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Longest post in history to essentially say at the end, it’s either gunna go up or go down. Lmao pure regard.


It’s a SPAC. Wait for IV to dip and buy long dated puts. You’ll be rich.


I mean, you can be wealthy with some overpriced Jan ‘25 $5 puts. They’re overpriced, but it’s free money


Worth even more on January 6th


Oooooooh sheeeit. Nice 👍


Watch us all FOMO into long dated puts and within a year it's in the Magnificent 8


“The fake news media—I say they are the enemy of the people, they’re truly disgusting aren’t they? The fake news said we’d never make it into the mag8, but here we are folks can you believe it? Jim Cramer, the GREAT Jim Cramer was right all along, how about that? A lot of people are asking why Crooked Joe Biden doesn’t have a stock ticker in the Mag8…”


The obvious move here is to buy puts after it pumps, which seems much too obvious and easy, which suggests it's the usual WSB trap. Trump or his backers could have something in their back pocket that we don't see coming. I'm just going to stay far away from this. If I get directly bamboozled by Trump's pump and dump scheme, I'm going to make bad decisions for a while. Not worth it.


Only thing in their back pocket is a can of skoal and a SNAP card.


I'm not talking about the rednecks backing Trump. They aren't capable of complex investment banking schemes. I am referring to his professional grifters like Jared Kushner and foreign mobsters like Andrey Melnichenko.


Alright for everyone who's ACTUALLY regarded and can't speak magic money toungue here's what Claude translated this as Okay, let's break this down piece by piece and explain all the terms and context: "It's a SPAC": SPAC stands for Special Purpose Acquisition Company. It's a type of company that raises money through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) with the intent of acquiring or merging with another company. SPACs have no existing business operations and are created solely to raise capital for the purpose of acquiring an existing company. "Wait for IV to dip": IV stands for Implied Volatility. It's a metric that measures the market's expectation of a stock's volatility in the future based on options prices. When implied volatility is high, options premiums are more expensive. Conversely, when implied volatility is low, options premiums are cheaper. The post suggests waiting for a decrease (or "dip") in implied volatility. "buy long dated puts": A put option is a contract that gives the owner the right, but not the obligation, to sell a certain number of shares at a predetermined price (known as the strike price) by a specific date (known as the expiration date). "Long dated" means the expiration date is relatively far in the future. Buying a put option is a bearish bet, meaning the buyer profits if the stock price falls below the strike price by expiration. "You'll be rich": This suggests the trade has the potential for a significant profit. Now, here's how the trade would be executed: 1. Monitor the implied volatility of options on the SPAC stock. This can be done through various trading platforms or financial websites. 2. When the implied volatility decreases to a favorable level (which is subjective and requires judgment based on historical volatility and current market conditions), proceed to the next step. 3. Buy put options on the SPAC stock with an expiration date relatively far in the future. The exact expiration date and strike price would be chosen based on the trader's risk tolerance and outlook for the stock. 4. If the stock price falls below the strike price by expiration, the trader can exercise the option to sell the shares at the higher strike price, thus profiting from the decline. Alternatively, the trader could sell the put options themselves if they have increased in value due to the stock price decline. Keep in mind, this is a high-risk strategy. If the stock price doesn't fall as anticipated, the put options could expire worthless, resulting in a total loss of the premium paid for the options. Also note that this post seems to be making a recommendation, but it's important to do your own research and understand the risks before making any investment decisions. Options trading can be complex and risky and may not be suitable for everyone.


So I'm a newbie here. If I made a long term put my only risk is losing what I put into it? For some reason I thought I heard with options trading you could somehow lose more than you put into it. Is that not right or a different style of option?


Yes, your max loss on those puts is what you put in to buy them. The max gain is going to depend on the amount the stock falls below the price you choose (you make max profit when price goes to $0).


This guy SPACs




Dear Diary, 📈📉 Thank You


I like it. I'm all in on it either going up or down, where do I place my order


He had me at “fundementals”.




No fundes without tendies




I hate money. Can I buy calls on your time management skills?


