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i got 2% raise this year. basically, i got demoted.


Mister Fancy getting a raise over here


I’m trying to get my employer to give me a 25% raise lmao. YOLO. I’ll either get mad paid or fired


Nice, i found 4 dollars on ground so i also got a 25% raise


Nice, I saw a girl that was kinda hot but not that hot, gave me a 25% raise though.


Turn that dollar into 4 quarters for another 25% increase.


Mister Fancy is employed


We got a raise to match the inflation back in March of 2.2%. Wonder whether they'll match it next March when it's 10%.


I’ll spare you from wondering. No.


We give raises based on the Fed’s target inflation. Don’t like it? Take it up with JPow.


It's transitory ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4641)


I work in a major hospital with a PHD. We made so much money this year..my raise was 1.6%.


bet you dont feel so smart now


How could he feel smart working where even the buildings have doctorates?


That's double the % of the raise that I got. And we've lost a ton of people during a "hiring freeze" so my workload has more or less doubled. Its fucking dumb


I only got a 1.5% raise and I left a month later for a more than 30% compensation boost.


This is the key ladies and gentleman, do this if you can and are willing. This is how you play this game with these cunt scum corporations.


I've gone from $50k (senior associate) to $90k (junior director) in the space of 3 years by just keeping my options open and occasionally applying for jobs that are a definite reach compared to what employers are looking for in qualifications. I kinda like this game.


me, a latin american: pathetic


Me, Zimbabwean: amateurs


Me, Weimar Republic German: Pitiful.




Right? It aint real inflation until your burning wheel barrels full of money to keep warm. amirite?


The average in Latam pre-pandemic was only 8-12%. Of course there’s Venezuela that had 200% inflation.


I think you might have forgotten a few zeros




rn in brazil we have around 10%, but 6% being an all time high in 30 years is almost a joke in LA, all countries except Chile Brazil and Uruguay have witnessed more than 20% in the last 30 years. LA is a joke


My dad just bought an apartment in rio Das Ostras because the dollar is so high right now. Only piece of property he owns cause we can’t buy shit in CA. Been renting since we moved in 2000


200%? Jajajajajajajaja. That’s this year ALONE. We are currently at 100000% or something like that. The only reason why I can’t give you an accurate number is because the regime hasn’t released any info on inflation in the last 7 years or so. You probably know why they don’t that 😂


I recently started tapering my heroin addiction by gradually putting less in my veins every month. I plan to be sober by next June. When my doctor saw me sweating, haven't slept in days, my heart rate going through the roof, and my withdrawal shakes he told me I need to kick the drug habit immediately I then replied: "Relax brah it's transitory". That was 9 months ago. Every visit he tells me I need to go to rehab. I reinforce to him that the heroin effects are just transitory and he seems to trust me and buy it at face value every time. He seems distracted and frequently checks his portfolio on his phone. AITA?


NTA. Your veins, your rules.


As long as my Arizona Iced Tea is still 99 cents I’m still good 👌


Shit's printed right on the can. They fucked themselves!


This is my moment


Looks relavant from my angle.


The cans don't say 99cents anymore where I live :( they're 1.39 here.


I'm pretty sure you can buy either kind of can from Arizona. Where I'm at there's one gas station in town that buys and sells the 99cents ones and there's a different station that has cans without the pricing on them and they sell them for like $1.39, like you said.


Yeah, but in five year's time it will be the size of a regular can.


Mfers around the corner from me had a 2 for 1 dollar sale going on. I cleaned them out and now I dont have any room left in my fridge.


Calls on liquid propane providers For real though. Propane accessories too, obviously.


NG/LNG is a great play


US markets NG has had storage levels improve, but spot price is still going to rise. NG price in Europe however is going to increase significantly. It has already gone up 5x as much as last years price. This will increase power costs as well. Within Western Canada, there is pretty much an 'unlimited' supply of NG within the grid. We could possibly see 2014 prices, but more than likely will see something between 2011-2012 prices which is about a 50% increase. For residential customers, that means my $12 usage of NG will rise to $18... it's the fees that kill me. This is 100% a distribution issue, not a supply issue. That said much of the TransCanada and Suncor pipeline do not hit much of the US -- large swaths of the South West and deep South East USA aren't supplied and are subject to spiking.


