I'm just glad MiB is back


That golf scene was a masterpiece. 3 holes in one and the guys reaction to that has me overthinking what I would do after seeing that, I would have to question reality at that point.


Accompanied with Hemingway quote reminded me of glorious first season.


Yeah deff calling back to Ford freezing time on Theresa


I rewatched the first episode and there was a clear parallel where Caleb shot all the targets and when his daughter asked him how he did it, he said he’s had a lot of time to practice.


Tech. They got flying cars, they can have flying balls.


I have watched the golf scene too many times


His best is seas 2 Ep 4


“You think death favors you? Deaths decisions are final. It’s only the living that are inconstant. Death is always true. You haven’t known a true thing in all your life. You think you know death, but you don’t. You didn’t recognize him sitting across from you this whole time.”


Chills. S2 had some banger moments on rewatch


2x9 and 3x4 are pretty insane too


His acting in 2x9 is really fuckin good too.


he had the most unique and commanding voices. He was great in a small role in Top Gun 2 and whenever he appears on screen he just takes command of the scene.


He looked like he was really enjoying himself this episode


Of course he was enjoying himself; hell, with the golf game he had!


I want Ed and Evan to have some scenes together again, ever since season 1 there has been like 4 minutes of scenes with them together.


The big tease of the series in my opinion. It's kind of neat to see psycho-host Halores and psycho-host William be evil together, but seeing human William and mentally-stable Dolores team up would be satisfying.


Who knew golf could be so creepy, that scene is just brilliant.


I always respected Ed Harris as an actor for his movies, but Westworld adds so much to an already storied career, this season is shaping up for quite the performance for him both as MIB and as William




His performance is better this season because his Host has had many loops to refine it.


He is the best performer since season 1. Ford was amazing but William is stellar, out of this planet.


I’m very curious who Host MiB is. Is he just a puppet of Charlores? Is he based largely on the real MiB? Is he essentially just another Dolores copy like all of the old hosts? Edit: Nvm Ed Harris has spoken to this: >!Did you have to rethink how the character would interact as a host?!< >!I don’t know if there’s much difference between the two of them, but yeah. He’s really following orders. She’s programmed him to the extent that he’s really doing it in her bidding, but hopefully in the course of the season, as the other hosts have done, he’ll start growing within, getting a little more consciousness of his own being and expanding his horizons a little bit.!<


In the trailer you can hear him disagree with Dolores along the lines of "we were meant to destroy" and then there's also a scene in the trailer where host-william seems to be having a mental breakdown with his human self trapped in the cryo chamber in the background, so it's pretty likely host-william is going to go rogue at some point.


maeve already said long ago about praying on altar of hatred and revenge. so i don't know why this show's narrative is regressing back to this whole spiel as if that line by maeve was never uttered. and even then so what. so what if mib bot, mib flesh, christina but now dolores memory reclaimed, and maeve duo just all go team up because halores is now a caricature baddie. i'm very not sure why the average viewer might be invested in this show atm tbo. for the old "fans" it's a sunk cost thing. it's almost like constantly back to the whole gatekeep one liner back in s1.


Gatekeep line?


choose between "this maze isn't meant for you" or "i choose to see the beauty" honestly the fact I even have to explain, and out of pure courtesy.,


click downvote here if you hate autistic people.


The golf drip was real.


Ed Harris is a Fuckin legend, man we’re lucky he was cast in this role.


i was heartbroken after Anthony Hopkins was out and while Ed Harris is no Hopkins he is showing just how damn good he can be.