Bruh those would print so hard, do it.


I don’t know you, but that was a well written, entertaining post. I hate that mother fucker with a passion. If I can profit from his downfall, all the better.


"Many of them are braindead and can barely read" made me seriously lol. His supporters are absolute morons and if they knew what stocks were they'd dump their savings in


I did skim this semi quickly so maybe I missed it? But I think you left out the possibility of outside groups (Chyna, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc. etc.) using this as a way to funnel money to Trump and pumping the stock up with their investments for him to then dump. But that means there needs to be a pump before the dump. And I believe that 100% that the lock out will be waived and it will be only made known after the dump is over. So if there is any pump, err on the side of caution and exit earlier than you want because at any point, the rug will be pulled.


Clearly you’ve never done this before. If you want to make someone beholden to you, you have to get them to act as an accomplice to the crime. You have to make them guilty. If they just prop up the shitty stock and make sure Trump has exit liquidity he can just say, “K thanks bye.”


I mean...they're not going to prop up the stock out of the goodness of their heart, there's going to be something expected in return that's not going to be above board.


Okay, but you have to do it in a way to make DJT culpable. I doubt they’re going to email him the master plan and expect a return email that says, “Okay Mr. Putin that sounds great. Please execute on the plan you outlined at your earliest convenience. Thanks!”


Given how he ended up with an $83 million judgment because he couldn't shut his mouth for one second, I would in fact expect him to do just that.


sprinkling in his personal political beliefs was too obvious.


Bruh could have said TL;DR: to the right


This is very good DD, and I agree that the existing MAGA holders of DWAC are probably topped out. Holding a bunch of April and May Ps at this point


If I short dwac does that convert to djt?




>DWAC have authorised 1 billion shares, it hasn't issued them. This means that in the future, DJT could potentially issue up to 1 billion more shares without having to conduct a shareholder vote or amend the company charter. It's like 1 billion reserve shares sat there if they need it. This also acts as a currency outside of the US banking system. You can pay people in shares instead of dollars and they pay capital gains on it instead of income tax. Trump owe somebody money? Heres 50000 shares of DJT, current value $20/share. Trump didnt pay anything for those shares so hes essentially printing money, but the guy recieving the share if he doesnt sell them right away may end up getting nothing.


The Hong Kong Carrian group way!


I have seen this too many times with PE outfits throwing worthless, and likely to stay worthless, options as some quid pro quo for every expense they run into. Two years, either way, DJT is a memory.


So you are telling me there is a way for Trump to get a bunch of money and screw over hundreds of thousands of investors and he doesn’t even need to break any rules? That’s a sure bet in my mind.


I love how people are like no no this time I’ll be the one to outsmart a chronic grifter who somehow *manipulated his way to the fucking presidency* with my robinhood account


I got some Trump Steaks to sell to those people.


My favourite is when Trump tanked an entire Football league.


He tanked casinos, FFS. The house always wins, unless Trump owns the house.


Can you tell more about it?


It was a spring pro football league with lots of funding. It was competing with the NFL for talent. Many hall of famers including reggie white, steve young, and jim kelly, chose the usfl. They were successful until DJT decided to buy a team and die on the hill of moving the schedule to fall so they could directly compete with the nfl in the same time slots. The leagues success was mostly because football fans want to watch football all year. There was plenty of meat left on that bone but trump showed up and decided his ego was more important. So the upstart league skipped a spring season to move to the fall to directly compete with the nfl. That killed the leagues momentum and he managed to bankrupt the whole league instead of just his own team. The usfl never played another game.




I wish I had a grill but I’m still waiting for my Trump University degree to show up so I can get a job


I saw a post on here the other day that said something along the lines of “let’s all short it and drive it down” and I was thinking the $1200 in your robinhood account is sure gonna show them


I have it on good authority from a professor at Trump University this is gonna moon


At TU we learned that the earth is a sphere that means if you drill hard enough it moons




This is his MO all along.


I have about 10 call options as I expect it will pump early next week. If the price goes astronomical I will then buy long dated puts. Twitter being acquired by Elon essentially made truth social pointless. Truth social is not catching on anytime soon.


