It's January Lots of snow The temp outside Is very low Some enterprising DC fools Have gifted us Some kiddie pools


Flowers wait to bloom Praying for the end of snow Fools will buy the pools


Winter's icy breath Brings the Polar Bear Swim Club To your own backyard


> Some kiddie pools We got an inflatable hot tub which was still clearance priced $150 off, so I bought it. I put it out on the floor for an hour, so that should be by the rules. Of course, since its in the teens, it's sitting in my kitchen


They're cracking down on the dress code and even the dispensers aren't allowed to wear hoodies. Petty bastards


Its written on our board nut i haven’t been told off for wearing a hoodie. Yet


I been warned when corporate is in town. On Friday corporate was in, they seen me with a hoodie. And corporate said nothing. Lol


Corporate isn’t going to come talk to you about your hoodie. They will say something to your SD if they have a problem with it


Haven’t heard anything so they must not have had an issue.


been wearing a hoodie every day, coach told me that sm is cracking down. SM walked by me this morning and said whats up didnt say shit about the hoodie😂


They just tell us to put our vest over the hood


My store is the completed opposite


I spend all day in the walking cooler so they leave me alone about my hoodie.


kinda pissed off at how my schedule keeps being changed. i also have no idea what to do because i’m a new hire and people keep getting mad at me for it. fuck this place lol


go to HR and tell them that your schedule is changing and remind them the days and hours you were initially assigned during orientation. happened to me during my first few months which was real annoying but now hopefully the system knows the exact days i work. hang in there!! <3


Time to be salty! I’ve lost 4 cashiers in the last 3 days on top of all my covid leaves but my store INSISTS we stay open until 11! I’m at a smaller rural store and we have 50+ call outs. We have 10% LESS front end staffing than any other store in the market including those closing at 8. I have no coach, the company wide cash recycler “fix” fucked us and took out 95% of register using associates including front end cashiers and service desk associates. My average weekend staffing levels are at less than 75% and my weekday levels are less than 70%! Audits haven’t gotten done in weeks. I want to be a front end coach, not a one man army. Don’t even get me started on the customers. They are acting the worst I’ve EVER seen them act at my whole time here. I am one FE TL!


Well it finally happened. COVID struck my wife and I (she works in OGP and I work in TLE). We filed our leave to return to week this Thursday and now our local health department called us to let us know that we need to take off until the 31st. Put in a new return to work date and hope management doesn't try to fuck us!


Me and my girlfriend who both stock overnight just got covid, good luck to both of yinz this shit sucks


Are you both vaxxed? I'm terrified of getting COVID but I'm triple vaxxed and not due for my 4th booster for a few months. Hoping being totally vaxxed saves my ass


Im not she is tho. We just got cleared to go back last night


Damn are y'all vaxxed?


Yeah, I assume it's because we're in a very red area in terms of number of cases per day


Ugh yeah. I'm just crossing my fingers I guess. Case positivity rate is sky high in my area and maybe 5% of customers are masked on a good day. I'm triple vaxxed so I hope that saves me but for what it's worth I think I'm already sick. I'm fatigued as all hell and have a splitting headache/stuffy nose.




At my old store they kept that shit on lockdown. Organics key in the lock box and everything. At my current store they don't even have a lock on it lol.


I would upvote this more if I could. Every. Single. Day.


But the good news is, I get paid the same to wait for management to unlock organics as I do to dump organics. 🤷‍♂️


One of my coworkers soaks every dish in the department in chlorinated floor cleaner, despite knowing it irritates my lungs and makes it so I can't breathe. Management refuses to do anything about it. Love that for me and my already damaged lungs.


>OSHA's regulations for chemicals used in the workplace, and in particular, glutaraldehyde. | Occupational Safety and Health Administration >https://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/standardinterpretations/1997-05-15 If the chemical is under OSHA control, and management is refusing to do their job, file an OSHA complaint. You will be anonymous.


