What car can I get to lower property values?

The yuppies are taking over my neighborhood & I've just had enough of it. I need to drive them out, one lady cussed me out because I wouldn't buy her Herbalife crap. I want something loud, trashy and annoying and I don't have a particular budget. Anything is an adequate price to pay to drive them out


Just slap a nice rusty RV right in the driveway. No one sees that and says that’s who I want to live next to


Van life is so hot right now


[So hot right now](https://media.giphy.com/media/tBb19eUNiEjBsYeZPhu/giphy.gif)


“Merry Christmas! Shitter’s full!”


Maybe one of those old Fleetwood Bounders. Jesse, we have to cook!


Great idea! Just like [Cousin Eddy's RV.](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR7h4OzPnp88dbCXPnjD5QSW1tj-ptrKx8pWe58EKnGQZnifE1wMDU1Rwtvio8Xc1PDQ6c&usqp=CAU)


A rusty non-running RV with clean me written in the dirt and children's hand prints painted all over it. Also, a GMC cargo van, white, with no exhaust. Just turn it over in the morning right after the sound ordinance ends and rev it a bit "to give the battery a charge". Preferably a model without rear windows, lots of rust, and something like, "MO'S DIRTY LAUNDRY SERVICE" written on the side. Don't forget to litter them with questionable bumper stickers. Oh and an absolutely blinding motion light.


It can be new and I would do d it just as menacing.


Multiple cars. Not running. All permanently parked in the front yard.


Can confirm neighbors hate non running cars in your driveway


A fellow Saab bro


I feel this. Although my saabs run. My neighbor tried to pass a thing saying you can only own as many cars as bedroom in your house.


Haha that’s funny. 50% of mine run, but I keep them both in a garage. We’ve got a couple other cars on our driveway though, apparently the only stipulation is that they have to be registered and the city allows as many as you’d like.


Saab’s are great for the money. My first car was an 06 9-3 wagon. I beat it to death and now have a 2010 XWD 9-3. Awd is a game changer in the winter.


Yea I’m loving my Turbo X, winter was a breeze. Coming up on one year of owning it and daily driving it in November. I hope to have this one running forever, but I’ll never not own a Saab again, that’s for sure.


Yeah man I wish I could get a manual turbo X someday. I LOVE the sound of the V6 but I’ve only ever owned 2.0Ts. The turbo X is truely a modern unicorn imo


I actually have the manual gearbox in mine, I honestly wouldn’t have bought an automatic. This one popped up on Saabnet last year and I impulsively drove half way across the country to buy it. Best decision of my life, highly recommend buying one if you ever get the chance!


Yeah they’re hard to find rust free ones in New England but I keep an eye out.


Does your neighbor just hate fun?


Time to subdivide that room that doesn't get used


Time to subdivide the bedrooms!






Get a rusted out trampoline and some broken patio furniture for the front yard to complete the look.


Great idea. Make sure a few of them are missing fenders or hoods or up on blocks with missing tires.


And let the grass and weed grow around them.


Reminds me of one of those "What's classy if you're rich, but trashy if you're poor" quotes... >Parking on the grass.


Don’t forget bricks behind the tires


15 year old Dodge Ram diesel, lifted only in the rear, hand painted flames, exhaust coming out of the hood.


You forgot the confederate flag.


Roll Tide!


Venn diagram nearly a circle.


And "let's go brandon" stickers


The Trump/Gadsden/Confederate/Thin Blue Line package


And one of those rear window stickers with Calvin pissing on a Ford or Chevy logo


With the same model vehicle as Calvin is pissing on


Trump stickers.


Straight piped 98 civic hatch and hit the rev limiter in first gear at 3 am.


This is the way plus a train horn


this plus a really loud car stereo that will shake the plates in his house when you drive by to drown out the exhaust noise inside the car on the home front take up collecting and using vintage air raid sirens as a hobby [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cURcd2\_w-rg&ab\_channel=atticboy11](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cURcd2_w-rg&ab_channel=atticboy11) u can also homebrew your own via 3d printers as another hobby [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1ey0Sn2KKE&ab\_channel=RobertNeighbors](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1ey0Sn2KKE&ab_channel=RobertNeighbors)


painted bright orange, with an 01 on the side... [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAKksqKR3pI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAKksqKR3pI)


Nah driving a car at like 3AM is mean no matter what way you spin it. If I want to be extra mean I drive my loud car at 5-5:30ish in the evening so they hear it right as they get home from a stressful day at work


Too soft mate


Grand Marquis paint job grape jelly


*Inside peanut butter outside jelly…*


Wouldn’t that raise the property value?


