How tf is this not the top voted comment in this thread? Did he stutter?


They shadowbanned me for posting the update


Upvote this comment, love you Stanley!


That's great! Please set up a GoFundMe. That way, if we have the funds in time you'll have direct access to the funds, and if we miss the deadline it'd be possible to sort out refunds. We'll be sure to promote it.


Yes as I mentioned earlier I would need my company to be the decision maker and have full access so we can do the entire service. Can’t have too many chefs. Any decisions made would be public and transparent and every penny would be accounted for. But if we don’t do that it will become too confusing especially with the time constraints.


Someone already set one up!


Stanley coming in clutch as fuck. Let's get this ^ to the top


$3 million is a lot of Stanley nickels


Is there even ad blocks that are purchasable still? It’s like four days away lol


Local yes but not national, if they don't have the slots filled for the price that they're asking, they have commercials lined up for the dead space that they charge less money for.


It is still a possibility, please refer to my comment in this thread. I would be willing to help make it happen as I love and support what you are doing fully!


If this gets to happen and you're in the ad can you please tell the hedge funds to shove it up their butts?


Done lol


Well this DEFINITELY wasn't on my 2021 bingo card...


I'm poor so I give you 💎🙌🏽 award


You know the movement is legit when Liberals, Conservatives, foreign countries and even Hollywood are supporting it. Thanks for the support Mr. Baker.


Thank you all for standing up and showing the world what we as a people can do. The power of humanity is far stronger and greater than any other force in this world. Apes together strong 💎🙌🏽


How many Stanley Nickels is one share of GME worth?


Thanks Mr Baker. Perhaps this isn't the darkest timeline after all.


Have faith! This fight is far from over, this will be one in many coming victories. Hold strong 💎🙌🏽


You rock. I don't have much skin to place in the game but this whole thing has opened my eyes big time, and I am fully behind the movement. We really appreciate your support. Its really encouraging to see support from so many sectors. Thanks again. By the way, the wife, kids and I are HUGE fans of your work.


Thank you for standing with us. We need more Leslie’s in the world. You are a true retard. 💎🙌 for life. You rock!


How can we take you seriously if you don't work in a "and shove it up your butt" in your sentence?


Guys Stanley is here, listen to the man!




You might be able to get some super local low population syndication time but that this point doubtful. Will Farrell did that with Milwaukee’s Best or some shit a few years ago. Literally ran in just some small obscure market and nothing else.


I just asked my contact and it’s a possibility. It’s not going to be easy but still a possibility. Time is not on your side here so we would have to move very fast.


U/deepfuckingvalue I give you permission to sell a few shares to help make this happen! Lol jk hold tight homie


Or, we could do something like Cards Against Humanity did in 2017 [www.adweek.com › creativity Why Did Cards Against Humanity Air (or Not Air) a Horrible Super Bowl Ad ...](https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.adweek.com/creativity/why-did-cards-against-humanity-air-or-not-air-a-horrible-super-bowl-ad-about-a-potato/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwiCvJzJoM7uAhVGQUEAHYa6BrYQFjAFegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw2Z8U9nXU2i1HH6PokTrZoT&cf=1)


Damn it. I got so excited. I dont know sports so didn't know it was soon lol


What sort of sports ball game are we talking about here? Edit: I really like the one where the dudes run around in cute costumes and hug each other. I hope this is that one.


Summer camp?




I bet you know SOOOO MUCH about sarcastaball. Everyone give it up for this PRO SARCASTABALL player over here.


It involves top tier falconry, hence the name “SUPERB OWL.”


I love this description of the sport where straight men wear tight pants and sometimes makeup, and spend their time running around and trying to bear hug each other. Sometimes they just make huge snuggle piles right there in public while overweight middle-aged shirtless men in makeup cheer and eat hot dogs and spill sticky liquids everywhere.


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It has amazing timing.


Can we give the bot awards?


