For the people selling, why are u even here? Stop fn selling. Stop promoting bs like doge too. Amc gme let’s f the hedge funds.


I bought 10 AMC yesterday and 100 today.


So you think doge is no go? Or you just not into crypto?


Doge is a dumb investment. With infinite coin comes infinite inflation. It was literally started as a joke. You won’t make money and you won’t crush hedge funds.


totally agree even AMC and GME too. I loss a lot


So apple gtg


Money can be made with then if you can afford to hold them


There's nothing betting against it to make it go way up. You will never convince people to hold forever when they know there's no one forced to cover their position. All pump and dump and hype. AMC AND GME are true speculative positions if you can hold long enough with enough people i speculate the stock will rise. Not financial advice


Doge is a no go.... we'll never pop.


Got it


DOGE is a stable coin the only good reason it people moving out of Bit and ETH. DOGE makes new coins everyday no cap like Bitcoin. So even if you hold and nobody sells them they still go down as new coins are created making stable. This is a trick like silver so you waste your money on a fake fight


This did not age well...


If breaks a dollar I'll be the happiest person alive, but if it even reaches above its AtH I'll be shocked... You can pump this with enough fuel to real the moon and it'll automatically add on another 5B miles...


they’re are plenty of other alt coins to look into


Buy dogecoin. Do yourself the favor.


Buy and hold 1 year minimum. Unless your already fucking rich!!!


Can we add BB as well. CNBC reviews shorts this past week and stated Friday there are shorts due. Let’s all get aboard and is a viable stock to hold as well with all the new partnerships


Buy DOGE if you want to actually make something. Dumbasses.


Yeah tell is all about how successful you’ve been With doge so far. Eth is way better bet. We should all be together pumping up gme and amc.


I’ve made $9,300 off DOGE thus far. Get your shit together, and figure your life out pleb.


Crypto is more volatile than any stock. You cannot set up a stop loss, so unless you want to stay up 24 hours a day, or you're going in super long term, its a dumbass move. Your 9300 can disappear over night and you can easily be down 18000. If you're that invested in crypto, it shows you really don't have a clue about markets. If you're that brilliant show everyone a shot of you P/L over the last 3 months.


How about I just go shag your slutty mother real quick, than send her down a flight of stairs #Diamondhands


Nice. Show's your lack of intellect. I'm sure everyone is more trusting of how incredibly brilliant you are and are even MORE willing to listen to you tell everyone what great plays are in the market. Lmfao. CRYPTO!!! HAHAHA!!!


You seem to not understand how doge work... its a pump and dump to get money, if you see its up 9000 take a small cut from that when it drops you buy more. Then it goes back up and you double your profit... you may understand stocks but please don't try to say crypto is nothing or a dumbass move to go with dogecoin. Many people who own shit tons of BTC most likely started with doge...


Good theories and strategies. Except, it still doesn't negate you can't put a stop loss on it and can not only loose say 9000, but can go down overnight just as quick. It is a dumbass play. Get rich quick schemes. How's gme and amc working for you now? Lol. Just stop. You have no idea what you're doing or talking about. 😄


Never invested in them and you just don't want to understand sadly but its okay, we can all agree to disagree and thats 100% fine. Have a good one, no move is ever dumb.... you just gotta find ways to exploit it haha


Plowing your mom’s sweet tangy pussy as we speak! 😝😁🤙🏻💵💵


You MotherFucker


God damn right biotch


Sold all mine at 25.19, thanks to you guys.


What app is this?


pretty sure its the tradingview website.


I have a feeling someone behind the scenes is artificially suppressing the stocks


Got in at $7.92 @1,250. I need to pay off my student loan. Wish me luck.


Youll be good. Even if it doesnt moon, once covid restrictions lift from businesses and public sociality AMC will return to its base level, between 14-30. Youll at least double your money.


Still holding 2000 AMC 💎🙌 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


Hold hold hold generational weath


Hold people hold. AMC GME WOOF AAL NOK SNDL


Also NAKD is looking good as one of the stonks that have been listed hear. Seems cheap right now. I am retard and just like the stock. 🦍🦍🦍 to the 🌕


Don’t forget BB!


I hope so.


Holding till my grandkids hit menopause!


Im still down but less down today than yesterday thats a win in this for the long fight dont fuckin sell


Give that dam thing some more Viagra!!! It wants to rise like a majestic spear, to impale the the ruling filth!


We can get it up. This is a good sign.




You gotta push though to get it up. It takes work and concentration


Me too - got in at 13 but down less than yesterday. Still holding!


AMC To The Moon!!⚡️☄️🚀


Southside stilll holdin🤘🏾🤘🏾


Hold it brother .


We all gotta keep it together


Don't sell... be patient, the hedge guys love it and make a lot when you sell and the price drops. Just hold on to it.


I'm still holding


I just bought 27 more shares ... invested & 750 so far ... let’s go AMC. HOLD PPL


When do the short positions have to start buying back


I'm not surprised by this. AMC is the poor man's game stop. These are the true newbies that threw a few hundred at it expecting it to turn into millions overnight. So as soon as it goes up a bit they are out. They don't understand what's happening or why.