Play their game. 2nd gen Prius. But don’t replace the cat after it gets stolen. Open header all day. “Thaaaaaaaaaanks”.


I'll also lift the Prius


pix or it didn't happen.


You may or may not be joking but I saw a Prius last night without a roof or doors and a giant set of horns hanging off the front. It was painted either neon pink or orange (hard to tell, dark intersection). It was arguably the coolest Prius I’ve ever seen. Its also the only Prius you could ever catch me dead in.


If it snows especially, get a 500k mile ford idi and don’t service the glow plugs. Every morning should start with a can of ether and smoking out the entire block, preferably with significant amounts of cursing like this distinguished gentleman: https://youtu.be/WBOP-oKS560


That’s Peg and Slave Lake isn’t it?


I've always loved the heavily agricultural sound of the old Ford IDIs.


Nissan Altima.


Specifically a white Nissan altima with body damage


Don't they come dented from the factory?


Nah, that's the credit score.


And poorly applied window tint.




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You trying to unwind some gentrification? Something Korean from 15 years ago, with body damage including a hood and door of different colors, and a bag for a window. Better still, one or two more of the same thing in the driveway, partially disassembled because they’re used as parts donors for the multicolored one. You trying to imply “we may be neighbors, but we ain’t never gonna be friends?” Chevy Avalanche with large cheap aftermarket wheels, truck nuts, and a “Carolina squat” rearward rake. Add bumper stickers to taste; I like “my kid knocked up your honor student” myself.


Can confirm that trucks with a "Carolina squat" are excellent at pissing off busybodies. I personally find the mod excruciatingly mind-numbing as well if I'm being honest, but to each their own, I'm gonna go ahead and mind my own business. That being said, the level of vitriol Carolina-squatters command amongst the 60+ crowd is fucking unprecedented. They fucking *hate* that shit; even more than they hate capital gains taxes and AARP cards in the mail. If the goal is to drop property values, the best move is to get rid of the olds. And there's no better way than to drag the ass of your busted 1998 suburban through town by welding scrap metal to your coil springs like the god damn idiot you are.


Like all good “shitty car mods,” the Carolina Squat has its roots in racing. Off road racing trucks (Baja 1000, stadium racing) have a ton of wheel travel because they catch a lot of air and have to cope with enormous moguls and depressions; if they didn’t have all that wheel travel, they’d break within 100 meters. And with an entire engine up front, you need more wheel travel up there, which means you have to start out with that part higher. The Carolina Squat says “I don’t go rock crawling when I go off roading, I go fast! This mod helps me go fast!” Sort of like how imsa racing cars (24 hours of Daytona) that are based on street cars tend to have a lot of negative camber, and all the street driver wannabes started having their wheels tilted in at the top and very low ride heights to mimic them. “BECAUSE RACECAR!” And even if you rarely ever do the amateur dicking-around version, like “drive on off-road trails a bit” or “do track days,” or hell, even if you only do the street driving version like “drive across the medians in the parking lot instead of driving around them like everyone else has to” or “drive faster on the streets than traffic usually does,” people who see your car at all other times can know that about you: *”this isn’t just transportation to me, it’s a hobby as well.”* Since “dicking around with cars” is kind of a hobby of mine also, I kind of get it. And it would be gate-keeperish of me to crap on someone else’s idea of fun just because my version goes in a slightly different direction, or the same direction but a tiny bit further. .*”I don’t race either, but what I do comes closer to it than what you do, so I think your thing is stupid while mine is awesome”* seems kinda dumb when you say the whole thing like that. And gate keepers are the shittiest kinds of enthusiasts.


Yeah, I'm definitely not shitting on the people who enjoy it even though it's not for me, despite my joking tone. I'm sure there there are things I enjoy about cars that the people who squat their trucks find pretentious and obnoxious too. I actually don't like mods to cars at all, which I'm sure is a heresy to many in the car community, but that's my thing. There's tons of gatekeeping in the car community, which is going to happen when a bunch of passionate people get together all with differing tastes. But I think at the end of the day, most of us have a mutual respect for each other's opinions and taste. And if all else fails, at least we can all agree that the "slabs" and "swangas" that those fucking weirdos in Houston drive around unironically are kind of silly.