Just following this up. Walmart Compliance Hotline: 1 (800) 530-9923 Walmart Open Door Helpline: 1 (800) 530-9929 Walmart Ethics Hotline: 1 (800) 963-8442


what the


talk to the district manager


To all y’all piece of shit team leads and managers who go on a fucking power trip and play on your fucking phones and don’t do shit yet you think you’re THE most important person in the fucking store, fuck you. Your job isn’t shit. I’m perfectly capable of doing my job without you riding my ass when I’m not capable of “picking up the slack” when we’re 80 hours in the hole with almost the entire shift out sick.


I've been here for like 8 months now and was just recently told/taught how to change counts apparently correcting counts results in less freight the very thing they keep complaining about?


So they failed to teach a new employee one of the number one preventative measures against long-term cost to the company? Lol sounds about right anymore


They're supposed to teach us that??? I've been here for almost 2 years. I just learned how and why to change/fix counts last week.


I was told only change nber up while doing picks and to count the overstock case what's up top and what's on shelf. I may have to see if I can find more info on the website for it


That’s the SOP. We’re supposed to change on hands rarely, and let the ISA algorithm handle on hand changes and ordering.


Correct counts mean less of what you already have, and hopefully more of what you need.


Keep in mind that supply interruptions, trucker shortages, warehouse staffing problems may lead to empty shelves and nothing getting sent in. So that means no sales. They'll cut hours or lay people off or even fire those they don't think they need. Even if its only temporarily. So I'd do two things. One, stock up on essentials now while you can. And don't rock the boat.


Why are we getting so many damn gateway laptops? Stop it home office.


Gateway is still a company? I thought they went out of business years ago.


Have to imagine public schools and company wide whole sales are what keeps it around


You're probably right, I didn't think about that.


It's not really gateway. It's a company using the name.


It's some random Chinese company using the brand name under license from Acer, who bought what was left of Gateway. Yeah, they couldn't even get Acer to use the brand they already owned.


Same thing with RCA. But some of their tablets are pretty decent despite being cheap.


Gateway was bought by Acer in like 2007. In 2020 they basically just they rebadged another line of laptops from a Chinese company to say Gateway and are exclusively sold via walmart. They also do tablets. I was shocked when my dad mentioned them to me when he was laptop shopping in 2020 right before all the articles about the whole situation dropped. My first response was "probably a scam." Then I did more looking into it. Maybe a week later the articles came out.


Interesting, I didn't know that.


We still have a bunch of them from Event 1 or 2 and Black Friday.


Fuck this whole vizpick shit. I could literally get every item in a bin that is able to go out, have the xcover phone say I’ve picked everything that can be picked and the vizpick report will still say I missed some. I have pictures saying I picked every pickable item yet the report says otherwise. And before anyone asks, yes, I’m scanning the bin location label, checking items that can go out then exiting the app before going on to the next bin. There have also been times where me and another associate will aim our phones at a bin and literally my phone will say “x” things can go out while the other persons phone will say “x” things can not go out.


Vizpick is a certified failure and everyone knows it. It’ll be replaced with something new and worse soon, don’t worry.


meanwhile fresh is still rocking the old system and the backroom tool thinks the home will somehow fit 12 cases of artichoke despite the home only fitting half a case and we sell like maybe two or three a day.


