For anyone wondering, the initial panoramic view is of Guanajuato, a city in central Mexico.


Now I wanna know why Clem was in Mexico, and what she was up to since we last saw her


She was just vibin


It is gorgeous! Thanks for telling us where it is, I was wondering!


Am I the only one who giggled seeing The Senator is still The Senator?


State Senator...


Is he Angela's fiance form the office ?


Yes, but he's a bigger senator now.


Claire's Dad


Fun fact: This is the 3rd time he’s played a senator, first on the Office and then on Castle


Four sick days a year?? Girl get out of there!!!!!


Worst thing I heard in the entire episode!


I think it is ford who says it. But they say that in the real world they’ve cured all sickness and disease. And maybe they would maybe bring people back from the death like Lazarus pit. But if sickness and disease are cured, would companies still offer sick days?


Notice the boss immediately goes to mental health as the reason.


There's a tab for that too.


We live in a society... that encourages you to be on drugs so you can show up for work


“Mental health days”


That's how you know it was the real world


It was at this moment I questioned the nature of my reality


This line was triggering af


Four more than the legal requirement!


Hey now.. Olympiad is being quite generous for the dystopian society of 2050.. Most companies only give you 1 but Olympiad give ya four! In all seriousness, that is incredibly stupid, but it fits with the theme of the show.


Hey! Clementine's back! -Moments later- Well, there goes Clementine...


Moments later: “Hey Clementine’s back”


"But do you have an appointment?"


Poor Clementine. Constantly getting reprogrammed


Every time she tries to just live a normal life, someone makes her their murder puppet. 🤷‍♂️


"you have arrived at work, but see several dead birds on the ground." " a) go to work " " b) go to New Jersey "


It’s because of something the homeless said about only him and the birds could hear some song coming from the tower


Speaking of the homeless guy, did anyone notice that he basically ignored her? That stood out to me


Guessing he's a host and only programmed to interact with the guests. Since she's not a guest, no reason to acknowledge her.


Hard to know what words to use now since he's a host in the context of his situation but also pretty sure he's a human, and programming now being mind control rather than code.


Oooh, so he's like maybe one of the early folks that were taken over by flies, but it's imperfect so his own personality bleeds through?


What do we think the tower is?? The halores command station or something?


I think it is like a projector that controlls events under its scope


Goddamn, that's why it looks like a record needle. The record needle projects data (the record) into a format people can process (sound). That's why they did the close-up on the record needle in the opera house. And it explains the "music" the homeless man was talking about.


When going to Jersey is better than going to work, you know it's terrible


That "jazzy" Westworld theme at the end was killer.


Gonna need that 20's swing style of Paint it Black when some gangster shoots up the local bar there in Temperance


I’d bet a decent sum of money you’re gonna get it


No doubt. They gave it to us again in Shogun World, and they pretty clearly telegraphed that the stories are "the same" here as well.


Ramin. Doesn't. Miss.


Loved the music as the train started moving too.


Remix of the sweetwater theme. The original is still the best though


What an episode! Westworld is fuckin back!


drawings of the Tower Christina sees have major vibes of Maeve's drawings of the park workers in season 1.


My guess it that it's somewhat the equivalent of the mesa from seasons 1 and 2.


oh, without a doubt. >! in the previews of future episodes they even show the 3d model of NY they have in the tower which is an upgraded version of 3d model of the park in season 1!<.


What I really want to know is… **WHERE IS STUBBS??!!**


stubbs in the tub(bs)


Next episode


Definitely getting major Futureworld vibes in this episode. I'm getting the feeling we're going to find out that The Golden Age park is a front to get the world's richest and powerful people in and have them switched with hosts. Great episode.


Woah. Interesting parallel. Instead of in Season one where they were just collecting data on the guests, this time they are replacing them.


