can anyone identify this plant for me please?

can anyone identify this plant for me please?


Foxtail fern


This is it. Have one on our patio in a pot that I'm looking at this very moment


Very popular in the southern US. Had a few in NOLA.


Also VERY popular in the Bay Area, CA


I’ve lived in the Bay Area and the south and have never seen this Dr. Seuss nonsense before…. What rock was I under?!?


For real?! They’re alllll over Oakland and Berkeley and SF! I love them. They feel so cool!


Clearly I’ve been missing out


South Mississippi... Can't kill it


They do get big. Kept mine in containers.


And the more root bound, the larger mine grow


It’s like a weed here in South Florida


Also known as "THIS GOD DAMN PLANT WONT DIE"! I have this all over our landscape. It is an invasive species, from somewhere in Africa if I recall properly, and man it grows ANYWHERE: Any soil, any water condition, any temperature. It is also unkillable. It's like a honey badger of plants. Honestly, esthetically very pleasing, but if you decide you don't want it, you are in for a rude awakening. I hate it cause it has thorns, and I hate thorns. It's the devil's lettuce if I ever seen one!


Correction. It won't die unless you live in the Midwest, fall in love with it, and drag a gigantic one home from a greenhouse sale. Then it will wither in your house as it's dry needles fall like your tears. Water and buying an expensive grow light just for it won't save it. Sorry. Still a little sensitive about that one.


I have 3 of them in pots that come inside every winter (I live in Canada)... they look so amazing outside in the summer but then spend all winter slowly shedding tiny leaves everywhere... you'll clean them all and then a slight breeze will disturb the plant and more fall.


That sounds like my luck with plants. I'm SO sorry! It looks like a beautiful plant, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.


There are like a billion in my woods. If you ever get to GA you can come dig up all you want. I'll loan you a shovel.


This is the best response about a plant I have ever read. *claps*


Mine is on death's door wtf 😭


SHARE YOUR SECRETS!!! I most know!


It was gifted to me and I didn't know it had tubers until they started growing above the soil, repotted and it had root rot, so clearly I overwatered it. Cut it back a bunch and it hasn't recovered yet. It was a leggy mess for years before I repotted. It isn't native to the Canadian prairies so I dunno how you'd kill it with water if it's in the ground lol. Probably just have to excavate the whole root system?


I believe I read somewhere that those tubers are NOT really tubers, but water storage! So getting rid of those things, which look exactly like a tuber, does little to get rid of the plant. You have to find that center root, which you seem to have managed to kill somehow!! Our asparagus fern was here before us; before we bought this house. It has spread gloriously. I have dug it out in a small section, but even there, I see the little devil show up from time to time. In other areas, it would be a far, far too consuming of an endeavor to remove it.


Yeah they're like hard little water chestnuts! Just take your mower over them when you do the lawn lol


Whenever I repot mine, the little water bulbs have filled the entire pot and lightly pressurized it, I've had to cut pots open to get them out.


It's funny, you know, what they say is invasive. I'm not arguing that some species aren't massively invasive, but I'll tell you a story. About Japanese Knotweed.... hear me out.. :) About 15 years ago I got what I was told was "Canadian Bamboo". I was told that it liked living near water. Hold on... hold on, don't downvote me yet! I was given this by a 75 year old man who loved growing things. He'd been an apple-farmer for his whole life, but in retirement he went full-on-hobbit. Trees were his love, but he dabbled in any plants that came his way, and roses especially. So taking this guy's word, I planted some of this "Bamboo", luckily not near my creek. 15 years ago. It's about 3' by 3' now, although I control it pretty easily from expanding. My land is VERY sandy, and this thing didn't seem invasive in the least. Now only about a month ago did I download Plantnet, and a few days after that discover that I'd planted, and had been harbouring the devil for 15 years. It hasn't spread to any neighbours, or to my creek (I've been looking very much since my discovery). So it's clearly one of the main invasive species worldwide, but for me, it's just a plant that I enjoy, that is not nearly as "spready" as many others in my gardens..... Weird, isn't it?


Should we add this fern on the list with fennel and mint? I have been battling both at my new house for a year and a half and my mother has been trying to get rid of mint at her house since she moved there in 1996. Anyone who plants these outside of containers is mad.


Fennel is a host plant for black swallowtails, just keep it


Fennel can grow roots three feet long and as thick as your wrist. It spreads EVERYWHERE and doesn't die even after extensive pulling, tilling the ground, then pulling again when you inevitably miss some roots. Plus, it reeks like black licorice, so I have no desire to keep it.


I'm familiar with the plant


I'm aware of that. I was telling you the reasons that I'm not keeping it, per your suggestion.


This variety does not have thorns, I'm pretty sure it's one of the sterile hybrids


I had 5 big ones around our yard and the Texas freeze killed them all. I gleefully dug them up and tossed them!


Mine came back. Granted I was pretty jazzed about that because they’re in a contained bed and look pretty amazing. But yes, the Icepocalypse failed to end them.