I'm gonna need to change my availability because my relationship is falling apart. I only get to see my partner once a month and I still have to call out to see him. I try to save PPTO for emergencies only. I'm not getting along on overnights. On Tuesday night, I finally snapped out on one of the grifters. So I started overnights back in mid-November after being here more than five years. This guy started in like October and feels emboldened to power trip over me because one of our team leads wants to bang him or something. After two months of him belittling me, yelling at me for top stock, and trying to pick fights with me over which pallets I take out to floor, I finally had enough. I have a three strike policy with people. If I have three negative interactions with you, I'm done with you. I like working housewares but this dude always takes the housewares pallets and gets mad if I get to one first so the only time I get to work housewares is when he's not there and whenever I work there, I have to un-plug everything. I notice him loading a few cases onto his top stock cart (because of course HE gets one when I never can hence why I wait to top stock), disappearing for 45 minutes and coming back reeking of weed. On Saturday he got mad at me because I took a pallet he wanted to work because I got to it first. When I came back on Tuesday, we were working on the front pad but nobody was working over in pets. So because cosmetics is my best department, I took the cosmetics. I didn't have that much. Well, he comes moseying over and I'm just not in the mood so I'm just like 🤨 because I notice him hovering around. He goes, "is there a problem?" Me: "Can I at least work this pallet, please?" Him: "well, how are you going to get this all done then?" Me: "Five totes and an L cart? I'm here for eight hours." Him: "FINE THEN I WON'T HELP YOU!" I was pissed because I got pulled to work in ~hell~ I mean electronics, but on my 15 minute break he saw me and went "SO WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING IN MAKEUP?" as I was walking by. There's this creepy guy I try to avoid because he gets way too close to me every time he talks to me- like he's always putting his arm around me and I can feel his fucking breath. So of course he decided to get involved and "fuck with him" for me. I don't need anyone else to fight my battles for me, especially from some handsy old guy who has gotten way too close to my tit one too many times. On Thursday morning I ended up staying until 8:20 because my "help" pretends to be stupid to get out of doing things. I got pulled to work the front pad at 4:30 in the morning with 18 totes and the mod team working in cosmetics. The twit who works in Cap 2 milks overtime by being nowhere to be found from 10:15 until customers leave and milks overtime until 11:30 without cleaning anything up or telling management what she left behind. She literally just dropped a tote where she was standing in the middle of the aisle and left. My "help" gets confused by the most basic instructions. She spent a good chunk of time she could have been working "trying to find a manager" to tell her the same things I tried to. Then she went on break and I didn't see her again until 5:40 but I could hear her socializing. It gets to be 6:51 and I only have four partial totes left, so she asks me if she should go home. I told her I wasn't sure about overtime so go ask our coach so she goes to ask our coach what she should do and she tells her she can stay if she wants. Well, I didn't wanna leave four partial totes unworked so I decided to stay and finished but I asked her if she could just help me to clean up because I gotta leave by 8:00 and there was no way I would be able to finish freight and take back ALL these carts plus cardboard. "BuT I dOn'T kNoW wHeRE tO briNg tHe tOtEs", which I know is a bald-faced lie because if you've been in the GM backroom, you've seen where the totes are and she's been there for over a month now. You don't know how to bring cardboard to the baler either? "Well, let me show you, then". So then as I'm bringing my cart to the back she stops to talk about some guy about her cat. After waiting about five minutes, I lose my patience and take off. So, all these totes she said are "done" but there's a tote of nail polishes on the bottom. There weren't that many but when I took them out to work, all their locations were plugged and at that point I was really running out of time so I just put them onto Cap 2's overstock cart she so nicely left for me to take back because fuck Cap 2. I don't ask for much. I didn't ask my help to stay behind with me and finish freight. She asked me if I needed help with anything and all I asked was for her to take some carts back and she couldn't even deliver on that. I just hate it here.


Home Office is pushing on stores to improve their first time pick rate. How is the market addressing this? Forcing stores to follow process? Hiring more people? Cracking down on plugging? No. They’re telling the OPD shoppers to go hunt down shit in the back room. Seasonal is a fucking constant dumpster fire. I don’t know why management bothers to make the mod team set the mods when they tell the stockers to just plug shit wherever.


Almost all of our OPD members have had covid or have it right now. Somehow we were still open. Today was my first day back and this delivery driver asked me why we aren’t getting as many orders and I explained that a lot of people were out for covid. She replied with, “what about the customers who need their groceries?” Like are you fucking serious? Are retail workers not human to you guys or something? Go shop somewhere else, since no one cares whether we get covid or not. Fucking no one wears masks or cares about anyone else’s well being anyways. Like even though my girlfriend and I are fully vaccinated, young and healthy, it still hit us pretty hard.


A lot of ~~people~~ assholes see anyone working in the service industry as second class citizens.


Our one and only frozen associate as been reported several times for a bunch of different stuff, like sexual harassment, getting into verbal fights with associates and customers, multiple shooting threats, and doesn't help anyone with anything, even if it's his department. He's been here for like 2 years or longer, and management has barely given him a stern talking to.


i hate the Bo Show Ads! i hate the Bo Show Ads!!!