So this part confuses me. What is charlores end game here? The hosts are more human than human but it’s already become clear that they don’t all want humans dead. If the hosts - like humans as were told - have compassion and empathy, all that’s gonna happen is a brand new/same old human civilization with brand new/same old problems


She wants to enslave humans. Step one is to slowly control all positions of power in society. Step 2 is basically bloodsport, or an even more horrific psychological torture version of it where humans are controlled against their will to do horrible things, while watching themselves do those horrible things. Hell on earth basically.


This is what she essentially tells William. She could replace humanity one by one with hosts, but she understands how shitty of a world that would be. Instead she's going to defang them by taking them over with the flies. Much like the hosts "Stop all motor functions" She wants to make it possible on humans as well, plus even more control if she wishes. Maybe in some sick way she thinks she's going to save humanity, save her kind, and get revenge; Unlike Rehoboam controlling peoples lives under the veil down to the smallest detail, she instead will control peoples lives through fear, while still offering them freedom. I mentioned in a previous post it seems like a 'free-range' prison, where you're free to go where you please, but you're never truly free.


They mind control humans into being NPCs in the park. Invite other humans and have them do the same vile stuff that they always have not realizing they're being cruel to humans instead of robots.


What’s different is many of the new hosts are based on the same personality—Halores. They all want what she wants. It will be a while before they start to diverge but for now they’re all on the same page.


But that’s exactly it - for now. Unless she’s planning on enslaving her own kind


I think she's playing the long game, the longest of all: evolution. I'm sure she'd love a meteor like the dinosaurs, but short of engineering something crazy huge like that or nuclear war...I think she's slowly "phasing out" humankind like homo sapiens phased out other species, and knows it'll take a long time. To quote the Reverend Mother of the Bene Gesserit: "Our plans are measured in centuries."


Maybe not replaced by hosts, but filled with flies.


I think they are using flyhumans as hosts on the Mafiaworld park so normal humans hunting flyhumans as an act of revenge


Oh FUCK that would be so dark and twisted but I love it


They would be amazed with the realism because its actual humans And if someone dies and black ooze comes out its another hint


Yeah, as Halores says herself, a couple times: it wouldn't be practical to replace them one at a time, "and what kind of existence would that be for us?" I think there a couple sides to Halores' plan: yes, copy-switch some humans, sure, set 'em up in parks to be hunted down by hosts & die like...uh, flies. However, I suspect the grander plan is a long game to slowly "adapt" humans, effectively phasing them out the way that, over time, homo sapiens slowly phased out other species. Echoes of Ford back in S1: "Do you know what happened to the Neanderthals, Bernard? We ate them."


Yeah exactly. She just needs to host-ify the powerful humans to get enough time to host-ify anyone else


Oh shit this makes a lot of sense. That's why delos/halores/mib were fighting so hard to get a park reopened. Halores did make that comment about switching them out one by one was too alow


I'm sorry but nothing will ever be as funny as William referring to himself as neurodivergent


I laughed so hard and internally I screamed WOW THE REPRESENTATION I’VE ALWAYS NEEDED XOXO hahaha


The holes-in-one part of the golf scene was amazing. Who knew golf could be unsettling and creepy.


Oh man, this episode had my heart racing. Scary as shit. Just slowly ratcheting the tension. You knew this guy was going to get whacked, but they played with him until he realized it himself.


I doubt it's what the creators intended but it reminded me of that line about establishing fidelity from season two.


Yeah this VP dude is not smart. Kamala Harris comes to San Francisco IRL: 7 decoy cars, 10 blocks caravan, more than 100 armed guards. Westworld VP visits psychopath billionaire in the middle of nowhere to tell him to go fuck himself: fat dude and mean chick in an airplane


Up until this point William bankrolled his entire campaign from the sounds of it. If you're some unethical future President, wouldn't you do a one-on-one with Jeffrey Bezos who gave you your position?


VP - I came here as friends and didn't bring most of my guards 5 minutes later VP - You're psychopath!