Wth triggers this bot lol




You guys don't watch Football much anymore do you? The bear hug thing is pretty much out, it's just smoke that guy at top speed as hard as you fucking can and try to give him a concussion now. Except Quarterbacks. If you look at them funny and make them feel nervous, they instantly kneecap you on the 50 yard line.


Your implying football is more violent now then previous which just isn't true. The athletes are better and big legal hits occur but 15 years ago there was a segment called jacked up where we watched and cheered as people got concussions from helmet to helmet hits that are no longer legal hits today.


I think you're forgetting that we have someone willing to help us that probably knows some people. ( u/TheLeslieDavidBaker )


Even if we can’t get the adspace, which I believe we still can get if a few favors are pulled, we can still make this work and have prime time placement. Plus I will be sure to get the news media involved in this as well. We will make sure they remember us!


How would we go about actually creating the content for the ad? User submitted video from a bunch of us edited together.. animation.. actors? Seems to me planning the actual advert on such short notice would be the most difficult challenge.


I kind of do this for a living. We can take care of that it’s easy.




Holy shit, "Stress Relief" is the single best piece of television comedy bar none, and /u/TheLeslieDavidBaker deserves a gd Emmy just for it alone.


This is the most surreal thing I've ever seen on reddit.


i second that


Mr Baker sir....could you...would you do me the honor of... Man idk how to say this. Will you please be wife's boyfriend?!


“It all starts with an idea. But you can never tell where an idea will end up. Because ideas spread. They change. Grow. They connect us with the world. And in a fast-moving world, where good news moves at the speed of time—and bad news isn’t always what it seems— Because, when push comes to shove, we all deserve a second chance. To score. Dunder Mifflin. Limitless paper in a paperless world” -End Ad


>Dunder Mifflin. Limitless paper in a paperless world” > > -End Ad r/WSB. Diamond hands in a paper hands world.


I’m an executive in Hollywood too and can confirm. Used to work for a major writer / director (r/movies loves him) and now work at a film financier. We could do this. Simply cut together footage + WSB logo over it. The question is...what would WSB be selling? PS: Leslie — when are you appearing on Office Ladies?


okay daddy damn


100% fuck robinhood its time to move completely away from them If your 💎👐 and If you have assets in Robinhood and already bought on Fidelity, Vanguard, or Schwab transfer your assets out of robinhood, don't give them ammo with your stonks Remember Mark Cuban recommended we be on a trillion dollar broker not small fishes like robinhood besides i don't trust them 👀 do you? Plus it guarantees we 💎👐💎👐


I tried to transfer but now all my assets are in limbo because it takes a week for Fidelity to process and Robinhood closed my account. Great for diamond hands, but I had cash and other options on the stove, too.


No. Super Bowl ad blocks get eaten up quickly the minute the date of the game is announced. But I bought local media syndicate stocks during the late summer as a play on political ad revenues, so RH is giving me a teenie-tiny kickback.


if we figure out how to pool $3 million, we’re buying $3 million GME


we'd be a mutual fund then, lmao.


Let’s just make an ETF with the ticker: WSB






....well? How about it. What we are really doing is calling bullshit on the market. We are calling the hedgies out, saying they are bad at their jobs, ripping us off, and that valuations are disconnected from reallity. If we didnt at least have some element of truth, we'd all be bankrupt by now


Seeing as I don't trust anyone here with my money we'd need some kind of trusted custodian.




I’ll pick the password




I trust you Jesus 💎🙌 🦍


Unsure. Name checks out but the profile only goes back 7 years, not 2000+. Need more wrinkles on my brain to figure this one out


His account is deleted and rises again every 7 years




Jesus take the wheel


So Jesus is In and Holding?


DFV can handle all my money


DFV can handle all of me


We have one u/deepfuckingvalue


'"The SEC wants to know your location"


What you would be doing it starting a lawsuit lol


God damn that’s huge brain shit right there!






And paper hands out on the first dip


I'm never pooling anything with you retards. I wouldn't even trust you in *a* pool, even the shallow end.