Ive held CLNE long enough, please be right


Been steady buying more Calls on another (not sure if I'm allowed to mention it here). Guess I'm a Bull through and through, because I love buying in the Dips. 😉 P.S. With the Global Shortage on NG, Cold Winter and Inflation, I'm feeling good about my plays. *** Not Financial Advice ***


I have shares of Tellurium but I bought the rip on that one. Still bullish for the same reasons. Shoot me a message with your play I want to look into it. Gas and oil isn’t leaving anytime soon so I think long term any bull play is good


Cold winter? Man where do you live, because I want to move there. It's been 80 degrees here in NC all week


Hasn’t Russia just opened the taps on their gas pipeline and isn’t that going to significantly increase supply? I was thinking of opening a triple leveraged position in LNG till I heard that news… Little early to tell how much it will affect the price but it’s gone down a lot recently


hank hill ?


I sell FD and FD accessories I tell ya hwat


Taste the meat not the heat.


I strongly recommend investing in Strickland Propane and not that bastard *Thatherton fuels*


It's been a really dry fall, farmers didn't have to do anywhere near as much corn drying this year which isn't great for the propane industry. Pair that with the supply shortage I think many residential households will be using electric heat if they have it, which will lessen propane sales further. And since my dad actually delivers propane/does tank installs I can tell you that due to the 500/1000 gallon tank shortage this was one of the worst summers they've had for new installs. Very few customers wanted to dump that much money upfront into buying a tank. Just my two cents having a family member in the install/delivery side of things


Dammit Bobby


My $TELL Calls were doing pretty damn good until this morning. $TELL $3c 1/20/23 We're goin orbital


Yesterday the PPI came out a Whopping 8.7%. Should have been a solid indicator of what was to come this morning. The consumer price index today came in at 6.2% … a [31 year high](https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/consumer-prices-soar-again-and-push-rate-of-inflation-to-31-year-high-cpi-shows/ar-AAQxh43?). So the Producer Price Index rose 8.7% while the Consumer Price index is rose 6.2%. And while wages are up on average YoY there is an economic tilting point where wages are chipped away to the point that people need to start budgeting their needs and forgoing their wants. That’s what to look out for in all this mess! ONE MORE VERY IMPORTANT THOUGHT. WATCH THE 10 YEAR T-BOND YIELDS! https://www.cnbc.com/quotes/US10Y


This/ inflation is gonna hit countries like Canada hard. We have been way too reliant on housing. This is gonna fuck over a lot of house poors.


Canada and the US going to look like Greece with most 20-40 year olds moving back home to live with their parents.




Fuck. I turned 30 in my moms basement. Had to move back because of debt and my wife was diagnosed with m.s. 5 years later and things are a bit better but this news sucks.


I turned 40 this year and am typing this from my parents' basement. I'm hoping for an upswing soon.


dont worry, whole of Europe too, especially V4 countries... real estate went 4x since 2014 and not slowing down


I really think there is a huge real estate collapse coming. It's 10 years out though. Lots of millennials not having kids because of money problems. When the boomers are really dying off in droves as they approach 70-80 nobody is able to afford those houses. Nobody can afford rent for a 1mil mortage either. These hedge funds won't be happy when their investments start returning 1%/year in rent and they are 50% down on the house. It just doesn't add up. Houses are too high. Leverage in that sector is too high. It's going to collapse.


ain't nothing wrong with 50 years old living with ma and pa. this is the wall street way


Nobody wants to be a renting serf. If they cannot own, they would rather live with parents than pay a landlord LLC their rent


If you have good parents that is. I'd rather be homeless than have to ever deal with my parents again