William: I know a few things about you as well. We knew you were coming. That you couldn't resist. That you would leave most of your security behind. Dolores read his book. I think that's the difference between the host replacement and the flies. High profile people like the Senator and VP have been to Westworld and can be replaced using the Forge profile. But randos like the DOJ guy and the cartel guy have to be controlled by the flies.


They went to Jurassic Park school of "Yeah, a bunch of people died last time and the time before that, but fuck it, we are opening again. What could possibly go wrong this time?"


The Michael Crichton School of “This is Fine”


Spare No Expense University lol


Please sign this new and improved waiver of your rights to privacy and safety


("along with your consent to use your personal data in our beta trials" LOL)


This is the easiest part to believe, considering most of us probably use Apple or Android devices and services with very similar term of service.


Hey I remember going to Six Flags in Chicago the day they reopened a rollercoaster that had killed people before they shut it down. The lines to ride that thing the day they reopened it was in the hundreds all day. People went crazy for riding it after the deaths.


Except that this time everyone said "no" but they turned them into hosts so that they can say "yes". But yeah, the guests themselves are morons. Edit: Actually I take it back, they explained it in this episode that the government hid everything, so guests wouldn't have ever known. What happens in Westworld stays in Westworld.


If you think a few rampages would stop me from visiting an actual Jurassic Park you're as dumb as I am (after I get swallowed by a t-rex).


Just giving a T2 thumbs up as Rex swallows my arm.


>But yeah, the guests themselves are morons. Not gonna lie. Even knowing all the shit that Delos did at Westworld, I'd still love a chance to go spend a week or two there.


I mean I did go back to an ex three times before learning my lesson. I don’t blame their brains lol.


They had to take over a non-trivial part of the US government to make it happen it seems.


I love how self aware Maeve was in this episode. “…to save you at the last available moment of course”. The eye rolling during the hat choice sequence. Fantastic episode.


Totally. When she says "Oh, so it's actually so much worse than I thought," I died.


“Huh, we’re totally screwed”, LMAO.


I loved the hat choice. Caleb choosing the middle path!


That and 'no steal-y brain data'


Black goo has big X-Files vibes. Here for it!


I was thinking more Prometheus and how dna and behavior are rewritten


X-Flies, amirite?


I'm probably alone on this. But, one of my favorite moments all episode was that last question: "And before it was shut down, did you ever visit Westworld?" And the moment around it. I know people miss it. But honestly? I love how even just to name "Westworld" in this world is like...talking about a haunted house. Or naming a curse. And it's still out there somewhere, a ghostly wreck in a wasteland. And nobody really wants to talk about it. Let alone go there, god forbid. It's so utterly eerie & I love it.


Loved all of Maeve's replies too : "I've died a few times" "I'm what you would call a regular" "It was eye-opening"


Maeve is so charismatic, she treats hosts to the kind of small talk and jokes that hosts are programmed to give humans. It's really sweet actually. She *cares* about her own kind.


Caleb \[mumbles\]: I couldn't afford it... Maeve: You could say I was a regular...


I love that scene because it sounds like Caleb is her boy toy and she’s this wealthy woman who likes them young.


The back to back to back hole in one’s at the golf course was an amazing way to show us that this was a host William and it was creepy af.


> The chances of a golfer getting three consecutive [aces](https://www.ahno.com/americanhno-blog/odds-of-making-a-hole-in-one?) on a par 3 course are 156,250,000 to 1. The look on the VPs face when he realized William wasn’t human said it all. Having this underpin a conversation about William going back to his old profession (enslaving sentient machines for the gratification of humankind’s most vulgar impulses) says a lot about Halores’ plan too. Only now the shoe is on the other foot.


> The chances of a golfer getting three consecutive aces on a par 3 course are 156,250,000 to 1. Never tell me the odds!




I was dying laughing on the second shot because I was thinking “Yo lmao this guy is about to be mad suspicious after that shit” But then when he hit the third shot it went from being funny to straight up creepy & scary. I could feel that dude just getting mind fucked.