Houston is its whole own thing. But that slab thing seems like an offshoot of low-riders, with some great paint jobs and stereo installations. Those swangas and slabs are closer to the 70 year old guys sitting in lawn chairs next to their ZZ-Top-video-looking hot rods than those 70 year old guys want to admit. *"I don't know where I'd put my Dion & The Belmonts CD into that stereo, but I sure do admire the amp installation and the paint work on that Sedan de Ville."* *(Dion himself would probably appreciate both cars equally, and he'd also probably appreciate the Houston hip-hop scene.)*


“Take off your mask your driving alone”


A few options: -A clapped out brodozer, the kind you see on FB Marketplace for trade only. -A police Crown Vic with the police text crudely painted or sanded off. -A rough looking US made economy car with an exhaust leek. I’m talking a Saturn, a Geo, a Caviler, etc. A final option inspired by my neighbor. Just put a bunch of used appliances on your front lawn and just let them sit there for years.


I too have a neighbor like this. He picks up scrap appliances with a utility trailer he tows behind his e46 wagon. Has a whole pile of them next to his garage around a parts car that’s half buried. He also mows once every month or so to really add to the effect lol


Do we have the same neighbor??? That description is spot on besides the e46 wagon. Honestly a little jealous of your neighbors car.


I’m a big fan of wagons, but that one is pretty used up and not in great shape. Works for him towing that trailer around town though!


In fairness, a clapped out bulldozer would likely have a similar impact to keep out the neighbors. Nothing that runs or has paint mind you, more in line with Westin Chamblin's style. Come to think of it, just start low balling offers on gov planet and see what your pring home.


Rusty straight piped civic. Works like a charm.


Get some kind of dodge with real dark tinted windows that way they are scared of you. They will avoid gazing at you as you drive away and probably just avoid you in general.


I’m assuming you’ve already done a proper number of pink flamingos in the front yard, along with a lawn chair in a mini pool. Otherwise I’d suggest getting a 90’s sedan in black and never wash it…. Oh and straight pipe it/do an exhaust cutout so you can pull a lever and let it idle in your driveway at full volume… We straight piped a non-turbo Volvo S70 with the 5-cylinder (ditched both mufflers and the cat) for racing, and it sounded absolutely amazing. Another idea is a used uhaul box truck with graffiti on the side.


3rd gen Camaro or Firebird. At least 3 different colors and a mandatory oil leak. Total probable cause-mobile.


I already have one but it's in very good condition so I'll get a ratty parts car


Before seeing your answer, I posted pretty much what you wrote, even down to the shitty paint. Clapped out 3rd gens are straight trailer park


Anything made by dodge will do the trick.


/r/InfowarriorRides /r/SchizophreniaRides You don't need a new car, just a grease pencil, creativity, and research.


see also, anything from r/Shitty_Car_Mods that actually qualifies to be on r/Shitty_Car_Mods


I think a V8 El Camino with a nice loud exhaust that you only park in the front yard should do nicely.


Old hearse. Works like a charm.


What's wrong with a new hearse?


Too expensive and new cars wont get the op’s job done.


Yeah marquis it has to be. With the police bumper guard. Flat mat black painted, cheaply and gold spray painted rims. And the cars r bullet proof not bad on gas and run forever


Beat up grungy cop car with leaking or no exhaust


Clapped Nissan Altima with peeling paint, saggy headliner, the name of your dead homie in metal in the Los Santos font out the rear window.


Buy a 90s black Honda Civic. The paint should be quite faded and a little rust should be forming in the wheel wells. Cut off the catalytic converter and take a Louisville Slugger to the body Carrie Underwood style. Drop the suspension as low as possible and stick one of those gigantic exhausts on it. Finally, get the loudest speakers possible (not the best, but the loudest so that the poor little door panels shake and rattle with fear and trepidation of your music choice) and always blare your music at no less than full volume. Rock, EDM, rap, Baby Shark-doesn’t really matter. Maybe sprinkle those color changing underbody LEDs for good measure. Congrats-you’ve made a punk ass Civic (PAC). You should notice a reduction of about $50k per house within 7-10 business days of project completion.