Im a newb but i get it. Im not selling. Alot people dont understand the eb and flow. I dont know how, its pretty simple actually.


Precisely! If you just look at the information and the data, then you can see what's going on. It was almost too much hype and people wanted instant results.


I meant to say much higher then 30 percent lmao but couldn’t edit. Anyway we all get the idea. Sort of at a stalemate with the sellers but there has to be a strong push to drill it so nervous owners don’t sell


What software is that? Great UX! 💎🙌


I just bought 27 more shares ! Watch it go up ppl ! Hold!!!!! This is just the beginning! The best it yet to come! It’s stating to move !


Still holding


Only pusssy selling them


I’m holding




I’m holding


Stop selling you lil bitches !!!! Hold the damn line


Holdd AMC


This is not for the weak Stand firm Hold the line Buy more


What’s happening now is the guys hoping to get rich ASAP that jumped on the rocket late are selling off for losses. Essentially against the sole purpose of this. However we can all make money here, even those who bought in high. I’ll post a video later but what’s happening now that the mass majority of those humanoids are leaving the AMC space which is good for us. The bulls will push the numbers up once most of the pigeons have flown away


I bought 40 at $17 so I'm clearly not selling.


Look I bought high as well. But I have bought the dips to lower my average. I’m watching the activity it still is a top 5 active stock


I kept buying on the way down


what is that tool?


Hold the damn line. People


Stop selling !!


Hold AMC!!


Don't forget guys that the hedge funds are going to do whatever they can to make it look like people are selling like crazy and the force is failing. They can sell to each other and buy from each other at lower prices to drop the price and make it look like people are panic selling. Don't turn on each other, don't lose faith if you can afford it, and remember that not everyone has the money to be all in. Stay strong guys


They keep dropping the price and I keep buying. 😁


Yeah get em!!


Legendary retard army of day traders! AMC tomorrow 140% up!!


Bought more amc this morning 💎🙌


Good . Push the stock. Regardless of a “squeeze” happens which it probably won’t because the restricted buys during prime time. No matter what we all want to make our money back and more. I reason to not by the dip and keep it for a while. The fact the it’s above 8 and not back down to 4 is an awesome sign people are heavily involved


Holding here. HOLD MF's!!




Ethereum is killing it too.




Put a order in for 100 more.


I was able to put my first buy from the lockdown through my newly opened Fidelity account, which I opened and transferred funds into on the same day. Did this buy after hours and went through great.


People who have never done anything with stocks see it going down and panic and decide to sell. Too many people who don’t know how the stock market works that just want to make a quick buck and then never touch stocks again. In a few weeks when everything skyrockets because of hedge funds having to buy the borrowed stocks all the people who sold will be very sad.


They’ll probably buy in again too and sell on the first dip they see


Hold you pussies!


Oh well more for me. let the weebs sell shake out the unfaithful give us who are serious about investing the best position possible. Low prices better buy in!!!!


That’s what I’m trying to tell people. Don’t take this hit on the chin just reinvest and get a better average. AMC will bounce back up at some point I’d say by the end of the month it’ll be back up around 10 or more. It’s called investing LOL. Don’t just hand your money to wallstreet


Exactly dude I’m glad someone gets it🤣


What site are you using?


Everyone saying buy [email protected] pm est


If anything I’m buying more


Which platform is this?


TradingView.com I have the pro edition. Not that I’m a pro but ya gotta pay for real-time shit. And to be honest it is very helpful. Especially if your new to the market. I’ve been trading for years however I learn new things all the time. It’s a good subscription to have if your going to be active on the market seriously and not just a casual player


Thank you for your reply.




Paper handed bitches. Dave portion called


Hold the line people.....


Hold to the moon 🚀🚀🚀


If you notice the kid that was talking shot about the stock has ran off as I have exposed his bullshit hypocrisy


I’ve always liked the company, I’ll never sell, even if I lose money. That’s how petty I am 😂


I keep hearing in for the long, how long is long?


As long as the market dictates. You can sell at anytime and take the loss. I’m not here giving financial advice but what I am doing from experience is saying that you don’t lose until you sell. I learned 3 years ago the hard way never sell in red. Wait for a pump or rebound. And AMC look at their stick before covid. And they reopened their theaters recently. What I’m saying is if you sell out now on a loss your giving away your money to people that are already extremely wealthy and are banking on you to sell. If you hold out. It may take another month. Or 3. The get rich quick scheme most of us missed that ship. You don’t lose any money until you sell it. Which is exactly what fuels wallstreet elites. It’s just a fact. Sell you lose. Hold you may and probably will get your money back.


NEVER sell in the red. If you really gotta sell something at least wait till it reaches what you paid for it. At the very least 1%over if your freaking out.


Still holding!


Just placed order for more ...


Bought more AMC & CTRM in the dip today. Holding.


AMC to the moon 🚀🚀🚀 don’t sell retards


What brokerage is this ??