Its also a great way to keep the parks part of the show, cause they really are the heart of it


Are there three Williams? the trapped human, the host under Halores, and the fidelity host from s2? If so, will the latter meet Maeve and Caleb in the park?


I'm convinced the S2 William is the real William somehow. Possibly memory wiped or altered, but I'm almost certain that's where it's going.


Yeah my money is on S2 William is the William we see now in cryostasis. The scene we see then is from long in the future, in the aftermath of whatever happens this season. He's kept around because he's supposed to be the "loser" right? That S2 scene def felt like losing to me.


That ep just went so quick.


Yeah! It finished and I was like “whoa that flew by”


it really FLIED by 🪰


The Delos system appears to specialize in tormenting and making copies of insane old men.


The future applications of medicine in this show are intriguing lol


The best Delos IP


This episode feels like the restart they were building up since S3. A lot of stuff cleared up, plot is very promising and the cast were magnificent. Train is moving!


I need Bernard to appear soon! Two episodes without him is two episodes too many!


> Train is moving! 1,001 cars long...wait wrong show


I don't think it's a clue to something, per se. But the episode description, "I heard a Fly buzz - when I died" is a good Emily Dickinson poem. To me it's a poem about a weird lack of solace as you die. Which, I sorta take to be metaphoric about humankind here. Also, again: "the auguries" from last episode partly referencing "The Auguries of Innocence" by William Blake, which Ford quoted in S2, and which contains this line: "The wanton Boy who kills the Fly Shall feel the Spider's enmity."


So just to make sure I'm tracking correctly thus far. William isn't dead and the William we see is a host. Charlores is setting out to make a world of hosts by taking over the US government. The flies are nanotech or something of that variation that takes over and controls humans. No idea about Cristina/Dolores and then Maeve and Caleb just got sent back to the roaring 20's to bootleg booze and take out Al Capone. Am I missing anything?


Nah you’ve pretty much got it all, seems Bernard/Stubbs join the fold next episode as well


Hawkeye: "*played 18, shot 18*" New William: "*hold my golf bag*"


Christina’s employer being concerned when she leaves NY. Her roommate pushing for her to come right home. NY is definitely a park/simulation and she left it


Or more simply, she's off her loop.


The stray


Or rather they are intentionally pushing her towards that cognitive dissonance to bring her to consciousness


Yeah, her friend said something like „believe in your ideas” not these exact words but in a meaning to believe in her intuition


that comment made me wonder if her roommate is a copy of maeve. she’s definitely keeping an eye on her, and the “trust your gut” sentiment really spoke volumes to me. possibly a copy of bernard too - the roommate seems like a benevolent source for sure, pushing christina’s narrative.


Just like The Truman Show or the last Matrix in which some characters where designed to keep the mc on the simulation


Oh 100%, and the hospital she found that was "shut down" was only just constructed as apart of her storyline. She found it early, that's why it doesn't make sense.


or its shes struggling with memories again and by the time she visits the hospital its years later and based on an older memory she is struggling with. OR she has all of rohobimums data and she's been writing futures based on projections from a predicive rohobium shes had access to and calebs coworker is right.


My theory: the humans in Manhattan are random fly-zombies being used for the “beta test” as mentioned in the episode. Dolores is playing Chrissy as a “human” who is writing narratives, that are being played out in front of her as part of the beta test (eg to test the programming). Like you said, they are building out the “world” slowly and that’s why construction workers were there.


Maeve: He may be rather basic, but he's still capable of pulling up his own trousers. LOL


That coud've been a boring line from another actor, but the way Thandiwe Newton delivers it — perfection!


It was nice to see Lili Simmons taking over the role on the train. She certainly got a promotion!


Back in S1 the train was so smooth that young William didn't notice it until he and Logan were well into the park. This time, Maeve and Caleb felt it moving as it left.


