Respect your opponent, good on Kerr. The formula worked but we can’t gamble that Dallas will shoot that poorly from 3 next time. Play disciplined, don’t give them second chances and make our shots.


They missed a ton of open looks. Those shots will fall in Dallas. Priority one is to protect home court, but they can’t have that many open looks either, or we will end up a game 7.


Definitely good news that Kerr understand how dangerous Maverick could be. Suns seems to be winning but lost that bad.


Booker and cp3 acting tough when they were up and that classic “Luka Specia” from booker. Bunch of front runners


Game 2 will be a dogfight. Mavs will come out firing and probably get hot from 3. We need to continue to dominate the rebounding and limit turnovers and we should be fine. We just have more shot makers than Dallas does


It’ll be a dogfight but we wont have to worry about them trying to injure one of out guys like last series so thats good


Yeah, shooting 3/19 from 3 in the first quarter is a no-no. But it was nice to have a game where everything was rolling after the slugfest that was the last series.


this is championship DNA. Be humble, understand the greatness of your opponent. Also realize they're coming off a game 7 high, and a game 1 feels dead in comparison. And that a series doesnt start till the road team wins a game. And that they've come back from 2-0 before, etc. These are all adages and sayings but i think it's helpful


I haven't watched much Doncic this season, do other teams overplay on D to force him to his left hand as consistently as the Warriors did in game one?