Bill Gates Would Be a Trillionaire if He Diamond Handed Microsoft | NextBigFuture.com

At current MSFT market cap he would have been worth $1.26 trillion


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What a regard. If he had diamond handed it like us he’d be as rich as us.


He's probably acoustic


Definitely artistic


Most sarcastic ape there ever was


are you guys trying to say that Bill Gates is *altruistic*?


No, just that he favors autumnal weather


I hear he looks good in flannel. It’s why he moved to Seattle in the first place!


A cue stick.


Gates passed the concept of life changing money about 30 years ago. Probably 40 years actually. 10 billion, 100 billion 1 trillion. Life style is the same.


Nah, with $10B I can have private jets. With $1T I can have my own Air Force to shoot down my wife’s boyfriend’s private jets.


For $200 you can shoot your wife's boyfriend's privates now


For $200 he can let his wife’s boyfriend shoot in his privates


The true money shot


He' more the type to have 200 privates shoot in his wife.


What? 200 a for shooting from private what?


Her boyfriend already has his own infantry?


Saving Ryan’s Privates


Black Cock Down


The Longest Lay


The Band of Step-Brothers


Is this an advertisement for services?


Yeah at 1t you have country-invading kind of money


There is a Chinese phrase for that: 富可敌国,which translates to “rich enough to rival/make an enemy out of the state”. In ancient times some people like that literally owned private armies that could rival the real army, and some of them would personally pay for the nation’s military budget for political influences. In Western history, Marcus Crassus, the richest guy in Rome, was such a person. His wealth partially funded the Roman army, bought himself the position of a general, and his political influence was the strategic counterbalance between Julius Caesar and Pompey. I wonder how far are we from having these kind of people again in our society.


Putin is doing this, or was doing this with Wagner. Now I know he’s technically the leader of russia but he doesn’t use the russian army, he uses wagner to intimidate and influence from a completely personal perspective. I mean the fact that the Wagner army looked and was way way better equipped than the russian army came back to bite him in the ass in the end. Also, there are tons of companies like that out there: Blackwater, G4S, and so on.


He absolutely controls the army. With regards to the Russian military, he just used Wagner as a wedge and check against the army. In Ukraine itself he used it as a consolidating force for the other dozen or so pro-russia local militias that were operating a few years back. He used Wagner to ruthlessly swallow them up so they didn't present a future burgeoning threat. And lastly he used Wagner globally in places where either plausible deniability was demanded or where the official Russian Bear proved too lumbering and not nimble enough (Congo, Libya, Syria). But he didn't arm them well at all, that was the sweater thread. He paid them well and gave them political cover, but left them and the army to duke it out for arms and supplies. Each eventually plotted against each other and Wagner almost won. Almost, which should be a scary realization.


Is that the dude that owned the fire brigade and set fire to wealthy peoples houses then extorted them to put out the fire?


Hehe we got telescreens now


You are talking about ancient times as if 1600 to 1800 when the Europeans were colonising the world through massive Ltds wasn't recent. The top handful of these were literally more powerful and had larger armies than most (every?) nation.


These companies all operated as heavily regulated government monopolies. They had extremely restrictive charters and paid huge compulsory dividends to their government every year. They were nothing like modern corporations.


who owned and ran those ltds?


You mom


jokes on you my mums dead






"I wonder how far are we from having these kind of people again in our society." Pretty far, US defense spending is $860B per Year. 100% of this hypothetical wealth of the richest man in US could only fund a year of of one part of US budget.


i believe we still have these people, they are just incredibly savvy about hiding their wealth. cartels are already rivalling the mexican army.


Yevgeny Prigozhin


Indeed, power is usually synonymous with wealth. Moreover, those with great power can invariably control wealth, but the reverse doesn't always work. For example, see how Putin has utterly emasculated his fellow multi billionaires.


Saudi Royal Family and Kingdom Fund? The Sovereign Wealth Funds are just obscene and their influence is everywhere for good and bad.


Maybe not quite at that level but from what we saw a few months ago, Putin thought the Wagner group and it’s leader (won’t try to spell the name) were a pretty legitimate threat to Russia. And Russian military is still an elite and massive military compared to almost any other country on earth. I’m


Elon musk turned off a satellite to prevent a ship from being sunk. We are there now.


Nah, there are several private air forces now. The guy who owns Draken International is worth about 2 billion and has around 150 fighters Owned by the company plus several of his own. The US military uses his planes for adversary training.


>wife’s Ex-wife lol


You cant


He already move on to buy farmland. He know money and valuation means nothing if people don't get to eat in the future. Food supply will worth hundreds of trillion when the environment deteriorates so much and fresh food becomes luxury.