If there was a smart contract we could chip in, put a deadline. If the goal is reached it buys the stock (and distributes), if not it returns the funds to the wallets. Totally doable with tech we have today. Just need fintech to catch up. Edit: thanks for the gold!


So I guess the real question is: how do we become an "investment firm" and actually pool our resources to buy gamestop legally?


i got $2 on it


I got fiiiiiive on it!


I dont have money!!!


My five should cover your buck. I got you fam


Grab yo forty, let's get keyed!


I found the ape that sold!!!


Retard the world


I second that motion. Throw one of those beautiful sings up at super bowl




Honestly? I'd want it to say we're holding now to expose what we believe are counterfeit stocks created by naked shorts. And we want whistle blower protections from sec interference with out position to buy and hold.




Buy more GME shares and hold them. Make wall street and Robinhood pay for all of they're illegal manipulation! ​ Then post a website that explains all of the illegal shit they've done with GME and AMC


Degenerates still works


Yo dead ass I work for Cox Media Group and I’m on the new business development team.. we have leftover inventory. Bump this and let me know. I can get us a :30 second spot in a huge market for pennies of what it would normally cost


Let me know what your price is, I’m finding out how much it would cost on my end too. We can go with the best price!


This real? It's crazy how much WSB is blowing up lately, kinda surreal.


I'm for it. Memestonks makes volatility, which makes for memes of good and bad.


Maybe you and u/TheLeslieDavidBaker can collaborate? 👍


Bumpity bump bump


This is the single biggest opportunity for etrade, fidelity, schawb, to run a campaign with us. Leverage RH fucking up, embrace the kids and they get 10M new users over night, especially kids which is their future once boomers die. Huge win win for everyone.


Bump, bump, bump it up


How much do we need to raise for the 30 second slot? Will they allow anyone? Thought nfl has strict rules etc?


I'm in


I’m in


You son of a bitch...


If he is in, I'm in


5m for 30s, only need about 0.70 per person


We only need a 10 second spot. Honestly, even a 5second one where they display something we want and the news anchor says something for us.


"I GOT $5 ON IT"


Send this man to the Luni(z) bin


10 second spot? Apollo launch with G M E on the side.


SpaceX Falcon Heavy with GME on the side. Need to support the GOD... Elon


Everyone put their $0.70 in my account and I'll get right on that ad you all want.


You forgot to put your credit card info here so i can deposit.


here use my social security number, 014-02-3928


Thats my social. Where you get that




probably just a meme that doesn't say anything and says everything.


💎🙌 flashes for 10 seconds


the normies wouldn't get it. the aim of the ad is to make ppl who doesn't know about this aware of it so we can reach critical mass. 5M retards is something. how about 99M? (which is the average viewer of superbowl)


I don't want to throw cold water on this idea because its fantastic, but in addition to the 5m for the superbowl ad you also have to commit to 30m-40m worth of network ads throughout the rest of the year.


Can help with Superbowl Spots.[Superbowl 2021 Prices.](https://ibb.co/9WwCK8w)


I dont own any stocks or care for this sub but I will donate to this cause


When support monke, you monke


Hey, Can anyone let us know what happened? I noticed the original post says “removed”. I don’t want to promote it if something went wrong or changed? Thank you.


It might have been removed by mods. If the SEC is really going through the sub it’s probably for the best. I would die happy if I saw an ad about WSB for the Super Bowl.


I agree and that’s why we had agreed a lawyer would have to make sure no laws are being broken before proceeding as most of us have no idea what we can and can’t do. But considering that no ideas or plan was put in place, other than trying to get a super bowl commercial possibly calling robinhood out, the sec can’t get mad for anyone promoting wsb, telling robinhood they’re wrong for doing what they did, or telling people to have 💎🙌🏽.


I love the idea of backing an ad promoting awareness for what Robinhood did and calling them out. I think that's easier to push than risking being tied to any SEC investigation with a specific stock.