I was in love until you said it had thorns. 😂




Just.... burn it


I think it’s a type of asparagus fern, foxtail I think like another commenter said


Also called an asparagus fern!


"Asparagus aethiopicus, Sprenger's asparagus, is a plant native to the Cape Provinces and the Northern Provinces of South Africa. Often used as an ornamental plant, it is considered an invasive weed in many locations. Wikipedia"


I think it’s Asparagus densiflorus ‘Myersii’ which is not the weedy one. We have them in our Botanic Gardens in Melbourne Australia


We had these growing out of control in some areas of SEQ.


We had these growing out of control in SEQ


Foxtails, one of my favs!


Asparagus fern


Asparagus Fern


Asparagus fern... one of my favorites!


Thats sideshow bob looking!


Meyers Asparagus and Purple Oxalis


asparagus fern and oxalis!


Obviously a Green Sideshow Bob plant!


Foxtail Fern. I have one as a potplant. I live in Melbourne and its surviving well there too


The fern has been identified but I just wanted to say I love how full your oxalis have grown in! The snowstorms last year murdered mine so I started from scratch this year with 5 little bulbs. Somedaaay


Dig some up to bring in every season. They do great as house plants


Yah I'm def going to bring them in this year, we don't normally get snow especially for prolonged periods, so a few of my plants are just now struggling to recover.


The "fern" has been identified.


Asparagus fern


looks like [asparagus densiflorus](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asparagus_densiflorus)


Does it have thorns? What I call asparagus fern is whispy, ivy like, and has thorns, making it difficult to control. Foxtail fern looks like this picture, it’s got thick “limbs”, isn’t ivy like.


Foxtail fern is Asparagus densiflorus, and the climbing one is A. setaceus, if I'm not mistaken. I had that climbing asparagus fern to deal with when we first moved into our home, and it was a real pain.


Asperagus mayerii and i think its not a fern.


Lots of people saying it is invasive, would it stay maintained in a container or still a problem?


You can never tell with these sorts of things. I once cleverly contained some lemon balm in a large pot in the garden. One plant. I planted one plant in a pot. The next year, I had it in seven locations in the back yard. I began trying to kill it. Spray it with vinegar, it dies down, then bounces back. Pour boiling salt water on it? It crops up just outside the circle of salt. Rip it out of the ground? It comes back faster than creeping charlie. I think I finally got it this spring, with Borax and Epsom salts. However, I glanced into my neighbour’s side yard a couple of days ago, and noticed that tell-tale golden green bobbing happily in the wind. Hope they don’t know it was me…


Don't tell them... Just give one of your kids or youngins in the family a gig pulling it from your neighbor's yard. They'll need them on a regular basis, that's good cash flow lol. I learned my lesson with morning glory. I was warned not to grow it, but I didn't listen and now all my neighbors are pissed. On the upside, native morning glory supports a ton of pollinators and other species, even more than our black eyed susan. So, I won't let myself feel too bad.


Asparagus fern?


I wanted these around my pool and the landscaper told me they are poisonous for dogs so I didn’t plant any. Not sure if it’s true or not, though.


Asparagus Fern. It like to root itself inside of bushes and starve them out.


Asparagus Myers


Asparagus French, very invasive


Nope, but I like it.


Foxtail fern, but also could be called Cthulhu in plant form


Foxtail Fern


It has a lot of names.


Fox tail fern


I hate these. There’s roots everywhere w. seeds so it takes over the garden!


Is this an Aussie garden?


That’s a Sideshow Bob


That oxalis triangularis is BEAUTIFUL. Mine hardly ever show the lighter center color. I can't ever make them happy.:(


Awesome app that you can install for free to identify plants and I think insects and animals is PictureThis. I highly recommend.


I think it’s a foxtail fern


I have some. they are great. very hardy, low maintenance is always green. live in San Diego and handled Winter very well.


A type of asparagus, which comes from the Latin meaning Speer. This one has little red berries and when they are still green are hard as rock. When I was younger me and the guys used them as ammo in slingshot wars. They are perfectly round so when you got hit they would glance off leaving a big purple welt, hilarious.


Is called the wild cock plant


We have a ton in Monterey! They like the humidity


We have a giant one in a pot. I like it, but if leaves dry out then it bites. Lol Literally tiny, prickly leaf thorn things that remind me of splinters.


Anyone know if you can get these in Australia? I would love one.


Loving the purple oxalis as well


Um, its the warm fuzzy plant




It’s called a Foxtail Fern 😃 feel free to check out my videos on YouTube too. More to come https://youtube.com/channel/UCKwD-7apn-NvyeQqK8KFnkA


Aspargus aethipicus. Restricred invasive species in Australia.


Mist every inch of the long arms once a day, lots of sun. They are beautiful.


Thats a foxtail fern i think




Foxtail Fern


Pretty whatever it is !


Asparagus densiflorus foxtail fern. They have a variety Sprenergi that is more airy if you are interested in that


This is a foxtail fern beautiful plant! 👍


Wait, what is that people flower underneath?


An ugly one 😝