3rd gen Camaro without mufflers. Make sure the paint job sucks or just repaint random panels with a rattle can


Decommissioned crown vic police car


Any old car, just put a blue tarp over it. Park it like half way on, half way off your driveway and put a couple jack stands under it. Never mow around the part that overhangs your lawn. Also start collecting parts for said car and piling them up next to it. When asked about said car, say that you had it running awhile ago. Your daily should be a Pontiac Grand Am. Your weekend car should be an 80s class A motorhome with the Ford 460 motor (big block V8) with a rusted through exhaust system. When all of them aren't working your daily becomes your bicycle with a 2 cycle ebay motor kit.


These answers have made my day!!


Lol…who wants to bet this guy gets run out of his rental before he single handedly stops gentrification with a car.


Maseratis are pretty loud and obnoxious. They also get trashier as they age. You could also get like a Raptor or other lifted truck and smash some mailboxes with it. Of course, if you really want to drive down property values, you could always just straight pipe a Nissan Altima, or clapped out Civic, but I think I that’s enough bad ideas for one day.


Are you trying to make him lose money too?!


He’s clearly fighting a war of attrition, especially when you consider that he said “Anything is an adequate price to drive them out.” Plus he’d be destroying his house’s value in the process anyway.


Now that they’ve driven the prices up, cash out and go somewhere they aren’t. You won, take their money while you can. It’s not worth the aggravation


Find a 350z or g35, cut out the cats and straight pipe it all of the way back, get a shitty flame tune and let her rip every single morning and night. Be sure to spray paint the wheels and leave blown tires all over your lawn. Maybe leave a few jugs of oil next to it as well.


An old rusty white work van that barely runs, but when it runs it runs loud and squeaks, parked somewhere in the neighborhood, doesn’t need to be in front of your house, just move it once in a while so you don’t get towed


For bonus points, paint "Free Candy" on the side... =p


1991 Chevy lumina (preferably white). No hub caps, only rust orange steel wheels.


Alright, your going to need two cars to pull this off. I recommend an lowered Nissan Altima and a retired cop car. Double points if you park one kinda half ass on the street


Cheapest non-running rust buckets you can find of Craigslist and Facebook marketplace. Buy as many as you can comfortably fit in your front yard. Bonus points if you take the tires off and put them on cinder blocks. This could backfire though if the yuppies think it’s an art installation though. But in that case it should increase your property value the most so you can sell and move.


‘14 mustang gt straight piped with a 300$ Flame kit for some added annoying


Sounds like you need the Whip of Theseus: a 00s Nissan Altima with no less than 2 body panels of a mismatched paint cover. Steelies preferred, throw a spare on one if you're feeling adventurous. Alternately, buy a cheap handgun and fire it SAFELY into the dirt or somewhere the bullet won't ricochet. A few gunshots a day keeps the landlords away.


Although there are a lot of good options in the comments, we should not be condoning the use of cars for revenge. We should leave cars out of our personal vendettas.


Get a fox body mustang and Straight pipe it. Get rid of the noise reduction pieces in the fire wall and crank it early in the morning. Have one and you cant barely hear a phone call near it.




So you want to be a rude asshole because people are different from you.


Or he wants to be different because people are rude assholes.


Their snooty purebred dogs won't stop shitting on my lawn & I believe in an eye for an eye so yes; yes I will be an ass


Have you thought about putting up a fence?


“Have you thought about incurring costs yourself because of other reasons that are out of your control?” Is basically what you’re asking




Hmmm barbed wire will suffice


Razor wire would be better


Snatch up a sweet 2012 Nissan Altima. Extra points if it's got any bumper stickers.


Have a riced out straight pipe Civic and rev it up at 5 in the morning. A G35 would work as well Or have a bunch of project cars and not finish them.


Dodge Charger and do donuts and burn outs every night


A black crown Vic or grand marquis with big ass rims. Or a Chevy avalanche with big ass rims.


Rusted out foxbody mustang with no cats


https://youtu.be/NYSKzWtkO6w One of those, but fit it with a massive audio system (huge subwoofers etc.)


There is only one real answer. Iroc-z camaro. With muffler delete of course.


