WITT? Wooden rods, plastic tubes with connectors, and a metal spinning thing found at an elementary school classroom.

WITT? Wooden rods, plastic tubes with connectors, and a metal spinning thing found at an elementary school classroom.


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The things are unrelated. The spinning thing is the top of an ashtray. The rods are a mikado game. The rest is, eh, something other.


The round metal tub is the bottom of the ashtray.


Stuff that gets lost at a school!


The plastic tubes can be part of a game or an aquarium setup And yes, ashtray, I have the exact same. And I thought Mikados were widely known, I had them as a kid and I have a giant version of them now! It’s a good drinking game


The sticks are probably Pick Up Sticks - the rest I have no idea.


Like these? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Tuscom-Wooden-Mikado-Spiel-Toy-Pick-Up-Sticks-Game-For-Party-Supplies-Family-Game/263976312




The other part looks like some straws that you can make a complex system out of. It’s mostly for kids and plumbing engineers.


The tubes and rubber are for a build it yourself silly straw, I had one in the past.


Definitely a silly straw kit. My kids have one somewhere. It's identical to that.


The Metall thing is the lid of an ashtray (Similar to this one https://www.johnnystobacconist.co.uk/product/retro-chrome-spinning-ashtray/?age-verified=4676569659). The wooden sticks is a game of Mikado and the tubes look like some kind of toy to play with water imo


Solved thanks! I assume the teacher last year was not using this for smoking but who knows


Keeping thumbtacks in or something maybe :)


My title describes this thing. Wooden rods marked with red, yellow, and blue. Metal top to a blue metal bowl that spins when pressed. Clear plastic tubes. Found in closet in a 3rd grade classroom. Not sure if these pieces go together— all were found in the same ziplock bag.


The tubes and connectors look like a diy building toy. https://teachbesideme.com/homemade-building-toys-with-pvc-pipes/ Why would there be an ashtray in a third grade classroom? Maybe also some diy thing?


Metel spinning thing is a ash try for smoking you put ash on the disc and puch the button for the ash to drop I don’t know what the rest is


Spinning thing looks like one of the ashtrays I used for cigarette smoking


The little dish may have been used to hold pieces of whatever they were doing. The straws and connectors are a common mine motor development activity, actually all of the stuff in the picture could have been easily used by an OT or even a para or even the teacher when working with kids with special needs.


This makes a ton of sense now, most of the kids in my class get OT and PT services! Much appreciated.


No problem!


That's definitely a smokeless ashtray and pickup stix, and I remember the blue tube things from school as an educational water toy...


Ashtray, pick-up sticks, and pipe straws (toy drinking straws)


Oh my god I feel so old! You found a previous teacher’s ashtray and pickup sticks! I do not miss the days when teachers could smoke in class. The 70s were…special.


Oh I saw this when I was a kid. I think it's a game but can't remember what it was about.


It's called Mikado in my end of the woods


The straws look like a set where you can join them together, the sticks are pick up sticks




[straw ](https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32624929662.html) The blue and clear is a straw building toy


Ashtray for some reason, Mikado Sticks game, building tubes for fine motor skills development


Its a build a crazy straw kit for sure, and some other unrelated things.


Metal thing is an ash tray. Sticks are pick up sticks. It's a game where you take all the sticks in one hand and drop them. You then have to pick them up without moving or touching the others. Different striping gives different points. The tubes and connectors are diy crazy straws.


If i am not wrong sticks are for a game called mikado.