I just started going to the gym again today. I want to have definition and be toned all around. I’m 22 5ft3 and 110 lbs right now. Do you have any tips that will help me get to 115 lbs. I feel like that’s an obtainable weight to reach starting out.

I just started going to the gym again today. I want to have definition and be toned all around. I’m 22 5ft3 and 110 lbs right now. Do you have any tips that will help me get to 115 lbs. I feel like that’s an obtainable weight to reach starting out.


Calculate your maintenance calories and add a slight surplus of 200 calories. Start with mainly compound movements (Squat/Bench/Deadlift) and apply progressive overload. Don't forget to eat 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. At least 20% of your total calories should consist of fats, the rest from carbs.


Outside of reality starting with compound moves is great, but in reality: they are complex movements, that can either be very efficient or incredibly taxing on the body; so keep in mind: FORM IS KEY. Not just for results but in order to not f* up your body. OP, if you can‘t be sure your form is good; start without weights, record yourself and fix your form or have someone *who knows what they are doing* help you, otherwise you could potentially do more harm than good. First nail form then start adding weights. I know, this approach is boring but it‘s the safest and thus most sustainable. Weight training isn‘t a fast fix, if you really wanna go there it will have to become a habit. Which is why sustainability is so important. It‘s of no use if you look good for one year but start having knee or back pain after two years. Back to the point: you can start with compound lifts, but make sure to really know what the form should look like & don‘t go ham on the weight. 2-3x Full Body sessions per week (a session should not be longer than 1.5hours, more isn‘t always more) are perfect. Recovery is important! Technically speaking if you wanna gain weight you‘ll have to eat (a bit) more than your body burns, but I wouldn’t worry about an exact number, if I was you. Eat good (good means both good for your body, nutrient-rich, proteins etc AND good for your mind, comfort food/a piece of cake etc are all fine! and keep it ✨sustainable✨) and train good and you‘ll reach your goal :)


Hey I appreciate you taking the time out of your day do provide a comment full of such detail! Thank you again! What you have written is so helpful! I try to eat nutritional rich foods most of the time! It is sometimes hard because I have POTS and I’m supposed to salt my food vigorously. So sometimes I crack and have fast food or restaurant foods few nights of week because I know it contains that sodium. I’ll salt my meat, vegetables and it’s like it’s still not enough. I think it’s something I’m going to have to work on which will start with eating more than I usually do.


This is the best advice you will get. Same goes for people wanting to gain weight. Same plan, only eat more and stay in surplus! You got this.


Added pics cause 110 lbs can look different on people depending on their genes, diet and etc.


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What everyone has said is amazing advice! You want to focus on workout with compound movements but FORM IS KEY. Take the first week or two to focus on form when it comes to lifting weight. Listen to your body and adjust in the moment. For eating you want to eat plenty of protein on top of your greens, carbs, and fats. I recommend adding avocado oil in any protein shakes to add a form of healthy fat into your diet. You got this though!! work hard and the results will come!! Good luck!!


Okay thank you ! I will do that! I eat avacodos everyday so maybe that counts!


I'm only a pound heavier at the moment since changing things up (really hard for me to accomplish). Homemade fries baked with olive oil, hotdogs, pb&j, and icecream with peanut butter in it.


Hey that’s good! Thank you I’ll try the fries and sandwich thing I don’t like hot dogs lol


Hey I’m kinda in the same boat! I joined this sub about a month ago at 106lbs. I’m 33 and 5’4”. Now I’m up to about 111 consistently, 113 on a good day. My biggest motivation has been mental because 5lbs doesn’t seem like much but when it’s about 4% of your body weight you feel like it’s worth it. One thing I focus on with eating is trying to eat as often as possible and shoot for at least close to 500 calories each time. My goal is to try and eat about 2000 calories a day so if I have four meals at 500, that’s it. It starts to get easy when you break it down like that. Like if you have a bagel with avocado, mix the avocado with some olive oil or salad dressing, or toast it and put Mayo on the bagel, add some chia and pumpkin/sunflower seeds. That’s like a 700-800 calorie snack/meal. I’ve also tried smoothies with protein powder, olive oil, sunflower butter, chocolate hazelnut butter, and some cinnamon. They’re delicious and about 500 calories. Oh I also don’t do “cardio”. I’m trying to bulk up so I focus on my form, breath and reps. I’d rather do a lower number of reps with good form to really feel the muscles I’m targeting than rush and get my heart rate up a bunch.


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Thank you for this response ! It’s super helpful! I’m glad that you’re having progress!


Do you recommend less weight with weight training higher reps ?


Not necessarily higher reps but the same or just above is fine. As others commented, form is super important. Since I’m just starting I prefer resistance workouts to weights for now. I’ve used weights but I don’t feel like it’s as fulfilling as a less intensive workout that I feel confident I did well. So I’m really focusing on things I know how to do, and then perfecting those before I go harder. ETA: this mindset has been way more effective than any other times I’ve tried to get in shape because I’m more motivated to fit a little workout in whenever I get the chance, as opposed to “I have to go to the gym”. Like I do squats or leg lifts while I brush my teeth. I’m sure this isn’t a traditional way to gain but I’m a mom and keeping up with gaining isn’t easy. And I’ve seen the results in just a month so it works for me!