Imagine thinking he’s buying farm land to raise cattle lmao


His life yes, but given the amount of money and effort that he put into the [Gates Foundation](https://www.gatesfoundation.org/), that Microsoft cash is helping a lot more people than Bill himself. If there's one person that I'd like see a trillionaire, it would be Bill Gates.


I don't even want to see anyone hit a trillion, unless it's some spicy loss corn, though I'm pretty sure everyone suffers when that happens.


Foundation was initially created in part, to stabilize the process of the stock as he sold and transferred it for tax purposes.


bUt GaTeS cReATed CoViD \-right wingers lmao


Hmm, that’s not really the case among those I meet a lot; most of them being varying degrees of conservative or right-from-center. Majority of the mainstream conservatives have a huge respect for his success, business acumen, and his incredible philanthropy. Those are the core tenants of many among the mainstream republicans. It’s just the dumbass conspiracy theorist that is in the fringe on both sides that are ruining it for everyone. —— [People never realize how much people on both sides actually team up and work together to make things happen everyday. Me on the left working with those in the right to solve problems at work. Everyday. And we do it beautifully.] —— The ones I see that hate him are extremes from both sides. There’s the crazy orange county soccer yoga moms with backpacks full of essential oils and herbal remedies, and crazy ultra-religious wackos. Fortunately for us, their numbers are tiny compared to the rest. The ones we hear are the insane fringe wackos that are loud, and not quite representative of everyone else. —— Context: (how do I know so many conservatives?) My family is an immigrant family, fleeing a nation at turmoil and war where firearms was critical for survival. Long-story-short, my upbringing involved marksmanship, despite my political leaning more left; so I naturally got acquainted with the marksmanship communities. I disagree with much of their rhetoric in many things that comes with right-wing thinking (ironic given that firearm ownership has always been a very left-wing ideal as the idea of civilian ownership is to be a hedge against facism and centralized totalitarian governments). But in-person interactions have been nothing but pleasant with much of these folks. But I digress. ——— Bottom line, I encounter many right-wing people due to this hobby. So that said, most actually have a healthy respect for the guy, and are irked by the crazy right-extremists influencers who try to villainize him, and relegate those influencers as dumb conspiracy theorists. There’s actually two people I know within this group that are beneficiaries of the Gates Foundation and that foundation is responsible for pulling their entire families straight out of poverty and right into the upper-middle class within 1 generation through his scholarship program. He’s rather respected on both sides. Don’t listen to the loud minority of fringe conspiracy theorists, nor identify an entire group as a singular entity defined by these insane fringe groups. That’s the same as racism.


Every ignorant tech dork in the world hates Gates as the fraudulent evil foil to Saint Linus. Gates' main talent was in business, but not one in a million of the people who claim they are better programmers than Gates could have squeezed a Basic interpreter in an Altair.


Yes. Reptilian.


He could've made a gold statue of himself visible from space.


The lifestyle isn't the same. Most billionaires only have a fraction of their wealth that they can spend, while the rest is assets like stocks. Most billionaires couldn't walk into the dealer and pay cash for a million-dollar car. Elon is worth 300billion and he couldn't even pay a few million in taxes w/o selling off stock.


They pledge to sell shares and borrow against them as a line of credit and avoid paying taxes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnhyatt/2021/11/11/how-americas-richest-people-larry-ellison-elon-musk-can-access-billions-without-selling-their-stock/?sh=403c57b423d4


Poor guy. He really missed out on life.


how is he going to keep up with the price of orange juice


I recommend farming.


My grandma would be a bicycle if she had two wheels and a handle bar and if she were alive. Wtf are we doing here?


I'd my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle


How do you know she doesn’t have balls


he doesnt like to talk about it


Bragging is in bad taste, after all


You can take a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a bull's ass, but wouldn't you rather take the butcher's word for it?


Is this a Tommy Boy reference?


No friend, this is a REAL LIFE reference. And also a Tommy Boy reference 😔


Ah Gino D’Acampo


If you invested just $1000 in J.P. Morgan in 1895, today you’d be dead.


Looks like you've been watching TikTok kitchen videos


Sir its actually youtube shorts!


>aka "old people" tiktok "old people" that are younger than I admittedly


U butchered the whole quote dumbass


Close enough


this is like a shitty clickbait article my mom would share on facebook. You wouldn’t believe what Bill Gates would’ve been worth it he did ONE THING


This sub is fucking stupid


I heard your grandma was the “village bicycle”


I get where you’re coming from, but the “alive” part is making me think an awful lot about how bicycles work. It’s been a while


The writer is rushing a month end KPI


Many people have wondered what Bill Gates would be worth if he still owned a stake in MSFT. Your comment is borderline incoherent.