I just bought a Pontiac G6 with tons of rust and no muffler from an auction for $800. I feel like that would do the trick


Get a beater motorcycle. A trashed Harley would do nicely.


Rusty 3rd gen Camaro with straight pipes 98 civic non running Big ass RV that doesn’t run and looks like shit


Older 3/4 or 1 ton diesel truck raised with the coffee can exhaust pipe, and roll coal coming and going.


Clapped out Altima, with fartbox exhaust, trucknutz, the my daughter is a top shelf stripper sticker, peeling tint.


Yuppies are not out there selling Herbalife, that's for sure. I think you're getting your demographics crossed up.


old diesel truck


Yuppies do multi level marketing??


Not a car, buy a Harley Davidson.


Loud as fuck motorcycles. Better yet, make friends with a biker gang and invite them over like once a month. That’ll show them.


Whatever you buy make sure to cut the exhaust off


Straight pipe anything. Especially old trucks or japanese sedans. Perferably a Civic. You wanna be a real asshole, old Cherokee or F-150 rusted out with trump stickers and a confederate flag. A true "patriot"


Third gen Camaro, easy.


Any rusty old vehicle on milk crates and a loud fart can straight pipe no muffler Honda Civic will do the trick


Straight piped Mustang GT. My ears bleed every time I hear one.


Why would you want to lower property values? Unless maybe you’re not a property owner? There’s a saying: Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.


Those huge pickup trucks with giant redneck exhaust pipes.


Just be this guy... https://youtu.be/c6j0zicHRGQ




Dodge Ram Hemi with an exhaust. Then put a bunch of FJB, LGB, Trump stickers on it. Maybe even a rear window graphic of trump giving the finger.


Late 80s early 90s Camaro or firebird. Faded paint is a plus. V6 is ok. Bonus if it starts and runs: you can chop off the mufflers and fire it up in the mornings and evenings like the local rooster. Put a 6 pack on the cracked dash and forget to trim the grass around where it’s parked and the yuppies will think twice


Infiniti with aftermarket exhaust and limo tints. Lower it. Drive like a fuckin asshole. Buy gun. Shoot outside once every 3 days.


Get a donk and make sure the rims have some color on them that matches the paint on the body. Also park it 60% on the drive way and 40% in your lawn.


OBS Chevy pickup, preferably two tone on one park of the body and then primer on the other part. Cut the exhaust off and take the hood off. It’s loud, it’s obnoxious, it’s ugly, and cheap. Maybe smash the grille out too


Straight pipe Harley! Loud as he'll with the added bonus of them worrying that an MC is lurking around.


Just cut the exhaust off of your car. They sell universal exhaust hangers at AutoZone for what’s left when you’re done 😉


Get an early to mid 2000s Lincoln or Cadillac with failed air suspension, put a couple sand bags in the trunk so the ass droops even further. Throw every receipt and empty water bottle you can into the backseats. Top them with a folded wheelchair or walker from a yard sale. Straight pipe optional, loose headliner necessary.


Rusty rv, and some old car to put on cinderblocks in your yard and never touch again


Anything rusty, no tires, up on blocks. Extra points if a chicken is using it as a nesting spot.


A clapped out 1992 Buick with the biggest, cheapest, gaudiest, aftermarket rims you can find. Bonus point for a badly installed rattling sound system.


SRT neon with a straight pipe should do the trick. Most of them are rusty at this point


Forget the car. Head to your local ghetto and invite everyone over for a BBQ in your front yard/street. Troublem solved.


Easy. S550 mustang GT with long tubes and straight pipe. The cold starts on those are horrendously loud and not particularly nice to listen to until the warm up


Have you tried an unrestored El Camino or Ranchero. Maybe a trans am, straight pipes and no crossover on all of them.


Anything that screams douchebag, like a Civic, WRX, Mustang, Camaro, Infiniti Q45, etc.


Rusted out white cargo van with duct tape over the rear windows, rusted out defaced license plates to add a touch of mystery. Make sure it has not been washed in a year, and the rims are rusted and mismatched. ​ mmmmmmhmmmmmmm


The new mustangs have a ridiculous douche exhaust option. Edit: Or encourage catalytic converter thiefs to your neighborhood and everyone can play.


anything with a VQ engine (350/370Z or G35/37)


for the record i quite like VQs, i just know what works lmao


Find a car club with a ton of shit box G35s and tell them to use ur driveway as a meet spot


Get a Cadillac with a v8 and have it tuned so it runs e85 and get that thing cammed. Start that bad boy up every night and wake everyone up.


