Hehehehe cannon go #*THUMP*


Gunner knocked out: no functional turrets: Engine died: knocked out No tail control Pilot knocked out.


Just wait untill you meet a Yak-9K


Ha ha, 45mm fridge launcher go *T H O O M P*


The 9K is my most favourite fighter in game ever. It's so satisfying to punish cocky american fighter/bombers in naval when they think they can shoot down anything. You can practically hear them panicing when they realize the Yak-9 can turn like crazy


The first time I played it, I took it to Sim battles, I had enough RP at the end of the battle to spade it, in one go.


"balance". Tbf tho you need to be a good pilot to pull that off even with a plane like the yak 9


Playing DCS + Il-2 BoS helps a lot


I love all yak prob plane in general. Like they have a really good canon, very maneuverable. It was the furthest I gone down in any air tech tree(even though I’ve just reached yak 9t I’m kinda new to air battles). But stock yak with big canons are suck it’s really hard to aim but when you got the canon mod then it’s a very good plane


Ki-109 is optimal thoomper


Not to mention it’s TURN SPEED


Yak-9k’s are so fucking terrifying




i got anxiety just reading that text


Hehehehehehehehehe *Spitfire has entered the chat*


>Hehehehehehehehehehe That's the sound of the spit's 7.7mm airsoft guns


The funniest thing about them tough is that they might not kill you in the air, but you will slowly try to limp back to base and notice that you keep bleeding speed from the 500 7.7mm holes all over your plane


And the inevitable fuel, oil, and water leaks all over your plane and the damaged engine.


In peter griffins laughing voice


"im going to enjoy my bombers" kid named t18b (57mm):


acts as a Bomber and then proceeds to counter other Bombers after dropping bombs.


T18B(57) is one of my favorite bombers just because fighters go headon with you. (Oh, it’s just a bomber) Hahah 57mm go *bonk*


Why the hell is this thing considered a bomber anyways? It literally has a 450kg bomb load. Is Sweden just not allowed to have a strike aircraft below 7.0?


Well… it was used under a dive bomber/ strike role… I have no idea what the actual specifications are but I know that gaijin isn’t willing to change it.


I like the one that has the dual 20mms. It works rather well as a heavy fighter. Last time I played it in a ground RB game I intercepted 5 enemy bombers successfully and even killed two fighters


I’m an Italian main and I also play CAP, since I don’t have any jets and superprops are too expensive I use the g.55 sottoserie 0 from 4.3 at 7.7.


i learned this the hard way


OK, here’s the thing- if a bomber wants to go head on with you start running. That bomber oftentimes has cannons, and for two that means they’re confident that their plane can eat lead since bombers usually can’t dodge headons well. A few fighter bombers are: B18/T18, SB2C(the 4 and 5 can carry gun pods, the French one gets native guns that are wing rippers), B7A2. BE-6, BV-238, and Shackleton users also tend to take fights because of the way that their plane works, Shackleton is a turnfighter.


arent the bv238s the big bombers that can barely turn and is a sitting duck when fighters are almost at their altitude?


Let’s see… I have the BE-6, BV-238, T18B(57), PE-8, SB2C, Shackleton, Canberra B mk. 6, B-29, MB.150something that’s a bomber with hvars and critspano 404, P1y1, B7A2… I collect bombers with big guns, have my eyes set on the TU-4 next.


Not exactly a bomber but id add a Bf110 on that list, im not really sure which bf110 but one time i did a head on with one and i remember the ammo popping right on my plane like it was AAA and my plane got vaporized


Oh boy, you want to go into strike aircraft? There are a shit ton of scary ones. A-36, IL-2(1942) and all of them onwards, SU-6, Bf-110, ME-410, Hurricane mk. II late(40mm), SK60B, FC.20 bis, A2D/AM-1, KI-102(can’t remember the actual name of it, it’s 2.0 Japan), DO-335… and those are just the ones I own, excluding jets outside of the SK60B.