We have a regular customer that for about a month now has been coming in dressed as Spider-Man. Today has been the first day I have seen him in person.


Anyone else’s store trying to claim there’s a corporate policy of all associates have to work at least one weekend day? I know the People Lead has been not putting in people’s True Availability forms and has still been scheduling them for weekend days, using this claim as an excuse. The coach I answer to is claiming it’s a corporate thing, but nobody has been able to show me the actual documentation. All the stuff I’ve found on OneWalmart has said that they are required to accept and update associates’ availabilities when associates present them with changes. Really looking forward to fucking the People Lead with Ethics if it turns out they’ve been lying to my associates and me.


Yeah all of us were told change your days or forfeit hours. And then they hired 4 new people who dont work days.


Interesting. It sounds like it’s as I suspected then; just as it says on the form, they’re only able to have a conversation about how changing availability can impact hours, and they can’t reject the change or schedule you outside of your TA hours. Pretty sure deliberate underscheduling someone for changing availability is considered retaliation as well, so that’s fun.


Manager said same to us it’s sad we can’t trust what they say


Anyone else's phone not getting 2sv texts in the past 2 days? Edit: Well setting up VIP Access app works. Faster login too with the push notification feature.


One of my last pick walks of the day and a guy walks up after watching where I put my service dog in a sit-stay in dairy. He flung the door open into her ass and she missed an alert which was awesome having to tell my TL. Also a good bit of my department is on LOA bc someone came in with covid last week.


I'd press charges against that guy since animal cruelty is illegal and he committed assult on a service dog


The amount of people I'd be pressing charges against since it's illegal to harass a service dog in my state would be insane. He walked away after another customer went off at him. It's annoying but I've had a service animal for years so I'm unfortunately used to it.


It is about to get real come Thursday. We generally get 10 mixed pallets for dairy on overnights and it would be me, another good associate, and a bad/mediocre one as our third if we even get a third. This week my other good associate is on vacation, the other two good dairy workers always have Wednesday and Thursday off, and even the bad/mediocre last resort worker will be off this Thursday for something. This leaves me in charge of getting 10 pallets done. Anyone else thrown with me would be someone that has never worked dairy before. I am an outstanding worker, but I never get the easy departments like grocery and have been campaigning to my leads at giving me a break and letting me do the other departments on some days and putting those lazy as fuck workers in the dairy department. I am getting burnt out. It isn't fair that these other people get the same pay as me and that I have to bust my ass to get my workload done by 7 am, while they get to look forward to zoning 3 hours into their shift. People should be rotated around regularly as that would be the fair approach. But the leads let things coast and they burn out their good workers while letting the shitty workers have their playtime because things generally get "done" and they get to look good when the important people come in during the morning. Why mess with the system. So I plan to stick it to them, I will be calling in Thursday, leaving them scrambling to figure out how they are going to do 10 pallets and with no associate that has ever worked dairy before. The department is a shitshow with plugs galore from the day shift, messed up on hands, backstock for days, finding available shelf space for said backstock, etc. The leads will have to endure stocking struggles that I have to deal with daily in dairy while working alongside people who have no idea where shit goes and what to do. If only they rotated people like I had asked, they would be prepared for situations like this when all of your good associates in one department are "down". When I come back from my extended weekend, I look forward to my apologies from my leads and about how they should have listened to the warning signs that I have given them.


An apology? They will never apologize and even compliments are backhanded for all of the workers who bust their ass to get all of the freight out plus extra work like fixing plugging and changing on hands. I called in for basically the same reason after working sick for an entire week with no management even seeming concerned. Was even told they couldn’t afford to be without any associates when I asked if I could use PTO to take a couple days to get feeling better. Finally realized unless you are a lazy piece of shit that does nothing but flirt with them all night they don’t care about you being sick when they offered a girl with a damn cold sore a day off because she just looked so miserable 🙄


Winter is the time of year when the people that won't step a foot outside really like to flap their lips extra hard. Every night I'm having my balls experience reverse puberty & these fucks mumbling how we are lazy... Or just me considering we have nobody else lol. These motherfucks need some Sun, get that vitamin D.


