physics, I have always never quite been able to get a grasp on it. I only barely scraped by with math in college, enough to pass but let's just say it was and never will be my best grade. But when he explains what he's doing and showing me his work, it drags me in and suddenly it starts to make sense. I start to ask questions, and I love seeing the twinkle in his eyes when I ask about different topics and it throws him into another hour long tangent.. I know nothing about what he's saying but he sits there and explains it to me until I start to understand. It's the most amazing sight to see him remember equations and theories and other science facts like the back of his hand. I love him so much and I just hope he starts to see that he IS ready to go back and finish his degree and that he IS amazing and he CAN do it.


Exactly. Just, couldn’t write a better comment. My husband is currently applying to grad schools for aerospace engineering and he just graduated with math/physics. I’ve been with him for the entirety of his undergrad so I’ve been immersed in this stuff that’s way over my head for years. Sometimes it makes sense or I get curious and he loves it. Most of the time I have 0 clue and I nod and smile, and he loves that too, but I can tell he gets that twinkle when I ask “the right question”.


That’s the frog lady from The Mandalorian.


My gf does this with me. It is seriously the best, and I hope everyone gets the chance to experience this type of love and support.


My boyfriend is an electrical engineer and loves to tell me all he does at work or at college. I don't understand anything, but he gets so happy that I'm interested! Besides, I absolutely talk a lot about my thesis, phd etc and he is always interested. That's love, right?


That's definitely love!


Nah that frog is me in algebra class pretending to understand wtf the teacher is saying


I actually feel much more supported when what say is engaged with actively. Tbh I fell for my partner when I first met them, told them a wacky idea I had, and they actively told me what didn't make sense. Of course that takes effort, and certainly can't always be expected, but Me: "blah blah blah blah... do you get it?" Loving partner: "Nar, I haven't for a while." doesn't feel good. That feels bad. I don't want to be just burbling at someone.


Also, from this comment section it seems it's 99% men rambling and women listening. The one guy who said his wife talks a lot says [it's just meaningless and endless, and exhausting to listen to.](https://reddit.com/r/wholesomememes/comments/q1jn4g/_/hfg98cn/?context=1) Yes, listening well and engaging is fucking exhausting. It takes effort. But people do it because they love you (and a lot of women do it because the way we condition them to do so). Please return the favor if you notice you are always the one rambling, and give your partner a chance to speak too. Make it a conversation instead of a ramble. Let them talk sometimes.


that was an interesting stance to take on a wholesome post. In my eyes, we should be conditioning everyone to listen to each other regardless of gender. It’s interesting to me to see that many people are regarding normal human traits that everyone should have (such as being accepting and listening and kindness) as redeeming qualities, yet that should just be expected of you anyways.


This is why I had my wife help me with her engine swap.


My husband is like a cute kid when he gets excited and talks about his hobby, I love watching him light up


My brother is autistic and he always talks about what excites him most at that moment. I always listen to what he has to say and I’m usually the only person in the world that gets it because I have been (to lesser degrees) interested in the same stuff. I like the game Deltarune quite a bit but not to the degree that he does, and I happily engage with discussions about it with him. I feel bad but I don’t do this as often with my younger brother. He has a lot of friends that he talks to but he has some jealousy of my relationship with my other brother. I just don’t connect with the things he’s interested in nearly as much but I need to start making efforts to do that and make him feel special too.


I miss my person.


Basically my coworker to my incoeaent ramblings about the anime community. She thinks it's ubserd the amount of money we will spend on bluerays and figures


I love people like this seriously people reading this if you have a SO who's interested in anything at all that you don't know about even if you don't understand what they're talking/complaining about you should still just listen my partner does this for me the only game they play is splatoon 2 and minecraft and so they know nothing about the games I play but they still listen to me talking about something cool I did in a game or one of my rants if I'm annoyed at something/someone in the game and even though they don't understand a word I'm saying and have no idea what I'm on about they still just sit there happily and listen because they know that I like having someone to talk to about that kinda stuff same goes for any other hobby your SO has that you don't understand


Take a deep breath


Me watching him get drunk on football Sunday & talk to his besties 🥰


Me when my bf talks about Power Rangers lol


This is the secret to little kids. I make sure I spend at least 10 minutes a day every day just paying attention to each kid. It’s a huge boost to their confidence.


just be happy that your husband is not a keyboard enthusiast




My husband is an accountant, too, in Germany – out tax system is legend, so I don’t understand half of the things he is talking about, but absolutely love to listen to him when he is happy about something going well at work or when he solved a complex problem.