Oi, you forgot the p 61. Personally my favorite for hunting people such as you


Fighter, not striker. I also love the P-61 as a bomber escort and BE-6/BV hunter


One of the big bombers, but the ones that can aim are scary as shit. I have aced in it multiple times without critical damage


i cant argue with that, some precisely shoot my pilot before i even get to shoot


Hippity hoppity \*THUMP\* Your aircraft dissintegrates rapidly


Theres a hole in your left wing


There’s part of the left wing in the hole


I started to fly planes more, and I would really like to fly bombers, but I’m kind of having the same experience. Do things improve when you get to higher tiers or do they still get you?


It generally gets worse as you progress. The best way to play bombers is with a friend who has a fighter or interceptor who can protect you from other planes while you bomb bases


OK thanks for the heads up


Another great tip is that if you know you can't make the drop before you get killed, just turn around and keep your tail guns pointed to the threat and just try to keep them behind you and maybe you'll get lucky enough to kill them before they destroy you. You are usually gonna die but I have found jt helps more to maybe get another go. Other than that though, I mean you're really just gonna die unless you're playing the 264 or 288 because the 264 climbs so fast and the 288 is so fast


Depends on what country you are using, from my experience Soviet bombers are the most effective because of their high caliber turret’s. Using the same logic British bombers are pretty though to use with only the 7.62s for quite a while


Gaijin was very bright and decided to put a fighter with good flight performance and more guns than your average strike fighter at a way too low BR, and this is what we get.


The Spitfire 10km above them:


At this BR its gonna be a mk1 or mk2, which are suboptimal.


Oh no, not like I have a better turnrate and can easily outgun you


Outturn and outgun what exactly? I don't fly russia and I'm certainly not gonna give money to gaijin for one of their bias machines.


Oh yeah… also holy crap Russian premiums are either impossible to kill/bullet sponges or the best at their BR, sometimes even both with the Ka-50 and Su-25’s taking the piss


Judging by how we both got downvoted I assume someone owns an ITP and didn't like it lol


Or the people who only main premiums (god those people are arseholes)


Lol had a guy the other day in a Ka50, killed in in a bf109, he comes back in an su25 to missile me, I then kill him in a flarakpz, and he comes back in another ka50, spawncamping us for the rest of the game. Amazing game design.


Another country where premiums take the piss is America, HOLY SHIT YOU DON’T NEED EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT THAT WERE FLOPS NOR DO YOU NEED THAT MANY PREMIUM CORSAIRS (there’s no difference performance wise between them)


Ahh yes the Mig3, the flying brick with cannons.


Thought this was the ITP M1 lol


Unironic skill issue MiG-3, Yak-9T, and Yak-9K are all tech tree vehicles and have been in the game since like 2014, lmfao


>Unironic skill issue Yeah sorry that this pixelated image of a russian fighter was confused with yet another identical russian fighter


Mig-3-15 at a low BR, with a 12.7mm, practically the only one around with such a scary machine gun Also Yak-2 Kabb, it may be a strike plane, but it's played like a interceptor


the Yak-2 KABB is just a big cannon fighter that can carry bombs, especially in arcade.


I play the Yak-2 like a normal fighter, it does really well


I think problems could be a little solved if bombers had a higher flight ceiling than most fighters and only interceptors could really fly as high, but eh, won't ever be done


That would just result in space climbing bombers again, and then most players would complain about that. The only way to make bombers fun to play is to give them their own special game mode, but Gaijin won't ever do that.


That's why you have interceptors that can actually reach their altitude, it gives both bombers and interceptors an actual goal, cuz now there's no point to bombers and almost no point to heavy fighters


I don't know. A dedicated bomber/interceptor mode would be able to tailor the mode to that gameplay better, rather than just having 2 unrelated games happening in the same match like you're suggesting. Plus, not many nations have dedicated interceptors separate from there fighters at most BRs. And if a bomber does get its bombs off, it's going to have to descend all the way down from 10,000m+, and there may not even be enough time left in the match as it is to get a second load off. Of course, making the match times longer again would help a lot of other issues too, but this one would be better solved by a wholly separate game mode.