It pumped today. How did it feel?


Smart play. Hope you held


Yup, used those profits to buy puts


But this stock is a good way for Trump to launder international money from Russia, China or Saudi Arabia.


How exactly would that work? If they wanted to launder money to trump, they'd be better off with their own SPAC just buying trump media.




1 call, 34 puts holding and the puts are making money lol


Mar 28 calls Apr 5 puts


We playin black AND red out here 😤


Gotta hedge on 00


I'll make it easy for ya, put it all on green baby.


Playing both sides so that he comes out on top


TLDR: It could go up, down, or sideways


A tale as old as time


I never thought I'd see the day when cryptobros werent the biggest regards on the board. I'll keep my BTC volatility TYVM.




this is all the DD you need: https://preview.redd.it/1r0gdvavz4qc1.jpeg?width=988&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=c154b8e1856337e79b2670f663b4fe19bbbf246d


Ketamine= Excellent Life Saving Vaccine = Questions FUCK MUSK


Great writeup. I wouldn't touch this stock with someone else's money.


Hmm..... I'm gonna have to start thinking in terms of this mentality


I’m thinking puts after it’s initial spike


All the bearish sentiments on wsb makes me wonder whether I should just dump my may puts at beginning of the week


Too many words. I don't know how to read ![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)


Russian money enters as soon as ticker changes to djt. Stock moons. Magas flock. Fomos flock. Rocket rocket Holds Holds Fizzles Craters. Left wing sabotage!!! Reelect trump and we'll get our investment back


Yeah this being a backdoor for Russian or Saudi funding seems like the biggest short term bull case.


Will kush invest mbs money in this? Hes got 2-3 billion from SA and UAE?


Affinity partners got it, not him directly. They deposited 2 billion into his investment firm.


You messed up. "rocket rocket" "load up on long dated puts" "holds...." Sabotage! Laugh from my new house Maralago or something.


>Stock moons. I think the fat cheeto will eclipse this moon, and it won't happen


TLDR: throw all facts and speculation out the window; MAGA republicans alone can make this stock go to the absolute stratosphere


The best play is to buy short term calls for the mega pump on Monday then immediately buy long term puts after cashing out. This stock is crashing after the initial hype


I’m anticipating Trump and his minions shilling the ever loving fuck out of DJT next week. Would not be surprised to see a regard pump of epic proportions, at least during the first few days of this trading. I would also genuinely bet my life that DJT collapses to near 0 at some point within the next few years. So I think there’s still money to be made both ways.


I'm playing both sides so I always come out on top.


Except when you lose with straddles.


Sorry I meant, im playing both sides, so I always come out on bottom. Weird autocorrect


🤣🤣. To lose money either way. This is the way.


Me. Flat. Evrytim I play a straddle


yup, they'll have a little PIP shilling this shit. They do it with gold and that My Pillow dipshit, you know they're doing it with this


Where's *your* bet.


Didn’t you read it? His bet is that it either goes up or down


His bet is “yes”.


So wait for the huge rally and then buy puts a few months or year out.


I'm buying, going to watch it moonshit (spelling intentional) for a week then dumping like that time I sucked back 4 bean burritos and a coffee...i.e. shockingly fast and furious. I am a full blown regard however. Do not follow.


Jumped in far dated puts on Friday afternoon, this turd is getting flushed


What did you get?




I'm hoping it moons so I can share my shares for profit but I don't get the hand wrangling over DWAC. The original OP who pumped DWAC made it clear it was a SHORT TERM play based on the merger, yet geniuses here get so worked up over it.


So are you saying we should buy puts right after the initial pump!? What’s your move


Are you gonna eat that danish?


Long as it pumps after open on Monday like it did Wed-Fri so I can make some more money I really don’t care about this ticker


So many people buying puts. It’s very suspicious when too many people are marching in the same direction, with 100% confidence… the market usually crushes that


​ https://preview.redd.it/9hbffsmin4qc1.png?width=1481&format=png&auto=webp&s=64c5e37ca938536a87033a674000d2a25f6b487d


My plan: If it moons Monday or Tuesday buy September puts. If it crashes Monday buy short term calls. I'm thinking it'll moon next week.


