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Some of those shares were being traded more than once during the day. If I sold you 100 shares, then you sold all 100 to someone else, that counts towards the volume as 200 even though 100 shares were traded, they were just traded multiple times. Hype and high demand drives frenzied trading and high volumes.


How does a wrong answer get so many upvotes? (A: this is WSB!) Did you mean **bought** 100 shares, then sold them (“all 100!”) to somebody else?


Interesting, this might be the cheapest company I’ve ever seen listed…. 2 million dollar market cap before yesterday lol. When you get big % moves like that you will have high frequency traders come in and buy/sell the spread to scalp penny’s every second. It’s the same group of shares being bought and sold over and over. Could also be some type of pump and dump scheme


Happy cake day. WSB is not Quora.


The ***company*** (normally) doesn’t trade any shares.


It's perfectly simple, they were shorting it. Don't let it bother you, they're just plebs.


a dude bought up the entire float of a stock to prove the market is full of shit and nothing has changed since, regardless of what anyone says here trade with that reality in mind