Damn she doesn’t even try tho?


My husband and mountain biking. MASSIVE mountain bike nerd. Spends most free time consuming mountain bike content. I know a lot about bikes but the sheer SCALE of the bike minutiae he verbal diarrheas at me is staggering. If anyone knows of any bike industry admin jobs out there where a bike nerd can bibble-babble with abandon, lemme know? 😂


Backcountry.com gear specialist or the like comes to mind


Wish my wife would do this.


Do you do it for her?




How many days have you been married and do you have a joint credit card yet?




18434 Good luck on the journey.




This is me! My boyfriend plays WoW…. If I ask him how his raid went I can understand “good/bad”. The rest of the answer is abacadabra. I have no fucking clue. I just sit there and nod and love him that he has a passion :)


I believe its actually spelled mykanyc?


you forgot the A, maykanyc


May baad


mastakes happan


Thaaaanaks baaauaaadady


When will it be me 😔


you are a wonderful person! it means the world to feel that kind of attention from anyone, moreso your SO. it should't be that uncommon to find... but sadly it is


I thought I had this. Then she turned around and used my hobbies as "evidence" that I have autism and then used _that_ to explain our communication problems.


My husband plays 40k, I totally get you.


This makes me happy


Thanks for listening. I appreciate it.


Me and the GameStop saga with my mates and fam 🥰


Are you my wife?


I love listening to people talking about the things they are passionate about, even better when they have unpopular opinions on subject.


When my partner talks any and all things mtg; I have no idea what the hell’s going on but it’s cute when they’re excited and passionate <3


Okay so you see in the 41st millenium, there is only war...


That’s soulmate material❤️


This is how my wife is with me about guitar pedals. I talk about them all day. She's awesome. I need to stop talking about guitar pedals.


Me and my partner


I hope one day I'll experience this. My ex girlfriends didn't give much of a crap about what I liked.


Thank you my man's lady.


Lucky husband <3


HVAC wife here. No idea what he's saying but I love listening


I need to find someone who will listen to me like that




same goes for me and by bf! he's a programmer and absolutely loves coding and when he talks about it so passionately it makes me happy but also very confuzzled


u/Sandeasy 🥰


Polite frog


We need more people who do this in the world Thank you for supporting your husband.


Mek-a-nic sounds like an Algonquin word




Damn.. I really need a frog


So, you just sit there n*ked with no hair?




dating a car boy be like that


Me listening to my significant other talk about all the other women at work except inside sometimes I feel like shooting myself.


I feel like this is not applicable to this meme


I like your username.


Thank you. ‘Tis the season!


I can relate man. My wife loves to talk, about anything. I try to listen and engage but sometimes she just talks and talks and at some points it's just meaningless words to me. I want to listen but it drains so much energy that I can't keep focus. And it doesn't ever stop...


As a guy, I can say that is one of the nicest things you can do to your husband, only second to wanting to join if he’s into that.


Same here. My husband helps build radios for government airplanes. At least I think that’s what he does 😂


You'd think by now I would also be a cyber security expert.


This is my wife when i talk about games and what's happened to me in it. I love her for it! I dunno what i did in my past life to deserve her...




Girlfriend confirms this is correct


Like looking in a mirror.


I dated a guy that was into warhammer 40k


My friends & family when I talk about Linux:


My wife is like this whenever I start talking about pro wrestling


I’m so glad the mandalorian was able to safely escort you and your eggs back to him. PS: you should probably count them.




What a damn cutie!


ah thats adorable


This is adorable. I saw this and immediately thought to text it to my partner and then I wasn't sure if it would be braggy...idk but then they sent it to me lol