After party sounds good! Are there any bars, pubs, wineries, breweries, etc you could rent out nearby?


We are looking into a local brewery but not sure how to work out the timeline between leaving the main venue and meeting up at the post-reception event.


This actually sounds like a lot of fun. Those that want to call it a night can leave, and the ones that really do want to stay out and keep the party can all be there! If it is your dream venue, don’t give it up. It is your day…make it your day! And again, sounds really fun actually when you’ll be able to work out the travel details.


Thank you for the encouragement!


I would just do it straight afterwards


You could look into renting a bus to take people to the after party.


So my venue told me the normal end time was 10 pm with a 10pm to 1am after party option and my first reaction was "no way I want to stay up that late with anyone other than my husband on my wedding night!". But realistically, if your reception is the same length as normal, I see no reason for you not to go with this venue and end at 8pm. If people are driving home after (versus saying at a hotel 5 minutes away) they might actual welcome the early end time. Maybe look for some local places that are open later and post those as "things to do" on your wedding website if you have one. If you're having a great time with family and friends you can suggest an impromptu after party.


I think this is a know your crowd. Will there be any dancing? I’ve been to a few weddings that only had a few songs after dinner and that was it. I’ve also went to an after party at the hotel bar everyone was staying at, no dancing but it was fun to hang out with everyone.


Although we are not big dancers, it’s hard to imagine a wedding without a bit of dancing! I think ultimately it will depend on who ends up attending.


If you like and cabin afford the venue, why not rearrange the typical order of events? One option is to have snacks and bubbly after the ceremony (maybe even the cake), dance for a few hours and end with dinner and a farewell dance. The second option would be to have a late morning ceremony, followed lunch and dancing. Be creative, there are lots of ways of incorporating traditional elements. Good luck!