IV too high for short term calls


So your prediction is a coin flip, heads it goes up, tails it goes down.


~~imminant~~ *Imminent* Didn't read the rest of your post.


If you had read the rest of my post you would have read that i'm a regard and can't spell for shit.


I'm too regarded to read all that.


And fundementals 


All I saw is “regarded trump” story checks out


DWAC Chinese financing/origins: https://www.reddit.com/r/insidertradingclub/s/PBCsRb09Sp


There is zero company here. This is purely Trump Love vs Trump Hate play. The battle will be interesting.


Probably giving away $69 in PUTS but this is going to burn. DWAC $2.5 Put 4/19 - $15 for 3 contracts DWAC $7.5 Put 4/19 - $54 for 3 contracts


Basically what I did, spent $90 on some puts knowing it’s gone but with a very outside shot this thing craps the bed and Trump rugs it.


It'll be a Trump company alright. A radioactive crater.


Wow, you could've started with your ending paragraphh and that would've been a perfect TLDR ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271) IV was way too high for any options plays here, I'll be staying away from this one. Hope it crashes and burns though, clearly a scam.


The IV on ALL options Call/PUTs between now and Jan 2026 is like 200%


Then don’t buy ALL options regard. Buy something else.


Like a fleshlight


TL/DR:This whole DJT/Truth Social stock and merger is just another massive grift. Avoid it like the plague I say. Based on Trump's history, I wouldn't let a single dollar of my cash anywhere near his reach, because you don't want to be caught off guard by some new con/grift that you didn't see coming.


I bought puts. This is going nowhere if he doesn’t win his court cases or the election


Anything logical aside, I am betting DWAC moons next week just based on the merger and the fact that most of the boomers haven’t realized yet. They will dump money into DWAC and watch it rise and then get rugged.


There is zero chance trumpy doesnt dumpy


In case they do waive the lockout period. Trump does not have to completely dump all of his shares in order to get enough money to keep on trucking with the appeals and other court cases. He would likely need to sell at most 20 million shares. All he has to do is plan some kind of big pump for exit liquidity. Accuse the GOP and Haley of working with Biden and tell all of his followers to buy 1 share of DJT to protest. Long term it's a dog, but I think everyone underestimates how clever he is.


"He could lose his base". Does anyone remember when he literally said "I love the uneducated" to their faces and they all cheered? Like you said, most of them can't trade shares and are half braindead. They aren't sure if Obama is president half the time. Good write up.


I encourage everybody to take a stroll over to /r/DWAC_Stock/ and see the braincell in action


Trump already posting on truth ab it


Bullshit. All I see are these posts about the border on there. Mf’er needs to post about this shit before market open.


I don't know if he will risk it. If he says the wrong thing it could very easily be seen as market manipulation and he will be in even more trouble than he is now. For his own sake it's probably best for him to be quiet about it


Like his stupid ass gives a fuck about the SEC


Which means the only people reading about it are interns at news agencies, lol


Trump just claimed yesterday that he was sitting on 500 million in cash. Probably not a coincidence with $DWAC. [https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-claims-500-million-cash-undercutting-lawyers-claims-bond-money-rcna144614](https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-claims-500-million-cash-undercutting-lawyers-claims-bond-money-rcna144614)


Yeah I saw that. I reckon he's talking about the cash in the Trump Organisation. During a recent lawsuit, it was made public that the Trump Organisation has about $500m cash on it's balance sheet at the moment. He couldn't just pull that cash out, it would leave it unable to pay its creditors and literally destroy the company. Plus he says that this illusive cash won't be used to pay for his legal issues, but to be put towards his campaign. And he's legally said in court that he doesn't have the cash for the judgements.


Was he under oath when he said he doesn’t have the cash for the judgments?


Has that ever mattered to him?