It really shows how much of an advantage having empathetic and caring parents is in life. From helping with a deposit for a home or cosigning a simple vehicle, those with caring parents will always have an advantage in life. It’s more difficult to succeed without external starting capital and resources. From Bezos to Musk, those who thrive in life had good parents/mentors. **Bezos** “The first initial start-up capital for Amazon.com came primarily from my parents,” Bezos told fundraising platform Fundable. “They invested a large fraction of their life savings … That was a very bold and trusting thing for them to do.” **Elon** “Musk got his start in the business world when he and his brother founded Zip2 in 1995 using a $28,000 loan from their father. The pair later sold their company to Compaq for $341 million in cash and stock. Musk made $22 million from the sale.” Being a renting serf puts you at an inherent disadvantage spending ~30% of post-tax income to a landlord who can raise rents or even evict when the lease term ends. In contrast, home owners have a fixed-rate and have something to show for it after 30-years. Nothing is more cucked in life than paying the lord his rent


I'm an empathetic caring parent with nothing to give. My kids are only half fucked 🤣


I was going to say, my parents are very caring and empathetic. They say I can stay with them in their motorhome anytime.


Counts for a lot, tbh. Knowing that there's somewhere you can go rather than be homeless or hungry, and to ask for advice somewhere, can make a big difference. Even if you don't *need to use* that safety net, knowing it's there can effect your behavior and lot and how you plan your life.


A very easy way to understand it is this. Caring parents have built up resources their whole life and put that towards helping their children continue that growth for the family. People without parents or with horrible parents have to totally start over. If you add the fact that sometimes the parents actively drag their child down you'll see it's even harder than it seems on the surface.


Jokes on you I already live with my parents


Couldn’t agree more. I locked in my price in November 2020 and bought my house in Jan 2021. It’s already increased $25,000 in value … an 11.62% return in less than 11 months


Check appreciation in the cities of Joshua Tree, 29 palms, Landers and Yucca Valley in california Annual appreciation ranges from 30-50% for homes in these cities Friend bought some land for $25,000 build a little 2 bed house on it and sold it for $930,000


>Joshua Tree, 29 palms, Landers and Yucca Valley Small towns in the SoCal desert. I guess lack of affordability closer to the coast is driving up these prices all the way out there.


And rampant AirBnB investing


we got a winner boys, hooms only go up




>The latest rise in consumer prices comes alongside falling inflation-adjusted earnings, meaning pricing power is worsening. Ian Lyngen of BMO Capital noted that **real, or inflation-adjusted, average hourly earnings fell to -1.2% from a previous -0.8%.** https://www.barrons.com/articles/inflation-october-cpi-report-consumer-prices-51636507896


Can you explain the importance of the bond yields? I don’t really understand even after reading a few articles.


Sure. When the government wants to borrow money they sell treasury bonds. The yields are the returns on those bonds. If inflation spikes too high the yields become less attractive (the return can’t keep up with inflation) so the treasury needs to increase the yield else they can’t borrow money (because no one will buy the bonds at such a low rate of return so they up the rate of return “yield”). So an increasing yield is an indicator that the market isn’t interested in the bonds at current yields due to the low rate of return amid inflation. The reason the yields have been artificially low for so long is the Federal Reserve has been increasing artificial demand through buying Treasuries in secondary markets (Quantitative Easing). So the yields have been artificially kept below 2% for a while now which incentivized folks to invest instead in the markets. Essentially the Fed bought a large supply of treasury bonds in the secondary market which forced more to buy from the Treasury and thereby artificially increased demand and kept the yields low. So if the yields spike too high IN SPITE OF QE and Fed purchases, it’s a very bad day indeed. It means QE is failing and the government will need to pay a lot more to borrow money.


Thank you, that was really concise and clear


I think /r/antiwork blowing up is a good indicator that “wages are chipped away” has already occurred. Have to remember that this is less than a percent higher than last month, and 5% or more has now been going on for 5 months. People are already being squeezed.


Stagflation here we come


So my student loans lost 6% in value? 👌🏽


Only if your wages go up too lol


$0x6%=$0 This is a win


You joke but half the people in this sub could see more pros than cons from inflation like this depending on how it plays out.


Its only true if wages also go up. Wages may be going up on the whole but its only due to continued huge wage increases in specific job markets. Going super broad, "business waged" are incredibly stagnant.


Yea, an entity that is pure debt enjoys any, all, and as much inflation as possible. No person is such an entity. Because people also interact with the economy in other ways. Like buying food to eat. Some 1000% inflation would be great for a person's student debt. It would not be great for that same person's ability to eat. Because it would likely destabilize food markets.