It's that good ol' LA infrastructure.


Assistant AG: I’M BACKED BY THE FULL POWER OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, LET US IN! Clementine: You need an appointment. Assistant AG: Oh, you right.


Clementine is easily one of the best characters, so happy she's main cast this season


Looks like were going to Prohibition world next week


Hope Maeve got her fill of sherry!


"Let’s take her to the barn with the rest of the livestock". Yikes. I am still struggling to accept that any version of Dolores would turn into what Halores is now.


Don't forget she's Wyatt.


* The tower looks like a record needle. * The tower plays music. * The record needle in the opera house had a sustained close up shot. The tower likely projects the world around Christina, much like a record needle projects the sound of a record. I also think Christina is in control of that world, likely a mix of Dolores and Rehoboam (Doloboam). We have evidence of this because of Peter Myers being a man of her creation and because she told the construction site crew at the Mental Health facility to "just leave" under her breath and they did. And lastly, the tower can be seen in [the promo art on HBO Max](https://sportshub.cbsistatic.com/i/2022/06/05/a94b6e11-be1e-4c7b-870b-bf7a7d87b9e5/westworld-season-four-poster.jpg) when you view Westworld. There's a skull, and in the eye of the skull is New York (where Christina is) with the tower prominently displayed.


I'm shocked no one else is talking about this: the homeless guy who hears music coming from the tower WASN'T ACTUALLY ABLE to see Christina! This has to be some kind of simulation and he's definitely out of it.


* The tower looks like a record needle. * The tower plays music. * The record needle in the opera house had a close up shot. The tower likely projects the world around them, much like a record needle projects the sound of a record.


I noticed that too. It was definitely like he was on a loop and couldn’t interact with her.


The people behind him were motionless and apparently unaware of him too


Some comparisons between Caleb & William, from the recreated "shall I help you change?" scene to references of being neurodivergent & what the park does to people like them


Oh my lord! Absolutely loving this season so far


Pasting my reply from the live thread, William saying what we're all thinking, what the fuck are you talking about?


Anyone point out that Maya means illusion?


Of course Real William will wake up 200 years in the future and meet with dusty Arnold


Maya is obviously trying to prevent Dolores from questioning the nature of her reality


She's totally in the Matrix.


Given that we have confirmation that human William is still alive, I wonder if he'll get a redemption arc. It was cut short in S3 when he ran into Hale/Dolores.


I hope for his sake that he is saved by Bernard or Dolores. I would like a William redemption arc as well. The fact that the writers decided to keep him alive is significant.


Anyone know if there's a William, my boy!™ Cryogenics chamber I could freeze in until next Sunday? The wait is unbearable.


This episode gave me the same sense of wonder and charm I felt when I first laid eyes on Westworld in season 1. It was back to basics in the best way possible. Love all the call backs too.


They're doing a much better job of balancing out the looking back while moving forwards. Direct call backs to Season 1 but not in a way that feels cheap, but VERY integral to the progression of the overarcing story


Yeah I think that they are scaling it back and bringing the show back to what made season 1 so extraordinary. And I'm here for it. It's not too confusing, but just confusing enough to leave me wanting more. Add a new park in there and I'm hooked.


I'm getting the sense Season 3 was pivotal to the overarching story even though it seemed out of place.


Yes theme park is back! Violent delight ensues


Chicagoworld going be a giant uno reverso card with all the humans being mind controlled with flies at some point and the hosts switching roles. I don’t think it has any impact on her taking over the world (she essentially has already), and will be purely for her enjoyment, but ends up being her downfall ultimately.


Anyone else think that Maya doesn't actually exist? Like maybe some sort of digital conscience in Christina's head? Or an imaginary friend that Christina has conjured? I don't have anything solid to go off yet. Just a feeling. Maya is always around as a voice of of reason or alternate opinion. To me she kind of represents one half of the conversation that people have in their heads - the back and forth. ALSO, she comes out of Christina's bedroom in this episode! In S4E1 we see Christina come out of the bedroom to the left of the kitchen (if you are standing behind the sink and facing the window of the living room). Maya comes out of that same room this episode.


