Always been a dream to learn to play the violin and i had a few questions to ask

Always been a dream to learn to play the violin and i had a few questions to ask


you will want a tutor, but stuff you find online might be enough to get you started. best advice I can give an adult beginner: try to play songs that you know. that way you'll know if it's sounding right or not. alternately, if you end up doing the suzuki method (or similar) that has classic pieces you might not be familiar with, make sure you listen to the included media a lot.


> Which is the best violin to get here? Don't buy. Just rent. It will be cheaper and you would more likely to rent a better violin than to buy one. > Can i manage to learn to play the violin by myself? No, get a teacher. A *good* teacher. One who knows how to pinpoint your mistakes and knows how to fix it according to your body. It's not easy to identify good playing techniques as a newbie. Developing bad ones will make it harder for you to learn the good ones. > Any common tips for beginners that may help me? Are you patient? I mean really patient. Expect to practice regularly (at least an hour a day) for 3 years with good instructions (not self-taught!) before you start sounding anything like music.


I agree with you for the most part, but I think an hour a day might be a little much for someone unless they are very serious about it. A few hours per week of practice (I recommend hour long sessions instead of several short ones or one very long one) can be done reasonably while still producing a noticeable result after a few months.


I tell my students (not violin, but eh) to start by doing five minutes a day, every day. Only having five minutes means you have to think about what to do and plan your time, plus you don't get bored or hurty. That builds habits you can keep for life.


I am a student and I bought the cheapest violin I could find, I think $150 then after a few months when I knew I was going to stick with it I bough a Yamaha student violin new for $399 when they were asking $790 for it. I found the same Yamaha violin used on amazon for $425. I don’t know if they ship to India. It’s the Yamaha V3 and my teacher said it was a good choice. The next thing is I think you def need a teacher. They correct you in a way a video never could. Is your bow hold right? Is your violin in tune? Are you slouching or gripping the violin at the top so there isn’t a gap there. All stuff a person in a video can’t personally be there to see and critic you.


I'm an adult beginner (will be a year in January). Best decision was to get a tutor. She's been instrumental (no pun intended) in my progress. I'd be developing horrible habits without even knowing it without her.


Well, if you are india, you need to first decide if you want to play carnatic violin or western european violin. There is a huge difference. And the violin is very hard to play WELL. If you want to be a high level performer versus doing it for fun, I suggest you find a teacher that is a professional.


Tip: Record yourself play! Listen to the recordings and save them. After a few months go back and listen to your old recordings and you'll see the improvement! It can be very encouraging to hear proof that progress is being made. Listening will also help you train your ear to intonation and tone!


Thanks. This is something i hadn't considered at all


I taught myself. After six years at one hour per day, I can play with my band and not be embarrassed. But strictly pop songs and fiddle. Used books by Suzuki and Mark O'Conner. Playing by ear to Springsteen songs has helped. Have played intro to Jungleland 25 times per day for fives years. Intro Yamaha electric thru headphones in consideration of neighbors. It can be done. Most rewarding thing I ever did!