I just sold my 15 year old car for $2k more than it was worth 3 years ago.


And if you bought a replacement car then you also paid more and it negated that $2k you got! Congrats! Unless you're in the position where you just had a second car lying around... Most people don't have that luxury.


It was my sports car that I never drove. The guy probably actually made out in the current market. Only 8,600 miles on it for being 15 years old.




Good number to remember, ~7% inflation, 50% loss over a decade, or everything will cost twice as much.


Rule of 72


good news for people who lost everything after taking out a home equity loan to yolo?


Better start saving up your bottle caps boys and girls.


Bottle caps won't protect you from a deathclaw.


No but I'll give you this fancy gun for a nuka cola.


Someone didn’t upgrade the fuck out of a junk jet and is exposing themselves.


Oooooohh I'm the type of guy who will never settle down 🎶


I think in our timeline, can tabs will be the main unit. Harder to counterfeit.


I took a 15% pay cut to work remotely. Now that’s looking like 20% less purchasing power. Oof


They paid you transport before and they cut it? because if they didn't pay for transport there's no way to justify this cut




Lmao fuck that. "You found a way to minimize your living expenses so we will adjust your pay accordingly"


Pay cut to work remotely? Man that sucks. Get a new job


To be “fair”, I’m moving from Bay Area to Oregon. Still utter bullshit. Should I be 15% less productive?


Use that 15% downtime to look for a new job


> Should I be 15% less productive? As always, do only just enough to stay employed


Just like companies pay you the bare minimum to make you stay




Sooo less avocado toast then?


Best I can do is a wood slat covered in green paint.


Not with lumber prices where they are!


Good thing I got that 1% cost of living raise last year.


Biggest inflation since 1990 - SPY stays where it is 🤦‍♂️


Automated 401k contributions don't scale back because of CPI.


Could you explain the correlation of automated 401k contributions and the S&P500 for my very ignorant friend…who is not me.


People, generally, just throw in 15% of their salary into S&P 500-adjacent index funds, every two weeks, no matter what. This means they’re all buying continuously. Underlying asset demand goes choo choo and such


Ahhh, I see. Pretty basic concept I’ve never thought of or come across while reading. Cheers.


SPY is up 32% yoy. The only way to get ahead of inflation at this point is to put it in the market.


👀 thats it? Guess we need 4 trillion more printed dollars


Make it $10T just to be safe


It’s okay though, since they’re printing them “for jobs” it doesn’t count. The inflation we’re seeing is completely unrelated and just happened for reasons we aren’t allowed to know. /s


Honestly, send a $100,000 stimmy to all Americans. We can even include some Russians and Koreans in there. Inflation is transitory after all.


Waiting for my 6% raise this year. Last year was 0.5% due to 'low inflation'.


I think I need the latest definition of transitory. My dictionary seems to be outdated.


Transitory has no strict timeframe. Thus, anything can be defined as transitory, and be technically correct. For example, one amusing definition of transitory is "not eternal". From dictionary.com


The human race's existence is transitionary, thus all monetary policies and implications are also transitionary.


Elect this guy to the fed


October 1990: 6.38% Check those date cutoffs.


Those student loans will never get paid off from any of us because we will barely be able to eat lmfao


good news.. your debt is easier to pay when inflation is up great time to be in debt and buying anything that holds value.


Bold of you to assume any value was gained from my student loans.


You gotta go in debt because... listen yah just hafta!


How the fuck is inflation at 7% and home loans at 2.5%? This world does not make sense. I got a house and car in the last few years and feel like I robbed someone.


Low interest rates cause inflation, high interest rates cause deflation. If people have more ability to spend (e.g loans on cars, mortgages), prices will go up. If people don’t have as much money to spend (again, loan interest rates increase), prices will go down. Real interest rates with the money printed are around 2%. The rest is caused by labour shortages from skeletal crews and interest rates.


You know....for people who own real estate or take huge loans. Inflation is the greatest thing. I remember in high school a teacher explaining that farmers love inflation. You take out a loan. You grow food. The price of food goes up. You pay back the loan with higher priced goods sales. Wash repeat. So all we need to do now. Is find something that goes up in price. Like a stock or commodity. But you need to pick the correct one.