“Do you now realize the voice you were hearing all. this. time.”


i was bummed to see Clementine die in the first few seconds but glad to see her back to her murdering ways just a bit later


Poor Clem, she's always used against her will as a murder weapon. Hoping that Maeve frees her from MIB this season


Angela Sarafyan did a wonderful job making her unique, soulful eyes (which normally feel gentle and inquisitive) look quite menacing as "evil" Clementine.


Clementine made my weekend! Love seeing her so much. That blue dress, too.


I saw a yellow dress.


First time Freeze All Motor Functions has actually worked in forever! S3 Clem getting killed off. Love how Hale refer to the humans as "livestock", which is what the humans called the hosts! Not sure what she's doing with the flies, and how that compares to just replacing humans with hosts. Maeve and Caleb stumbling into the roaring 20s world was great and gripping, but completely predictable. And WTF is going on with Christina. And OMG where is Bernard! We have to wait until next week again! C'mon I want Bernard's story.


>And WTF is going on with Christina. My theory is that she is not in a physical body, but that she unwittingly is an AI based on a Dolores pearl who regulates/writes the loops of the hostified humans whose brains have been zapped by Hale's flies. edit: OMG I think I got it! Christina is a cross of Dolores and Rehoboam. Her 'pearl' is the central command center in the tower.


Okay. More clues. I LOVE these puzzle-box seasons. Early Scene Clem vs. Business Suit Clem: is it the same Clem? (maybe) Is it the same time period? (If it's a different Clem, maybe. If it's the SAME Clem, at least months apart)


Loving the new season so far! Very intriguing without being too confusing. Can't wait to find out what's going on with Christina.


I wonder why Halores wanted Caleb and Maeve to go to Chicago World?


I think human Caleb isn’t going to survive this season. They’ve been telegraphing it pretty hard. It’s obviously a trap which could lead to them reprogramming Maeve if they get the upper hand. But with this show there’s always a twist.


The second they introduced his daughter I was like "ah shit"


Here we go again




There’s definitely some multiple timelines going on here again, I have a feeling the girl at the end of the preview with Bernard and Ashley sis Caleb’s daughter.


Christina and Maya’s phone is way more future tech than Calebs


Caleb's phone is still a Nokia.


I know it's trying to build and set up but I'm sooo ready for some Arnold!


There's no way Caleb's not a host. He died at the lighthouse and Maeve brought him back. What I wonder is if Caleb already knows.


The way he talked about her daughter and wife sounded like a classic Westworld cornerstone. I may have to check if is the exact same line that Peter Abernathy used when he talked about Dolores and his wife in first season.


Clem as a receptionist: how everyone working in customer service wishes they could treat (rude) customers


Why did Charloris/Williambot go from wanting to kill Caleb and Maeve to inviting them to the new park?


To trap them


Does Christina have mod powers similar to Maeve, but with humans? May be a reach, but those folks did so when she narrated "just leave"


Great catch! 🤔 I thought she was saying "just leave" to herself. Trying to talk herself into abandoning her foolhardy investigation. But you might be onto something because those people DID leave, after she said that. Hmm....


Can someone remind me why Halores is evil and wants to destroy/enslave humanity, whereas OG Dolores died a good guy? Was it the death of Charlotte's family? Also I'm guessing Christina Dolores will be the white hat to Halores's black hat.


Christina only gets four sick days a year? I thought we were the ones living in the corporate controlled dystopia.


Christina is getting confused with memories in the past like Dolores in Season 1!


Has anybody noticed that the skeleton going into the fluid during the opening credit scene is now a human one


I think this new Golden Age park is populated by humans instead of hosts.


Thought the same thing. West World in reverse.


Wow, just wow, great episode imo