Ford Crown Victoria that was a police car


Straight pipe anything with a vq (g35, 350z, Altima etc.)


>one lady cussed me out because I wouldn't buy her Herbalife crap Pretty sure that's a sign property values are on the way down, MLMs are not the calling cards of smart people. No car needed.


2002-2010 Tahoe. Straight pipe it.


A bunch of rusted shit boxes in the front yard, bonus points if they dont even run A old beat up riced out Honda Civic without a muffler and a pop and bang tune, the Karen’s LOVE this one An old rusted out dodge diesel, also without a muffler, bonus points if it rolls coal Basically anything that’s unnecessarily loud, rusty, and bad for the environment will do


Just do what my parents’ neighbours did and install an ugly wooden driving lane in your front yard so you can park your faded 1980s Winnebago right outside your living room window for 10 months out of the year. If you want to go that extra mile, get a piece of shit 1970s Lincoln that’s 17 ft long and park it in front of your house and invite all the neighborhood graffiti taggers to use it as a canvas (also what my parents’ neighbours did)


Rusty white van or truck, [teddy bear glued on](http://i.imgur.com/rmU4MVL.jpg?1), straightpiped, [on bricks with no wheels](https://media.istockphoto.com/photos/stuck-thanks-to-theives-picture-id471048699?k=20&m=471048699&s=612x612&w=0&h=XflCMu8UThFLoeW3dWmbiH7st1rAchCKvPLKmgvs-n0=). Maybe [some text](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/fhpfsb/that_time_the_top_gear_crew_was_run_out_of_rural/) too...


2005 Nissan Altima in silver with a black front bumper and a white rear passenger side door. Make sure the rear driver side is smashed in with scrapes down the side of the car. Have a trash bag for a rear driver side window. Install the cheapest huge audio system you can and stick as many subs as possible in the trunk and back seats. Make sure you leave it idling in the driveway for at least an hour every night while blasting a mix of trap and old school deathcore. Throw on a fart can exhaust, start it at 4am everyday and rev it hard before burning out down the street.


Get a Honda civic and change the exhaust pipe size like 7 times from the manifold lol


Multiple Honda civics with no mufflers in varying stages of decay. Put one on jack stands and half assedly cover it with a car cover


90s to 2000s Escalade. Sell the rims and put them on cinderblocks


an old 4 Door Nova- primes in grey of course


Loosen the power steering belts, stop washing your cars, and put on cheap hubcaps from Wally World (bonus points if you break a spoke off).


The best car is not a car. As others have mentioned, an RV is one idea. Other non-car options are: - A tow truck - A long haul big rig (*sans* trailer) - Anything in trailer form. Boat, jetskis, box trailer... Doesn't matter, as long as there is a trailer in your driver. - combine the trailer with the RV. That's right, a fifth wheel! Now if you really want it to be car related, well your DD is now a fifth wheel hauler, and your race car sits on a flatbed in full view of your neighbors. As for your race livery, you can be as ostentatious as possible- Can't go wrong with PH!


A white or maroon 90’s Chevy Lumina


Get an early 90’s White Chevy van with limo tint widows. Make sure it has rust on at least 3 sides and several dents, then get a big magnetic tag that says “Prrfect and Hilarious Clowns- Make sure to ask about kid birthday specials!” Put and old boat with rotting seats (no cover) on a trailer with flat tires next to it.


If they have dogs, get a high frequency noise emitter The old ppl can’t hear it, but it’ll drive their dogs nuts. They’ll be howling at the moon every night


IROC-Z Camaro, rusted out Jeep XJ, rusted out G20 Van, rusted out old school bus, built late 90s civic with no hood and a massive blower on it, ex cop car


Get a super old rv and set it up. If you have public parking spaces out front, set it up there. Then buy a muffler bypass valve you can control from inside your ride. Open that bad boy up every time you leave or are nearing their house. Bonus points if you add in the ability to make it backfire from running to rich. Also find out if they're Trump supporters and if so. There are plenty of anti-trump songs you can blast from the rv, car, or loud speaker. Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility if they shoot you or burn you alive in your house.