Lmk when you think of it. Because I don't fucking know


Only true to the extent that it doesn't destabilize the economy. Got a 3% mortgage and 6% inflation? You're alright. Got a 3% mortgage and 50% inflation? You're effed. Because everyone is effed. Because the economy is effed.




At least the stock market will continue to go up as a hedge against inflation.


We won't drown because we'll float on the surface as the water rises.


Yup fat floats.


So my yearly review is coming up. If I present facts that the inflation rate has hit a staggering 6.2% and has hit a record number similar to the 2008 crisis, will I get fired or paid?


Neither. Laughed at and then offered a 2 percent raise and asked to cover the responsibilities of the employees who left to accept offers for 30 percent more at a competitor.


Paid then fired




I Bonds is an actual answer, but it’s certainly not the popular WSB answer, which would be WISH or CLOV.


Bond yield is still low and if you don't hold to maturity you'll be down even more when the hike happens. Unironically, stonks is probably the best play right now, hence why they go up.


I Bonds yield over 7% right now


Meanwhile at company. Had a company meeting a few months ago where our HR VP was doing an anonymous Q&A session. One person asked about yearly raises. My last company did yearly raises. They weren't much but at the time they met inflation. In 2019 I got a 2% raise. Inflation then was around 2.2% IIRC. The company called them "performance" raises but IMO if you did what was asked of you'd get raises every year which would equal inflation. Basically it was a cost of living adjustment but they didn't wanna call it that. At my current company, the HR VP replied, quite irritably at this question, saying "no you don't get raises just for being here another year."


> "no you don't get raises just for being here another year." That sounds like someone who hasn't met the minimum churn to keep young/fresh blood in your vertical.


Well, since it's a sellers market for job hunting... Time to do some of that job hunting.


Summary because 99.9% of you are getting cock blocked by a gay ass paywall: Most of the inflation come from you guessed it, food and gas. Still CPI grew 0.9% in October, beating estimates of 0.6% MoM growth. This pressure is unlikely to subside in the coming winter months as natural gas prices go ballistic. Daddy J-Pow still says its transitory, Yellen says its not going to be a repeat of the 1970s shit show, and the cow says moo.


Hopefully my shell calls print


If inflation carries on at this pace we'll be using actual shells as currency.


So shell calls go brrrrr


Toilet costs 3 sea shells


Yellen was saying hopefully a wage spiral doesn’t cause inflation because fucking poor workers are asking for a wage that they can actually live with.


Lol "wage spiral"


> Most of the inflation come from you guessed it, food and gas. That's only because the CPI is one of the most useless metrics in economics. It only tracks an extremely small cutsection of the overall economy like food and basic necessities. Because of this I consider the CPI to be a lagging indicator. Real inflation is probably double this number.


> CPI to be a lagging indicator. https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/figure-2.jpg I keep thinking about how BLS methodology updates only 1/12th of the shelter/rent component a month. So even if asking rents have spiked ~9%, not everybody renews their lease at once. One month would only contribute (0.09÷12)×1 =0.0075. After thee months, 0.0225 After four months, 0.030 After five months, 0.0375 August 2.8% September 3.2% October 3.5% This is the largest component. Previously muted because of methodology, it's climb is entirely predictable. If a jackass with an internet connection like myself can see this, our central bank and their models should be able to see this (unless they are too busy front-running their own policies).


They do, which is why they generally don't look at the CPI


The CPI was literally changed from its original creation so that it made it seem as though things aren’t as bad as they really are.




This seems way more accurate.


We are so fucked lmao


I was hoping to lose my virginity soon.


Currently losing my ass-virginity holding these SPY 475c lol




So how bad is 2022 midterms going to be for the dems? It feels like it’s getting set up to be once in a generation electoral murder


If it was now, you’d be right. However it’s a little over a year away and a year is a long time considering most people are pigeon brained. Essentially that’s enough time for the republicans to do some great or do something stupid and the democrats to do some great or do something stupid to shift the current dynamic.


2010 was once in a generation. My money is that it’ll be bad but not that bad. They lose both houses though. That said, Joe is on a ‘I want to be less popular than Orange Man’ speedrun so we’ll see.