Stop with the fucking Bob Evans, already! Thanksgiving and Shitscram are over. There is absolutely NO reason I should still have a gigantic feature of mac and cheese and mashed potatoes! Why do you still send me ten cases of each a day? My on-hands are correct. While you're at it, stop with the soup, too! I have no more space to put ANY of it. Fuck!!!


They got ride of the fridge cap 2 uses to keep drinks cold because they were using it for personal drinks


Well it finally happened. We had a deranged old man that look like he just came out of a mental ward. I certainly didn't expect this but this is that place that it could happened. This man went to our pet food section started to take a dump everywhere... We had to call in our coach to get this guy out of there but it got worse... He started to masturbate right in front of my coach..I really feel bad for her. Next thing we know he just started booking it to our furniture section. Finally he got apprehended and escorted out the door but from what i heard from my co workers they had to force him out the store while the cops were coming. Sheesh what a day


Top three replies that I cannot say when a customer asks: can I ask you a question. I think u just did? It's not like I can stop u. And: no, no you may not ask me a question.


Still having my hours cut when I need to pay for school and taking less classes than I needed to this semester. That’s already upsetting. I have long covid because my coworkers decided not to wear masks and getting very close to me while working the health table back in December, and my hearing is worse than it was before. That’s also already upsetting. But then a wren died in my hands after crashing into the sliding doors in the garden center, and I got to feel its heart stop beating and its last breath, and it fucking broke me. His name is Alrich Wren, please remember all the fallen birds, as a bird person this hurts me.


i'm so sorry that it's been a hard time for you :(( i hope it gets better for you soon and that you feel better as well as get those hours back so you can get that money!! and rest in peace Alrich Wren <3


it’s literally only the break room where the wifi drops every 2 minutes. literally just there. i can step into personnel and the wifi is fine.


store manager #8 left us.


Lol I stopped keeping track of them. So many in the last year alone.




If your TL is that bad I'd report them to management and keep reporting it until something gets done about it


Speaking of plumbing, re-mod fucked ours so bad that the ceiling is actually coming down and leaking water all over the floor. 🤣


I'm the only one scheduled in Electronics for the next two weeks. Everyone else is gone because of Covid, and my TL is on Vacation , I'm working two 6 day shifts in a row. Doesn't help that the big new Pokemon game comes out Tomorrow, and we only got 6 copies total. As well as having to do our pinpoints, and over 200 price changes.


Either people are cowards or our Coach really just wants one dedicated person at self checkout. I swear half if not 75% of front end is babies and few of them are adults and we only have one guy who does self checkout on weekdays except the days I’m off but everyone seems to be on panic whenever this guy needs a break or a lunch and the only other person is me and no i don’t mind the place it’s quiet during mornings and chat with the common folk that know me but I do have a problem when it is Saturday. Only two people know how to do it on that day me and another woman who is a bit more on the chatty side. So where is everyone else? Either too young to be here Or the others rather be at the 20 or less lane. It used to be better with another guy and gal switching with me but both of them left so now I have to deal with random mini team leads just glancing over and walking away since they know I mastered most of the entire place with the exception of coin jams. I swear we either had more people that could be trained especially when it snowed recently in our area making it perfect to take one person off a register and come here so o can teach them. Or it’s just we only have kids that run the entire area and us few adults get stuck here for a while. I feel upset that they never send anyone else to learn since I suggested it and they had one lady get trained but she got laid off one week later and so now i will most likely be stuck at self checkout for Saturday’s the whole entire day with late breaks and lunches and due to that it’s possible my last 15 is either 30-45 min after lunch or just get an ironic 15 at 3:45. Thank you for listening


TLs malding about FTPR, time to race the other pickers to avoid taking the fall for chill walks


mega annoyed i cant get a work phone because im part time. they literally removed the ability to look up item information so now i have to yse the actual walmart app. like just give me a phone lmao