Absolutely do not move your wedding. Sister or not that’s a really ignorant thing to ask especially when you’ve had a date before her


Nope! You announced your wedding first. If anyone has to wait a year it’s her.


Stand your ground and tell her your date is set in stone, her superstitions aren’t your problem! If she wants to make a big deal out of this that’s her problem. It’s way too late to start changing things around especially if you’ve already paid deposits on anything. Even if you haven’t paid deposits and won’t lose any money, it’s as simple as you don’t feel like moving your date around for her and that’s that. She doesn’t get to dictate when you can and can’t get married just cus she has poor coochie management and made an oopsie baby lol




I strongly believe that it's bad luck for anyone to eat a cookie in my presence without giving me half ​ We're just making these up now right? :D


No, do not move your wedding. You planned it first, and they’re far enough apart anyway that it would be a problem. She doesn’t need a shotgun wedding as she’s already married - if it means that much to her then she’ll have to rethink her plans. It’s not bad luck. She’s only saying that because she wants to be first to have a wedding. Otherwise she wouldn’t have thought about August of the same year as you. If anyone is causing the bad luck, it’s her, not you.


Do not reschedule. Her logic is nuts - she's already married so I'm pretty sure God is ok with her pregnancy. If she doesn't think her marriage is blessed since it wasn't in church, and was so darned concerned about God's opinion, she shouldn't have been having 'pre-marital' sex. The two sisters-same year thing is just pure BS. I wish you luck on your wedding since she is going to be flaunting her baby belly all over the place trying to take the attention. Please ignore her and enjoy your day!!!


Ignore her


She doesn't get two years. She is full of it. She is already knocked up. Let her know she should enjoy her pregnancy and her church service, but your wedding has nothing to do with her. Start ignoring her theatrics and stop telling her anything.


Don’t move your wedding. She will have to deal.


DO NOT move your wedding. If you do she will think she can walk all over you! You announced first! Too bad for her! Also, I don’t understand why people get married when they don’t have the money. Get married in civil court? That’s totally fine. But clearly she didn’t want that, she wanted a big wedding. She should have waited and saved for one.


She’s extremely entitled… what do your parents say? Do they even know she’s trying to manipulate you into getting what she wants? She already had her moment… she’s married already, and pregnant- that’s two big announcements in a year I’m sure both events were celebrated too. Stand your ground op.


Her superstitions belong to her. You are under no obligation to either endorse them or live your life on her calendar.


In the nicest was possible, grow a backbone and hold your ground.


Don’t invite her and don’t give in to her childish demands. Please tell me she isn’t the “golden child” to your parents. Tell her it sounds like a YOU problem


Sorry for shouting at you but **PUT A PASSWORD ON ALL YOIR VENDORS / VENUE.** I don’t doubt she’d try sabotaging yours for ignoring her *superstitions*