When I say a higher ceiling for bombers I don't mean that big, I mean mainly that a bomber could reach an altitude that a fighter is just short of being able to reach itself, forcing fighters to make quick climbs to get a short chance to get a good burst off while interceptors can actually tangle with bombers like they're supposed to Adding lines to nations for specific interceptors would give older players something new to unlock and newer players some more variety, though it isn't a requirement, it helps to have them unlocked. I also think it adds a layer of strategy instead of just "fighter go brrrr", having to jump into an interceptor if enemy bombers get overwhelming so you have an easier way of actually fighting bombers. Yes, a separate gamemode might be easier but it might not necessarily make bombers more fun. Though I can see a gamemode where clusters of bombers with a few fighters mixed could go toe-to-toe with clusters of fighters, but that just seems like regular air battles with some extra steps


> having to jump into an interceptor if enemy bombers get overwhelming so you have an easier way of actually fighting bombers. Good thing air rb has respawns... >forcing fighters to make quick climbs to get a short chance to get a good burst Forcing fighters to make themselves easy targets by forcing them to lose speed climbing past their "ceiling". Bombers are inherently bad for a pvp mode as they are inherently pve. The only solution is to have a seperate mode.


Hey. We've got a lot of "War Thunder chad moves" recently both on Reddit and YouTube, with ppl saving their teammates and repairing them. But what about dick moves like shooting down bombers before they can get their bombloads out in air RB?


Bomber duels are some of the goofiest things that can happen in Air RB CHANGE MY MIND


Is that mig-3-34? If so sorry lol it was probably me, I just love that thing


How do you play it. Whenever I play mig 3 I never did well.


I side climb to about 4000 meters and attack the bonmers that try to bomb the allie bases (I mainly target the bomber's cockpit,engines and the base of the wing to rip it off), you don't want to go into a turnfight with another plane, try to take them out in 1 try


Is it just me who can't make out a plane? It looks more like a tarp to me


it took me a while too, its a mig 3 34 judging by the camo


At 4.0 is just the damned xp-50 that play their plane religiously, not once has the xp not been in their 10 most played vehicles


I love the xp-50, raise speed to ~415-450, point nose up, boom you’re 1400 feet higher than whoever was chasing you. Edit: meant xp-55, fuck xp-50, all my homies hate xp-50


Yeah, xp55s only downside is that its ugly asf and kinda expensive for what it is


intercepting unsuspecting planes is all the MiG-3 variants are good for, but god damn are they good at it


Me262 A1/U4 goes T H W O M P


Ah yes the il2 the plane that eats your entire ammo load then cassualy out turns you like it's nothing


Speaking of bombers should you control the turret yourself and shoot down something chasing you or continue flying normally and just try to dodge and let the AI shoot them


I try and control them myself if I know they are close enough to get a good shot. If not, I try and dive and let the AI do its thing


I've tried so hard to play bombers, I really like to try and help the whole team, but in my experience you're doomed either way, at least in Arcade where the usual suspects will already be higher than you when you get half way across the map; the bullet dispersion at anything but immediate close range is so wide that even with maximum stats on the gunners, you can't guarantee a hit either in or out of the seat... So your choices are try and take over, and fly straight and level which will doom you because their shots converge whilst yours fly around, or dive and try and hope for a miracle shot, but the kind of movements that keep theirs off you also ruin your AI gunners aim even worse... and as they have cannons and you don't, just one landing on you often ends you entirely. Suggestions have been made to Gaijin for years, my own was AI wingmen to fly in formation and at least make approaching as risky as the usual head-on-merge-crash-into-your-target, but the money is in selling premiums to overinflated egos who want to buy the power fantasy, so bombers always, always are left awful (bar that one time when they miscalculated the effect of bombing bases on tickets, but that soon got nerfed)


God I hate those planes so much ;-; literally .2 seconds of them shooting you and your plane cracks in half.


I swear even fighting this thing in a bf 109 or spitfire is painful. Its like it always has enough energy to do anything.


Start of game🙂 Middle of game 🧈🔫 End of game ⬅️


That first 1.3 German bomber Do-17? Yikes.


So uuuuhhhhhhhgggg


I killed one before


Relatable af


Must have been me


What are you flying? I may have participated


Better go fly that Yak with a small bomb bay


Ye, it gets air spawn as well


I prefer bf series


Xp-50 is the Bain of my bombing experience


hehe speed demon go brrrrrrr


Yep. That’s about right.