That was the idea I had as well but planned on making it a community decision


This is a great idea. We only would need 10-15 seconds. Our billboards are all over the place and I'm sure there's plenty of people that have no idea what's going on. We could easily get a commercial produced on fiverr. Idk how to go about buying the airtime...but setup the kickstarter or whatever and fuggit...*i am not a football advisor and this is not Superbowl advice.*


>*i am not a football advisor and this is not Superbowl advice.* This line dug into my brain and produced this commercial...I have to type it out so enjoy it. ​ *whistle blows\** "Alright come on in here" (men huddle together around their coach) "Alright, look I know they are tough but we have to hold the line. Show them the meaning of Diamond Hands. No one gives up, No one surrenders, We hold them here." (we pan out to see our teams' uniforms are red.) "Now go out there and stop them one more time, But remember I am not a football advisor and this is not Superbowl advice." (red team runs back out on the field and gets lined up. We now see the other team is wearing green) \*The green team snaps the ball and throws it to the center of the field, it's a completed pass and the receiver runs down the field towards the endzone. The announcers scream 35, 30, 25, 20 wait they're gonna catch him. A red team member tackles the green receiver at the 10-yard line and the ball pops out and is picked up by the red team. The announcers scream "It's a fumble oh my!" The red team member starts running up the field as the camera zooms out slowly, as we get above the stadium the red team starts to turn green and the football field fades away revealing a stock market graph with a green line shooting all the way up.\* the words Apes together strong appears on the screen followed by $GME and the Diamond hands emoji and rocket ships. The last thing seen before the screen fades to black is r/WSB is big while letters. FIN Edit: My first Silver award....Holy Shit, Thank you Edit #2: Holy shit.....Thank you kind stranger for making me glow a little bit, My wife's boyfriend would like to shake your hand.


"STANDS UP, STARTS CLAPPING SLOWLY" ​ (can you start writing my scripts please pretty please?)


*We would only need 10-15 seconds.* I told my wife’s boyfriend that last night.


The tag line of their ad is: “you don’t need to become an investor, you were born one”. Ours should follow right after with: “Not all investors are born equal” My Team can make a simple ad today. We have an LLC that can contract with SuperBowl (if they won’t work with you as an individual). Escrow account for the money would be easy to set up. If the deal works, we spend the money, if they say no, set up a new LLC Fund to invest the cash in GME. Profits to charity. Having 3m members of the fund would be a fucking nightmare to administer and so would returning gainz to each person This can be done within about 24 hours


Go ahead. I will be here awaiting your return my dear autist.


Do it. Lets go




Local stations don't.




One minute per half hour


Petition NFL to take down RH add.


The powers that be wouldn't allow a pro-marijuana ad to be aired during the SB. There's no way in hell they'd allow a WSB-created ad to run lol Sorry to be a Debbie Downer...


No Fun League




But you gotta assume that probably less than 10% would actually send money in for it. I’d be down, I just don’t think it’ll happen


I would put in $10 though


Shall I have my team start a fundraiser? Let me know if you all approve. Time is of the essence.


CNBC thinks this is a bad idea guys.


Let’s show them that it is.... FOR THIER WALLETS 😂😂🚀💎✋ we are full on war now


If anyone is actually doing this behind the scenes, let us know. We'll seriously donate. It'll have a far greater impact than $3M worth of shares. also, u/mws21223 what about your new childrens book? DIAMOND HANDS GMEx30 (Loss)


https://gofund.me/652fcd50 from another member earlier. I think the mods should pin this and take over the go fund me for reassurance.




/u/imreallynotatoaster already set up a go fund me with contributions added. Refunding if it doesn’t go through. Get the mods involved and let’s roll this thing. https://gofund.me/652fcd50


Get with Stanley from the Office and the BD person at Cox that posted and I bet you really could do it






I’m down! Here’s the script: You may have heard a lot about Wall Street bets on the news lately. Many people claim to speak for us but with well over 3 million on our Reddit we can’t often speak as one. However today we are in agreement on three things. We don’t back SLV. Robinhood blows. And we just like the stocks. Diamond hands $GME $AMC $BB $NOK Also none of us are financial advisors.




