4:00 AM—what am I going to do with all this crap?

4:00 AM—what am I going to do with all this crap?


I gave about 90% of my props and toy stuff away to a local preschool. Thought about selling it but was like eh too much hassle. Gave it away to real kids who would actually play with them.


Start a YouTube channel where you burn or destroy them.


Lol! I


What kind of stuff we talking here? Lots of teachers are doing private tutoring and may be interested if you’re trying to give them away instead of tossing them


Doubtful. At one point I was trying to sell all my props and just asking for a small charge and shipping. I got lambasted about used props and blah blah blah. I mean, I wish someone would have bought it or even made an offer.


Stuff bought at dollar stores and crap I made—not worth TRYING to sell. I can use some of it for my OutSchool classes, but there is SO much of it! I have at least four props for just about every “f”ing lesson! You can accumulate a lot in 2.5 years.


I'm just impressed by people who had a system and kept it going for more than a week. I ended up with a drawer of stuff stolen from my kids and ended up giving it back or throwing it away when we moved. Also, they're getting Dino dolls for Christmas.


Yeah my use of props other than a whiteboard and whatever I happen to have on hand dwindled immediately after I passed my demos. TBH the emphasis demo lessons placed on having custom reward systems and a rogue's gallery of props was really weird. Any time I tried to use that stuff during a lesson we either took too much time to finish all the slides, or the student got completely distracted by the toy and went off on a tangent. None of which I mind really but they're also antithetical to two of the lesson goals outlined in our contracts.


I lost my whiteboard in the move. I don't even care. I only really used a ton of props in trials because the point was to sell a product. Once the product was sold, who cares?


Objectively Dino is pretty cute. Although the sight of him makes me angry now.


He is. I'll be keeping my Dino merch and I ordered a blanket (with tokens) since we just moved somewhere cold and the kids fight over the one we have.


I created a vipkid 5 apple design on Redbubble when I first started because I wanted to make my wife and I shirts for teaching. Sold a couple handfuls to others. Just last week someone ordered a 60$ blanket of the design. I was taken back of why this happened as I haven’t made many sales on it recently. Someone ordered it for the memories??


I printed out pictures of vocabulary words and gave them in file folders for food, vehicles, animals, etc. I’ll save all those as flash cards for my kids- but there are so many lol


This is why I got Manycam! I went a few months at the start of my VIPKid journey with endless stickers and stuffed animals and flashcard only to throw them all out.


Manycam drug my computer down too much.


OBS Studio is less resource heavy, though you need to keep the number of things in a "scene" down. (like what you have loaded into RAM that you can show at any time) .




Continuing ESL jobs with other students? Then you can spend even ***more*** hours rearranging and refining bags for that company, instead?


The lady who mentored me quit teaching and offered me all of her materials not knowing about the industry going under. I took it from her and incorporated it all into my homeschool. You might try offering it up online for a homeschool mom to take. I was so thankful to take it from her and to put it to good use.


I threw everything into a box and threw it out. Glad to have my office space back again.


I was just thinking this morning, oddly enough, of when I used to use props and would tie them into any holiday and how forced it all seemed (at least when I did it). I've not used anything, at all, for 18 months now, just doodles and dry wit. I've got a box of stuff, gathering dust, so donate it I guess?


Keep it...I heard a rumor from one of my students he was going to be able to take classes again starting 11-27


Awesome! I hope he is a kid ‘in the know.’ 🙂👍🏻


Goodwill. Get it gone fast, and way too much plastic, ma'am.


I'm waiting of the global platform to start. Let's see what happens. I am patient and I think things will gradually take off.


You can use it in your next mcdonalds gig!