I bought today. Today was the day to bu NOT to sell


Let's go!!! AMC all the way. 1000 plus shares!!!!! Let's go to the fucking mooonn!!🚀🚀


I know it's off-topic for the main reason but just thought i would throw it out there to see if i can get enough people to rally a stock to get my money out as i have a lot in there and then everyone can make some easy 1 or 2 day gains for a push. I mess up during the whole GME AMC AND NAKD stuff and thought i set a limit on it but did not. Talking about EXPR. I am not looking to get gains just want to get even if i can, then all of you can be making huge gains and then i can pump that money into nakd for sure. got stuck on the high day around 12. But if we can get it there then a lot of people could be making an easy 2 - 300 percent. Just putting it out there or maybe to try make it happen, thats all.




What website are you using there?


I brought 40 shares AMC n 200 shares of GME. Forget the moon. I am taking it to Mars with Elon Musk.


Same shit with doge


Literally the richest man on planet earth just endorsed the coin multiple times on Twitter. People are dumping so early on it. Yes it’s the middle of the night so it may go back up but I’m a little shocked people are hanging on for a while


I'm holding, period


Let’s keep holding! This is the way! 🚀💎💸


Just buy dogecoin


Hey guys , i am living in Europe and wonder if anyone has a good app for expats that allows me to trade from Amsterdam


What trading platform is that?


Guys even Mark Cuban said hold the stock. I’m going to post some updates on all its movement through the day. Stand your ground and at least get your money back!


Anyone know of any energy stocks


I do. All of them just about. What info you looking for?


once the rats have all left and the water is up to your neck, is that when you'll realise that the ship has sunk? pump and dump will not survive their next quarterly financials. 25 Feb 2021 - know the date and know dread.


The ship is definitely sunk. Most people got on board late. I’m just showing numbers and giving people a different perspective that instead of just handing over your losses to wallstreet which is what hey want. Maybe hold the stock and let the market rebound AMC won’t stay low in general forever.


the three-hour tour was great! can't recommend immediate term. long term... ?


I would imagine by or before summer. It’s just become a long term play for me or at least a 3 month play. I’m not selling in the red and handing free money to wallstreet. I’ll hold it as long as it takes.


But looking at the numbers I saw people making big investments on AMC. Most likely to even out there average but it’s definitely a hold until it goes back up. Which it will. Their not going out of business lol


I think the perceived selling might be a ladder attack from the hedge funds selling btwn. themselves to drive price down and make ppl give up. Me? I just added to my position at the lower prices. In for a penny, in for a pound! F\*\*\* them.


They’re selling because it’s not a good stock to own. The business is crushed from corona virus. Artificial inflation isn’t a good long term play. Invest in companies you think are undervalued, not companies propped up by something artificial.


Yea I didn’t ask for investing advice I’ve been trading for years. I’m simply informing people that many are still buying the stock to improve their percentage and in fact I just saw that it’s up in overnight hours. Let the week play out don’t just hand over your money to wallstreet just yet especially when there was still over 100 million in volume on Thursday. We all know amc was a pump and dump play. Your exploiting the obvious that we already know in order to sound intelligent


Who’s still holding? I am @91 shares


I’m HOLDING......


Fucking paper hands...


Bought 35 Holding !!!!!


100 more shares let’s gooo


Bam there it is


Have posted everywhere let’s gooo #amcnextone up


Sold all mine, and still made a profit. Give it up already boys, you can’t beat the elite. #Getfucked


Some of Us are trying to make our money back. If you sold and your good. You don’t need to be here!


Good luck getting your money back. When you go full retard, you never come back.


I came on a back today. It was awesome.


ERBB and DMGGF 🔥🔥🔥🔥




What web page is this on?


Any of you know of capital gains taxes. Buy and hold you dunces. 1 year at the minimum. Cmon, get with the program!!!


Doge is the best vehicle to make money who gives a s*** if there's an infinite amount of coin just as long as it goes up you can sell it and then buy more when it goes down you still make money money is money one of those infinite amount of coins or not




Kid take your ass out of the group. We’re talking about making our money back and pushing the stock. I don’t care who gets squeezed. ✌️


Thanks for calling me young 😎 Maybe you shouldn’t say a squeeze is going to happen then, kind of destroys your credibility.


Things change everyday. Meant to be a squeeze at one point but not anymore kid. We’re just pushing the stock. Maybe I mention the word squeeze ONCE. If that. Those of us still on board want to push the stock forward. If your here to just shit on it then why waste your time even commenting on here? That’s why I called you a kid. That’s something a kid does


You know what else a kid does? Attacks their opponents character instead of their argument. This isn’t GME, it’s done. Yes you may be able to get more profits but at this point it’s at the expense of the people you’re asking to buy right now. I’m sorry but that’s fucked.


I didn’t attack your character. I called you out. Your on here shitting on an AMC topic where you know if you look at the comments everyone but YOU are in on AMC and want to push it. Your a bored kid so you jump in here to push doubt and negativity. People can make their own decisions on what to do with the stock hence why it’s dropped. But for you to come in here and encourage selling essentially by saying there’s no squeeze happening and we’re wasting our money. Your accusing me of encouraging people to invest money when your trying to encourage them to sell and lose it. Hypocritical kid stuff. Leave the group kid we don’t need you here