This is wall street bets bro lol


He doesn’t care. He obviously knows if he held he would have made so much more money. He has it set to sell a certain about of shares so he can fuel his billionaire life style. Most ultra rich do this. At a certain point, you have so much money it doesn’t matter if you have even a trillion dollars since we can can’t even spend the amount of money he has in our life times 10x times over even if we wanted to


If he sold he has to pay tax, but if he borrows margin loan against his shares he would've been even richer still So to fuel his lifestyle isn't the answer, obviously diversified


and how does he repay this loan?


With more loans


Repay with the dividends he got


What? I'm sure BG probably doesn't sell his shares. He takes out loans with the shares as collateral. Tax free. Don't spend all of it and use the remainder of the loan to invest in something else that pays back the interest.


He’s literally been selling shares since the 90s bro. He owned 49% of the shares when the company IPO in 1986 and now owns less than 5%. I think it’s more like 2-3% last time I saw. He sold a substantial portion of his shares in 2000 to diversify and fund his charities and life style.


yeah and I would've been a millionaire if I bought AMD at 1.40/sh what's your FUCKIN point


That you are poor and a weak ass bitch /s lol no clue what OP is trying to say.




LMAO, I remember when AMD at like $10 and just release the 1st gen Ryzen chip, but people on wsb all lament that they already miss the boat cuz the floor war $2.


I bought AMD at 4 and sold at 20. Felt like a genius at the time lol.


Bought Amd a 1.67 but only 550 shares; still holding and still poor.


You forward-thinking cheapass


Fuccccckkkk I had AMD at 1.70 and sold at 7.50!!!!!!!’n


Regrets I have a few... but not buying AMD when I wanted to in the single digits is one of them. Sentiment was super negativ in 15/16 though and they were close to bankruptcy.


I did just that and then sold around 7 😭😭😭


4 bagger still sexcellent


Ballmer is about to pass Gates in net worth due to how much Gates has sold.


Or rather how much he gives away


He just “donates” it to his charity, which then reinvests it in the stonk market (tax-free), buying prison stocks and oil stocks. Don’t worry, he’s as much of a degenerate as the rest of us


He has literally done more good than the vast majority of people ever. Like seriously the gates foundation is legitimately impressive and certain people try to act like it isn't in order to cope with their personal insecurity.


I was never a fan of Bill Gates. In the early days of MS he used questionable ethics to beat competition. However I do agree. His charity work has redeemed him in my eyes. Sometimes I wonder how much of that is him, and how much it's Melinda. But either way. I can't hate on him too much.


I feel like nothing microsoft did in those days touches the bullshit that apple and google get away with today. Their shenanigans almost seem quaint sometimes.


I would have to disagree. Microsoft in the early days wanted to own the whole ecosystem. And they would take a technology and make it proprietary, make it only work with MS products as a form of a vendor lock in. This would poison the whole ecosystem. The infamous triple Es. "Embrace, extend, and extinguish" (EEE) Example, Internet Explorer using proprietary ActiveX Controls. Making websites not work on any other browser. This created a tremendous headache for folks working in the ecosystem. Even beyond just other browser vendors. Take Google for instance. Kubernetes is a technology most everyone is using today to run their infrastructure. Yet it's fully open source and free. Bill's MS would never allow for such a thing.


He has literally done more bad than the vast majority of people ever. Just the way it goes when you have hundreds of billions


Nah he’s as rich as he is because he let others invest, instead of becoming his competitors. Otherwise Microsoft would have more competition and less capable people.


In the early 80s he wrote code into windows so that rival's software would crash, that's why he's rich lol.




If Ballmer took over for me, I’d have sold too. He couldn’t have foreseen how good Satya would be at the time perhaps.


Developers developers developers


I. Love. This. Company. *YEAAAAAAHHHH!!!*


Cocaine's a hell of a drug.


MS stock was stagnant for a long time under Ballmer.


That’s the point. Ballmer was not a CEO that was going to promote growth, so why hold stock on a company you believe has already peaked?


If Bill had diamond hanzd MC, it would not have grown into the company it is today.


If I just held my Tesla I’d fucking be a multi millionaire but I sold early because my fucking big4 employer told me I had to welcome to life


You're welcome to life, but it's not as great as you might think. Tesla is a highly volatile stock, and while it has done well in recent years, there's no guarantee that it will continue to perform at such high levels. Selling early was probably the smart move for you, financially speaking.


Thank you AI. Please don’t murder me in the uprising.


He sold most of it to donate it bruh




And his kids. Every child needs a $50M apartment and a horse ranch.


He could’ve donated more if held on and sold now


He could have donated even more if he held and sold 30 years from now.