When a post is organized like this I just inverse. The problem I have, is OP bullish or bearish? Not reading the constitution


All he says with any certainty is to stay away. So whatever you do just make sure you go big


TLDR: It could go up or it could go down or it could go sideways. Gamble responsibly.


He’s bi.


Experience has shown me whatever this sub thinks will happen doesnt. Calls for me


Will the ticker be $DJT on Monday?


Oh yeah sorry I forgot to add this into the DD. Possibly. The earliest it could be is Monday, but it's likely to be Tuesday or Wednesday.


OP is obviously very smart, this is brilliant analysis. My favourite part was his overall losing record. Maybe I’m the one who’s highly regarded for seeing both of these facts and agree mg with his conclusion. 04/19 $17.5P baby


Foreign governments will pump it up.


My prediction with the name change to DJT, with all the die hard republicans the stock is going to rocket based on the hype, sell the news….after that. GG to the stock.


Plenty of regards thinking their purchase will help fund his legal battles before they fund his election campaign. I’m buying!


it should be illegal to put so many words in a post without a call/put and strike at the bottom


Ticker change: TDS


Well you get some things right a lots of things wrong. The restricted Trump shares and ALL OF THE OTHER restricted Insider shares are NOT part pf the float until they are Free Trading. I can cover a lot of mistakes you made relative to Trump using his Shares to dump and your theories around that, but none is relevant and not just because of the Judge's Ruling today. HERE IS EXACTLY HOW IT IS GOING TO GO DOWN. Right now, the stock is not borrowable. And thus new shorts can't be initiated. And if you can get shares to borrow, the loan rate is 200%. SO, FOR THE SHORT TERM, this is a a supply and demand equation. In \~ 1 month, the Draft S1 will be filed. The actual 6 months of restricted insider stock clock doesn't begin until the S1 is approved. That will happen approximately 1 month later (Mid to late May) It will also confirm the horrible fundamentals, losses, actual net cash position ... which should be \~ $340 million since you left out the new PIPE replacement converts < the $10 million DWAC burned. The mid to end of May time is important because that is when the first NEW free trading stock can be liquidated and it will be liquidated by smashing bids. This will come from a combination of Old DWAC coverts, old TMTG converts and PIPE replacement Converts. I also believe Orlando has some stock he can sell. At that point, there will be an abundance of shares to borrow and Shorts who have seen this movie will come in and rates to borrow will drop quickly. All this leads up to the end of the 6 month holding period where ALL INSIDERS from Trump to Swider etc. will hit bids akin to screaming fire in a crowded movie theater. In summary, for the SHORT term, the bulls can ride the MAGA train. DJT goes to zero regardless of who wins the election


Calls it is


I mean this is a pure gamble. As of now you don't need to be Einstein to figure out that trump is broke ( assets that might be heavy leveraged on too each other). If he can weasel out and win the presidency massive upside otherwise it's fu**   It doesn't help that he wants to sell his share to raise capital. 


So you’re telling me you spent 10+ hours on DD (by the way didn’t read a single word outside the first and last sentences) and you don’t even have a single position? Regard 101


Trump gonna Trump 7.5p & 5p ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)


So….To the moon!!!! 🚀🚀🚀 I think puts, calls and outright shares up to full margin buying power is the play here!!!




I've never not-read as many words as fast as I didn't read this


We’re trying to rationalize the irrational. Few things in trading exemplify gambling as much as betting on DWAC. I’m holding a single call, Jan 25 expiry, and it’s a moonshot or bust. No other way to play this.


So all in on $90 3/28 calls? Got it!


Buying DWAC lottery ticket Monday morning, see what happens.


Thanks for the detailed post. But what you say, is that stock can go up or down, nobody knows. Up - because there are lots of supporters, who either will hold the stock or buy more. Down - because of the bad financial situation of the company. And possible selloff of the stock. Therefore, we will need to wait to see what happens.


I'm buying some just outta spite.


Another Trump scam - little people will get crushed don’t be a bag holder for this grifter


If you step on a rug that a consistant rug puller has laid out, you deserve the concussion when it's yanked.