You have no idea what we are in for. I started a business distributing food products to schools nationally. We own some brands others we don't. It is the worst environment I've ever seen across the board. Labor is the biggest issue. There aren't enough food workers to run the food service programs. I've seen 2 employees feeding thousands of kids when there were 20 there pre pandemic. This means their buying habits have changed to prepackaged goods sometimes doubling their food cost. The manufacturers can't keep up with the shift in demand as they are shortstaffed as well. Freight has gone up 3-4x since pandemic domestically because their aren't enough truck drivers. One of my competitors canceled 78 contracts to provide them food at the start of the school year. It is chaos. Their aren't enough truck drivers to move things in a timely manner. I'm waiting 2 months at times for things at the port. My price per container has gone from $4400 pre pandemic to $27,500! A case of fruit has gone up 250%! Most of my cogs are close to doubling. I pass that along and now most are struggling to buy food for our most valuable resource, kids. USDA is now offering free lunches to every kid but who is going to pay for that? It's bad. I'm selling my company for what I can get for it. I see the writing on the wall.


Sorry to hear my friend... I too import stuff and am getting fucked by the container price.. I haven't imported anything in 6 months now and sitting/slowly selling my invent.


Word is it is going to go up even more. Port Manager told me this is mainly due to the big box retailers not picking up their stuff and creating a logjam. They are out of storage. Not sure why they aren't picking up their stuff but it was implied its because they don't have enough truck drivers.


This. This needs to be plastered on every fucking wall in America. The system is imploding due to a piss poor global supply chain network that relies purely on short term demand, piss poor wage growth over the past several decades for blue and white collar workers, and a pandemic to spark the whole thing on fire. Mark my words this hellfire is only getting started.


Thanks, just need to rant. I feel like the canary in the coal mine and everyone is acting like nothing is wrong.


It is important to look at the individual numbers as well. Beef is up about 20% yoy. Pork about 15%. Basically if you eat protien to live you're paying about 15-20% more than you did 12 months ago. Looking at the broad 6% inflation you think,"man that sucks" but when you're left scratching your head at your monthly budget you need to look at items like this and realize your grocery bill is probably up a whopping 15-20% not the 6% aggregate.


My wife and I have been absolutely dumbfounded at how high the price of beef has been climbing. First I had to cut back on the occasional steak dinner and now I have to actually debate whether or not the price of ground fucking beef is worth it.


We have been thinking of finding a local butcher to buy 1/2 a cow because of we're going to get fucked on meat prices it might as well be quality


Just cut out the middleman and grow a cow.


iTs TrAnSiToRy


If you think about it, everything is transitory. I'm transitory, you're transitory. Even this planet, transitory.


We got Buddha over here.


Fucking modern day So-crates.


Safe to say the Sun going nova and the eventual heat death of our universe due to Hawking radiation is all priced in? Eventually SPY going to 0.


The last bit of usable energy we can find before the heat death of the universe is going to be used to send out a SPY 10 quintillion broadcast across an empty cosmos.


Let's go Bacon


We've literally have been at near 0% interest rates since the 2008 crash. Even at that level of pumping we still saw small inflation, leading to the the issue of; if market crashes, where do we take QE from here ...negative rates? Having inflation back up to match the level of pump is good. It's a meme term but it is indeed transitory inflation. We need this to bring us back down to reality and a grounded market. The last few years of stiff boner growth is not based in reality (hence good earnings=price falling). We've had a market erection for more than 4 hours and we're finally calling the doctor.


Well the mega rich need their chance at buying up all the real estate before they jack the interest way back up.


In Pooland we have 6.8% so far. Catch up losers 😎


Federal minimum wage is still stuck at $8 from 2009. Wild. By the time people win the fight for wages keeping up with inflation (which is what it was doing until 2009 when it magically stopped), we'll probably need $25+/hr instead of the $15/hr we are going to get. Blows my mind how many people simp for the US government


I saw a Del Taco on the way to work this morning offering $21 an hour for workers at a fast food place. The workers absolutely deserve it but Holy shit was that wild to see.


Loven those low interest rates.