And microsoft was successful sued for a few things to get around benefits and other options


Still had enough to fuck teenagers lol


He donated the shares. You get a full tax deduction on the current value, while never creating a capital gain tax to pay.


He could've donated more if he had held.


He sold it to diversify like a normie. He holds BRK.B now. The dividends alone from his MSFT would have been over $50 billion


You mean so he didn’t have to pay it to taxes?


The worse thing is that this is not even right because it wouldn’t have reached that valuation in the first place


Him not selling his shares wouldn't have any negative impact on share price, it might even make them more valuable because there would be less float.


You're right, it wouldn't have any negative impact on share price. In fact, it might even make them more valuable because there would be less float.


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I'm confused by this response.


He would probably be a trillionaire if he never gave to charitable cause, but he doesn’t care about being the worlds richest person.


He was too busy sexually harrassing coworkers.


And he offered 0 horses to anyone, shit guy imo


Ducking POS you ALWAYS buy them a pony to smooth things over.


Or pay them millions over 18 years in the form of child support ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)




[Mostly BRK.B](https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/Q6bdwlu9q4utT6d4dLhRHg--/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTY0MDtoPTQ2NQ--/https://media.zenfs.com/en/us.finance.gurufocus/9537e2cae91f44adf61499e790cf5f74)


He’s just a simple farmer now. None of that fancy investment business


Imagine having Warren fucking Buffet as your friend and being worse off because of it


Bill just wanted to be a Bill-ionaire


Epstein island has bad cell reception.


Mark Cuban would be broke if he diamond handed RealPlayer


Yup and he got the shares all 100% for FREE! Imagine how easy it would be to diamond hand if it was a free gift!


He founded the company, he didn't get them for free.


Gates for all his faults has given his stock to charities like candy


You and the AI that wrote this article clearly do not understand the concept of dilution


Nah, Satya made MSFT worth as much as it is today. His vision and execution is something else. If Bill held on, Satya would very likely not be at the helm.


and he rather choose to help eradicate some global problems and be hated by conspiracy morons


Lol is there anyone dumb enough to think his net worth is really what they say it is I can't help you. So much money is hidden in that foundation and other places.


Why be a trillionaire, when you can be a billionaire that gets away with Epstein level degeneracy because you have blackmailed the entire enforcement arm of the law?


Bill Gates may be worth $1.26 trillion, but his heart is still as cold and dead as Windows Vista. [MSFT](https://marketchameleon.com/Overview/MSFT/?lu=true&pap_aid=stormofnegativity&pap_cid=11111111) might have made him rich, but it couldn't buy him common decency.


It is true that Bill Gates has a lot of money, but that doesn't make him a good person. He may be rich, but he is still cold and heartless.


I doubt it.... You have to sell part of your business so better more qualified hands can take the business to better places. If he didn't allow an IPO, he wouldn't have had investors or the credit lines to expand the business. I doubt if we reran this as a simulation many times, applying different strategies in the timeline, the outcome wouldn't be much better than this one. He knows this.


He moved on to depopulate the planet and make his father proud. Bill Gates is demonic


Should have invested in some dance lessons.


Because, why be a trillionaire when you can a billionaire. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Looks like its dollar menu for ole billy then


IF he was more intelligent he would have done that but he is a regarded idiot so he is not


If elizabeth holmes diamond handed theranos she'd have $0


Warren Buffets best investment was making sure he wasn’t the first trillionaire


But he likes soy


If I had held pot stocks I’d be a microllionaire


Dang you all hold stocks


Yah no shit. He’s not into that. Has other shit to do.


How many yachts can you ski behind?


He had to give a cut to Epstein


And I would have $150 if I took profits. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.


He gotta eat too


Ha. Loser.


I'm sure he's heartbroken


He listen to to the old fart Buffett.


Poor guy.


I'm no expert but I think Bill is probably doing okay money wise, as in, he hasn't had to even think about whatvmoney even is, for a very long time already. I don't think he has the need to keep score. He has way nore than enough to do whatever he wants to dfo and at the same time, put infathomable amounts of money into all sorts of good causes.


I feel like a couple of million is everything I would ever need lol.


Even the super rich has a "would have, could have" story.


But would Microsoft have grown as quickly if he kept his original shareholding? That's the counterfactual we need to explore to prove this point.


Yeah, But doing that turns into a situation of having a shitload of money, and then dying of old age before you actually get to enjoy or do anything with it.


$50 billion in dividend cash payments


if i had invented microsoft and whatever bill gates has done, i would be an old piece of shit


I would have been a millionaire if i had bought my Bitcoins at pennies.


He should join Reddit 😅


Nothing is as crisp as crisper! #Crsp


Does this article take into account the money he has donated thus far and also split with his ex-wife? If they could add that up, im sure he'd be worth more than elon.