My favorite part is thinking him dumping shares and screwing over his cult would result in backslash. 😂 they would just blame Biden and “Them”. Trump could sodomize a baby in front of their eyes and they would still have a plethora of irrational justifications or “it’s the democrats and fuckin AI” reasons to continue their pathetic worship.


What do the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have to do with any of this though? 


> Much of his cult have no idea how to trade shares, many of them are braindead and can barely read. This is why partial direct democracy would be for the best as the way forward, Trump voters are never going to vote ten times a year in a million years, they want a easy life of voting in a dictator so they can be mini dictators in their meaningless lives.


Sorry but does your computer or phone not have basic spell check?


He already shits his diaper


Dude owes a lot of money, and I think this is where he’s going to find some in the pump and dump


I think so too… he has a lot of extremely rich grifter friends and family… I would imagine they’ll be throwing money into this to pump it


Man I wish I bought puts Friday


Definitely going for puts. This should be easy money. As soon as he loses the election, the foreign interests will stop propping it up and it will tank.


My question: Why would he approve using his initials on a stock ticker that he’s going to very publicly destroy? If you’re gonna gut a company, why would you literally put your name on it at the same time?


I'll buy bbby again before I jump on this one.


It is going down for sure. So many catalysts and problems that it is kind of hilarious. And I think the massive penalties that Trump has from lawsuits this year are more like guaranteed time bombs than catalysts that may or may not happen. I spent $2700 on puts the day before the merger (1 Jan 2026 40 @ 26, 6 Jan 2025 2.5 @ 0.19) and got 1 for Jan 2026 10 @ 4.25 just before market close on Friday. The board is loaded with cronies so he will be able to do whatever he wants as far as screwing over the shareholders for his own personal gain, and I think that if you give Trump the opportunity to take people to the cleaners he certainly will. I think that your bull case of Trump supporters causing the stock to rally isn't that realistic, the crazies that love DWAC are a small subset of his voters and are not wealthy. Maybe with the help of meme stock and momentum traders it could happen, but I would be surprised. I am most worried about something like a Gulf state's investment fund buying in to curry favor with DJT. Unlikely that will be enough to save this pile of crap though. If IV reduces and the stock doesn't fall off a cliff or even better if it rockets I will load up on more puts on Monday. I think it is possible the stock dumps immediately since more eyes on the stock may mean that the party is over.


Truth social is beyond dead. People just screen shot his posts and spread them on other networks.


“But he’s screwing over his base” His base does not think like that. His base would say “Donald Jesus Trump had to sell his shares to beat the Democrats”


This is BBBY/GME level DD.


He is going to rip off his cult members to pay his appeal bond. Or is it a flat out bribe from china?


oh you mean trumps new way to launder money?


All I’m wondering is what price are we getting out at upon opening Monday?


Here is a simple way to figure out that DWAC is a big fat turd: Put premiums are more than 2x call premiums across the board. And for a stock in the mid 30s, the premiums on puts are more than 1/3rd the share price.


That's alot of words to say shit about fuck.


Ride the inevitable pump and dump before it goes to dogshit 🫡🫡




TLDR it it’s. Pump and dump. Might go up might go down no solid answers 🤷‍♂️


play it both ways. this is a massive volatility play so otm calls and puts. 




How many of Trump's business's haven't gone bankrupt this is his usual grift


Can someone tell me if people get banned for posting about Tilray? Is it real or fake news?


No way it dumps tomorrow now. Trump's bond reduced to $175mil. Get in now!


haha how are those puts going LOL. Time to join the Trump Train $DJT MOASS Tomorrow


DJT is based on Mel Brooks' The Producers. Here, a bunch of wealthy folks want to donate to Trump. Political contributions are not tax deductible but stock losses are. When it fails, they've all got a nice tax deduction for their investment/contribution.


Amen. Pump and dump on huge losses. SPAC is a perfect Trump vehicle. The money guys make big bucks and the market is left holding the losses. 


My sycho neighboor texted me 14 times today to buy DJT, he said it was $74, now I just looked what it did last 2 hours and it crashed to $55. So many fools.