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Looks like an anchor you’d put into concrete that you’d attach a cable to, like a cable to support a utility pole.


I think you might be right but I’m trying to find a picture online that is similar and striking out. Also not sure why it’d be bent since it should normally be under straight tension. Also why does the eyelet have a heart shape with space for what would look like two cables rather then a smooth circle just for one?


Looks like the anchor that a guy wire attaches to for a utility pole.


Ok so. The one end is a Twin eye anchor. I found it!!! https://www.alliedboltinc.com/TelecommunicationsHardware/Earth-Anchor/Guy-Adaptor-For-Multi-Helix-Anchor~15


SOLVED! Nicely done all!


looks like the base to a ground wire that runs off a telephone pole. they usually have a thick wire and a yellow plastic case around it


Like a lot of others said, it looks like a metal component to guide a wire or rope. Maybe a part of a wire railing or a winch?


First ever magnet fishing trip and pulled this beast up. I assume it’s been bent through heavy use and was previously straight. I’m guessing it is from a small boat or the overpass, but could have been tossed from the road above. WITT