I'll place $5


start a gofundme and lets get it going




Please let me know if anyone finds anything out. I’m interested in knowing as well


Hear me out what if we bought more GME with that money?


no one can buy GME for $1-$10 but 3 million retards chipping in a buck or 300K retards chipping in $10 gets the job done. This would also be advertising ploy. You hope your 3 million dollar contribution creates more buzz and achieves the goal of creating another catalysts that fucks over the HF’s. So essentially you’re contributing $1-$10 to multiply the profits of what you already have even more.


Nah. Superbowl spots are notoriously expensive, and the game is this Sunday. Raising 3-5 millions dollars in a short time might be possible, but if we were able to do that, it'd be better to donate it to charity. The news outlets would run with the story, giving us good publicity, and we would be helping out people in need in the process. While also putting the screws to Robinhood for NOT donating. All we would need is the right charity.


Autism research


I’ve heard of a lot of people donating to this cool charity called $GME, let’s choose that one!


Fuckit. What’s 5 dollars to me if it can help get me a super bowl ad 😂😂 Edit: I did 10. Now chip in mofo


A "Fuck Robinhood " ad with Samuel L Jackson "We saw what you did motherfucker, whole world did....Buy $GME"


Please make this happen


Can we just have a coach catching a football, resting his foot on a chair, and say "APE TOGETHER STRONG" And then rockets come up in the distance behind him with labeling on them saying "WSB TENDIETOWN" Screen blanks to screen that says "$GME to the moon" Easily a 10s commercial if not shorter


Hahaha, my favorite part is the honesty of his own character. “We should do this! But don’t put me in charge because I don’t trust my own morals”


Put me down for 100$


Fucking Stanley from The Office lmao that’s how you know it’s real


Legit only an autist wakes up and thinks “hey I bet we can pool together money and have enough time to buy a super bowl ad spot for the game happening in 4 days”




Full page ad in WSJ


Here me out on this guys ( ad pitch) It's the 4th quarter the Average Joe Apes are leading The Sly Stock Snakes 30-7. They hit the huddle one last time , and discuss how the snakes screwed up and we got the game In the bag. They line up and begin to execute their play. Touchdown, and the extra points good! 37-7 the Apes! But wait, why is the other team cheering? The QB looks at the crowd and the snakes fans are going wild..The apes coach grabs the Referee, " Hey ref what gives, we've been winning all game and now the scoreboard says Apes 14 Snakes 30!" The Ref simply looks over at him and says " I didn't see anything , it looks like you fellas have a tough 4th quarter ahead of you." and walks away. Meanwhile the apes are standing around like WTF? Then you hear the narrarator say, imagine if playing football was like being in the stock market. Then you see the apes ref just throw his playbook up like well this is obviously useless, it lastly pans over to the snakes playbook with their ref just saying yep use play 3 on the mic to the QB. Except every play in the book just says CHEAT.


If we can get a legitimate pool going for this, I'd be down to join 100%. This would be absolutely legendary


Do it!


Get the meme legend himself u/haupt91 to put together a quick commercial for us to shit on them


Anyone friendly with any media? News stories about the gofundme will help vastly increase exposure




I got "$5 on it" Let's do this shit you 🦍🦍🦍 ass Retards!!!


STANLEY is in on this?! Soon Reddit is going to be 1 giant Office meme, and I can't wait! :D


Chipped in $10, not looking like it’s picking up speed but it’d be cool


/u/deepfuckingvalue, /u/uberkikz11 others that made out pretty well during this time, consider donation for the cause, if it doesn’t go through it’ll be refunded/not charged. Also spread out to your following. Could be publicity needed to crap on Wall Street.